Monday, March 30, 2020

Dear Mr. Nobody

Written By Two Of Pastor Deborah’s Spiritual Children Who Were Also Husband And Wife And Who Were Both Saved And Born-Again,, Baptized In Water and In The Holy Spirit,


Unable To Physically Be Free Of Their Lives In Multi-Generational Satanism.

This Was Written Prior To The Young Man’s Death In June 2001 As A Sacrifice To Satan.

Both Of Them Desired For Others To Come To Know And Hear What They Both Found Out And Came To Believe

June 6, 2001


Dear Mr. Nobody

It’s Me Again

Everything Is Ending Now

Things That Have Been The Same, Are All Being Re-Arranged

The More Breaths I Take, The Less I Feel Alive


Hey Mr. Nobody

You Are Trying To Take Me Down

Down To your Fiery Pit

But, I’ve Spat In Your Face

Now, You’re The Nobody


Lost Us All To Calvary


The Battle Plans Have Changed

And Your Balls Are Black And Bruised


Hey, Mr. Nobody

You Are Such A Fake

Lifted Up On Your Cloud 9

Tied Us Up With All Those Lies

But Now Your Chains Just Cannot Hold Us


Cause We’ve Found Freedom In Our Faith

Something Even You Cannot Take Away

Love That Surpasses Understanding

And A New Family You Didn’t Manufacture


Hey Mr. Nobody

It Looks Like You’ve Lost

Lost Me, My Wife And My Kids


Still There Is More To Come

And This Stubborn Wife Of Mine

She Gets To Lead Everyone


See You’ve Lost Us All Now


Run Away With Your Tail Between Your Legs

You’ll Never Trap Another Soul In This Hell Of A Life We’ve Lived

A Son Of God

A Son Of Jan



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