Saturday, July 04, 2020

Broken Home



Written To Pastor Deborah By One Of Her Spiritual Children Still Living In The Life and Family Of Multi-Generational Satanism

Fall 2003


Packin Again Cuz  We’re Fightin Again

Getting Dressed Cuz I’m Leaving

Gather All My Shit, Cuz I Ain’t Givin In

To You And All Your Lies

This Place Isn’t Safe Inside

I Made A Mistake In Trusting In You,

I Screwed Myself Up, For Moving Back Here With You

All The Broken Glass Confirms I Shouldn’t Have Ever Gone Back With You.


This House Is A Boxing Ring

In My Bedroom, I Sit And Scream

On The Inside, I’m Jumping To Every Shout You Scream

I Can’t Keep Livin Like This, I Can’t Take This Anymore

My Shelter Is A War Zone

Like It’s Bin Laden Banging On My Door


You Say You Don’t Sleep When I’m Awake In The House, But I Stay Awake Cuz I’m Sacred Of You

And Nothing’s Alright,  No, Nothing’s Ok

I’m Sleeping Under The Bed And Hiding In The Closets

Like A Little Girl That’s LOST IT


In Our Broken Home

Every Time I Leave Or Make An Attempt

You Get Mad, Hit Me, And Curse Me

You Always Blame Your Problems On Me,

All My Family’s Corrupted

I’m Just A Girl Interrupted

But I’m Running Away

With My Head Phones A Blaring

I’ll Fight With These Words

And Make Me A Fortune


Pay Some Bills In A Home

Without Pills, Dope And Drinkin

Without Men In My Room Shakin And Touching Me

Where Me And My Cat Reside And Not Have To Hide

I’ll Run And Not Have To Take All This Bullshit You Make

And All The Headaches And Pain

No!  I Don’t Want A Hit!

No!  I aint Smoking That Shit

Gotta Leave Out With A Clear Head, With A Direction That Is Set

In The Opposite Of You


I’m Running Away From This Life, Yes It’s True Now Good-Bye

I’ll Run Til My Face Turn Blue,

Run Away And Forget About You, I’m Cutting All These Strings

Staying Up All Night To Think

Make A Good Escape Plan


Cause You Aint Catchin Me Again

I’m Counting All My Dollars Trying To Make Some Ends Meet

I Wanted More, But I Can’t Wait

I Hear You In The Hall, If You Open My Door,

I’ll Kill You

Forget This Shit And End You

But I Pray You Just Go To Sleep

So I Can Crawl Out My Window In Peace

And Spend One Less Night In Our Broken Home



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