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Born To Be


The Holy Spirit Was Teaching Me What I Needed To Be Able To Carry The Heavenly Father’s Great Gift Of Agape Love In All Of It’s Power.  I Was To Love All The Children Of The Kingdom Of Darkness, The Dark Night.  Precious Spiritual Children Trapped In The Kingdom Of Darkness Were To See His Great Light Of Agape Love Come Into Their World With Warm, Sweet Words Of A Power Unknown To Them.  I Was To Be Going Spiritually Deep Into Satan’s Kingdom of Darkness Into The Very Inner Court Of A Powerful Matrix Of Spiritual Control Through & With The Power Of God The Most High’s Agape Love.

I Had To Be Able To Spiritually Hear The Silent Cries In The Deep Spiritual Hearts Of Fearful And Fragmented Broken Hidden Hearts of The Soul.  I Had To Be Able To See The Tearless Tears Of Spiritual Eyes, Even Spiritual Eyes Unseen By Eyes Of Flesh.  I Had To Be Able To See Spiritual Hands Bound In Spiritual Chains & Fetters And The Fear Of Death As The Task Master & Strongman.  I Had To Believe That I Possessed A Power That Could Reach The Hands Of Precious Children Of The Night Even While They Were Hiding In Deep Sleeps of Trances, Self Induced Hypnosis To Survive The Terror and Torture. 

My Spiritual Training Had Been Tough and I Was Ready!

I Was Now To Be Sent In To The Kingdom of Darkness And Reach Hands & Hearts And Then To Hold On To Them Until They Could Believe In The Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son, Christ Jesus And Their Agape Love For Them.  I Was To Love Them NO MATTER WHAT THEY DID TO ME, AGAINST ME, OR MY FAMILY, OR AGAINST CHRIST JESUS OR THE HEAVENLY FATHER.  I Was To Love Them RIGHT INTO ETERNITY AND BEYOND.

Then On Friday October The 9, 1998 , The Lord Most High God BEGAN His Great Work With And Through Me Of Spiritually Reaching Deep Into The Inner Court Of Satan’s Kingdom of Darkness To A Spiritual Prisoner of MULTI-GENEARATIONAL SATANISM and The Occult Through The Life Of A Precious Young 14 Year Old Girl Who Had Been Sent on Assignment Along With Her Entire Family To Threaten Me IF I DID NOT STOP LOVING SATAN’S PEOPLE AS MUCH AS I DID.

I Was Spiritually Privileged To Introduce Her To Christ In Prayer After Binding According To Matthew 18:18 Anything That Would Stand In Her Way Of Receiving and Accepting This Gift of Agape Love By Them As She Believed That Christ Went To A Cross For Her To Pay A Price For Her Spiritual Freedom From Satan and His Kingdom of Darkness.  Words Of Light and Truth Carried On Words Of Agape Love Had Spiritually Reached Her Deeply Fearful, Hidden Heart and Spirit.  

Seeing This Young Precious Girl of 14 Be Spiritually Reborn As A New Child Of God The Most High and Placed Into The Kingdom Of Heaven, The Kingdom of Light & Agape Love Was The Most Beautiful Spiritual Sight To Behold Other Than To Spiritually See Christ Jesus In All His Resurrection Glory.

To Spiritually Watch As The Holy Spirit Washed And Cleansed A Dark Human Spirit From It’s Nature Of Sin/Rebellion and Spiritually And Make Her Spirit New As The Spiritual Blood Of Christ Jesus Was Applied and Darkness Was Lifted and Light In The Holy Spirit Came Into A New Child Of God and To See Sin Washed From The Spirit’s Heart As The Guilt and Shame Was Cleansed Was So Powerful and Indescribable. Then To Watch As A Darkened Human Spirit Became as A White Diamond and The Light Of Agape Love Was Set Up In The Center Of The Spirit Was So Awesome To Watch.  It Was Like Watching A Lump Of Coal Becoming A White Diamond And To See A Great Light Burst Forth From Deep Inside the Center of The Diamond and Illuminate Out Of The Diamond and The Colors Of The Rainbow Shinning Forth Out Of the Diamond.  Rays Of Glistening Color, Colors Sparkling, Illuminating Light Out Into The New Born/Cleansed Spirit Was Beyond Description.  It Was A Honor To Behold and To Be Privileged To Be Apart Of and I Continue To Be Apart of This New Birth/New Creation Even To This Day.

Then To Watch As Holy Angels Placed The Garments Of Salvation And Praise, A White Robe Of Righteousness – On The Newly Created Spirit Of God Was So Beautiful and Magnificent.  

Then To Spiritually Watch More Holy Angels Of The Kingdom of Heaven Place The Signet Ring Of A Kingdom Of Heaven On This Precious New Child Of God, This Physical  Child of 14.  Then An Angel Of The Kingdom Of Heaven Placed The Golden Scepter Of The Kingdom Of Heaven In The Crook Of The Arm Of This Brand New Spiritual Creation,  Then Lastly To See The Golden CROWN OF GLORY, HONOR & RULERSHIP Placed On The Spiritual Child’s Head Was Truly A Royal Coronation At It’s Finest and At It’s Most Majestic.  Songs Of Praise and Honor By The Angels Sang Out For All To Hear As, They Bowed Themselves To This New Royal King/Ruler Of The Kingdom Of Heaven.

A Total Transformation/Transfiguration!

To Watch And See What Had Been Only A Human Spirit Of Darkness and Only Demon Spirits Living Inside Of This Precious Spiritual Heart And Who Had Been Covered And Filled With Generations of Demon Spirits Become, A Brilliant White Diamond, Cleansed and Shinning Out A Different Light That Was Radiating A Glorious Light From Deep In The Very Center/Heart of This New Spirit Has Been A Pure Joy To See.  I Learned That This Happens To Everyone Who Believes In, Accepts and Allows The Gift Of Agape Love To Come Into Their Lives and Translate Them Into The Kingdom of Heaven/The Kingdom of Agape Love & Light Through Believing In The Sacrifice Of The Son Of God, Christ Jesus On A Cross Long Ago. 

To See The Words of A Loving Heavenly Father Be Spiritually Fulfilled From His Book Of Life 

John 3:16-18

Authorized King James Version

For God So Loved ,World That He Gave His Only Son,

That Whosoever Believes In Him Should Not Perish, But Have Eternal Life

For God Sent The Son Into The World, Not To Condemn The World, But That The World Might Be Saved Through Him

He Who Believes In Him Is Not Condemned,

He Who Does Not Believe In Condemned Already Because He Has Not Believed In The Name Of The Only Son Of God


John 3:3-8

Authorized King James Version

Truly, Truly I Say To You,

Unless One Is Born Anew, He Cannot See The Kingdom Of God

Truly, Truly I Say To You,

Unless One Is Born Of Water And The Spirit, He Cannot Enter The Kingdom Of God,

That Which Is Born Of The Flesh is Flesh,

And That Which Is Born of The Spirit Is Spirit

Do Not Marvel That I Said To You, You MUST BE BORN ANEW

The Wind Blows Where It Wills, And You Hear The Sound Of It, But You Do Not Know Where It Comes From Or Where It Is Going

So It Is With Every One Who IS BORN OF THE SPIRIT!


1 John 4: 7-19

Authorized King James Version

Beloved, Let Us Love One Another, For LOVE IS OF GOD




In THIS, The LOVE OF GOD Was Made Manifest/Revealed Among Us,

That God Sent His Only Son Into The World, So That We Might Live Through Him

In This LOVE, Not That We LOVED GOD, But That HE LOVED US And SENT His Son, To Be A Sacrifice For Our Sins


No Man Has Ever Seen God,

If We LOVE One Another, God Abides In Us and His LOVE is Perfected/Fully Matured/Over Flowing/Abundant In Us

By This


We And All Mankind Know That We ABIDE/REST/LIVE In Him and He In Us.

Because He Has Given Us Of His Own Spirit,

And We Have Seen And Do Testify That The Father Has Sent His Son, As The Savior Of The World

Whoever Confesses That Jesus Is The Son Of God,  God Abides In Him And He In God

So We Know And Believe THE LOVE OF GOD He Has For Us, For GOD IS LOVE

And He Who Abides IN LOVE, Abides IN GOD And GOD ABIDES In Him

In This ( Abiding In Each Other In Love and Through Love ) This IS LOVE PERFECTED WITH US,

So That We May Have Confidence For In The Day Of Judgment Because AS He Is, So Are We In This World


And He Who Fears Is Not Yet Perfected/Matured/Over Flowing/Abundantly IN THIS AGAPE LOVE OF GOD



Because Of This Gift Of Agape Love That I Carried In The Power Of The Holy Spirit, Satan Sent In An Entire CLAN/FAMILY TO STOP ME One Way Or Another!  To STOP ME Would Be STOPPING GOD The Most High, So I Had To BE STOPPED!

The One That Was Sent, A 14 Year Old Girl, Was Born Again, So In Came The Multitudes!  This One Failed and Could Not Take Me Out Because Agape Love Was Planted And Began To Plant Deep Roots In Her Spirit.  The Family Came and Attacked Again, And Again Trying To Stop Me From Just Praying For Satanists and Loving Them With An Unknown Love They Had Never Felt Before Or Experienced.  I Was A Powerful Threat To Satan and His Inner Court Of His Kingdom of Darkness.  Agape Love Had Invaded The 13 Blood Lines Of Multi-Generational Satanism, The High Court Of The 13 Bloodlines Of The Children of Israel.  Those Who Ruled From Satan’s Entire Kingdom From Behind The Scenes Of Obscurity and Darkness.


Satan Knew That If He Could Not Stop Me, This Powerful Gift Of Agape Love Would and Could Be Spiritually Taken Into His Kingdom and Would Be Received By The Hearts of His Slaves/Prisoners Who He Had Spiritually Abused In Every Way as Well As In Their Hidden Heart of Their Soul and Through and With Their Physical Body.  Satan Knew The Power Of Agape Love For He Had Seen It On A Cross, In Hell And It’s Power Over The Grave as Well As All Of His Strongmen, The Demonics of The Kingdom of Darkness.  Satan Knew That His Enslaved Spiritual Prisoners Who Lived In His Matrix of Control and Where Born Into It and Who He Had Total Control Over Their Entire 3-part Being-Spirit, Soul and Physical Body Would Desire To Be Free Of Him and His Torture and Control.  Satan’s Love Was Evil and Would Not Compel His Slaves To Stay For Their Love Of Him, But Only Out of Their Fear of Death.  

Satan Knows If He Could Not Stop Me, He Would Loose Them By The Hundreds of Millions and That They Would Be Born Again And Spiritually Translated Into The Kingdom Of Light & Love, The Kingdom Heaven And They Would Be Spiritually Under The Protection And Care of God The Most High And His Son, Christ Jesus and Would Have The Power Of The Holy Spirit Working For Them.

Satan Knew That If He Could Not Stop Me, His Inner Court Of His Kingdom of Darkness Would Be Spiritually Decimated.  So In The Entire Clan/Family Came, What He Thought Was His Best and Most Successful Clan, THE BLACK FOREST CLAN.  They Were Out of Germany From Ancient Days of Long Ago.

I Spiritually Became The Young 14 Girl’s Spiritually Mother And Even Today, The Spiritual Bond Is Holding, No Matter What She Does, Where She Goes. The Greatest Gift Of God, The Most High, The Agape Love Spiritually Reached Down Into Satan’s Kingdom of Darkness and Spiritually Found One Heart In The Dark and Dried Her Silent Tears Of A Fearful And Tormenting Heart With The Heavenly Father’s Warm Sweet Agape Love.

Satan Did Not Take This “Spiritual Event”  Without Retaliation, Oh No!  The Young Girl Was Severely Punished By Her Demonic FAMILY and By Her Biological Family Because of Her Spiritual Acceptance of Christ Jesus As Her Savior and New Lord and King of Her Entire Life/Especially Her Spirit and Then Accepting My Spiritual Invitation To Become Her Spiritual Mother.  


This Precious Young Girl of 14 Came From One Of The 13 Multi-Generational Royal Bloodlines of Satan’s Inner Court, His Spiritually Elite, The Deep Spiritual Illuminati, A Future Mother Of Darkness, A Future Mother of The Chosen Child of Satan-The Fore-Runner Of The Anti-Christ, The Mother of The Prophet Of The Anti-Christ, The Cousin of The Anti-Christ From The Spiritual And Physical Bloodline of John The Baptist.  This 14 Year Old Girl Was A Child Of Incest, Between Her Mother and Her Brother, A Future High Priestess of The Black Forest Clan, A Royal Satanic Sister Of Light, A Satanic Breeder, A Monarch Mind Controlled Slave WOULD NOT PAY THE ULTIMATE PRICE FOR HER TREASON TO SATAN, But Others Would!

Many Precious Ones In Satanism DIED In A Satanic Meeting Even A 6 Year Old Child To Appease Satan’s Wrath For The Spiritual Loss Of This INNER COURT BLOODLINE, ONE BORN TO BE SITTING ON THE INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL’S TABLE OF THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS!  This Precious 14 Year Old Girl, One From A Chosen Multi-Generational Family Who Had Been Selectively Breed For Their Spiritual Sins Since The Ancient Days of Babylon Thus Giving Satan’s Demon Spirits Legal Dominion & Rulership Over The Entire Family of Human Spirits Thus Allowing Satan and His Strongmen To Rule This World Through The Spirit, Soul and Physical Body of This Girl and Her Family.

The Spiritual Battle For These Precious Children of The Night Would Be Fierce and Serious.  Life And Death Were Always near – Both Theirs and Mine!

The Spiritual Bonding of This Young Girl of 14 And I Became So Powerful That Her Family Attacked Me and Her For Years and Years To Stop Her and I From Loving Each Other As A Spiritual Mother and Daughter and From Me Spiritually Bringing Agape Love and Light/Truth To Satan’s Lies And To Free Her Both Physically and Spiritually From The Grip Of Satan .

The Young Girl Sent Me Many Letters And Stories And Poems Reaching Out To Me To Tell Me About Her World.  Some of The Letters And Poems Came From Others Also Reaching Out To Me So Some One Maybe Who Hear And Believe And Find A Way To Over Come The Power Of Satan And Free Them In Their 3-part Nature, Spirit, Soul and Physical Body.  They Could Not Free Themselves And Their Fear Of Death Was Too Powerful Against Them And They Needed HELP From Another World, Another Kingdom, Another King,  So I Was Sent and Came With The Ancient Power of Agape Love and The Manifestation And Demonstration Of The Kingdom Of Heaven.



Given To Pastor Deborah By The Holy Spirit About The Children Of The Night

BORN Into A Life In The Kingdom of Darkness

Born Into A Generational Family Of The Kingdom of Darkness

Born Into Sin, Shaped By Iniquity

Born With Demonic Spirits From The Womb

Born From Incest

Born To Be A Child Of The Devil

Born To Be A Child Of The Night

Born Into A Chosen Blood Line, One of The 13 Of Israel

Born Into The Illuminati 

Born To Be A Monarch Mind Controlled Slave

Born To A Life Of Disassociation And Out Of Body Experiences

Born To Spiritually Create Parts, Others, Fragments, Dark Side Ones And Light Side Ones

Born To A Life Of Lies, And Deceptions, Torture Beyond Understanding, Abuse and Rejection, Horror & Death

Born Into The Bonds Of The Fear Of Death, And Kill Others To Live

Born Into A Life Of Satanic Ritual Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse and Spiritual Abuse

Born To Live Spiritually Outside Of Their Own Physical Body, And To Allow Others To Take Over Their Bodies

Born To Live In Self-Trances, And Deep Sleeps, Hiding Away In The Matrix Of Other Created Spiritual Worlds

Born To Never Know The Real Self, Hiding From All, Even From Themselves

Born To Live That Pain Is Pleasure And Always With Rejection And Abandonment, And With Satanic Love

Born To Live As A Child Of Demon Spirits

Born To Be Satanic Kings & Queens of Satan’s Kingdom of Darkness

Born To Be Brides And Partners Of Satan

Born To Be Satanic High Priests and Priestess

Born To Be Hidden In This World – Unseen By Us

Born To Be Mother’s And Father’s Of The Darkness

Born To Be Ministers Of False Teaching In The Church Of God, False Prophets, False Pastors

Born To Be Flames Of Fire/Ministers Filled With Passion & Zeal

Born To Be Brothers & Sisters Of The Darkness/Light of Satan’s Kingdom


Born To Be An Illuminati – A Wise One, With Secret Knowledge

Born To Spiritual Leadership of The Kingdom Of Darkness

Born To Spiritually Rule And Control The Lives Of Others and World Events

Born To Be Breeders Of Chosen Children

Born To Be Chosen Children Of Satan Himself

Born Into A Kingdom of Darkness

Born To Be Controlled In All 3 Parts Of Their 3 Part System, Spirit, Soul and Physical Body

Born To Live A Life Of Silence, Never Believed 

Born To Spiritually Build Satan’s Kingdom Of Darkness

Born To Only Care About Themselves, Not Others,  No Love For Themselves Or Others

Born To Be Any Gender, Any Sex, And To Have Sex With Demons, Children, Animals, and Each Other.

Born To Die, And To Eternally Be Spiritually Separated From Agape Love & The Kingdom of Heaven

Born Into A Life Of Hopelessness, Suicide, Great Pain

Born Into A Life Of Drugs, Child Pornography, Human Trafficking, Sex Slavery, The World Of Prostitution 

Born To Kill Or Be Killed

Born To Cut Themselves Just To Ease The Pain

Born To Be Witches & Warlocks, Spells and Drugs, Candles & Astro-Projections

Born To Hurt Others Or Be Hurt Themselves

Born To Never Know True Love, To Have Peace or Joy 

Born To Live A Double Life – One Of Light & Dark


Born To Live By The Moon, By The Seasons, By Times & Holidays

Born To Live In A Hidden Spiritual World, Unseen By Others

Born To Be Abused In Every Area of Their Nature & To Be Tormented & Punished

Born To Be Creatures, Not Even Human, But Animals And Creatures of The Night

Born Hidden, Born To Drink Blood, Eat Flesh and Drink Urine

Born To Eat Human Flesh To Gain Power To Advance and Be In Control, Full Of More Power/Demons


Born And Dedicated To Satan

Born Lost To A Loving Father And His Son

Born To Cry Silent Cries, Tearless Tears, And To Always Be Hollow On The Inside

Born To Live In The Fear of Death, With Death Always Near To Being On The List To Die












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