Sunday, July 05, 2020

Black Velvet


Written To Pastor Deborah But Who Was Known At The Time As Pastor Jan By A 17 Year Old Young Lady Who Spiritually Accepted Jesus Christ As Lord And Savior At The Age Of 14, But At The Time Of This Poem Was Still Not Able To Leave Fully The Family And It’s Multi-Generational Satanist Life.

Born Into A Chosen Royal Illuminati Blood Line Of The New World Order

Born To Be A Bride Of Satan And Conceive A Chosen Prophet

Born To Be A Satanic Breeder Of Chosen Kings, High Priests, Chosen Ones Of The Black Forest Clan

A High Ruling Member Of The Church Of Satan

Born To Be A Satanic High Priestess Of A Coven Of Witches 

Born To Live A Life Of Dissociation And A Double Life


It Was The Last Thing In Which You Saw That Night

It Was The Last Bit Of Warmth Your Cold Body Felt

Between Your Dignity And Your Shame


It Was The Ceremonial Cover In Which They Laid Across Your Face


Dismembered And Distorted

An Angel, Fallen From Grace


The Black Velvet

Cloaked Your Silent Cries

Hushed Your Silent Screams


It Was The Covering Our Family Wore

The Same Color Of Your Executioner’s Eyes

Black Velvet Set Your Free

That Cold And Evil Night

Around The Fires Light

Black Velvet And Arms Raised To The Moon

It’s Fullness Was So Clear


Although Some Memories Of You Have Been Stolen

The Pain And Visions Haunt Me Still

As I Enter Into The Moon Light

Once More

The Black Velvet Reminds Me You’ve Been Here


Soon You Will Be Back To Guide Me

When My Time Of Trial Draws Near.


Dedicated To My Sons, May You Rest In Peace







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