Tuesday, April 07, 2020




These Silent Cries, Voices From Out Of The Darkness, Deep Calling To Deep Are The Cries of Hidden Hearts of Precious Ones Of The Night And Were Possible By Those Who Silent Cries and Hidden Tears Were Seen and Heard By An Unknown Father and Whose Spiritual Voice and Hands Were Reaching Out Do The Hands Reaching Up In The Deep and Darkness Of Their World/The Kingdom They Lived In.  Precious Hearts Reaching Out In Fear For Someone To Find Them.  And They Found The Hand Of A Mother, Sent By An Unknown Father To Love Them With An Unknown Love, Agape Into the Arms Of A Waiting Father and Who Would Show & Demonstrate To Them The Way Out of The Darkness, Out Of The Kingdom of Death, Out Of Their Hiding Places of Safety, Out Into the Light Of Agape Love and It’s Fullness of Life.

These Precious Ones, Spiritual Ones of The Night/The Kingdom of Darkness Even Though Still Living In The Kingdom The Night and It’s Death and Even Silently Crying Out For Someone To Find Them, Have Sent To Pastor Deborah Through Hidden Means and Across Great Barriers of Time and Through Their Great Fear of Death, They Have Sent Their Stories, Their Silent Cries For Help, Their Voices Even From The Deepest Prison Cells Of Satan and His Mighty Strongmen and Their Powerful Fortress and Cities of The Kingdom of Darkness.  

Voices Out of

Multi-Generational Satanism, Witchcraft, The Occult, New Age, Heavy Metal Music, Abuse Beyond Belief, Religious Cults, Vampirism, Human Trafficking, Drugs and Mental Illness, Voices of Many Who Are One, Voices Of One Who Is Many, Voices of Every Nation & Tribe, Silent Cries of Those Oppressed and Forever Trapped In Slavery To A King Of The Darkness, Ruler of Fear and Oppression.

The Voices Came and Still Are Speaking and Crying Out Silent Tears For Help And Always Hoping Someone Would Hear Them and See Them and Most Of All Love Them  For Them Are Among Us And We See Them, And Yet We Most Have Been Spiritually Deaf and Blind To Them and Fearful of Getting Into a War To Set These Spiritual Captives Free.

Many Of These Precious Ones of The Night/The Darkness Have Paid The Price of Death For Writing, Speaking and Bringing Light To Their World, The Kingdom Of Darkness.  Death Was Their Sacrifice To Get Their Voices Heard By Pastor Deborah.  Lives Lived In Darkness of Agape Love and The Kingdom of Heaven and It’s Loving Heavenly Father.  Lives Lived In Darkness of The Love Of A Son Who Paid His Own Life For Theirs So They Could Be With The Unknown Father and Experience A New Eternal Kingdom of Agape Love, Joy and Peace.

Yet, Others Paid With Great Torture and Even Sacrificing Their Own So They Could Live and Not Die.  Pain and Torture, Punishment and Death Always Came When They Reached Out To Pastor Deborah, Even Through Silent Eyes and Faces.  But Reaching Out, They Did and Still Do and They Are Still Paying Deeply For Doing So.  Such Strength and Courage They Have.  Silent Voices Speaking The Best Way They Could.

It Is With Great Love For All These Precious Ones Who Have And Risking All They Have, Just Their Very Life Itself To Speak To The Deep, Crying Out To Unknown Ears, Hoping For Someone, Something To Help Them and Love Them.

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