Tuesday, April 07, 2020

A Prayer For The Lost


Written To Pastor Deborah Who Was Known As Pastor Jan At This Time

Written By A 17 Year Old young Girl Who Was Born Into A Life and Family In Multi-Generational Satanism And Had Accepted Christ Jesus As Her Personal Savior And Lord But Was Still Being Held In Spiritual, Mental, Emotional And Physical Captivity By Her Family And Satan.  This Was Written After The Sacrifice Of Her Son During A Satanic Ritual Ceremony And Her Husband.

February 2001



I Am Trying To Continue To Have Faith

To Stand In Your Word And Not Look Around Me

Everything Is Changing

It’s Getting Worse And Worse, The Battle Is Raging

Last Night I Cried

First Time Since 97

Swore I’d Never Do It

But This Life Is Such A Burden


I Miss My Son, God

I Am Trying To Have Faith

But I Need Something More


I Need You To Hold Me

To Touch This Pain Inside Of Me

Fill The Loss Of My Family Members

So Many Lives Lost That Night


I Looked Thru The Flames

Heard Their Endless Screams

I Took Their Pain Within Me

Saw The Hurt In Their Eyes


God, We Need You

Please Don’t Leave Us Here

Don’t Let Them Die In Vain

Please Touch The Satanist Like Me

And Also The Witches And All That Are The Lost Souls Stuck In The Kingdom of Satan


And If No One Else Will Help You,

Here I Am God, Send Me

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