Tuesday, April 07, 2020

A Prayer For Help


Written To Pastor Deborah Who Was Known At The Time As Pastor Jan

A Prayer Written By A 16 Year Old Multi-Generational Satanist Who Had Accepted Christ Jesus As Savior And Lord But Was Being Held Captive Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally And Physically By Her Family And Was Unable To Get To Freedom



I Wrote This Letter Jesus

I Am Not Sure How This Prayer Thing Is Suppose To Work

So I Figured You’d Know What To Do With This

So I’m Giving It To You

I Meant Every Word And I Got “Angel” Up For It While I Was Writing The Letter

Both Sides Are Aware Of This Letter Or Prayer Thing So Now What?

Please Pray For Me


Dear Jesus

I Really Want To Get To Know You

I Am Sick Of My Life In Satanism

I Want Out Of My Heritage And Blood Contracts With Satan

And I Want Freedom For Me And My Children That You Give


I Know You’ve Sent People Into My Life So That Through Them

We Can Come To Know You And Your Father

I Believe You And Your Words Are True


I Believe That You Died For Us Because You Love Us And You Choose To Give Your Own Life Up So That We Could Live And Be Saved From Hell

I Believe All That, And I Want A Different Life For Me And My Children

I Wanna See My Family And Friends Saved And Out Of Satanism

I Believe You Can Do That

I Wanna Know You As Father And Lord As My Master

I Wanna Live The Life As A ” Child Of God”


I Believe In My Heart That It Was Your Plans That I Met You And Jan And Entered Into Your Kingdom

I Don’t Think Satan Is Father

I Feel Drawn To You And Your People, But I Feel Totally Trapped In The Darkness

My Children Are Being Hurt Beyond Comprehension And I Cannot Do Anything About It

I Don’t Want My Family And Friends Dying And Going To Hell

I Want To See Us All Free And “Saved”



I’m Tired Of All The Rituals And Meetings And Sacrifices To Satan

I’m Sick Of The Pregnancies And Then Watching Them Get Mutilated For Satan’s Pleasure

I’m Sick Of Giving Myself And My Children To An Empty Religion And To Satan

I Wanna Be Free!!!

But I Don’t Know How To Be Free

I Need Help!!!!


I Know There Will Be Battles But I Am Strong And Will Fight For Our Freedom If You Will Be There

I Know You Gave Me A New Mother And Spiritual Family

I Know I Didn’t Come To Pensacola Just To Complete An Assignment

I Believe It Was You Who Broke The Car’s Transmission And Made My Friend Sick So She Would Not Go With Me

I Believe It Was You Who Brought Me My New Spiritual Mother Because Of My Prayers To You As A Child


Now Please, Show Me HOW I Can Be Free Of My Life In Satanism

And Be Free From My Satanic Lineage And Ranks

I Don’t Want To Live My Life In The Brotherhood Or In The “Family “

I Want You And Your Kingdom

I Want My Kids And People To Become Children Of God Too.


Please Help Us And I Want To Worship You Without Choking And Being Sick And Going Into Trances

Thank You And Goodbye

Pray This With Me, I Am Not Sure How 2 Do It By Myself

2 Your ( I Mean Our ) god, Jesus

Get It 2 Him, Somehow

Always, I Love You


When I Read This Prayer, I Cried Because She Did Not Know That She Was Praying To God As She Was Writing This To Pastor.  Spiritual Darkness Was Still Ruling Her, But She Was Desiring A New Life And Was Walking The New Road She Had Just Stepped Onto.


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