Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Throne, The Symbol of The Heart of The King





Hello and Welcome Again to Story Time In The Garden


This Is Pastor Deborah, And Everyone Take Your Seat and Open Your Heart To Hear The Words Of Spirit and Life.

Everyone Gather Around, Wilber is Everyone Here?



Not Yet, Pastor, More Are Coming Into the Garden Even Now


Ok, We Will Wait for them to get here.

As they come, Living Creatures Help them to find a seat and sit with them.



Pastor, Yes Wilber, What Story Are You going to tell us today?

The Continuation of The Throne Series

This Story Is Called 

The Throne, The Heart of The King


Does Anyone remember what the last story was?

We started learning about the Throne of The One.  Yes, That is Correct.

It was a good story, Pastor, We learned so very much.

That is good.  Now, We going to learn more about 

The Throne, The Symbol of The Heart of The King!



Everybody ready?  We are Pastor.  Ok.

The THRONE, The Symbol of The Heart of The King.

The Seat of Remembrance, From Out of The Ancient Books of The Library of Eternity.



The THRONE, The Symbol of The Heart Of The King, The King Of Creation

The THRONE The Seat of The Great Light of Spirit and Life


The THRONE, The Heart of The Songs of The Flowers of The Garden of Agape Love


The THRONE, The Heart of The Rivers of Life, Peace and Joy





The THRONE, A Strong and Mighty Fortress, A Solid Rock, A Tall Tower Of Refuge




The THRONE, A Strong Shield of Protection for the Weary Ones, The Captives and Prisoners, The Tired and Broken Hearted



The THRONE The Heart of The Fire of The Heart Of The King, The Holy and Righteous Purposes and Desires For All Life



The THRONE The Place of Decrees, Prophecies, Law, Justice and Anointing




The THRONE The Mighty Sanctuary of The King’s Glorious Presence



The THRONE, The Seat Of The Banner Of The Kingdom of Agape Love, That Flies High Over The Land of It’s Domain


The THRONE Raised High Above all The Heavens, Above All That Is And That Will Be




The THRONE, The Symbol of The Very Heart and Mind of The Great Creator Himself




The THRONE, The Symbol of The Deep Thoughts of The King of The Kingdom Of Heaven 



The THRONE, The Very Heart of The King’s Concepts, Precepts, Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge and All The Righteous Ways Of Life and Spirit




The THRONE, The Seat of Great Joy, Rejoicing and Blessings



The THRONE, The Seat That Receives All Glory, Praise and Honor From All Of Creation

The Living Creatures of The Garden



The Singing Flowers of The Garden


The Families of Life and The Children


The Blue Birds Of The Garden


Humanity and It’s Seeds Of Life For All Of Time




The Host/Armies of Heaven, The Ministering Angels of The Lord, The Most High King



The THRONE, Symbol of The Family Of The King, The Father and Mother Of Life Itself



The THRONE, The Great Path of PROTECTION, The Mighty Wings Of Eagles


The THRONE, The Symbol of The Heart Of Agape Love Itself, Spreading It’s Arms Over All The Kingdom


The THRONE, The Heart of Songs Of Agape Love Sung Through The Creatures Of The Garden, Even The Flowers




The THRONE, The Royal Seat Of The Altar Of Grace and The Meeting Place With The King Of Glory



The THRONE, The Place Of The Scepter, The Symbol of The Right Of Rulership By The Law of Creation



The THRONE, The Seat Of The Oil of Anointing, Deliverance, Healing and Blessings




The THRONE, The Seat, The Center Of The Great Kingdom Of The Highest Kingdom, The City of Spirit and Life




The THRONE, The Great Seat Of The Trumpets Of Praise And Glory of The Mighty King Of The Highest Kingdom



The THRONE, The Center Of The Stones Of Fire, Sacrifices, And Justice



The THRONE, The Seat of Great Worship and Praise By All Creations Great and Small



The THRONE, The Symbol of The Heart Of The Creator, The King Of All Eternity, The King of His Domain

Established From Before Time and Eternity Began, From The Ancient of Days

The THRONE, The Symbol of The Heart of The Creator, The Source of All Life Itself

The THRONE, The Great And Mighty Symbol of The Eternal Kingdom, The Righteous Kingdom, and The Kingdom of 

Agape Love, Joy and Peace Founded On The Heart Of Agape Love Itself,





Now, everyone, This Story has ended. Next Story Time and for many to come, I Will Go into more depth of each one of these Attributes, Natures, Essences, Character, Image and all That THE THRONE was established to Symbolize and Represent to all of Creation.

Does anyone have any questions?

Shepherd, yes Little One, Is all this true?

Yes, Little One, All Is True.

Pastor, Yes, Little One

If this is all True, How come I have not known this?  I didn’t know any of this was true.

Well, Little One, You were NOT TAUGHT these TRUTHS or Had Them spiritually Revealed To You, The Forever You – The Spiritual You.

This THRONE is really Big, isn’t?  Yes, Little One, It is. Is His THRONE here in the Garden?  No, Little One, It’s High Above Us.  Can we go there, like a field trip?  Yes, We Can.

How?  You See That Light Over There?



Yes, Just Walk towards it and step into It’s Light and you will be there.

You mean THERE?  THE THRONE?  Yes, Will you go with us as a guide and teacher?  Yes.  All who want to take a FIELD TRIP to THE THRONE of THE KINGDOM OF LIFE that we have just heard about in this Story Time, are welcome to come with me.

Class Is Dismissed.  Anyone wanting to go to THE THRONE, Follow me to the Light over there.

Then after this visit you will be returned to your earthly body on the planet called earth.

Shepherd, yes, Little One,

Do you go to other PLANETS?  Yes, I do.  The Vastness of The Kingdom is beyond our limited knowledge and it reaches out into all of everywhere.  I travel much for the King and yes, to other planets, to other solar systems, to other places that have not even been discovered by earthly scientists yet, the vastness of The Kingdom is Far and Wide. 

Ok, Thanks.

You Are Welcome.

See everyone next time, and for those who are going on the field trip, walk this way with me.

Pastor Deborah




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