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The Blueprints of Creation

Story Time In The Garden Of Eden



Everyone Gather Around,

It’s Story Time Again With Pastor Deborah

Welcome Everyone, Everyone Sit Down And Get Your Heart Ready To Receive

Everyone Get Your Listening Ears On

Where Is Wilber?  I Am Right Here.  Can I Sit Next To You?  Yes, Come And Join Me.

 We Are All Ready Now, Pastor Deborah.


Today’s Story Is Called

The Blueprints Of Creation

Everyone Remember The One Who Was In The Process Of Stepping Out Of His Closet Of Lonelyness Of Being Just One And Out Into The Vastness Of Nothingness?

Can Everyone Remember All The Different Issues He Was Having Before He Stepped Out Into Becoming A New Life Form From What He Had Been For His Entire Existence?  

Can Anyone Tell Us What Some Of These Were?

He Had To Find Some New Clothes To Put On.

  That Is Right.

He Had To Put His Shoes On.

Yes, He Did.

Anything Else?

He Had To Really Want To Step Out Of His Closet.

Yes, Dear One, He Did.

Pastor, Yes Little One

He Had To See If He Really Loved What He Was Going To Create Enough.

Yes That Is True.

  He Surely Did Have To Count The Cost He Would Have To Pay For Being A Creator,

A Father Of Life Itself, The Mother/The Bond Of All Life To Himself


To Each Other


He Had To Know If His Agape Love Was Strong Enough,

Courageous Enough,

Was Compassionate Enough,

Tender Enough,

Wise Enough

 Forgiving Enough


Finally Was It Able To Go The Distance To A Cross


Take The Legal Punishment Owed To His Soon Coming Laws Of Sin And Death

That Would Be Required By The Laws Of His Soon Coming Kingdom

Wow, You Guys Have Been Reading And Listening.  

Great,  Now To This Story

The Blue Prints Of Creation!

Where Did This One, This Great One Even Begin To Design All Of Creation?

All Of Life, The Garden We Are In,

A Country That Was Created To Be A Kingdom

A Government

Of Laws, Justice, Courts, Judgment And Consequences For Rebellion

The Vastness Of Life, Trees, Flowers, Creatures, Light,

Forces That Would Hold Everything Together

Lands Of Wilderness, Deep Levels Of Separation From Agape Love/Hell Itself

What Kind Of Servants, Ministers, Ambassadors Would Be Needed?

What Mechanisms Would He Use To Bring Forth Life And It’s Sting Of Rebellion/Death?

What Mechanisms Would Be Eternal And Remain Powerful? 

What Would He Use To Bless His Creations, Or What Would Happen To It If It Strayed From Him And His Light?

What Would He Have To Do/Be Required To Do By His Own Laws With Those Who Rebel Against Him And His Laws Of His Kingdom Of Life And Light?

The Blue Prints Of Creation

Had To Be Designed, Reviewed, Revised, Approved Before The Building Of Creation Could Begin!

First, He Had To Decide If He Was Going To Be An On-Going Creator, Restoring And Rebuilding As Needed

Ok, I Will Have To Be Always Working Until I Get What My Heart Desires, 

So, I Will First Have To Have A Heart And Soul Of A Workman With Patience And Great Self-Control

Where To I Begin?

I Must Become The ARCHITECT, The DESIGNER Of Creation

Now, Where Do I Look Within Myself To Find The


Ok, I Will Look To My Own Heart And It’s Imagination To Design

The Blue Prints Of Creation

In My Own Heart, There Has Been A Vision/A Picture Of What All This Looks Like

In My Dreams, My Visions I See What I Have Created In My Own Imagination

My Imagination, The Place Of Pictures, Words I Think Forming Into Pictures.

Then With My Eyes Of Eternity, Eyes Filled With Agape Love And Hope Will I Look And Review My Own

Imaginations Of My Heart’s Desires.

Through My Mighty Counsel With My Wisdom, My Own Eternal Spirit, My Own Thoughts/Words I Will 

Design, Test Myself As The ARCHITECT Of All Of Creation

He Knew He Had To Review Completely All His Plans And Purposes For Creation And All Life

All Of Creation Had To Have It’s Own Unique Purpose

Each Creation Would Be A Reflection Of His Own Heart, His Vast Creative Imaginations And His Love Of Beauty And Wonder.

The Blue Print Of Creation

What Kind Of Realms/Places Would He Create?

What Would Be The Deep Magic, The Foundations Of All Creation?

Would Creation Need A Power Source Of Life?  What Would He Use?

Would He Need To Create Layers Upon Layers Of Creation?

Where Would He Begin?  What Did He Need To Create First?

He Through This Self-Review, Knew He Needed To Very Organized,

Thoughtful, Wise In All That He Was To Create

The Blue Prints Of Creation

They Must Be Intricate, Strong In Foundation – Eternal In Existence

So, This One Now Had To Become A True And Living Designer,

An Architect, A Builder


Then Supplier Of All The Resources And Materials Necessary To Create And Sustain All Creations.


Also Needed To Have Plans For

Restoration, Re-Creation And Re-Birth

Because His Foreknowledge Of The Future Showed Him That Destruction And Death Would Come Into His Creation And He Would Have To Watch As His Creation Became Filled With Another’s Name And Essence.

So, He Had To Make Plans For Creations, Re – Creation To Return Everything Back To The Beginning As His Heart Originally Desired.

The Blue Prints For Creation

Had Built Into Them The Plans Of Both The


So, The One Now Took On This New Identity Of

The Alpha

The Creator, The Beginning, The Source Of All


The Omega

The End Of All Creation, The Repairer Of All, The Restorer Back To The Beginning

So, The One Became

The Alpha & The Omega!


When One Decides To Evolve Into A New Life Form With A New Identity,

One Must Be Serious And Be Willing To Step Out Even By Himself

Into The Vastness Of Nothingness Alone

This One Who Had Decided That

One Was A Lonely Number

Set Down With His Own Imaginations, Visions, Self-Created Pictures And Began Creating





That Is The End Of This Story Time In Garden With Pastor Deborh.

Go In Peace And Remember


And Only The Creator, The Alpha Knows The True Purposes For Each And Every Creature For Not One Thing Was Created Without It’s Own Unique Purpose And Place In The Creation Of Life Itself.

So, All Of Creation Must Search Out, Find And Discover It’s Purpose That Was Given It By The Architect Of All Of Creation.  Now, Each One Of Us Here Today Need To Fully Discover Our Own Unique Purpose That The Creator Created Each Of Us To Be, To Do And How We Fit Into

The Blue Prints Of Creation

So, That Ends This Story I Hope Everyone Enjoyed It, Learned Much And Will Come Again To Hear Another Story Time In The Garden With Pastor Deborah

Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah










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