Thursday, July 02, 2020

A King Is Born


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Hello Every One Again,

Gather Round

For It Is Story Time With Pastor Deborah

Wilber, Mr. Turkey, Ms Goose, Blue Birds

Gather The Creatures And The Little Ones Who Are Visiting With Us Today Here In The Garden.

And Help Them To Get Ready For Story Time

Yes, Pastor We Are.

Pastor, Yes Wilber, Everyone Is Ready

You Can Start


Hello And Welcome Everyone

This Is Pastor Deborah

Today’s Story Time Is Entitled

A King Is Born!

Does Everyone Remember The Last Story I Told?

Yes, Pastor It Was About

The Blue Prints Of Creation

That Is Correct.

And What Does Everyone Remember About That Story Of The One

Who Was To Be Stepping Out Of His Closet Of Being Just One?

That He Was Lonely

Yes, He Was And Why Was He Lonely?

Because He Was Alone.

Yes, He Was. Alone With His Own Thoughts, Images Of Life and Creation

Remember The Last Story Dealt With His Designs and Blueprints For All Of Creation

That Were To Come Forth Out Of His Womb Of Life

He Was Going to Be Our FATHER AND MOTHER Wasn’t He?

Yes, Little Ones, The One Was To Become


But This Story Is One That Will Begin To Build Spiritual Foundations

That All Creation Would Need To Have Built

So That For All Eternity Would Be Able To Stand Solidly On, Even

Through The Storms Of Time, The Winds Of Rebellion


The Fires Of Hate That Were To Come.


That Has Many Identities, Titles, Natures, Yet Only One Essence And He Would Be The 

One And Only True And Living God

The One Had The BLUEPRINTS Of All Of Creation Within His Own Heart and It’s Images, Visions Of Things That Are A Reality In His Heart, But Have Not Come Out Of  Their Hidden Chambers Of His Heart To Be Created

For The One Had Been Living In Great Faith, For His Faith Was The Very Substance That The Blue Prints Were Written On,

Created In And Stored Until The Fullness Of Time Would Come To Release His Images Of Creation


Begin His Heart’s Majestic Building Program

That Would Last Through All Time,

Even Into The Realm Of His Existence, Eternity.

Deep Things Hidden Away In The One’s Secret Chambers Of His Imaginations,

His Deep Visions Of Life and Creation

To Begin,

The One Had To Become In His Nature What He Had Always Been In His Hidden World Of One,

A King!

He Had To Be Born/ Bring Forth This Identity Out Of His Deep Chambers Of His Image and Likeness, For He Was Already The 


Into Existence Out Of The Hidden Blue Prints Of Creation 

A New Identity, A New Name For Himself

A New Life Form Would Come, 


A King!



Does Anyone Know What A King Is?

Yes, Wilber.

He is The Boss!

Yes He Is!

Do You Know Anything Else About A King?


Ok, Let Me Help You

The One Knew That What Ever He Was Going To Do,

It All Had To Powerful And Majestic.

He Had To Create First Within Himself,

Himself To Be 

A King!

A Sovereign Ruler

One Of Great Influence & Authority & Control

One Whose Words Are Law, Eternal And Unchangeable

One Whose Own Heart & Mind Sets The Standards, The Rules For All

One Whose Own Heart Would Be The Standard Bearer Of All Judgment

And Punishment Of Those Who Rebel Against The King And It’s Government

One Who Rules A Territory, A Domain, Land As The Owner Of All

One Who Is Legally Responsible For All Things In The Territory/The Land Of The King’s Realm

The One Knew He Would Have To Bring Out From Deep Inside Of Himself,

His Royal Nature 

The One Had To Bring Forth Out Of Himself,

His Majestic Purposes For Himself As A King

The One Knew He Had To Be

The True And Eternal Image Of This Newly Born King

Once He Organized Himself Into The Royal Identity And Nature Of A King,

He Would Then Bring Forth Out Of His Limitless Imagination,

The Territory,

The Land And The Domain He Would Rule

The Realm Of Eternity,

The Spirit Realm

And The Soon Coming Realm Of Seen World,

The Natural

Then He Had To Bring Forth His Royal Clothes He Would Clothe Himself With

Then He Knew He Had To Have A Heart And Mind Of A Mighty Warrior That Would Bring Great Victories To Himself And Thus Reveal His Great Glory Of Himself As The 


So, This One Who Had Decided To Step Out Of His Closet Of Being Just One,

Would Not Step Out Until

He Birthed Himself As A King!

So, He Did,


A King Was Born!!!

And With That Birth, This Story In The Garden Ends. 

No Don’t Stop Now, We Want To Hear More Of The Story, Pastor

The Story Will Continue, But For Now, Go And Ponder These Truths 

Of The One Who Was On His Way Of Stepping Out Of His Closet Of Being Just One

For As We Learn About Him, His Image and Likeness, We Will Be Learning About Much That Has Been Spiritually Hidden In His Ancient Hidden Treasures Chests Of Light.

For Those Who Are Purposed To Be His Family, 

Who They Were, About Their Fall Into Darkness And Then About Their Re-Birth Again Into The Original Image and Likeness They Were Always Intended To Be

A King Themselves!

And All About The Realm Of The Spirit and All The Living Creatures Living In It,

Like Us, Pastor,  Yes, Wilber, Like You

For All Of Creation Too Fell Under The Subjection Of A Fallen Angel And Death Came Alive

We Aren’t Going To Die, Are We Pastor?

No, Mr. Turkey, You Have No Death In You, And Have Been Protected Here In The Garden Of Eden From Death and It’s Curse. But You Will Learn What Happened To The Realm Of The Natural And How It Is Under Great Pains Because Of The Curse Of Death.

But, Now Is Rest Time For Everyone And Time To Ponder This New Wine, This New Light Of Spiritual Revelation

See Everyone Next Story Time In The Garden

Everyone Is Welcome To Come, The Blue Birds Will Be Sent To Get Anyone Who Desires To Come

All The Living Creatures Of The Garden Will Be Here To Join All For Story Time In The Garden With Pastor Deborah

Love To All,  Come Again.

Pastor Deborah


















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