Thursday, September 16, 2021

Basic 002 SC – Spiritual Care

Basic Class # 2 – Spiritual Care


The Concept that a Human is a 3 Part Being consisting of a Physical Body, The Soul – A Deep Sub-Conscious Mind/The Hidden Person of The Heart and The Forever Person, The Spiritual Being that lives in the Unseen Realm of The Spirit/The Realm of The Eternal.





1.  Video Class  –  History of Spiritual Care and Humanity



2. Video Class – Basic Teaching That A Human Is A 3-Part System


3.  Video Class – Introduction to Spiritual Care – A Blog Post


4.  Video Class – Ancient Concepts of Spiritual Care


5.  Video Class – The Hidden Realm of Restoration and Recovery


6.  Video Class – Rediscovery of The Spirit, The Real You


7.  Video Class – The Concept of The Forever Person


8. Video Class – Spiritual Care, Looking A Little Closer At Our Hidden Self, The Spirit


9.  Video Class – Spiritual Care, A Broken Heart, What Realm Is It In?


10.  Video Class – Who Are You Really?


11.  Video Class – What Am I?


12. Video Class – James, The Protector – The Healing of A Broken Spiritual Heart


13.  Let’s Start Digging, A Hidden Treasure Podcast With Pastor Deborah


14.  The Voice In The Light, Spiritual Shepherding


15.  The Teddy Bear, Children and Youth








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