Monday, January 25, 2021

Tales From The Garden



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In the Garden of Eden, here on Earth, Time Does Not Exist, Animals sing and talk with us, all is filled with Life and Love


The Garden, The Place of The Very Presence and Delight of A Loving Father For His Spiritual Creation.


The Garden of Eden, A Garden In The Unseen Realm of The Spirit

The Garden, Hidden and Yet Here



Protected by The Mighty Cherubim with a Flaming Sword

A Mighty Shepherd Always On Watch

Agape Love Always There and Spiritual Teaching Is Abundant

The Garden of Eden

A Place of Refreshing, and Finding What One’s Spiritual Heart Has Been Searching For

The Garden of Eden

An Eternal Place of Beauty and Peace

The Garden of Eden

A Place of Life and Songs, of Love and Living Creatures, of Peace and Joy

The Garden of Eden

All Are Welcome, The Lights Are On, The Blue Birds Will Show The Way

The Garden of Eden

Come and Meet the Living Creatures and Feel The Agape Love Of A Father For You

The Garden of Eden

The Place of The Heart of Agape Love

The Garden of Eden

Come and See That It Is Real

Come and Meet Wilber, Ms Goose, Mr. Turkey For They Are Real and They Love You So Very Much and Have Been Waiting To Meet You for So Very Long, Truly all of the living creatures in The Garden of Eden have been waiting to meet you and love you and sing to you and get to know you, for you are loved deeply by them.

Come and See, Come and Know, Come and Be Refreshed in Agape Love

Love Pastor Deborah




Zip – a – Dee – Doo – Dah Song From Walt Disney

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