Monday, January 25, 2021

Adventures At The T & W Flea Market Outreach




Come and See Agape Love, Love Is Here’s Outreach Ministry Booth

At The T & W Flea Market, Booth 65, Inside Mall, Pensacola, Florida



A New Resource and Partner At The T & W Flea Market


Our Flea’s First Inspirational Video


Pastor Deborah has closed down the Flea Market Booth as of June 1, 2020.  This was taken after many months of prayer, and seeing the season was ending to be there.  Then came along the Covid 19 Virus and the large crowds, Pastor Deborah was led to close the booth and only travel and minister out in the world on social media.  She has trips planned and has already traveled to the nation of Jordan, and Is going to Kenya, and has been invited to come and teach in Pakistan. Of course this is all done on social media through Videos.  Pastor Deborah is also helping others to Podcast and Video Tape and learn how to travel the world on social media.

Pastor Deborah still has communication and provides ministry to the vendors and even the management of the flea market.  Pastor Deborah has learned that seasons and times come and go and one must be very sensitive to them so that one always is right in the heart of The Lord God and where He is leading and guiding.  When a mission is complete and accomplished, Pastor Deborah is led to move on for she knows it is time.

Working for and with the Lord Most High is a ministry of two being one and the Big One, The Heavenly Father leads and Pastor Deborah follows.  So, continue to travel with Pastor Deborah throughout the world on social media and learn and grow.  She is a traveling minister and travels on the seas and roads to the ports and cities of the world on social media.

Love Always and Forever.

Pastor Deborah

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