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Walking Through The Ancient Gate


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The Ancient Gate Of The Kingdom


Hello, Everyone

Come On In For The Gates Are Open To You

Yes, The Gates Are Very Big.

Will Those Guards Hurt Us As We Come In?

No, They Will Not!

They Are Under The Rulership Of Their Creator,

The Creator Of Life Itself!

They Are Creatures Of Pure Light And Filled With Agape Love For You

Be Not Afraid Or Fearful Of What You See,

For Your Spiritual Eyes Have Not Ever Beheld These Treasures Of Glory Before


Majesty Of The Ancient One


His Royal Storehouses Of His Treasures Of Truth/Light, Knowledge And Wisdom.


He Has Been Waiting For Each And Everyone Of You To Come 


Open His Treasures Of Light, Life & Agape Love

Pastor Deborah Will Help You Navigate Through The Lands Of My Treasures I Have For You

There Are Many Storehouses For You To Visit And To Receive The Many Gifts I Have Kept For You

Pastor Deborah Is Very Familiar With This Kingdom And It’s Many Storehouses Of My Treasures

She Is Full And Overflowing Of The Kingdom’s Light


Has Been Chosen To Help All Who

Come & See

What Lies Spiritually Hidden In My Treasure Chests

Of The Kingdom Of Light & Agape Love

She Herself Has Walked As You Are Doing Today,

Through The Gates Of The Hidden Kingdom, 

The Kingdom Of Heaven

She Knows The Storehouses Well


Still Comes And Reaches Into The Treasures

That I Have Stored There For All To Receive

For Their Spiritual Heart And It’s New Life In The Kingdom of Light And Agape Love.

Do Not Be Frightened,

Or In Unbelief

Or Doubt

Of What You See, Hear And Spiritually Experience

Here With Pastor Deborah

She Will Be With You Every Step Of The Journey With You

For A Long While, I Will Only Reveal My Treasures To You In Picture Form, Images 

Which Are Symbols/A Communication Of Deep Light And It’s Truth. 

Until Your Spirit Becomes Alittle More Developed And Becomes Accustomed To Being In My Light.

If I Show You Too Much Light In The Beginning,

 Your Spiritual Eyes Will Become Blinded By The Glory Of The Light,


I Will Reveal My Light In Picture Form


Pastor Deborah Will Explain What The Pictures Mean, What They Represent. 

Then With Each Trip Through The Ancient Gates Of The Hidden Kingdom Of Light,


Each Visit,

Your Spiritual Eyes Will Grow Accustomed To My

Ancient Light

Ancient Truths 

Ancient Precepts

Ancient Concepts

 Ancient Thoughts

Ancient Ideas/Philosophy

Ancient Purposes/Desires

Ancient Ways Of Living/Walking/Believing/Thinking

Out In The World Where The Other Hidden Kingdom Is

The Hidden Kingdom Of Darkness/Ignorance

 A Matrix Of Slavery

Through Ignorance, Control and Deception.

You Are Pastor Deborah?

  Yes, I Am. 

You Are Not What We Expected. 

Yes, I Know, But I Am Pastor Deborah.

The Pastor Deborah Of All The Story Times?

The Web Site, Agape Love Is Here?

All The Tweets?

The T & W Flea Market?

The One Who Talks To Us About The Little One On The Blog Post?

The One Who Goes To Hell To Help Them Out Of There?

The One Who Loves Evil People?

Wilber’s Deborah?

The One Who We Meet In The Garden Of Eden?


Yes, The Same One!

Will Wilber Be Coming With Us Here, Where Ever Here Is?

Yes,  Look Over There,

  Here He Comes Now

With Many Of The Living Creatures Of Eden

That Are Not Ministering To Others Who Are In The Garden.

Please Know That All Of Us Serve The Kingdom Of Heaven 24/7

So It Can Fulfill The Creator’s Hearts Desires,

His Words Of Spirit & Life

He Has Prophetically Spoken Out Into The Hidden Realm Of Darkness

To Reach Precious Ones In The Other Hidden Kingdom,

The Matrix Of Ignorance

So His Agape Love And Light Can Set Them Free By His Light & Agape Love. 

Before We Begin,

We Are Just Going To Stay Right Here For Just A Few Mintues


Let You Just Breathe The Free Air


To Look Around

While We Are All Standing Here I Am Going Tell You A Few Things, Ok?

You Have Just Walked Through

The Entrance Of The Ancient Gates Of The Hidden Kingdom Of Heaven.

The Entrance Has Been Hidden From You

Until Your Spiritual Heart

Became One Seeking And Searching For Answers To Questions.

  Your Spiritual Heart

Had To Become As An Explorer Wanting To Venture Out Into The Unknown,

Yet Believing As Others Have

 That There Must Be Something More Out There Than One Knows!

Your Spiritual Heart

Had To Have Courage To Step Out To Where You Have Never Been Before

Your Spiritual Heart

Had To Be Curious And Be Willing To Step Out Into A World Of The Unknown

Your Spiritual Heart

Was Drawn By An Unknown Desire That It Has Had It’s Entire Life,

Your Spiritual Heart

Has Been Quietly And Spiritually Looking, Traveling, Listening

Your Spiritual Heart

Heard About Something, And Felt A Draw It Had Never Felt Before

Your Spiritual Heart

Took A Chance, Stepped Out, Followed The Whispers Of Something,

Hoped This What Ever This Was That Was Calling To You,

Speaking To You, Drawing You

Had The Answers To The Questions Of Your Heart


You Came To See,

To Know,

To Find Answers,

To Fill The Empytness Of 

Your Spiritual Heart.


In This Kingdom That Is Hidden From Your Earthly Eyes, 

We Will 


No, Way!

Oh Yes! 

We Will Travel Back Into Ancient Times That Are Only Legends Now, Myths And Fairy Tales

Back To Ancient Days That Are Long Forgotten.

Then, We Will Travel To


To Look Deep Into The Hidden Kingdoms

That Are Here Now,

In Your Life,


In The Earth/The Nations/The Multitudes Of People

Unseen, Yet Here Even Now!

Ruling And Reigning

Kingdoms Hidden By Earthly Eyes

We Will Travel Into Each Kingdom


Peer Into It’s Land

It’s People

It’s Government, It’s Laws, It’s Justice, It’s Philosophy 

 It’s Culture

It’s Purposes

It’s Servants & Ministers

It’s Authority & Dominion

Why and How They Are Hidden To Us


To Their Desires To Rule Here In This Present Age

On The Earth,

In Your Life


In The Affairs Of The Nations Of The World.

Then We Will Travel Through Time Again On Rays Of Light

To The Future

On The Wings Of Spoken Words, Prophetic Decrees, Ancient Desires

To Peer Into What Has Not Been, But Is Becoming,

What Is To Be, And Is Near,

What Is Written, And Awaiting The Pages Of Time To Turn

To The Chapters Of The Future,

Of Eternity.


There Is So Much For You

To See, To Hear, To Discover, To Observe, To Experience

That Will Begin To Renew Your Spiritual Heart To It’s Ancient, Long Forgotten Beginnings

From It’s Original Creation Of A Likeness and Image Of It’s Creator

Who Desires To Become Your Father Again, Your Source Of All You Need

And To

Shepherd/Pastor/Parent You Again

To Raise You Up In Your Spiritual Heart

To Become All He Desires For His Spiritual Children To Become


To Fulfill The Ancient Purposes Of His Heart

To Have A Family Of Royal Children

Ruling and Reigning On The Earth



For All Eternity

As He Rules And Reigns

In The Home Land, The Country Of Origin, The Kingdom Called



Also While You Are Here,

In This Kingdom

You Will Meet Many Of The Living Creatures That Live and Serve The King And Are Here To Serve You On Earth

As Royal Heirs Of The Kingdom Itself For All Of Creation Is Waiting For You, Little One To Arise And Take Your Rightful Place As A Mighty Ruler, Leader, King, Shepherd, Holy Priest, Teacher For They Too Are Moaning And Groaning Under The Oppression Of The Kingdom Of Darkness And It’s Matirx Of Control & Slavery

Creation And It’s Living Creatures Are So Glad You Are Here And Growing And Learning

For They Are Waiting To Also Be Set Free From Slavery, Their Sufferings Of The Pains Of Death By The Control Of The King Of Darkness/Ignornance And It’s Matrix Of Control.







 These Living Creatures Will Visit With Us Often


Desire To Get To Know You


Meet With You

 They Will Travel To Us From Out Of The Eternity To Us Here

As We Travel Through Out This Hidden Kingdom


Discover The Ancient Hidden Treasures

That Have Been Kept Safe For You Until You Desired To Seek Them Out.

  For It Is The Glory Of A Royal One To Seek, To Search For The Treasures That Belong To Him, 

Because You Are Here,

This Day,

This Hour

We Know Your Spiritual Heart

Is Seeking & Searching.

So, Where Do We Begin, Which Place Do We Go To First?

It Is Always Right To Start At The Beginning As We Are Doing Now,

But Before We Go Any Farther Today, 

Let’s All Come To This Fountain Of Living Water

Here In The Center Of This

The Beginning /The Entrance Of This Hidden Kingdom 


Get A Refreshing Drink Of Living Water Before We Travel On.

For This Water Coming Out Of The Fountain,

Comes From A Well That Never Runs Out



Drink As Much As You Want, There Is Plenty

Quench Your Thirsty Spiritual Heart Before We Begin Our Journey

With The Sparkling Living Water Of Life, Of The Kingdom


The Next Place On Your Travels Through The Kingdom 

Will Be About The Spiritual Experience

A Spiritual Heart Has When It Drinks Of The Sparkling Waters Of Life

From The Well Of Life As You Are Doing Now


Begins Quenching The Thirst Of It’s Spirit For Something It Knew Not It Was Thirsty For.

Come Again

Through The Ancient Gates Of This Hidden Kingdom 

The Doors Will Open For Your Spiriutal Heart To Enter In

Come & See

Come & Hear

Come & Taste

Come & Be Filled

Come & Drink

Of The Living Sparkling

Water Of Life 

For The Storehouse Of Hidden Riches Of Glory Are Opened To You 

With The Treasures For Your Spiritual Heart

Until Next Time

Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah




















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