Sunday, March 07, 2021

The Sparkling Water & The Cups Of Gold


Welcome Again Into The Hidden Kingdom Of Heaven

We,  At The Last Meeting

Were At The Well Of Living Water In The Center Of The Entrance To The City


Getting Ready To Take A Drink

Pastor, Yes, The Cups Are Gold And Light Is Shinning Out Of Them

Yes, Little One They Are.

Yes Everything In The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Majestic, Royal And Made Out Of Living Things That On Earth Are Considered Priceless, Limited, Representing Power And Authority,

But In The Kingdom Of Heaven,

Things Are Much Different


It Takes Some Time To Spiritually Understand This And To Get Use To This New Idea Of Materials.

You, Little Ones Who Are Here Today

On This Adventure, Journey With Us

Are Beginning To Spiritually Experience The Difference Between

The Unseen, The Hidden Realm Of The Spirit And The Fallen Temporal Earth And It’s Materials That Are On It.

Little Ones,

Drink All You Want For I Know That Your Spirits Are Parched And Dry

They Have Been Without This Living Water Of Life That Brings Light And Life To The Spirit.

Nothing In This Water Will Hurt You

, But It Will Flush Out All The Impurities That Are In Your Spirit From The Life Out In The Desert,

The Vast Wilderness That Exist On The Earth In The Unseen Realm Of The Kingdom Of Darkness

Pastor, Yes Little One

I Can’t Reach The Water In The Well!

That Is No Problem In The Kingdom,

All You Have To Do Is Think In Your Spiritual Heart


Believe By Faith That The Water Is In The Cup And It Is!!!

In The Kingdom Of Heaven Things Are Done Very Differently Than On The Earth!

In This Hidden Kingdom,

This Majestic Realm Of Spirit, Light And Life

Everything Is Done By One’s Thoughts Of One’s Heart And It’s Imaginations

Pastor Are Things Magic Here?  No, Little One.

Magic As You Might Know It Is Done Deceptively And Can Use Another Source For What Appears To Be MAGIC OR SUPERNATURAL.










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