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A Teaching At The Well Of Sparkling Water


Come And Listen

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Hear The Words Of A Teacher As You Prepare Your Heart To Drink Of The Sparkling Water In The Hidden Kingdom. 

Begin To Allow Agape Love And It’s Light To Touch Your Heart.  For It Will Vanquish The Darkness, The Fear, The Doubt And It’s Unbelief.  

Come And List

Ok, Everyone Let’s Get A Drink From This Well.  Imagine As You Are Taking In This Sparkling Water, I Am Going To Talking To You A Little Bit More About What We Are Going To Do And What You Are Going To Learn Here In The Hidden Kingdom.


We Are Going To Be Taking A Journey To The Deep Center Of You Into The Deep Dark Chambers Of Your Spiritual Heart, 

The Real You, 

The Spirit Person

And Into The Hidden Person Of The Heart – The Deep Sub-Conscious Mind And How These Two Hidden Persons Desire To Rule And Reign The Entire 3-part System Of A Person1

The Spirit, The Soul And The Physical Body

This Spiritual  Journey Will Pull Back The Veils Of Darkness

Upon The 2 Unseen Kingdoms Desiring To Be The Unseen Rulers Of The 3-Part System Called A


And From That High Position Of The Unseen Kingdom Which Desires To Rule And Reign

The Seen World On Earth  From The Hidden Kingdom That Is Ruling The Spirit And Soul Of A Human!

This Journey Will Be One That Many Ancient Ones Have Sought To Travel And Discover Themselves.  Many Are Aware Of These 2 Kingdoms Ruling A Person’s 3-Part System And 99% Of The Others Have No Knowledge Of The Hidden Kingdoms And Their Rulership Of A Human Heart And It’s Soul And The Physical Body.

If You Desire To Learn And To See Wonders That Have Been Spiritually Hidden From Your Earthly Eyes, to Get Understanding Of Yourself And Of Others And What Is Going On In The Unseen World Around You,

Then Come And Travel With Pastor Deborah

As She Guides Us Into The Darkness Of The Unseen Realm Of The Spirit,

Into The Hidden Kingdoms Of The Spirit.


This Journey, These Teachings

Will Shed Light Into Areas Of Darkness/Ignorance And Break Chains Of Captivity That You Do Not Even Know Are Holding You.  Unseen And Hidden!  Your Journey Will Be As NEO’S Was In The Movies, 

The Matrix

And Many Others That You Will Learn About From Many Parables, Stories, Fairy Tales, And Fables.

For Awhile,

You And I Will Be Connecting To Each Other In The Realm Of The Spirit Where You Are Living,

The Hidden Matrix!

This Journey Will Also Be Like Another’s Journey 

Out Of The Darkness 


The Light

Ms Helen Keller

Her True Story Can Be Seen In The Movie,  

The Miracle Worker

Words Will Be Used, Searching For Answers Will Encouraged

A Light Will Be Lit


Your Spiritual Heart Will Begin To See What Has Been Hidden

In The Darkness Of Mist For Generations After Generations


Each Heart Needs To Have It’s Hidden Candle Lit With An Eternal Flame Of Fire/Light/Truth/Knowledge,

So,  That Even The Winds And Storms Coming Against It, Will Not Be Able To Put The Flame Of Light Out.

Do You Remember Neo?

A Question Was Driving Him To Find Morpheus 

The Name Morpheus Means THE GOD OF DREAMS!


Morpheus Was Contacting Neo In A World he Knew Nothing About, Yet Existed.

So.  Too Will I, Pastor Deborah

Be Contacting You, In Your Deep Thoughts That Are Hidden Even From Yourself!

Yes, I Can Even Go Behind

The Locked Doors, Behind The Walls, Under The Beds, In The Prison Cells, Into Your Dreams In Your Sleeps/Trances As Did Morpheus Did For Neo.


You Are Also Like Helen Keller.

A Young Child Who Became Both Blind And Deaf In Infancy. 

Having Eyes That Could Not See, Having Ears That Could Not Hear.

A Mind Held Captive In Silence And Darkness,

Until A Teacher Came To Set Her Free


Bring Light Into Her World.

A Teacher Named, Annie Sullivan.

Helen Became Both Blind And Deaf After A Fever When She Was Only About 6 Months Old.  But Because Of The Agape Love Of Her Parents, They Brought A TEACHER For The Blind And Deaf Into Helen’s Life to Help Their Child.

Helen’s Teacher

Talked To Helen Over And Over!

Words And More Words

Were Signed Into Helen’s Hands To Teach Her.

Words Were The Vechile Of Communication

To Lite A Candle In Helen’s Spirit And In Her Soul.

Even Though Helen

 Did Not Understand Any Of What Was Being Said To Her At The Time,

Annie Kept Talking And Teaching.

But One Day!

The Candle Was Lit And The Light Came On, Helen Knew!!!

She Became

Aware Of Life, She Was Alive And Not Alone

In Her Darkness Anymore.

A Door Of Light Was Opened By A

Teacher With A Key To The Doors

That Had Kept Helen In Darkness/Ignorance.

Annie Stayed With Helen Her Entire Life And Showed Her The World That She Could Not Seem Or Hear But Learned To Understand And To Sense And to See With A Different Set Of Eyes And Through The Hands That Learned Brail And Sign Language And Through Words And The Power And Faithfulness Of A TEACHER Sent To Her And Filled By Agape Love For Her, Helen Saw, She Came Alive!

Neo And Helen, Both Had TEACHERS Who Helped Them

To Discover Themselves, What Their Purpose Was In This Life, What This Life Really Was About

And What Battles They Had To Overcome Within Themselves To Step Into The Light Of These Truths.

Both Neo And Helen Were NOT ALONE In This Journey Out Of Darkness/Ignorance, They Had

No Longer A Slave Of

Fear, Unbelief And Doubt!

You Can Step Out Of Their Prison Cell And Into The World A Free Person With Light In Your Spiritual Heart That Will Guide You As You Travel This World And This Life Right Through And Into Eternity.

Pastor Deborah Will Be With You As Was Morpheus And Annie Were For Their Students They Were Given To bring Light Into Their Darkness And Set Them On Their Path In The World.

If You Cannot Remember The Movies

The Matrix Trilogy

The Miracle Worker

( The Black And White Version With Anne Bancroft And Patty Duke )

They Will Help You To See Beyond Your Natural Eyes Into The Realm Of The Spirit,  Watch Them Slowly.

Then As I Teach And Make Reference To These Movies, You Will Have Seen Them.  When You Watch Them, Have A Notebook With You And Take Notes.  These Movies Are Full Of Wonderful ANCIENT TRUTHS I Am Going To Talk About To Light The Hidden Spiritual Candle In Your Spirit.

These Movies Have Hidden Within Them, Words Of Light That Will Push Back The Light And Heaviness Of Darkness That Has Held Your Spiritual Heart Captive.


Pastor Deborah Has Written About These Movies In Other Books That You Will Find In The Section Called TREASURE CHEST.  In The Volumes Entitled,

The Multitudes

Read And Learn.


As Neo And Helen




Even Knew It Could Be!

Both Lived In Darkness And It Took A Patient And Loving TEACHER To Hold Steady During The Fight For Freedom Of A Spiritual Heart Out From The Unseen Chains Of IGNORANCE, OF FEAR OF THE DARKNESS.

So, To Begin Your Journey Into The Light,

Ask Yourself

Why Are You Even Watching This Video?

Why Are You Interested In What I Have To Say?

What Questions Are Driving You To This Channel?

Is Your World Like Helen’s , Dark, Silent, Fearful, One Of Anger, NO ANSWERS?

Are You AS Both Of Them, Reaching Out For Something, 

Something You Cannot Describe Or See?


I See Your Hands, Dear One Even In Your Dreams.  I Can Hear Your Spirit Talking As Morpheus Heard Neo’s.

I Am Going To Be Coming Into Your Dark World And Help You.  If That Is Ok? 

Then The Answers Will Come

The Door Will Be Opened


You Will Take A Deep Breath Of The Free Air.

Take These First Steps

Decide To Be Free And Take My Hand


We Will Walk Together.

Remember What Morpheus Promised Neo,

Just The Truth!!

But Through The Truth Comes Discovery Of


One’s Purpose

New Truths/Beliefs

One Journey To Help Others Find Their Way Out Of The Matrix Of Control By Ignorance

And Helen Discovered Herself And Graduated From College And Was A National Speaker For The Blind And Deaf.

Teachers Have Keys To Locked Doors

That Keep Others Out And You In,


Teachers Bring Purpose 


Help You To Overcome All Your

Fear, Unbelief And Doubt Of Yourself!


So, Take My Hand And Let’s Find Out

Who Your Really Are

Why You Are Here

What Are You To Give To Others

Come And Journey To The Center Of You

To The Lonely Mountain,

The 3-Part System Of Creation Called A HUMAN

Come And See

Yes, Wilber And Company Will Be With Us As We Travel This Road Together.  They Love You So Very Much And Want To Be Apart Of Your Journey And Help You If They Can.

May Ancient Light Of A Lamp Guide You In Your Path 

Until Next Time You Tune In To The Hidden Kingdoms Channel

Love Always And Forever, Pastor Deborah

























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