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The Three Companions









Hello Again, This Is Pastor Deborah of Agape Love, Love Is Here and This Article is Part 2 of a 3 part Article/Blog Series on HEALING THE DREAMS OF A BROKEN HEART.







Journey along with Dorothy in Inner Dreams of her Fearful, Broken, Wounded, Lonely, Angry Heart and that Has spilled over into The Very Heart of The Forever Person.



Enter into the Hidden Dark Dreams of Dorothy in The Land Of Oz as she is FOLLOWING THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD to the Great Emerald City to Seek The Wizard who maybe able to Return her HOME, back to Kansas.



If you remember the story, Dorothy had experienced a traumatic event, an evil lady, Ms Gulch came to take Dorothy’s beloved dog, Toto away.  And her Aunti Em rejected her and her pleas for help and just told her


Travel with Dorothy Into the Dark World of Dreams and Into the Land of Oz for she went into the Dark Dreams of Her Heart after she had anger, fear, and trauma in her life as a Tornado, a Whirlwind of Death came and took Dorothy into the Dark Land of Oz. 





All of Dorothy’s Dark Fears, Anger, Abandonment, Evil People, the only Friends on The Farm she had, a Traveling Wizard/Psychic, The Dreams of Her Song came with her and her Broken and Wounded Heart into the Dark Dreams Of The Land of Oz.

Over The Rainbow

Listen To The Broken and Seeking Heart of Dorothy To Find The Place of Peace For Herself


A Place Where There Isn’t Any Trouble!  Do You Suppose That There Is Such A Place?


Oh It Isn’t A Place That You Can Get To By A Boat, Or A Train









Sung by Judy Garland

The Wizard of Oz Movie


Some Where Over The Rainbow, Way Up High

There’s A Land That I Heard Of ONCE In A Lullaby

Some Where Over The Rainbow, Skies Are Blue

And Dreams That You Dare To Dream, Really Do Come True


Some Day I’ll Wish Upon A Star

And Wake Up Where The Clouds Are FAR BEHIND Me

Where Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops

Away Above The Chimney Tops

That’s Where You’ll Find Me


Some Where Over The Rainbow, Bluebirds Fly

Birds Fly Over The Rainbow

Why Then, Oh, Why Can’t I ?

If Happy Little Bluebirds Fly, Beyond The Rainbow,

Why, Oh, Why Can’t I?



All of Dorothy’s Soul’s and Deep Spiritual Heart’s hurts, fears, rejection, loneliness, and people she knew or had just met both good and bad came with Dorothy’s Soul and Heart into the REALM OF THE DREAMS OF THE DEEP HEART into the DARK AND FAR AWAY LAND OF OZ.

Dorothy’s Dark Dreams In The Land Of Oz are clearly seen in the Wonderful Classic Movie,

In Part 1, Dorothy had awoken up from the Head Injury from the Trauma of The Tornado in The Deep Dream in a strange and very colorful Land with strange people and Good Witches and Evil Witches. Dorothy knew she and Toto were not



Dorothy’s Dreams were real to her Soul and Heart and she knew she wasn’t in Kansas anymore, but where she was she didn’t know.


The Dreams of The Broken and Wounded Heart were of the realm and in the realm of the UNSEEN



Dorothy had entered the Realm of The Spiritual Heart, The Realm of The Spirit

A Real Place of Thoughts of  The Heart and It’s Deep Feelings, A Land of The Deep Dreams, With Creatures, People, and Good and Evil where the earthly realm’s life is reflected in different ways and unique characters that take on the shape of one’s own feelings, hopes, thoughts, anger, imaginations, fears and the full range of feelings of the Soul and It’s Hidden Man.


Oz, The Land of The Dreams of A Broken and Wounded Heart.


The Land of Creatures, Good Witches and Evil Witches, Flying Creatures, Roads, Forests, Flowers – Poppies, Ruby Slippers, Mountains, Corn Fields, Cities, Snow, Sunlight, Strange Colors, Horses and Other Animals, Broomsticks, Flying, Fire and Water, and so much more. 

So Dorothy’s Wounded and Broken Heart took all of the Feelings and Fears from the Realm of The Earth into the Dream Realm of Oz. 

Dorothy’s Heart’s Desire to Fly Over The Rainbow and Find the Place Where Their Is No Trouble, But She really didn’t know what was really going on DEEP INSIDE OF HER HEART AND SOUL to bring healing and bring Joy and Peace Back to it.

Even without Dorothy Knowing it, Agape Love was at work in Dorothy in the Deep Dark Dreams of her Broken and Wounded Heart and Soul even though she was in the Land Over The Rainbow, A Place Where Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops. Dorothy would experience these very words come true later when Water is Used to Save her friend, The Scarecrow and sees the enemy of her Hidden heart and soul melt like a lemon drop.

But because Dorothy’s Heart desired help with earthly problems and wanted to fly away OVER THE RANBOW to find a Place where her Troubles would melt like lemon drops and she would find peace, yet she found none, but instead was told in Part 1 to 








So, with the Sweet and Kind Wisdom of Glenda, The Good Witch and The Gift of The Powerful Ruby Slippers,


Dorothy and Toto, her dog set off To Find The Emerald City and The Wizard of Oz

So, Off She and Toto Went Following The Yellow Brick Road


Now Let’s Pick Up The Story

The Three Companions

So, Dorothy went off, singing and dancing

Follow The Yellow Brick Road, Follow, Follow, Follow The Yellow Brick Road,

Follow The Yellow Brick Road,

Oh, we are off to see the Wizard, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

So, Follow The Yellow Brick Road



So, Dorothy began her Journey HOME by The Way of The Yellow Brick Road

By Way of The Emerald City and The Wizard of Oz.



But, The Heart of Agape Love knew that The Dorothy’s Dreams of her Broken and Wounded Heart would need the help of others to make this Deep and Dangerous Journey in her Dark Dreams of Her Broken and Wounded Heart. 



Agape Love Would Provide Dorothy with THREE COMPANIONS

EACH COMPANION would take on an IMAGE that seemed contrary to what it really was. Dorothy had to have help on her long, dark and dangerous journey to The Emerald City to Find The Great Wizard of Oz.  Agape Love knew that Dorothy’s Broken and Wounded Heart had to have some friends who would be her COMPANIONS who would be with her during this long, dark journey in a Land of her Dreams that had become a LAND OF OZ, a LAND OVER THE RAINBOW so she would feel safe and not alone on this journey. So Agape Love provided Dorothy with

1. The Scarecrow – Wisdom Hidden In a Man of Straw

2.  The Tin Man – A Heart of Mercy, Compassion and Agape Love Hidden in A hollow Tin man that would rust

3.  The Lion – Courage Hidden Beneath Fearfulness and Cowardliness 



Agape Love Never Leaves a Wounded and Broken Heart alone even in The Deep Dark Dreams It Finds Itself In without providing helpers and companions, No not even in these Far Away Lands of Oz when a heart desires to fly OVER THE RAINBOW and find a PLACE where Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops. A Place Where the Blue Birds Fly, High Above The Chimney Tops.




The First Companion – A Gift of Agape Love for and to Dorothy was


Hidden Away In the a Character of a Straw Scarecrow


Webster’s Dictionary Defines The Word WISDOM as

1. The ability to understand what is right, true or enduring – good judgment – knowledge

2. Wise, having superior or intelligence, having a great capacity for sound judgment marked by deep understanding

3.  Learning insightful sayings; helps in receiving wise instructions for what is right, just

4.  Teaches one to be wise

5.  Becomes Grace/Agape Love/Honor to the Spiritual Heart and brings Majesty and Purity to the Heart

6.  Calls to the Spiritual Heart from the Cornfields of Oz

7.  Speaks to us from out of the public places

8.  Speaks to at the Beginning of one’s Journey

9.  Desires to be us even in our Deep Dreams of our Broken and Wounded Heart

10.  Provides Sweet Gentle Counsel and Correction

11.  Will Help and Comfort the Broken and Wounded Heart in the Deep Dreams of It’s Land It Has Flown To

12.  Will Provide Ways of Escape and Freedom from The Fear of Danger

13.  Comes From the Very Heart of Agape Love and Comes With Knowledge and Understanding

14.  Is a Shield In Times of Danger, It Guards and Protects The Heart From The Paths of Unrighteousness

15.  Will Be Delight and Joy of Comfort and Friendship to the Lonely Broken and Wounded Heart

16.  Will Provide Help in Times of Need, Times of Being Overcome by An Unseen Enemy

So, Dorothy’s Broken and Wounded Heart Was Given a COMPANION in the Image of a SCARECROW



The SCARECROW, the one on the outside who didn’t look very Wise or full of understanding But was.  The SCARECROW seemed to be an image of someone Dorothy knew from the other land, Kansas, but the appearance was do different for she was not in KANSAS anymore, but in the Land of Oz.




This seemed strange to Dorothy, but she was in a strange and unknown land, OZ. Yet, Dorothy’s Heart still reached out to others for her heart was founded in Agape Love and helping others.  The Scarecrow would be a powerful friend, COMPANION to help Dorothy on her journey to go Home and would use it’s Wisdom that was Hidden deep inside to help.  Dorothy and This Companion became very close and Dorothy seemed to love this Companion the most.


The Second Companion

In The Woods, Rusted and Silent Came The Second Companion for The Broken and Wounded Heart of Dorothy

The Tin Man


An unlikely Companion – A Tin Man who had rusted and was frozen in place. He could barely move his mouth just alttle. A Tin Man who told his story of being made and hallow on the inside, 


But, he had a HEART, but because he could not hear it beating, he believed he was created without one.

The Gift of The Tin Man,

The Tin Man,

The Second Companion

Did Have A Heart of Compassion and Mercy for others and It Would Be Felt And Beating Many Times

The Tin Man

Would Provide A Way, and A Helper and Companion For Dorothy’s Broken and Wounded Heart To Begin To Overcome the Anger and Fear That Had Surrounded It and Had Covered It With A Shroud of Hate for Others.

The Tin Man

A Companion of The Dark Dreams of Dorothy’s Heart who was Given To Dorothy’s Heart to help It to begin LOVING AND CARING FOR OTHERS AGAIN.  


The Tin Man

The Companion, The Gift of Agape Love was given to Dorothy’s Heart to Re-Lit The Wick Of The Candle of The Heart of Agape Love of Dorothy’s Spiritual Heart

Dorothy’s Hidden Heart had had a great wind, a Whirlwind of Destruction come and it blew out the tiny flame of her candle of her Heart of Agape Love.

The Tin Man

Would Help Dorothy To Re-Lit Her Wick of her Candle of Agape Love in Her Heart Again that was now out and covered in a shroud of Fear and Hate.

The Tin Man

Would Provide The Flame of Agape Love for the Re-Lighting of Dorothy’s Broken and Wounded Heart and would then begin to shine it’s Rays of Agape Love once again into Dorothy’s Precious Hidden Heart especially for those who seemed to need her Heart to Love Them.


Not only did Dorothy’s Heart need Wisdom and A Heart of Agape Love, But It Needed


So Out of the Dark Forest of Fear in The Dark Dreams of Dorothy in the Land Of Oz Came

The Great Lion

The Very Of Image of Courage and Strength Itself, But It Came To Dorothy’s Heart’s Image, Cowardly!

The Third Companion

The Lion Of The Forest


The Cowardly Lion

The Third Companion

Dorothy’s Heart in her Dark Dreams of It’s Brokenness and Woundedness needed a Image of Courage That matched her own, but was really a


The Third Companion

The Lion, The Hidden Heart of Courage

Was Given to Dorothy’s Broken Heart in Her Dreams of The Night to help The Heart REGAIN it’s Courage within Itself.



For Fear Had Stolen and Taken The Powerful Courage of Dorothy’s Heart and Hid It Deep Within itself and It Needed To Be Seen and Come Out of Hiding within Dorothy herself as she watched this happen to the Cowardly Lion in the Land of Oz when It was Needed, It Came Forth at the peril to it’s own life.



The Third Companion, The Lion

Brought The Gift Of Hidden Courage That Dorothy’s Fearful Heart Would Need To Vanquish Her Enemies That Came With Her Into the Dark Dreams of Her Heart.


The Lion

Was The Gift of Agape Love For Dorothy’s Heart to show her how

To Fight When Afraid

To Risk One’s Own Life For Others

To Battle A Fierce Enemy


The Mighty Lion Of Hidden Courage

The Third Companion Of Agape Love



Given To The Heart in It’s Dreams of Darkness to Help It as It Travels in a Strange and Unfamiliar Land


The Land Of Oz

The Land Of The Dreams Of A Broken Heart

The Land Of Healing and Finding One’s Way Home Again To Freedom Through The Help Of Companions



So,  This Article Has Given The Reader some wonderful Hidden Spiritual Revelations from this Classic Movie


Now, Dorothy’s Heart in her Dreams of Darkness and Fear has Three Companions and An Ever Watchful One, Glenda – The Good Witch


A Fellowship of Healing, Of Agape Love

To Help Dorothy’s Wounded and Broken Heart to find it’s way Home to Healing and Peace

A Broken Heart, Even In It’s Dreams of Darkness, Will seek out and invite others to journey and travel with it for the Heart is always seeking Companions of






The Three Companions


Gifts of Agape Love for Healing The Dreams of A Broken and Wounded Spiriutal Heart


Part 3 of This Blog Series of Healing The Dreams of A Broken Heart is entitled


See Everyone Next Blog

Pastor Deborah

























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