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Follow The Yellow Brick Road, Healing The Dreams of a Broken Heart


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Hello Pastor Deborah here and Welcome to The Wonderful Blog/Article of Agape Love, Love Is Here  that will be the First of Three on this subject, Healing the Dreams of A Broken Heart.  To help you spiritually see how parables and movies are used by Agape Love to help one HEAL It’s BROKEN Heart and IT’S DREAMS OF THE NIGHT, I am going to be spiritually opening up, providing spiritual revelations about a wonderful old movie that has been used in many ways to speak to humanity about life, people, and the journeys of the DREAMS OF THE HEARTThe Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland.  A Classic Tale of a young girl and her dog, Toto into the World of Oz after she got a head injury during a storm.

This movie has been and still is a Classic for many different reasons and is still loved for it’s music and song of OVER THE RAINBOW and the wonderful contrasting colors of two worlds, the real world/the earthly world of BLACK AND WHITE and the DREAM WORLD OF A HEART in COLOR.  It is my pleasure to spiritually open up this Classic story of Dorothy and Toto and how it spiritually reveals to us if one is looking for it, the JOURNEY OF A BROKEN HEART and it’s HEALING of THESE DARK DREAMS OF THE HEART.

Agape Love is always speaking out to humanity and yet IT will not force It’s spiritual revelations onto anyone who is not looking for them.  If Agape Love did this, It would be as a RAPIST AND FORCEING ITSELF on someone without the approval of a Heart by Free Will.  Agape Love knows HIDDEN BROKEN HEARTS are seeking HEALING and yet, Agape Love must wait silently and in hiding even in plain sight until one is LOOKING FOR THE SPIRITUALLY HIDDEN TREASURES OF SPIRIUTAL HEALING even in a movie, a story, a parable of a girl, her dog, a witch and a strange LAND called OZ. 




The movie spiritually REVELS to us that when one has become A SPIRITUAL ORPHAN and living with one’s Aunti Em and loving something so special to it , even if it is just a small something, a dog named Toto and that precious object/possession is being threatened to be taken away by an evil heart of another human, then the TROUBLE AND BROKENNESS BEGINS FOR A HEART

Then, the BROKENNESS INCREASES when the one you thought cared and loved you, did nothing to protect your little heart from being robbed of it’s Object of Love, Toto and then tells you to

Find YOURSELF a Place Where There Isn’t Any Trouble!



This is the Voice of SAFETY and PROTECTION for a Broken Heart, even if it does not know that it is.

Guidance For The Fearful, Angry, Broken Heart Comes From A Hidden Heart of Agape Love and Gives Directions

A BROKEN, FEARFUL HEART hears, but does not understand and will as Dorothy did, RUN AWAY to find this Place where There Isn’t Any Trouble, but as many find out, THERE IS NO ONE TO HELP, NO SAFE PLACE TO GO, AND THE STORM IS COMING!



Listen To The Broken and Seeking Heart of Dorothy To Find The Place of Peace For Herself


A Place Where There Isn’t Any Trouble!  Do You Suppose That There Is Such A Place?


Oh It Isn’t A Place That You Can Get To By A Boat, Or A Train





Now hear the Song of A Seeking and Broken Heart Looking For That Place Where There Isn’t Any Trouble


Sung by Judy Garland

The Wizard of Oz Movie


Some Where Over The Rainbow, Way Up High

There’s A Land That I Heard Of ONCE In A Lullaby

Some Where Over The Rainbow, Skies Are Blue

And Dreams That You Dare To Dream, Really Do Come True


Some Day I’ll Wish Upon A Star

And Wake Up Where The Clouds Are FAR BEHIND Me

Where Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops

Away Above The Chimney Tops

That’s Where You’ll Find Me


Some Where Over The Rainbow, Bluebirds Fly

Birds Fly Over The Rainbow

Why Then, Oh, Why Can’t I ?

If Happy Little Bluebirds Fly, Beyond The Rainbow,

Why, Oh, Why Can’t I?



Oh, The Broken Heart will Run even if IT is just in it’s own thoughts to others,

To escape the situation, but there is no one there to help, and no place to go,

so The Broken Heart Flies Itself By Some Unknown Gift 



Then comes the Great Storm and The Winds of Death and Destruction



And when the already Broken Heart/The Forever Person Awakens,




It Finds Itself In a Unfamiliar Land With Strange Colors, And Creatures, People, Even Very Wicked Ones and Very Beautiful Ones, 

Then, The Introductions Came and The Ruby Slippers From Another


Then, Enters The Very OBJECT of The Broken Heart and It’s Fears and Threats




Sounds and Lights, Good And Evil, And The Brokenness Of One’s Heart

All Have ended up in this LAND OVER THE RAINBOW, This Land Of The Broken Dreams of A Heart

But The Heart Did Not Know Anything About This Land

 Except IT believed this LAND was to be a Land of No Troubles and One of Safety and Hope



Healing and Hope for This Broken Heart Came in a Land Over The Rainbow and Yet, The Healing, The Journey of Going Home Would Come, from the Wise Directions of A Beautiful Helper From This Land Over The Rainbow

Direction, Hope and Protection From The Ruby Slippers Came From the Voice and Presence of The Beautiful and Sweet Glenda, The Good Witch, The Symbol of Agape Love, The Symbol and Vessel of Counsel, The Presence of Hope and Healing,

Follow The Yellow Brick Road


Which Leads To The Great Emerald City, The City of Help , The City Of Light, The City Of Healing

The Great City of The Great One,

Who Everyone Believes Has the Power To Help and Heal The Broken Heart


And Don’t Take The Ruby Slippers Off,

No Matter What, They Must Be Very Powerful If Your Enemy Wants Them !


So, off Dorothy went, singing and dancing, happy and full of hope, but only with the Ruby Slippers and Toto

Then some time passed 





The City Of Healing, The City of Light


But the Wisdom of Agape Love

 The Instrument/Voice and Presence Of Direction and Healing

Knew this Broken and Fearful Heart’s Journey would be long and frightening


It would Need Companions to Help It on it’s Journey

to Healing and Going Home out of this Strange Land, The Land


The Broken Heart is Deep Now In The Dreams of 



 The Broken Heart’s Dreams,

Dark They Are and Full of All That was In The Hidden Heart

Dark Dreams of The Heart, Fearful Ones, Bringing With It All The Fears and Thoughts of The Land of Abuse and Rejection


The Heart, Broken and Fearful, Lost In a Unknown Land and Without Any Friends or Companions

Lost in A Land, Trying To Find The Way Out, Yet, Still Following 

The Yellow Brick Road

When Agape Love Brings Help/Companions To The Broken Heart



Come Again Next Time For Part Two of This 3 Part Blog Of Healing The Dreams of The Broken Heart

Pastor Deborah of Agape Love, Love Is Here


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Next Blog is Entitled

The Three Companions




Love Always and Forever Pastor Deborah











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