Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Land and It’s Ancient Spiritual History Long Forgotten



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Hello and Welcome, this is Pastor Deborah and Welcome to The Land and It’s Ancient Spiritual History of Long Forgotten Treasures Lost to Humanity in the tombs of the Ancient Kings of long ago. This is a wonderful section of Ancient Treasures That Have Been Re-Discovered and are spiritually revealed here for you to see and believe.

Ancient and Long Forgotten Truths that have become only legends and myths to us, yet they still are spiritually active and alive in our lands on the earth and have dominion over the land’s resources and the creatures that belong to the land. Yet, Light has come into the Valley of The Kings and Shinned It’s Rays of Re-Discovery onto The Long Forgotten Truths that hold a land and it’s people and the wonderful resources and living creatures in spiritual bondage and captivity from their rightful owner and keeps these precious Riches of a Kingdom’s Glory Under Darkness, Held by unseen chains of Slavery to a King whose heart is DEAD to all that is good and righteous and full of Agape Love, Joy and Peace.

The following Scrolls/Texts are filled with ancient words of Light and will begin to set the Land and it’s people and all that are connected to it, free from slavery and bondage to a  Dark and Evil Heart That Has Taken The Place of the Rightful Owner and Sustainer, Protector and Provider of Life Itself, and Who Rules From a Place of Illegal Possession as a Ruthless Conqueror whose only desires to HAVE WHAT DOES NOT BELONG TO HIM, BUT BELONGS TO ANOTHER.

So, come and allow ancient truths to bring light and freedom to your spiritual heart and soul and then to see what has been spiritually hidden from your eyes and yet is still UNCONQUERED, but NOW LIGHT OF ANOTHER’S RIGHT OF CREATION HAS COME TO SET THE LAND, THE PEOPLE AND THE RESOURCES FREE.

Some come and read, come and listen to the audio and watch the videos.  Spiritually learn what has been spiritually hidden from your spiritual eyes and begin to see your LAND and The PEOPLE and the RESOURCES and The Great Spiritual Bondage and Captivity That Is Hidden In the Realm of The Spirit.  Then Learn about the Power that Is on the earth NOW, TODAY that Can and Will set/free the LAND, THE PEOPLE AND THE ANCIENT SPIRITUAL CHAINS OF DARKNESS/IGNORNACE AND BONDAGE of THE POWERFUL STRONGMEN AND THEIR Unseen Spiritual Chains of The Ancient Times Long Forgotten to all but them.  Come and Learn about the ancient spiritual history of LAND AND IT’S PEOPLE and the precious RESOURCES that NEED TO BE SET FREE of THEIR ANCIENT SPIRIUTAL HERITAGE TO THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS.

Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah


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