Friday, April 16, 2021

The Unseen Realm – Not Every Spirit Is What It Seems | Discerning of Spirits



Pastor Deborah Spiritually Operates In This Spiritual Gift To Do The Powerful Ministry Of Agape Love and To Help People The Lord’s Way as Well as all The others from The Holy Spirit.  You would probably consider Pastor Deborah to be a Seer, one who sees into the Realm of The Unseen, The Spiritual Realm.



Patricia King: The Gift of Discerning Of Spirits

Only The Holy Spirit Can Bring This Gift Into Operation in the Spirit of Pastor Deborah.  Pastor Deborah had no school to learn how to operate in this, but was taught by The Holy Spirit only.



Patricia King: The Seer Anointing with James Goll




Discerning of Spirits with Patricia King and Jonathan Welton


Discerning of Spirits is a gift of the Holy Spirit for the building up of believers. But just what exactly is this gift? Is this the same as the gift of discernment? Is it the ability to see angels? Or is it something more? On this week’s episode of Everlasting Love TV, Jonathan Welton joins Patricia King to talk about this gift – what it is, how to use it, and how to grow in the discerning of spirits. Jonathan is a seasoned seer, Bible teacher, minister, and discerner of spirits. You will be amazed by his stories. And even better, you will be empowered by them!



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