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Isaiah 61 & 62, A Father’s Heart, A Father’s Desires, & A Father’s Prophetic Words




Hear The Heavenly Father’s Heart, His Desires, and His Prophetic Words For Himself and All Of Humanity and the Foundational Words of The Great and Mighty King of Kingdom of Heaven that have been the guiding light and road of Pastor Deborah in learning how to Help People The Lord’s Way and that they are so vital to know and hear their spiritual Words of Spirit and Life.


Isaiah 61: 1 – 11

Authorized King James Version


Verse 1   The Spirit of The Lord God is spiritually Upon Me, ( The Word of God, inside of the spiritual heart of the Christ Jesus )

Why Are You Anointed Word of God?

Because The Lord/Owner of all that is/The Heavenly Father has spiritually anointed Me/The Son/The Offspring of God Himself/The Son of God/The Word to spiritually Preach/Announce/Declare/Speak/Tell/Proclaim/Demonstrate Spiritual Good Tidings/News/Truths Unto the spiritually Meek

( those who are spiritually deficient in spiritual strength and courage)

He/The Heavenly Father/The Lord Most High God Has Spiritually Sent Me/The Son/The Word made flesh/The Christ in a dirt body in the spiritual likeness of man ( the original spiritual being created in the image and likeness of God Himself ) to spiritually bind up/heal/restore spiritually broken/fractured spiritual hearts, minds and bodies,

To spiritually proclaim/preach/announce/decree spiritual liberty/freedom

( from the spiritual fear of death and the law of sin and death and their spiritual consequences and power of life, love, joy and peace )

To the spiritual captives/spiritual children who had spiritually become the spiritual tail to the soul and it’s flesh/it’s earthly lusts/desires of it’s eyes, it’s physical body, and the Pride of Life.

A spiritual opening of the spiritual prison doors to them that are spiritually bound;


Verse 2    To spiritually proclaim/Announce/decree/preach the spiritually acceptable year/age/time of The Lord, and the spiritual day/time age of spiritual vengeance of our spiritual God;  to spiritually comfort all that spiritually mourn

Verse 3   To spiritually appoint unto them ( the spiritual children in dirt bodies ) that spiritually mourn in spiritual Zion, to spiritually give unto them spiritual beauty ( honor and glory ) for their spiritual ashes ( dishonor, defilement and no glory ), the spiritual joy ( of Agape Love in Me, The Heavenly Father and the spiritual Life I spiritually bring instead of spiritual death )

for spiritual mourning ( for their spiritual losses of spiritual beauty, glory, life/connection in Me, Their spiritual Kingship and their Kingdom of Heaven in their spiritual hearts/minds and the for their spiritual loss of The Holy Spirit with My Light of spiritual Life and Truth

For they spiritually live in spiritual darkness/ignorance and it’s Kingdom of Death/Spiritual Separation from Me and My Light of Life/The Holy Spirit and The Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven);

The spiritual Garments/Covering/Clothes/Robe of spiritual Praise for the Spirit of Heaviness/Bondage/Grief over their spiritual losses/their spiritual sadness/lack of hope/Lack of spiritual light/lack of spiritual Truth and Life;


So that they ( The Spirit man in a dirt body ) might spiritually be spiritually called/named/become in spiritual nature

Spiritual Trees of My Spiritual Righteousness/Salvation

My Spiritual Salvation

The spiritual planting of The Lord/The Heavenly Father so that He/Agape Love/God Himself might spiritually be In Spirit & In Truth, spiritually Glorified on earth as He is in Heaven.


Verse 4  And they ( the spiritual Trees of My spiritual Righteousness/Salvation  I spiritually plant on the earth of My spiritual Righteousness ) Shall spiritually build the Old Spiritual Wastes ( The Spiritual Hearts/Minds & Souls of every human )

They My spiritual Trees of My spiritual Righteousness shall spiritually Raise Up the former spiritual Desolations

( The spiritual heart & soul of a human in dirt bodies ) and they ( My spiritual Trees of My spiritual Righteousness ) shall spiritually Repair/Restore/Rebuild/Renew the spiritually Waste Cities ( The spiritual heart/mind & soul of a human ), the spiritual Waste Cities ( the spiritual heart/mind & soul of humanity ), the spiritual Desolations/Forsaken/Hollow/Vain/Empty of My spiritual Kingdom of Heaven purposes or Value of Many spiritual generations.

Verse 5     And spiritual strangers Shall stand and spiritually Feed/Nourish Rule Over/Car For your spiritual flocks, and the spiritual Alien shall be your plowmen and your vinedressers

Verse 6   But you, spiritual child of Mine/The Heavenly Father, a spiritual Tree of My spiritual Righteousness that I have spiritually Planted on the earth shall be spiritually NAMED/CALLED by spiritual Nature become in spiritual Nature, THE SPIRITUAL PRIESTS OF THE LORD GOD:

You shall spiritually eat the spiritual riches of the spiritual Gentiles, and in their spiritual Glory shall you spiritually boast yourself;

Verse 7    For your spiritual shame, you shall have double;  and for spiritual confusion they shall spiritually rejoice in their spiritual Land ( the land of the spirit and soul, their spiritual hearts and minds in The Return of The Kingdom of Heaven to them and in them );  they shall spiritually possess/have as a possession/have ownership of again, the double.

Double What?


Everlasting Spiritual Joy, Shall spiritually Be Unto Them

Verse 8    For I The Lord/The Heavenly Father Love spiritual Judgement, I Hate Spiritual Robbery for Burnt Offerings/one’s of flesh and not pure; and I will spiritually Direct their spiritual work/ministry in spiritual Truth/Light, and I will spiritually Make an spiritual Everlasting/Eternal spiritual Covenant/Legal Contract with Them.

Verse 9    And their spiritual seed/Words/children shall be spiritually Known among the spiritual Gentiles, and their spiritual Offspring/their Image and Likeness/Their Light of Agape Love and Truth of Me, among the people;  All that spiritually see them shall spiritually acknowledge them so that they are the 

Spiritual Seed/Image and Likeness/Offspring of Me/My Tree of Righteousness which I, The Lord Has Spiritually Blessed!


Verse 10    I, The spiritual being in a dirt body will greatly rejoice in The Lord/Owner, My soul shall be spiritually joyful in My God;  For He spiritually Clothed/Covered me with the spiritual Garments of His Spiritual Salvation,  He/The Lord has spiritually Covered me/Clothed me ( my spirit and soul ) with

The Spiritual Robe of His Spiritual Glory and Righteousness


As a bridegroom decks himself with ornaments, and as a bride adorns herself with jewels.

Verse 11    For as the Earth brings forth her bud, and as the gardens causes the things that are planted/sown in it to spring forth; so The Lord God will spiritually cause

Spiritual Righteousness and Praise

To spring forth before all the nations/people.





Isaiah 62 : 1 – 12

Authorized King James Version


Verse 1    For spiritual Zion’s Sake, will I The Lord not hold my spiritual Peace, I will not be spiritually silent, and for spiritual Jerusalem’s sake, I The Lord Will Not spiritually rest/stop working/stop speaking until My spiritual Righteousness thereof goes forth as a

Spiritual Brightness/Light/Shinning Brightly

and the spiritual Salvation thereof goes spiritually forth as a spiritual Lamp That Burns/Shines Out Spiritually Brightly in the spiritual darkness/ignorance

Verse 2     And the spiritual Gentiles ( unrighteous spiritual beings, not having received the Words of Isaiah 61 and become a Tree of Righteousness ) shall spiritually see your ( the spiritual Tree of Righteousness of The Lord who are shinning out brightly and blessed )   Spiritual Righteousness

and all spiritual kings ( all humanity ) My spiritual Salvation/Glory:

and you ( My spiritual Tree of Rightness ) shall be spiritually called/named/become in your spiritual nature, which the spiritual mouth of The Lord shall spiritually Name/Decree/Call You/Declare You to be

Verse 3    You ( My Tree of Righteousness ) shall also be a

Spiritual CROWN of spiritual GLORY in the spiritual Hand of The Lord!

And a ROYAL spiritual DIADEM/HEADBAND in the spiritual Hand of Your God


Verse 4    You oh Tree of Righteousness Shall NO MORE spiritually be NAMED/DECREED/CALLED by spiritual NATURE to be spiritually


Neither shall your spiritual LAND ( your spirit and soul ) anymore be spiritually CALLED/NAMED/DECREED by it’s old spiritual NATURE BE 


But you, Oh Tree of My Righteousness shall now be spiritually Called/Named/Decreed To Become in spiritual Nature Be


My spiritual Delight Is In Her

and Your spiritual land ( your spiritual heart and soul )


Master, Married

One Spiritually With Me

One With and In Agape Love

For The Lord spiritually Delights in you , and your spiritual land shall be married/spiritually one with Me

Verse 5   For as a young man marries a virgin, so shall your sons marry you ( you will be as a virgin to me, and they will see us become one in spiritual marriage/relationship/two become one )  and as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God spiritually rejoice over you ( at your spiritual salvation and becoming a Tree of Righteousness unto Me, Pure and a Virgin, and dressed spiritually in a beautiful white robe of Righteousness as a White wedding gown of a bride at her wedding day )


Verse 6    I have spiritually set Watchmen/My Words of Spirit and Life upon your spiritual walls, O’Jerusalem ( City of Peace ) Which shall spiritually Never Hold Their spiritual Peace day or night:  you that make spiritual mention of The Lord, Keep Not spiritually Silent

Verse 7   and give Him/the spiritual Watchman no spiritual rest until He spiritually establishes, and until He/The Lord makes Jerusalem/One’s Spiritual Heart and Soul a praise in the earth/the physical body of a human and on the earth itself

Verse 8   The Lord has spiritually sworn by His Right Hand, and by the Arm of His Spiritual Strength, Surely, I will be No More give your spiritual corn to be spiritual meat for your spiritual enemies;  and the spiritual sons of the spiritual stranger shall Nor Drink your spiritual Wine, for the which you have spiritually labored

Verse  9    But they that have spiritually gathered It/the corn and the wine/ shall eat it, and spiritually Praise The Lord;  and they that have spiritually brought It together shall spiritually drink It in the spiritual 

Courts of My, The Lord’s Spiritual Holiness

Verse 10    Spiritually go through, spiritually go through the spiritual gates; spiritually prepare you the spiritual way of the spiritual people;  spiritually cast up, spiritually cast up the spiritual highway;  spiritually gather out the spiritual stones;  spiritually lift up a spiritual standard/banner/flag of Agape Love for the spiritual people

Verse 11  spiritually behold, The Lord has spiritual proclaimed/decreed/declared/announced unto the end of the spiritual realm

Say you spiritually to the spiritual daughter of spiritual Zion,

Spiritually behold, your spiritual Salvation Comes:

spiritually behold His spiritual Reward is spiritually with Him ( The Holy Spirit and The Kingdom of Heaven ) and His work/Recompense/Judgment/payment is spiritually before Him

Verse 12    and they spiritually shall call them,

The Righteous Spiritual beings called Humanity of the Lord

The Spiritually Holy People

The Spiritually Redeemed of The Lord

And You, Oh Righteous Spiritual Being, A Tree Of Spiritual Righteousness shall be spiritually Called//Named/Decreed/by spiritual Nature Be

Sought Out,

A Spiritual City Not Forsaken

These words spiritually spoken by The Heavenly Father’s chosen old Testament Prophet, A Spiritual Vessel, Isaiah are

The Heavenly Father’s Heart, Desires, and Prophetic Words

For all of humanity, for all the ages of time and beyond time, for precious spiritual ones who are lost spiritually to Him through the consequences of rebellion, sin, a forefathers disobedience, and falling into the realm/the world of the flesh and bone of it’s own helpmate, the soul.  But while there was always a loving Father with His loving Heart, there was Hope Eternal













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