Monday, November 11, 2019

Christ Fellowship, Kenya

Christ Fellowship

Is a Partnership Of Agape Love, Love Is Here Church and is a Bright Light In Western Kenya Spiritually Shinning Out Agape Love and It’s Light To All.  Christ Fellowship is in Western Kenya under a powerful spiritual Cloak of Invisibility due to the Spiritual Attacks of Persecution from Agape Love’s Spiritual Enemies.  Fire, Bombings and Killings Are Apart of This Fellowship’s Life in Kenya.  This Precious Flock of A Loving Heavenly Father Have Been Spiritually Put Under The Spiritual Shepherding Of Pastor Deborah and Agape Love, Love Is Here Church here on earth at the Request of the Owner of This Spiritual Flock of precious Lambs and their little ones.

  Their Spiritual Father Has Now Set, His Spiritual Shepherd In The Spiritual Fields with this group of Spiritual lambs and their babies to Spiritually Guide and Lead them to Spiritual Green Pastures, Clean Still Waters of Life and Spiritual Places of Rest for Their Healing From The Attacks of The Beasts of The Spiritual Enemy of Agape Love and It’s Mighty King, Christ Jesus. Agape Love, Love Is Here is on Watch, On Duty 24/7.  Agape Love is already spiritually reaching out to those who did the persecutions and they are finding the Agape Love and Forgiveness their hearts have been searching for. 

The Lions and Lambs are lying together as one Flock Under the Banner and Presence of Agape Love and It’s Peace .


Enjoy Meeting Our Neighbors In Western Kenya as They Worship, Conduct Water Baptisms, Have Children’s Church and Ministries, Community Fellowship, Outreach Ministry, Bible Study, Church Services. Agape Love, Love Is Here Is Highly Honored to be A Spiritual Partner with these Precious People, One Spiritual Family we all are in Agape Love and Through Agape Love.





Is A Village of Precious Believers of Christ Jesus living in a spiritual land among

The Alcoholics

The Homeless

The Drug Addicts



People of The Tombs of Life

The Helpless, But Yet Waiting For Agape Love To Touch Them and Help Them

Slaves in a Land Of Spiritual Captivity To Another and It’s Darkness

People of The Lowest Class, The Outcasts of Society With No Power, No Voice


This small, but living Fellowship of Believers in Christ Jesus have been given their Vision and Purpose for their SPIRITUAL PLANTING IN WESTERN KENYA

Of Reaching The Unreached With The World of God Through Christ’s Love


Because of the Spiritual Persecutions from the Enemies of Agape Love and It’s Words of Spirit and Life, This Group Of Believers Have Been Placed Under a Powerful Cloak of Spiritual Invisibility for their Spiritual Protection.  Their Are Spiritually Hidden From The Eyes of The Lions and The Beasts of Another Kingdom.  Therefore none of their names, or emails, or identities can be given for contact.  If you would like to contact them, please contact Pastor Deborah at the church’s email address of or on LinkedIn.

This Precious Fellowship Of Christ Believers Ask That If You Are Led To Be In Prayer For Them For

Healing and Courage To Stand And Be A Light of Agape Love To Those Around Them


Church Instruments

Land To Re-Build A New Church On

Children’s Church Items

These Little Ones Send Their Love To You and Wish You All God’s Best.


Pastor Eric has provided some safe contact information for you to contact him directly

Phone: +254795946936, 


Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah



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