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Ancient Words

The Beginning,

Words of An Ancient Time and Long Forgotten Time.

The Following Words Will Be Very Important To You As You Walk Together With The Light, Hand In Hand.

 The Father of The Spirit of Light/Knowledge Brings RENEWAL TO LONG FORGOTTEN AND HIDDEN THINGS.

Words Are Containers of So Many Things That Shape And Develop, Form and Strengthen One’s Belief System,  The Very Hidden Person of The Soul, The Heart!   The Very Place, Deeply Hidden In One’s Soul, Which Out Of It Springs The Issues of Life of That Hidden Person of The Heart.

The Hidden Person of The Heart

– The Person Who Hides In his Ancient and Powerful Strongholds and Fortresses of Beliefs Formed From Words Taken Deep Into The Very Center of One’s Soul.  The Hidden Person of The Heart,  Formed In Darkness/Ignorance, Formed and Shaped By Beliefs/By Words and Experiences.  Conformed By A World and It’s People Living In Darkness/Ignorance and Held Captive By It’s Shadows and It’s Mist. A Hidden Heart Full of The Nature/Essence of Darkness/Ignorance.  

Ancient Terms/Words Long Forgotten, Long Hidden In The Midst of Shadows, But Now A Great Light From The Father of Lights Is Shinning On The Words To Bring A Hidden Heart Out of The Kingdom/Territory/Prison Cell/Land of Darkness/Ignorance To Set A Captive Free. 

The Heart, The Hidden Person’s Beliefs Are A Product of, Shaped By, Conformed To, and Will Defend Strongly It’s

* Ideas *

* Thoughts *

*  Concepts *

*Precepts *

* Knowledge *

* Emotions *

* Truth Or Lies *

* Light Or Darkness and Shadows *

* History, Present or Future *

* Blessings Or Curses*

*  Life Or Death *

Ancient Words Long Forgotten, Hidden In Mists and Shadows. Now Will Have The Light of The Spirit of Truth To Shine Into The Deeply Hidden Realm of Ancient, Eternal Words.  Words are the Expressions, The Very Thoughts, The Very Prophetic Destined Desired Outcomes of Hidden Things. Words Are Containers/Vessels Which Shape one’s Hidden Heart of The Soul and Are Containers of Prophesy’s Good Ones and Not So Good Ones Which Are Spoken and Held In Place By Hidden Powers of Authority and Dominion To Watch Over The Words Spoken and To Bring Them To Fullness and To Bear Their Fruit of Life and Blessings or Death and Slavery To Those Who Control The Fulfillment of The Words.

Now Let’s Begin.  Here Comes Some Light and With It’s Entrance Will Come Understanding and Then Renewal Up To The Pent House/The High Place of your Thinking/ The Kingdom of Heaven Level Instead of The Earthly, Carnal, Lower Kingdom of Thinking Thus Believing.

The Following Words are So Important To Bring The Understanding To The Hidden Man of The Heart/The Deep Man In One’s Hidden Soul That Needs To Have Light/Truth Shinned Into It’s Dark Hidden Thoughts and Concepts From Which All The Attitudes and Ideas/Issues of Life Emerge Out From The Darkness and Control, Guide and Direct The Entire Mind and Thus It’s Beliefs and Then The Behaviors of The Entire 3 part System/Kingdom of SPIRITUAL MAN AND IT’S SOUL AND THE PHYSICAL BODY!


Father Of Lights,

This Precious One Is Seeking your Light That Destroys The Darkness of The Ancient Words And There Power of Control By Their Unseen Chains and Fetters That Keep Your Light Out Of Their Spirit and Soul. Lift The Midst of The Darkness In My Spirit and Soul, Even at the Deepest Darkest Levels of My Hidden Heart.  Open The Locked Doors and Unblind my Spiritually Blinded Eyes of Both Spirit and The Hidden Man of My Heart.  Heal My Deaf Spiritual Ears and Help Me To Understand and See The Light in the Great Darkness of My Hidden Man of The Heart.  Then Help Me to Place My Spirit Back In The High Place of Rulership/Kingship OVER THE SOUL AND IT’S HDDEN MAN OF THE HEART AND THE PHYSICAL BODY.  Thank you Sir so very much.  Amen, So Be It.



Definitions According To Webster’s Dictionary

1.  Kingdom  

A.  A Political/ NOT Religious Denominations, Organized Community/Land/Country or Major Territory Having A MONARCHICAL/ROYAL/KINGSHIP Form of GOVERNMENT Headed By A KING or QUEEN



 D.  A REALM or REGION In Which Something IS DOMINANT


F.  ONE of The THREE Primary DIVISIONS In Which Natural Objects Are Commonly Classified – The Animal Kingdom, Mineral Kingdom, Plant Kingdom


2.  Darkness

A.  Devoid/Not Having/Empty Or Partially Devoid Of Light

B.  Not Receiving, Reflecting, Transmitting Or Radiating Light

C.  Transmitting ONLY A Portion Of Light

D.  Wholly Or Partially Black

E.  Of Low Or Very Low Lightness

F.  Arising From Or Showing EVIL Traits Or Desires – EVIL

G.  Dismal, gloomy

H.  Lacking Knowledge Or Culture

I.  Not Clear To The Understanding

J.  Not Fair/Light In Complexation/Appearance

K.  Secret

L.  Closed To The Public

Dark As A Noun

A.  A Place Or Time Of Little Or No Light

B.  Night Fall

C.  Absence Of Light/Darkness

E.  A Dark Or Deep Color

F.  In Secrecy


3.  Mist

A.  Water In The Form Of Particles Floating Or Falling In The Atmosphere At Or Near The Surface

B.  Of The Earth And Approaching The Form Of Ran

C.  Something That Obscures

D.  A Film Before The Eyes

E.  A Cloud Of Small Particles Or Objects Suggestive Of A Mist

F.  A Fine Spray

G.  To Be Or Become Misty

H.  To Cover Or Spray With A Mist Become Blurry


4.  Hidden

A.  Being Out Of Sight Or Not Readily Apparent/Concealed

B.  Obscure, Unexplained, Undisclosed


5.  Doors

A.  Unswinging Or Sliding Barrier By Which An Entry Is Closed And Opened

B.  A Doorway, A Means Of Access Or participation/Opportunity


 6. Barrier

A.  Something Material That Blocks Or Is Intended To Block A Passage

B.  A Natural Formation Or Structure That Prevents Or Hinders Movement Or Action

8C.  Something Immaterial That  Impedes Or Separates/Obstacle


7.  Keys

A.  A Metal Instrument By Which The Bolt Of A Lock Is Turned

B.  Any Of Various Devices Having The Form Or Function Of Such A Key

C.  A Means Of Gaining Or Preventing Entrance, Possession Or Control

D. An Instrumental Or Deciding Factor

E.  Something That Gives An Explanation Or Identification or Provides A Solution

F.  An Aid To Interpretation Or Identification/A Clue


8.  Light

A.  Something That Makes VISION Possible

B.  The Sensation Aroused By Stimulation Of The Visual Receptors

C.  Daylight/Dawn

D.  A Candle

E.  Sight

F.  Spiritual Illumination

G.  Inner Light

H.  Enlightening/Enlightenment

I.  Truth

J.  Public Knowledge/Facts Brought Into The Open

K.  A Particular Aspect Or Appearance Presented To View

L.  A Particular Illumination

M.  Something That Enlightens Or Informs

N.  A WINDOW Through Which Light Is Admitted

O.  A Set Of Principles, Standards Or Opinions

P.  A Lighthouse/A Beacon

Q.  A Flame For Lighting Something

R.  Bright/having Light

S.  To Brighten

T.  Not Dark In Color

U. A Flame

V.  Illuminate

W.  Guide


9.  Vision

A.  Something Seen In A Dream, Trance Or Ecstasy

B.  Supernatural Appearance That Conveys A Revelation

C.  An Object Of Imagination

D.  An Manifestation To Ones Senses Of Something Immaterial

E.  The Art Or Power Of Imagination

F.  Mode Of Seeing Or Conceiving

G.  Unusual Discernment Or Foresight

H.  Direct Spiritual Awareness Of The Supernatural In Visible Form

I.  The Act Or Power Of Seeing Light

J.  The Special Sense By Which The Qualities Of An Object Constituting It’s Appearances Are Perceived And Which Is Mediated By The Eye


1o.  Path

A.  A Trodden Way

B.  A Track Specially Constructed For A Particular Use

C.  Course/Route

D.  A Way Of Life; Conduct; Life

E. The Continuous Series Of Positions Or Configurations That Can Be Assumed In Any Motion Or Process Of Change By A Moving Or Varying System

F.  A Sequence Of Area In A Network That Can Be Traced Continuously Without Retracing


11.  Time

A.  The Measured Or Measurable Period During Which An Action, Process Or Condition Exists Or Continues/Duration

B.  A Non-Spatial Continuum That Is Measured in Terms Of Events Which Succeed One Another From Pasto Through Present To Future

C.  The Point Or Period When Something Occurs

An Appointed Fixed Or Customary Moment Or Hour For Something To Happen, Begin or End

D.  An Opportune Or Suitable Moment

E.  An Historical Period/Age

F.  Conditions At Present Or At Some Specified Period


12.  Forgotten

A.  To Lose The Remembrance Of, Be Unable To Think Or Recall

B.  To Cease From Doing

C.  To Treat With Inattention Or Disregard

D.  To Disregard Intentionally, To Overlook

E.  To Cease Remembering Or Noticing

F.  To Fail To Become Mindful At The Proper Time

G.  Neglect

H.  Characterized By Negligence; Failure To Remember

I.  Inducing Oblivion; Sleep; Death; Coma


 13.  Blinded

A. Sightless

B.  Unable Or Unwilling To Discern

C.  Unquestioning

D.  Having No Regard To Rational Discrimination, Guidance, Or Restriction

E.  Lacking A Directing Or Controlling Consciousness

NoF.  Made Or Done Without Sight Of Certain Objects Or Knowledge Of Certain Facts That Could Serve For Guidance

G. Defective

H.  Difficult To Discern, Make Out Or Discover

I.  Hidden From Sight/Covered

J.  Having No Opening For Light Or Passage

K.  Concealed/ Conceal

L.  Sight Hindered, Light Kept Out

M.  A Place Of Concealment

N.  Something Put Forward For The Purpose Of Misleading

O.  The Point Of Insensibility


Now One Can Begin, Words Bring Light/Knowledge, A Foundation Of Concepts Where One Needs To Begin In The Discovery Of The Kingdom Of Darkness And How It Effects Our Life, The Life Of Others And Is At Work On The Earth.  A Hidden Kingdom, A Hidden World Government, A Hidden System To Rule Humans, To Spiritually Influence The World and The Events In It, And A Hidden Kingdom Of Government/Rulership/Laws/Judgment/Punishment That Is Here On The Earth Now and Is At Work.


But To See This Kingdom Of Darkness, One Must Have A Desire To See What Has Been Hidden and To Learn About It And Then To See How What Has Been Hidden Effects One’s Life and The Lives Of Others.


Now On To The Next Ancient Words That One Needs To Know For They Are The Eternal Words Of A Father’s Heart’s Desires.

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