Thursday, September 16, 2021

She’s Mine !



I have spiritually learned to trust God, The Most High and to spiritually battle against Satan and his demons.  I always pray that The Heavenly Father, The Spiritual Judge of the Universe both of the eternal realm and the temporary realm will have mercy on the ” unsaved human spirits” who spiritually serve Satan out of spiritual ignorance and the fear of death.  I spiritually leave the spiritual judgment up to The Heavenly Father as to the spiritual condition of their hearts/minds.

But I always hold Satan and his demons to God’s Victory of the Cross and the Resurrection of Christ Jesus from Hell, Death and The Grave

Also I always use my spiritual Authority & Dominion as a King, Son and God myself of The Kingdom of Heaven on earth as the Legal Representative of The Kingdom of God to spiritually fight and defeat Satan and his demons and their spiritual plans.  For God The Most High had spiritually taught me,

If I ” do not spiritually bind Satan by my spiritual command on earth according to Matthew 18 : 18 , The Most High God cannot BIND/TIE UP/STOP Satan in the realm of the spirit.”

Matthew 18 : 18

Authorized King James Version

Verse 18   ” Truly I say unto you/all of humanity/Pastor Deborah, WHATSOEVER ( Satan and his demons are WHATSOEVERS ) you shall BIND/TIE UP/FORBID TO OPERATE/STOP on earth/in humanity/on the earth and operating SHALL BE BOUND in Heaven/the realm of the Spirit “

And These Words of Authority & Dominion

Matthew 16 : 19

Verse 19  And I/Christ Jesus Speaking to all of humanity/Red Words of Spirit and Life WILL GIVE unto you/my spiritual disciples who have left everything for Me and My Words of Spirit and Life, 


and WHATSOVER you/Pastor Deborah SHALL BIND/FORBID TO OPERATE/TIE UP/STOP SHALL BE BOUND IN HEAVEN/By and in the Realm of the Spirit and under the Authority and Dominion of The Kingdom of Heaven; and WHATSOVEVER you/Pastor Deborah SHALL LOOSE/SET FREE/UNBIND/UNTIE on earth SHALL BE LOOSED in Heaven/By The Authority and Dominion of The Kingdom of God from Heaven

and in the Words of 

Matthew 16 : 19

Verse 19  The Red Words of Christ of Spirit and Life, 

And I/Christ Jesus will give unto you/Pastor Deborah/my spiritual disciples THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN;

and WHATSOEVER you/Pastor Deborah SHALL BIND/TIE UP/FORBID TO OPERATE/STOP on earth/in the realm of the spirit SHALL BE BOND IN HEAVEN/the Eternal realm of The Kingdom of Heaven on earth:  and WHATSOEVER you/Pastor Deborah SHALL LOOSE on earth ( in the realm of the spirit ) SHALL BE LOOSED in Heaven ( in the realm of the eternal Kingdom on earth )

If I DO NOT SPEAK Words of spiritual LOOSING of spiritual captives, The Most High God CAN NOT spiritually FREE/LOOSE them in the spirit according to Matthew 18 : 18

Matthew 18 : 18

Authorized King James Version

Verse 18  …and WHATSOEVER you/all humanity/Pastor Deborah SHALL LOOSE on earth, SHALL BE LOOSED in Heaven. 

If I did not take up the spiritual Power and Authority I have as a Son of God in The Name of Christ Jesus as a child of The Heavenly Father, as a spiritual child of The Light/Truth, a child of the spiritual Resurrection, a King of The Kingdom of Heaven, Then The Most High God’s Hand and His Finger/The Holy Spirit are Bound/Tied/Unable to spiritually be Victorious in Battle.

If I DO NOT spiritually protect the spiritually INNOCENT and WEAK in spirit as a spiritual King/Warrior/Ruler of The Kingdom of Heaven on earth

and spiritually free these precious ” lost ones” to The Heavenly Father, The Most High God CAN NOT HELP me and them.

The Most High God and I MUST SPIRITUALLY WORK TOGETHER so that Satan is spiritually defeated and precious spiritual children of The Kingdom of Darkness are spiritually set free

So, in my early years of spiritual training and growth, I had spiritually learned some basic ” deliverance/casting out of demons” but as always I had more to spiritually learn and to put into spiritual practice so spiritual children of Satan’s Kingdom of Darkness could see and come to know of a spiritual God who wanted to be their Father and to learn of His Power of Agape Love for them and that His Presence is more spiritually powerful than Satan’s and That Agape Love could set them free.  Agape Love was not a human love – but a DIVINE Holy and Pure Agape Love not of this sensual carnal world of the flesh, but one they knew nothing about or had ever be touched by it or seen it in action.

What The Lord Most High God was going to spiritually teach me was not in any deliverance or inner healing manual or teaching I had read or studied.

It began with a precious young girl named, Andrea, who was living in my home and was receiving “psychological treatment” from a so called ed”Christian Psychologist” for a medical disease/disorder called



This precious young girl of about 20 years of age and her friend, Jennifer ( who also was psychologically diagnosed with Multiple Personalities Disorder ) came to live with me and my family at the special request of a Revival School Dean of Women that was connected to a Church that was having a powerful Revival and developed a School for those who wanted to grow more in God and go out into the world as missionaries and evangelists.

The Dean of Women became very frightened for Andrea had been living with her and several other girls who were attending the Revival School.  Andrea had built a


The Dean of Women became very frightened at this Satanic Activity of this young lady and wanted her out of her house that day!

So she and others from the Revival School called me because I had a Reputation of ministering with those with Multiple Personalities from the result of a life in a family of MULTI-GENERATIONAL SATANISM.

 But I believed God The Most High desired this event for Himself and me and for those who would be in my kitchen one wonderful night of deliverance and healing and for many many others who would be spiritually watching.  Oh, yes, God The Most High had His spiritual plans and I became apart of His plans for His Glory.

By having these two precious young girls living with me, I was being taught first hand through personal experience about 

The Results of Spiritual Satanic Ritual Abuse on a Child’s Development

I was seeing and interacting personally with the many PERSONALITIES of each of these girls and saw some many different ages, sexes, development, desires of each personality. Both of these two precious young ladies were attending the Church’s Revival School, attending Church, Working, and receiving Psycho-Therapy from a PH.D. Psychologist who had a reputation for providing counseling and therapy to those who had experienced Satanic Ritual Abuse and had been diagnosed with Multiple Personalities or now called Identity Dissociative Disorder.

I would interacted during this time with this Psychologist which had to put him into his place as a secular psychologist and for him to follow the psychological protocols for providing counseling and treatment to those who have been properly diagnosed with the most severest form of Post Traumatic Disorder called

Multiple Personality or Dissociative Identity Disorder

I would interact with little boys and girls, infants and children, and adults.

I saw and interacted with ones who could not read or write, and others who wrote beautiful poems and played musical instruments, and others who only desired sex and drugs, with ones who went to work and others who were afraid of everything, ones who went to the Psychologist for therapy of deprogramming from satanic ritual abuse and it’s deep programming programs, and I interacted with ones who went to church and sought prayer and praised and worshiped, and with others who sucked their thumbs when they needed comforting from a long day of work and stress, I interacted with a powerful Satanic Queen that came out of the darkness at her 21st Birthday, I interacted with children who were brothers and sisters and many many more.


These multiple identity personalities were funny, sad, angry, depressed, and some would stick out their tongue at me when they were in control and wanted to talk to me, others would just such their thumb and cuddled with a stuffed animal of a cow who was named Lucy when all of them needed comfort and nurturing as if they were sucking on the breast of a mother.

These “multiple personalities” drew and colored, snuggled with stuff animals, they played games, watched T.V., and acted as any other small child would.

In my personal interactions with the “different personalities” in one physical body of this precious young land, Andrea, I met a young boy who would stick out his tongue at me to let me know he was there and wanted to talk and be seen.  This “young boy personality” was about 8 years old and very funny and talkative once he liked you.

Well, one night sitting around my kitchen table with Andrea, Jennifer and a Christian Brother who was also there, this young boy of 8 years old came to the executive control of the personality of Andrea by sticking out his tongue at me.  Now, what no one but God and I knew was that this night, God had prepared me with His Spiritual battle plans to show these 2 girls, and all that were spiritually watching that what the Psychologist had said to Andrea about healing and it’s integration of the multiple personalities according to the Psychological Protocols they  had stated it would take to bring full healing and integration of the Dissociative Identity of Andrea about 6 – 7 years of going to the Psychologist at least 3 days a week, which would include hypnosis and deprogramming of satanic programming and this particular Psychologist was also going to add a spiritual component of CASTING OUT OF DEVILS and he was going to charge Andrea’s Medical Insurance Company for all of this Psychological Treatment.


Andrea had gotten involved with this particular Psychologist due be being unprofessionally diagnosed with multiple personalities from a Primary Care Physician.  From that time on, the church counselors at the Church and the Revival School were not allowed to provide any ministry, counsel to her for the Lawyer of the School had informed them that they were not legally qualified to provide treatment and counsel to Andrea or Jennifer.  This could only be done by a Licensed Professional who was trained in this Disorder.  Also, this Psychologist was a member of this Church and wanted to provide DELIVERANCE MINISTRY with those of the Revival School who were wanting to do this spiritual Ministry.  But all the Revival School Counselors were told and legally warned NOT TO ENGAGE IN ANY TYPE OF MINISTRY with Andrea, NOT EVEN TO CONDUCT DELIVERANCE/CASTING OUT OF DEVILS.

In another section called, Letters Into The Darkness, Pastor Deborah had to write a letter to this Psychologist to make sure he stayed in his place of being a Licensed Psychologist and to help these young women, Andrea and Jennifer from his professional license of Psychology and not from a spiritual aspect for which he was not trained nor educated in as Pastor Deborah was.

Well, this night was going to be of great healing and freedom for Andrea.  I was ready and had been directed earlier in the day by God, The Most High as to what He was going and wanted to do to demonstrate His way of healing at a deep level vs the way of the world of Psychology.

So, as we all were at my kitchen table, the young boy of about 8 years old stuck out his tongue at me and we began to talk.  I asked him if he had always just wanted to

Run Freely and Yet He couldn’t?

I had been spiritually taught and was experienced that when any “personality/part/alter” of person showed up in executive control of the soul and physical body was talking to through the individual, The Holy Spirit would immediately bring His spiritual gift of

Discerning of Spirits

Into spiritual operation in my spirit so that I could spiritually minister in the spirit for the Heavenly Father’s Victory and Glory.

I am also spiritually given and they become spiritually operational are the spiritual gifts of

The Words of Knowledge and Wisdom

The Gifts of Healing and Faith

I spiritually knew that these precious young ladies who had grown up in and had been terribly abused and fragmented in a religion called Satanism and were apart of the  Mulit-Generational High Court of the World Leaders.  Andrea was the biological daughter of a high ranking High Priest who sat at the International Council of Illuminati and the Deeply Hidden Council of the Brotherhood of the 13 Families of The Illuminati.  It just happen that her father was also my and The Heavenly Father’s new spiritual child, His name was Issac.  Andrea was a spare Queen just in case the first one could not take her rightful spiritual and biological place for spiritual reasons.  Andrea was being readied for this Transition for the first one, Amanda had also gotten deeply saved by Agape Love and was also one of The Heavenly Father’s and my spiritual children.

Jennifer was Andrea’s spiritual and biological Guard and Protector

Of course, their one of them told me this deeply hidden spiritual truths of their lives, of their births, of their true spiritual purposes, NO, this spiritual Truths came from the Spirit of Truth to me to know how to spiritually minister and for the great victory against Satan and his Kingdom of Darkness and the LINE OF SPIRITUAL SUCCESSION he had planned and prepared years ago against the day when one of his chosen Leaders, Breeders, Queens or Kings found the Agape Love of The Heavenly Father, Satan’s hated enemy and former Lord and King.

I knew that these 2 precious young ladies had both been diagnosed as having a ” mental illness/disorder” of

Multiple Personalities or now called Dissociative Identity Disorder

and were both being treated medically with medication and therapy, hypnosis, deprogramming and counseling.  They were both keeping journals and were instructed to learn about themselves and who was holding the different emotions and memories of the abuse and to write about them.  Andrea did so and allowed me to see many of her journal entries of which I will write about in the section called Letters Into the Darkness and Out of The Darkness.

Andrea and Jennifer were what is called


Totally unaware of that life of Multi-Generational Satanism, their families involvement in it and what really happened to them in their lives.  All of their family members as well as them were

Slaves Through Multiple Personalities with a Dissociative Identity Disorder

Families for Generations after Generations, Abused to become

Spiritual and Mental Minds of Multi-Personalities To Serve the Heart of Satan in the hidden realm of the spirit and for The Kingdom of Darkness and it’s Global Domination and Rulership on earth as Satan had desired to become and do in The Kingdom of Heaven and was Cast out of and thrown down to the ground of the realm of the earth.

But God, The Loving Heavenly Father drew these two precious young ladies to The Revival at a Church and then to the Revival School, God was able to start spiritually revealing their deeply hidden past to them both.  So, off to a Primary Care Doctor for a diagnosis, then off to a Psychologist for weekly therapy sessions.  There were told that they would still need to have

Spiritual Deliverance to Cast Out Demons that are living and operating in their spiritual life, their soul and their physical body.

The ” So Called Christian Psychologist” told them that according to the medical model of therapy and treatment’s protocols for the clinical treatment for this diagnosed

Medical Illness of The Mind

Mental Disease of The Emotions

Mental Disorder of Chemicals in the Brain and Their Effects on the Emotions

Emotional Abuse of the Emotions, Memory and Consciousness

According to the Psychological Protocols for this Disease, this Illness, and it’s healing, it would take about 6 – 7 years of almost daily treatment of therapy, hypnosis, deprogramming and then re-programming, and a multitude of medications for depression, anxiety/fear, medication to sleep and many others as the illnesses dictates.  Then when all of the personalities have been mapped, discovered and all even those who 


have been contacted and have a relationship with the Psychologist, the process of

Preaching The Gospel of Christ Jesus to all could Begin with the hopes of getting all to believe in Him as Savior, Lord, King, Father and then the Deliverance could begin.

What?  This method was not apart of the Psychological Protocols!

This Psychologist was Bringing in Spiritual Methods and going to Charge the Insurance Companies for this non-psychological treatment of a medical disease and illness he was licensed to diagnosis and treat medically and was already charging Jennifer cash, about $30.00 each visit with him.

This way of Healing and Therapy according to Psychological Protocols was NOT SANCTIONED OR LEGAL!

The Treatment Plan was to get all Personalities Born-Again and then


Psychology believes to be healed and the personalities integrated, the mind of the soul must remember all the details of the abuse, the traumas, the sexual attacks, all the things that happened and bring all the memories into the consciousness of just one personality who now would be the only one in operation and with executive control of the mind and physical body.  This one personality would probably have to be on Anti-Depression Medication, Anxiety Medication, Sleep Medication, and live with powerful Flashbacks for the rest of their lives.

  That was healing,

remembering the past and accepting it and owning it and then always being aware of it.  Then accept the fact, that the Demons were not real, the witchcraft was not real, the Satanic meetings were not real, and that these were just false memories made up or introduced by others.


That was healing from a medical and biological illness and disease looked liked to Psychology and was the guidelines of the License of this Psychologist and the Insurance Companies who were paying for this medical treatment of a medical, biological disease, an illness.

Andrea and Jennifer were looking at 6 – 7 years before healing maybe would occur.  Years of Anti-Depression medication, Anti-Anxiety/Fear medication, Medication to help them sleep and rest.  Years of Flash Backs, Horrible memories of Abuse and Trauma, Lack of Hope in Ever Being Free for a very long time,  Memories so painful and unbelievable that they had to split themselves into many other DIpeople/personalities/identities to survive emotionally, years of therapy that included hypnosis, reliving the abuse and trauma, deprogramming then re-programming ( more mental conditioning ), lots of talking with a Psychologist and all the while, the Psychologist is charging Money for this healing.

Please remember, during this time, Both Andrea and Jennifer were living in together in Pastor Deborah’s house with her husband and young son.  Pastor Deborah was seeing these multiple personalities first hand, listening to them about their healing journey, comforting them when they needed it, and would even go and help them both to get back to Pastor Deborah’s house after work or going to church.  Boy were afraid of being TRIGGERED and go off to a Satanic meeting and be abused or having a mental breakdown and they could not drive.  Every Friday night, Pastor Deborah and her Son would go and meet Andrea as she got off work at 10 pm and escort her back to Pastor Deborah’s house to make sure she was safe.  Other times, Pastor Deborah would be called by a friend of Jennifer from Church to help her for she was having a mental and emotional breakdown and could not drive her car.  So, off Pastor Deborah and her son would go,


Pastor Deborah and her son would go and did, many many times.


So Pastor Deborah and The Holy Spirit began deliverance and healing The Lord’s Way with these Andrea’s Multiple Personalities by beginning with the little boy of about 8 years old who was sticking his tongue out at Pastor Deborah.

But as I was being lead from The Holy Spirit, He and I would be going much deeper into Andrea’s 

Dark Side Personalities

The personalities who loved and served Satan in satanic meetings and would worship him through sexual abuse, sacrifice of animals and babies and children and then drinking their blood with urine.  Those who did not have any desire to get to know this Christ Jesus or to leave Satan as Lord, Master and Father.

But, the Psychologist’s plan was to get these Created Personalities Saved, then they would all have to agree to have the “demons cast out” that are apart of these personalities.  This was the Psychologist’s Plan, but it dealt with spiritual things, and not the natural biological medical disorders, diseases of the brain for which he was Licensed for in the State of Florida and able to charge the medical insurance companies for MEDICAL TREATMENT for a MEDICAL DISEASE/DISORDER!

I Wonder what the “Health Insurance Company” would have to say about paying for 

The Salvation of many dark multiple personalities who were created to serve Satan and then casting out of demons, which are defiantly NOT A DISEASE OR DISORDER according to the Medical Community that Medical Insurance pay for as Medical Treatment?

The Health Insurance Company of Andrea did come to the knowledge that Andre a was seeing this Psychologist 2 times a week for therapy sessions for Multiple Personalities, but she had not been OFFICIALLY PSYCHOLOGICALLY TESTED by a Psychologist who was trained in this Mental Disorder Testing.  Jennifer also had never been OFFICIALLY PSYCHOLOGY Tested and proven to the Medical Insurance Company of their OFFICIAL Diagnosis of having Multiple Personalities which was now called Dissociative Identity Disorder.

What, NO OFFICIAL medical evaluation?  NO OFFICIAL Psychological Testing/Evaluation? Only the UNOFFICIAL medical DIAGNOSIS of a Primary Care Physician?

Andrea’s Health Care Insurance Company OFFICIALLY REQUESTED her to be tested and evaluated if they were going to continue to pay for her therapy sessions 2 times a week that may have to continue for 6 to 7 years to come.

Andrea thus was referred to a QUALIFIED Psychologist for the testing and evaluation. When her evaluation and diagnosis was provided to her and her Psychologist and the Insurance Company she was now officially given the medical diagnosis of



What had happened?  Pastor Deborah was told of the Psychiatric Disorder by Andrea and was confused.  Andrea was asked if her many different personalities talked during the testing. the evaluation to provide the evidence of their existence and she said NO, OF COURSE NOT!  They were too afraid to expose themselves and the system they were apart of.  Protection of the SYSTEM of Personalities was foremost and paramount. Satan had taught them all well through abuse, fear of death and torture by seeing others killed if they exposed the system of personalities to Officials who would discover the hidden system that was there.


But Pastor Deborah was experienced, trained, and well educated.  Pastor Deborah’s deep love and desire to


would lead the way and The Holy Spirit would do the spiritual work and provide the spiritual power needed to be spiritually victorious for the Glory and Name of The Most High God in the realm of the spirit in Heaven and on the earth itself.

But The Most High God had different plans for these 2 young ladies this night in my kitchen.  God The Most High was going to show/reveal/demonstrate to these two girls and many others who would be spiritually watching the Power and Authority of His Agape Love, His Word, His Son – Christ Jesus to show His Way of Healing and Deliverance that would defeat Satan’s Programming and It’s Matrix of Control and to show that the World’s way of Healing was Not the Lord’s Way.

God, The Most High was going to show/reveal that His Way of Healing was going to be “spiritually” revealed/shown/demonstrated so His Agape Love would have It’s Victory that was bought and shown from His own death on a cross, His Victory in Hell and Over Spiritual Death and Physical Death and the Grave.

Agape Love Was On It’s Way!

After a few minutes of talking with this precious young boy of about 8 years of age, a created personality who would stick out his tongue at me when he was in executive control of the body and soul, sort of up from the shadows of the system of the personalities and wanted to talk with me.  He said that all he had ever wanted to do his whole life was to run, 

and I said,

” That if that is what he really wanted to do, I knew someone who could help him to do just that?

Of course he responded that there was 

“No one who could help him!”

I said,

” Would you like to meet Him?”

He said,

” You mean I could RUN when ever I wanted to and as far as I wanted to?”

What I knew spiritually and this precious child, this part of Andrea who was an deep component part of herself, her deep ability to RUN and BE FREE, was TRAPPED BY CHAINS and FETTERS in her spirit, soul and even her physical  body.  This precious child, this little 8 year old boy was this part of Andrea’s Multiple Personality System to keep her spirit and soul chained to slavery forever and for Andrea’s deep heart of her spirit and soul never to experience, believe in or have hope in, 


I said to him,

” Yes there was, and He was right here waiting to meet him and to show him that the two of them could GO AND RUN to his heart’s desires if he wanted to meet him and go off with him.”

” Would you like to meet him?”

And he said,

” You mean I could run when ever I wanted to and as far as I wanted to?”

I said, 

” Yes, and He and this person named, Jesus would run with him as long and as far as he wanted to.”

He said,

” Really?”

I said,

” Really!”

He said,

” Ok”

So I prayed,

Dear Father,

This little one’s heart’s desire is to just be able to run freely.  I ask that to show Your great Divine Agape Love for him and Your Great Power of Deliverance, Freedom and Healing so he will come to know You and believe in You that You sent Your Word, Your Offspring, Your Son, Christ Jesus to the earth and to go to a cross for him so he could RUN FREELY with You forever and ever,  in The Name of Christ Jesus.  Amen

In the spiritual realm, yet sitting physically at my kitchen table with 2 very precious young ladies who both were exhibiting multiple personalities and receiving “worldly psychological treatment” for these “so called medical diseases/illnesses” due to a long “forgotten” family life of multi-generational satanic ritual abuse as infants, children, teens and still even now as adults and with a Christian brother present

Christ Jesus Himself showed up!

In the midst of us!

I spiritually introduced the young 8 year old boy to Christ Jesus and off they spiritually went.


God had told me He was going to show these two girls and the many others who were spiritually watching from the darkness of the spiritual realm, that The Heavenly Father’s way of ” bringing healing” to them would not take 6 – 7 years, and include re-programming through hypnosis, or 3 times a week therapy sessions.  He wanted all that would be spiritually watching to “spiritually see and experience for themselves” His Ways of Healing through Agape Love, Deliverance, Prayer and Authority and Dominion.

Then to my surprise, Two “little girls of about 3 or 4 years old” showed up speaking through the physical mouth of Andrea and said through their crying and their fear

” I just wanted to kill them and make them go away and that their 8 year old brother was dead!”

I said to them, the two of them that were up and present at the same time,

” No honey, he is not dead, he is alive and with Jesus playing and running just like he wanted to do all his life, he is free and happy, running and running.”

So, I prayed again,

Dear Father,

Please bring Jesus and these precious young ones little brother back for them so that all can go together with Jesus and run and play. In the Name of Christ Jesus.”

All those who had lived and still do a life of abuse, satanic ritual abuse, religious abuse, in cults, in secret societies, in toxic families, even abuse from people in authority or just a friend, or from one in a relationship, or a stranger and have powerful control of these little ones who are spiritually created to survive and to control the spirit, soul and physical body of a person,


Well Jesus and the little boy were back in the spirit for the little girls to see that he was not dead, but free and happy.

And I said to the two little girls,

” Now, here is your brother and now all of you can go off together with Jesus and run and play.”

But the 4 year old girl said,

” No they couldn’t, they couldn’t leave Carrie!”

I said,

” Who Is Carrie?”

 The 4 year old little girl said to Pastor Deborah,

” Carrie was their sister and she can’t walk, or talk or move.  She has to lie on a bed of rock and we can’t leave her!”

Immediately in the spirit, as she was speaking, I saw a “satanic altar” with a small 2 year old child, a little girl just laying there. I was immediately spiritually given the spiritual knowledge of what this was and who CARRIE WAS.  The spiritual mystery was now spiritually unveiled to me very quickly so I could pray, attack, provide deliverance, freedom and healing to just one little part of Andrea’s spirit and soul.

This 2 year old little girl named, Carrie who was unable to move, speak, hear, and was a spiritually created personality/part/child/dissociative part of her spirit for her soul to be used as an anchor and chain to Andrea’s deep desires to run, to escape, to be free.

Was spiritually created by a demon of Satan’s  Kingdom that it used to control the spiritual, emotional and physical body of Andrea who was now 20 years old and was living with me, Pastor Deborah. Carrie was used to be the spiritual bondage for Andrea’s spirit and soul so it would always have control, access to her in all areas to be able to abuse, torture, rape and torment Andrea and keep her chained by love of Carrie and never to be free to run to escape, or just to feel free.  CARRIE provided the deeply hidden anchor/tie/chains/bondage of Andrea’s heart’s desires to be able to run freely.  Through a family of children, all loving and needing each other and caring for each other, 


Through Love of CARRIE, all the children stayed to be with her.  They could not help her, or bring healing to her in any way.  

It was also spiritually brought to my knowledge that the Psychologist knew of this for he too was apart of the Satanic Kingdom to make sure Andrea never became free of it and it’s deeply hidden chains and bonds.  Oh, yes, this Psychologist was only a Christian in world, but deeply spiritually a TRUE AND GENERATIONAL SATANIST himself as well as his aide, a so -called Christian social worker.  This was all spiritually revealed before this night in my kitchen.  I, Pastor Deborah knew this deeply hidden Truths and was going to bring a deep spiritual freedom to Andrea and provide a great Victory for The Heavenly Father and The Kingdom of Heaven.

The “spiritually created satanic part/child called CARRIE” laid on a satanic altar all the time, never getting up, never talking or crying even with just a whimper and with tears ( a dumb/unable to talk spirit ), never hearing – deaf, lame and unable to get up and run anywhere or when ever she wanted!  CARRIE was FROZEN/PARALYZED !

Thus causing the physical and spiritual body ( at the demons choosing ) to be ” compliant and submissive” to himself or any of his demons or to even be available for Satan himself and to never have the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical ability to run from them, to escape from them to find freedom from them.  This ‘SPIRITUAL BONDAGE” was to ensure that Andrea would never even have the desire to run, but would just comply and know that running and freedom was hopeless and never going to happen.

For his spiritual purposes, Satan forced Andrea’s spiritual heart and mind through great abuse, fear, torture and unbelievable trauma to spiritually create these spiritual children/parts and to desire through their love to stay and be with their sister, Carrie who could not move, walk, talk, hear, see, or feel.


Small 2 year old child who was unable to

Move, Was Lame

Speak or Cry Out, Dumb

See, Blind

Hear, Deaf

CARRIE who was created to be FROZEN by fear, PARALYZED, DEAF, DUMB, LAME AND BLIND was SPIRITUALLY CREATED by the LAW OF God “AS YOU THINK IN YOUR HEART, SO ARE YOU” in order for Satan or any other demon or human spirit could have their way with Andrea in the spirit, in the mind and physically and continue Andrea’s Programming through Abuse and Trauma.  Satan knew he could not get Andrea’s spirit, soul and physical body to WILLING cooperate with him and his desires, so from the time of Andrea’s birth into the world, the abuse, the trauma’s and the forced creation of multiple personalities were done and then programmed to KEEP ANDREA’S SPIRIT, SOUL AND PHYSICAL BODY as a Slave, in Bondage to him and his desires.  There was to be no FREEDOM for Andrea in any area of her life, not even in her deep thoughts and desires.

These two little girls would NOT LEAVE their sister, CARRIE and go off with out her with their older brother and Jesus even if it meant they could run and play and be free, they would NOT LEAVE CARRIE ALONE!

Then came the VOICE out of the Satanic Kingdom of Darkness above my head, in my kitchen this night


I could spiritually see a big, powerful demon far off in the spiritual distance speaking to me.  It was as if I was in it’s Castle in the Dungeons of Slavery and at the door of Andrea’s enslaved spiritual heart and mind and this demon was sitting on his throne seeing me there and choosing to speak to me and threaten me about his possession, CARRIE a created part of Andrea to hold the real spirit, soul and physical body of Andrea from running, escaping and finding freedom from him and his kingdom of slavery and evilness.


He said again to me, yet he stayed at a distance from me and Carrie.

I spiritually saw , remember I am spiritually operating by the spiritual gift of discerning of spirits by the Holy Spirit. I do not control this wonderful and powerful spiritual gift nor do I know when I would need it to be in spiritual operation, nor could I ACTIVATE it in any way or manner.  This gift was given to my spirit and put into spiritual operation at The Holy Spirit’s leading by The guidance of God The Most High and his spiritual desires and plans to spiritually reach out and demonstrate His Power and Dominion, His Agape Love and It’s Power to Heal them even in their deep spiritual hearts and mind from the Spiritual Programming and Bondage to Satan and his demons through the Multiple Personalities and their programming and fear of death to bind them as a Slave and Captive to Satan and his desire life in Satanic Ritual Abuse.

I saw the full Face of this high demon of Satan’s Kingdom of Darkness who had forced this precious young woman, Andrea when she was just a very small child who was being raised up in a family of multi-generational Satanism to forcibly create

 CARRIE and this family of “spiritually controlled” children

for himself or for Satan or other human spirits or demons to abuse, use, torture, traumatize, sexually abuse, and to spiritually control as they pleased for The Kingdom of Darkness, Satan’s Kingdom of the Second Realm of the Spirit and that is here on the earth that replaced the Kingdom of Heaven as was originally designed and created to be in the spiritual heart and mind of a child of A God and who had DOMINION AND AUTHORITY over all the earth and it’s resources and laws and governments. 

I spiritually immediately knew that through the experiences of these horrible spiritual, sexual, physical, mental and religious abuses and their torture, Andrea’s heart would spiritually create by being forced to believe she was CARRIE and the others to CONTROL her heart’s desire TO RUN, TO PLAY, TO BE FREE, TO ESCAPE.  Satan through The Fear of Death, Torture and Mind Programming, Drugs and Abuse and the Pain and Punishment of Rejection and Fear of Death knew that Andrea’s spiritual abilities of creation of what she thinks in her heart she would become would be done, for this was a gift by The Most High God’s law of Spirit and Life.  This spiritual ability was deeply within all human spirits when they came into the earthen vessel, a human dirt body at the moment of conception between a human egg and sperm.

Andrea’s family’s religious worship and serving of Satan were a powerful family of multi-generational Satanist.  Andrea was specially conceived by her mother and a high priest of the Black Forest Clan that sat in the third seat of the International Council of The Brotherhood and was a SPARE QUEEN in case the first QUEEN could not fulfill her duties as wife to Isaac, her own biological father and continue to breed children for Satan’s Kingdom. Yes, Isaac was to be a great high King with his biological daughter Andera as his wife and breeding children to Satan in Satanic Rituals in Satanic meetings with blood sacrifices of babies and children as offerings to Satan.  

Andrea’s child spirit and mind was forced to create CARRIE as a

2 year old little girl who was

Deaf, Dumb, Blind, Lame

and who was to forever lay on a stone altar naked, frozen, paralyzed, and never allowed to leave to run and play!

A spiritual creation, a real spiritual creation, a created part of Andrea to hold her deep spiritual heart’s desires in slavery and captivity for ever!

Andrea had to split herself into many, fracture her own self to survive. 

CARRIE, a vulnerable created child who would force the real Andera’s heart to spiritually, mentally, emotionally and for her physical body to be submissive and compliant to Satan, to this High Demon that was interacting with Pastor Deborah and to other human spirits of multi-generational Satanism.  Andrea’s spirit, soul and physical body would through CARRIE and the 2 little girls and their brother would always be torn, desiring to leave and play, yet choosing to stay out of the love of CARRIE, their little sister.

This High Demon who was off in the distance, in the shadows of the darkness speaking to me in a very deep and threatening way by saying


I had been use to being confronted and in spiritual battle with demons for many years.  

This DEMON  was claiming as his property/possession/child/slave CARRIE, which meant he was



Was this demons anchor, chain, fetters to hold Andrea completely from ever being ever to be free, to run from her life of multi-generational Satanism, her role as Queen and Breeder to Isaac and to never be free to find the desires of her heart to just to 





A Total Captive in Spirit, Soul and Physical Body

Never To Escape This Life in Satanism

Never To Escape The Horror, The Torture and Abuse of Their Life

Andrea would always be a Slave, A Captive of Satan and his Demons!

So, when Satan or any demon wanted to have sex with her and ritually abuse Andrea’s spiritual body or physical body who was now sitting at my kitchen table and who was crying and crying so fearful of punishment and death by Satan.  She was pleading with me to stop and she was telling me I wanted them all dead.  I had to interact with these little girls who were so afraid.  I could see CARRIE on the altar of Satan, I cold sense and feel the High Demon that was near by, I could physically see in my kitchen, two wonderful young ladies who grew up in Satanic Ritual Abuse, one Christian brother and the Holy Spirit who was leading me every step of this great deliverance and healing of just one area of Andrea.

I was immediately led by The Holy Spirit to pray while Andrea was crying and was so fearful.  Andrea’s fear was so strong and the powerful demon was spiritually very near. Remember I had been prepared for this encounter and prayer earlier in the day by The Holy Spirit and was ready to do battle to set a captive free, to demonstrate the power of a loving God, to show the power of The Kingdom of Heaven and a King – me, Pastor Deborah and to show others who were spiritually watching a God they knew not and His power over Satan and His love of them and how He can heal them.

  Here is a poem that was made into a song written and sung by my spiritual child, Isaac, the biological father of Andera and a great Satanic High Priest and yet, was spiritually a believer in Christ Jesus and This Heavenly Father.  He had told me and others through this song of the great love he had found and so could they.  Remember Isaac was a multi-generational Satanist and had multi-personalities and now is in Heaven. 

Then read the Love Letter to all in the darkness of The Kingdom of Darkness that was written through Pastor Deborah from the Heart of the Heavenly Father to all of them who have been crying silently in the dark.

Because I had these foundations of love and hope in my life from those who found this love of a Heavenly Father and the Calling and Answering of The Heavenly Father to those crying silently in the darkness, my spirit and mind knew what The Purpose of Love was, How it was to set captives free and the result it would bring to so many others who were watching and the great victory against Satan and this demon.



October 2000


Written by two wonderful children of God.  Both were born into a life of multi-generational Satanism and had been horribly abused and tortured in every way in their spirit, soul and physical body.  Isaac and Amanda, Father and Daughter, A High Satanic King of The Black Forest Clan and his biological daughter from his ritual sex and conception from his older sister, Deborah who is also now in Heaven and Amanda, a High Queen who was called Angel, and who was to marry her biological father and produce a child to be in line to be one of the spiritual satanic Anti-Christs coming into the world.  Both though had accepted Christ Jesus as their Savior, Lord, King and His Heavenly Father – God The Most High as their true and only God and had renounced Satan.  Both had been water baptized in swimming pools and were doing the best they could as fractured and dissociative spiritual and souls.  Both lived double lives.  Lives of Light and Darkness.  They were still in Satanism, yet operating spiritually behind enemy lines and getting many chosen children, women, teens, and adults saved and believing in Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior.  

All were special ones, fighting they best they could.  Their lives were on the altars for sacrifice many many times, yet God, The Most High always saved them and helped them out of the situation. Both of them and as many others are, still trapped in the life of Satanism, Witchcraft, Blood Sacrifice, Human Trafficking, Drugs, Murders, Rapes, Child Pornography, Adult Sex Industry, Spiritually attacking believers in Churches and so much more.

This poem was written after Isaac was saved and believed in Christ Jesus as The Son of The Living God and turned his spiritual heart to Him and to accept His Gift of Salvation and Love.  I, Pastor Deborah was honored and privileged to lead Isaac in prayer to accept Christ Jesus and renounce Satan.  In Amanda case, I had met her when she was only 14, on October 9, 1998 and lead her to and introduced her to Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior right before she was to turn 15 on October 27.  Both were loved beyond their comprehension and understanding, but loved they were by Pastor Deborah and The Most High God.


My People, We Will All Live


No Where Man, No Where Mind

In You Truth, No Where To Hide

Looking Out, Looking In

Looking Round, To Where You Have Been


Inside Out, Outside In

You Will Find, It’s All Unreal

We Can’t Talk, We Can’t Touch

We Can Feel, It’s All Too Much


We Will Wait For LOVE To HEAL us



No Where Man, No Where Man

In Your Truth, No Where To Hide

Looking Out, Looking In

Looking Round To Where You’ve Been


We Will Wait For LOVE to HEAL us



We Will See That LOVE, That LOVE IS HERE



I had this poem, this heart cry as a foundation stone in my life to help those from such abuse, and who were not free.


Then a letter came from the Heart of The loving Heavenly Father through Pastor Deborah to The Isaac’s and Amanda’s of the world and all those in the Kingdom of Darkness and who were without this Love That was Real and could Heal them.


You Have Been Found

Inspired By The Holy Spirit To Pastor Deborah


To Someone Who Has Been Crying Silently In The Dark


You Felt The Draw of Something You Knew Not,

You Listened To Words That You Could Not Understand

You Fought and Fought Against The Pull

And Still, You Were Drawn By Something and Someone You Knew Not


You Listened, You Watched, You Thought

And Then You Knew!

You Need What It Was That Was Drawing You,

Calling You and Speaking To You


And Reached For IT and IT FOUND You!


Now, You Know That You HAVE BEEN FOUND!


The Other Hand Is So Big

So Strong, So Warm, So Soft

And IT Has A VOICE Of A Mother


Your Heart Feels Safe Now

You Feel As A Child Again, Cuddled By A Loving Mother

You Feel The Touch Of LOVE Without Pain and Hurt

You Feel The Touch of Him Who LOVES You As You Are

You Like The Touch Of The Hands And The Words Of A Mother’s Heart

You Need The Hands To Hold You and The Words To Love You


Yes, Sweetie, You Have Been Found!   Yes, You Have Been Found!

Yes, Sweetie, You Have Been Found!   Yes, You Have Been Found!


Love To You Little Ones Crying Silently In The Dark

Your Heavenly Father, Christ Jesus and Pastor Deborah

Your New Spiritual Family


So, I began To Pray


Dear Father,

Your Word says that You Sent Your Beloved Son, Christ Jesus, the Living Word of Your Heart to go about doing good and setting captives free.

Your Word says that Jesus, The Body of Dirt came filled with the anointed Spiritual man, called the Christ, The King of Heaven, Your Son, Your Offspring 

To Heal The Sick

To Make The Lame To Walk

To Make The Deaf To Hear

To Make The Blind To See

To Make The Dumb To Speak

So, I ask that to Show Your Great Agape Love for these precious spiritual children and Your Great Power over Satan

That You would set CARRIE FREE!

Make The Lame To Walk

The Dumb To Speak

The Blinded Eyes To See

The Sick Well

The Deaf To Hear

So that she can go with her sisters and brother and Jesus to be free to RUN AND PLAY in the Freedom of Agape Love


CARRIE got up, spoke to us and got up off of the satanic rock, the altar and walked off with her two sisters and brother and they all went off to RUN AND PLAY with Christ Jesus and To Be Free for the first time in their lives!

What an evening this was in my kitchen, sitting at my kitchen table for God and Andrea.  Agape Love’s Power defeated a powerful and high Satanic demon and CARRIE WAS HEALED, DELIVERED AND SET FREE and all these little ones, all created parts/personalities of Andera under the direction of a satanic demon for it’s purpose of abuse and control were not no longer apart of Andrea’s deep spiritual life and soul and able to control and enslave Andrea’s heart’s desires to be free and run.  Agape Love and It’s Power over the Kingdom of Darkness and Satan was seen and on display for all to see.  Agape Love’s Power was in the spotlight and Reveled It’s Power and Love for all and the Power to Heal and Set free precious ones not the way of Psychology, The Way of The World.

The Next day, Andrea who was living with Pastor Deborah got up and stated to Pastor Deborah, me, 

That for the first time in her life she 


and off she went down the street 


God The Most High set this spiritual, emotional, mental and physical captive free in one little area of her deep spiritual heart and soul of her life.  God The Most High had proven that His way of Healing from a life of Satanic Ritual Abuse, Mind Programming, Dissociation and Control, and Abuse to Control could be Healed and Delivered in a way that was NOT OF THE WORLD OF PSYCHOLOGY AND MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING OR IT’S THERAPY, MEDICATIONS, HYPNOSIS, AND THE LONG YEARS OF COUNSELING.

God, The Most High wanted to spiritually show and demonstrate to all at the my kitchen table and the many many others who were spiritually watching that 

He Was Their Deliverer and Healer

And Their Healing would not be through PSYCHOLOGICAL WAYS and IT’S DEPROGRAMMING!

That they would be set free of the spiritual chains and controls of demons and Satan and the mind control from Satanic Ritual Abuse His Way, By The Power of His Agape Love.

He wanted all of them to see and believe He wanted to and He had the Power to set them deeply free and healed and they DID NOT HAVE A MENTAL/MEDICAL DISORDER OR DISEASE, but their problems were


And must be addressed in the spirit with The Heavenly Father who is a Spirit and His Words of Spirit and Life/His Son/The Christ and The Holy Spirit of Christ, The Spirit of The Son and Life.

Although Andrea was being set free by the power of The Most High God, her FEAR of punishment and death or of getting into trouble by her family, her friends, her Psychologist, but mostly by Satan caused her and I to become adversaries in the Soul, but mother and daughter in the spirit and she was ordered to leave living with me or she would be in serious serious trouble!

A wonderful spiritual person and it’s soul and physical body believing in this Christ Jesus and who had just experienced His Great Power of Deliverance and Healing, yet still under the control of Satan’s Matrix of Control through her many multi-personalities because of her ability to Dissociate through the gift from God’s who loved her Himself.  She was so spiritually fearful that she told me she had to move out.  She tried several times, but the other places never came through.

But eventually, Andera did move out.  On the last day she was living with me, she came to me in the spirit and said to me,

” That I truly loved her and seemed to be the only one that could help her, and she loved me so very much. But she was just too afraid to stay. “

I had learned to be ready 24/7 to be spiritually in communication with these precious precious spiritual persons and this day I was able to spiritually love on Andera and tell her I understood and I would be here for her.  I told her if anything happens, call me, and I will come and get her.

But God, The Most High still had His plans and He and i would have to intervene later in Andrea’s life and provide her with a wonderful and powerful RESCUE to free her from the demon clutches of her family, friends, and from her “so called Christian Psychologist” who had moved with her to another state and had impregnated her

( remember, Andera was a high Satanic Queen and was to be prepared to take the Throne for the first one had been extremely saved and had become a traitor to Satan, and that was Amanda.  Both Andera and Amanda were children of The Great High Priest and King of His Clan, The Black Forest Clan of Germany, Isaac and both girls were to marry Isaac and have children with him.  Incest was the way to keep the DNA and the spiritual and physical blood lines pure and in the same family.  )

This ” so called Licensed Christian Psychologist” was married and had children, but he was also a ” multi-generational Satanist” hiding in the plain sight and was used to help those who were seeking healing from abuse of any kind.  He was to re-program their many multi-personalities and keep the deep Satanic secrets of their abuse and life, hidden deeply away from them and locked in many different places in their system of altars and to threaten the Satanic ones and keep the programming strong and in place.


What powerful spiritual lessons I was learning and fast, deep and strong spiritual growth and maturity was taking place.  I was growing up in spiritual Revelations and Knowledge and partnering with the Most High God so He could reveal Himself to so many in the great darkness of multi-generational Satanism and the world of the Occult.

I was learning the real meaning of the Words of Spirit and Life of

” For we wrestle/fight NOT AGAINST flesh and blood, but AGAINST Principalities, AGAINST Powers, AGAINST the Rulers of the DARKNESS/IGNORANCE of this world, AGAINST the spiritual WICKEDNESS in high places”

Ephesians 6 : 12

Authorized King James Version

God The Most High had to spiritually continue to remind me of His Words of Spirit and Life so that my focus would always be in the spiritual realm and not on the physical even though Satan uses the physical to reach the spiritual.

 This so-called Christian Psychologist went on and continued to “treat in therapy” Andrea who was truly spiritually born again into Christ Jesus and His Heavenly Father and wanted freedom.  Then, the “Psychologist” crossed and violated his professional code of ethics and conduct with a client and patient and had sex with and impregnated Andera.

Andrea got in touch me with spiritually about this and wanted help.  So, I had always had a group of multi-generational Satanist who also were my spiritual children, and who had chosen to stay in the life to help others and they become as special operational soldiers.  These precious boys I called them, but who were really men would always volunteer to HELP AND RESUCE others, especially children and women who needed their SPECIAL SET OF SKILLS AND ABILITIES.  These were trusted by God Himself and chosen to be HIS BOYS of Rescue for others.

All were my spiritual children and were always spiritually near me if I needed them.  God had chosen them Himself and yet it seemed so strange over there for THOSE WHO SEEMED TO STILL BE IN, TO BE HELPING OTHERS OUT!

So, off they went to another state by car and they didn’t even need earthly GPS to find Andrea, they used their own Spiritual GPS system to find her.  Then they got her out of the city and began the drive back to Pensacola.  Who were they you may ask, J.L. – a almost retired Great High Priest of the Black Forest Clan who I had met years ago ( J.L. was short for Joshua Luke ) he was a former Tattoo Artist, and Shemus, A wonderful man who was of Arabia descendent and life long partner of J.L. who I also meet many times in person;  and Victor an American Indian and Mafia gang member and a High Priest from Florida who was brave enough to show himself to me at church and allow me to pray for him, and then there was Isaac.  Yes, Isaac, the Great High Priest of The Black Forest Clan and one of my spiritual children.  Isaac was a powerful and wonderful spiritual person who I had been honored to lead in prayer to believe in Christ Jesus and who was Andera’s biological father and Amanda’s.

Young Men who were trusted to help RESCUE others for The Heavenly Father and me.

So, off they went on a RESCUE MISSION OF EXTRACTION.  On the trip back to Pensacola, Andrea began having a miscarriage in the car of the baby of the Psychologist.  Angels were also sent and traveled with the Boys and they took the young developing baby into their arms and took it back to The Heavenly Father.  Not even this still developing life, a precious spiritual being would be lost to It’s Heavenly Father who loved it.  The Trusted Angels of God Himself took care of this little one for Him.

Andrea was brought back to Pensacola and would go and live with one of the men and his wife.  I was always in spiritual connection to all of them and knew what was happening at all times.  God The Most High would have His spiritual Victory and Satan’s plans were stopped and he lost a “satanic breeder and a Queen”

The so-called Christian Psychologist’s evil deeds were exposed, but not by me but by others and he was dealt with professionally by his professional licensing board” for Psychologist and the law of man and will face the Judge of The Universe and answer for his “spiritual and physical ” deeds done against a child of the Heavenly Father.  

I have learned to trust God, The Most High and to spiritually BATTLE against Satan and his demons and even his army of human spirits.  I always pray that God, The Judge of The Universe will have great mercy on the human spirits saved or unsaved who serve Satan out of fear of punishment, death or abuse.

I leave the spiritual Judgement up to God as to the spiritual conditions of their hearts/minds,

but Satan and his demons




And I as a spiritual Son of God myself, Pastor Deborah,

A King of The Kingdom of Heaven,

A Solder in a spiritual battle,

One with the Mind of Christ


who has been given the KEYS TO HELL, DEATH AND THE GRAVE

I still go spiritually and fight and do battle behind enemy lines, into the Kingdom of Darkness

I go to






For God has spiritually taught me, Pastor Deborah, if I DO NOT GO AND BIND Satan, He CAN NOT, and if I DO NOT LOOSE the spiritual captives, He CAN NOT, If I DO NOT TAKE UP His POWER AND AUTHORITY of His Name, His Image and Likeness, His Christ  His HANDS ARE TIED/BOUND and if I as an spiritual OFFICIAL Spiritual King of The Kingdom of Heaven DO NOT GO AND REACH OUT, REACH OUT TO RESCUE, TO PROTECT the precious ones trapped in the Kingdom of Darkness and who are spiritually weak and fearful and set them free,


I learned that God The Most High and I, Pastor Deborah MUST BE ONE in spiritual Heart and Mind as He and His Son, Christ Jesus was nd still are.  We MUST WORK spiritually AS ONE, TOGETHER through the Holy Spirit of God/The Very Finger of God Himself and The Spirit of His Words of Life in my deep spiritual heart so that Satan and his demons and their plans here on earth are spiritually defeated time and time again and precious spiritual children living trapped in the Kingdom of Darkness/Ignorance are heard in their silent cries for help and are set free and Isaiah 61 and 62 are spiritually fulfilled in their spiritual lives and God’s Heart’s Desires are done on earth as they are done in Heaven and Joy fills the lands of all with Love, Joy and Peace.

Do You See Them?

Do You Hear Them?

Do You Hear Their Silent Cries?

Do You See Their Precious Hands In The Darkness?

Do You?

He Does, He Is Reaching Out To All In Agape Love.
































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