Friday, February 28, 2020

Lions, Fire, Spears & Arrows





Psalm 57 : 4 – 6

Authorized King James Version

King David Speaking To Us From Out Of Eternity


Verse 4     My Soul Is Among Lions

And I Lie Even Among Them That Set One Fire

Even The Sons Of Men

Whose Teeth Are Spears And Arrows

And Their Tongue A Sharp Sword


Verse 5   Be You Spiritually Exalted, O God Above The Heavens;

Let Your Spiritual Glory Be Above All The Earth


Verse 6  They have Spiritually Prepared A Spiritual Net For My Steps;

My Soul Is Spiritually Bowed Down;

They Have Spiritually Dug A Spiritual Pit Before Me,

Into The Spiritual Midst Whereof They Are Spiritually Fallen Themselves


King David Cried Too!


Psalm 55 :  1 – 8

Authorized King James Version

Verse 1  Give Ear To My Prayer, O God;

And Spiritually Hide Not Yourself From My Spiritual Supplication


Verse 2  Spiritually Attend Unto Me,

And Spiritually Hear Me:

I Spiritually Mourn In My Spiritual Complaint,

And Make A Spiritual Noise:


Verse 3  Because Of The Spiritual Voice Of The Spiritual Enemy, Because OF The Spiritual Oppression Of The Spiritually Wicked:

For They Spiritually Cast Iniquity Upon Me, And In Spiritual Wrath They Spiritually Hate Me


Verse 4  My Spiritual Heart/Soul Is Spiritually Sore Pained Within Me;  And The Spiritual Terrors Of Spiritual Death Are Fallen Spiritually Upon Me


Verse 5   Spiritual Fearfulness And Spiritual Trembling Are Spiritually Come Upon Me;

And Spiritual Horror Has Spiritually Overwhelmed Me


Verse 6   And I Spiritually Said, Oh That I Had Spiritual Wings Like A Dove! 

For Then Would I Spiritually Fly Away,

And Be At Spiritual Rest


Verse 7  Lo, Then Spiritually Would I Spiritually Wander Far Off,

And Spiritually Remain In The Spiritual Wilderness.  Selah


Verse 8   I Would Spiritually Hasten My Spiritual Escape From The Spiritually Windy Spiritual Storm And Tempest!






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