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I’m So Lonely!




Once again, it was spiritual learning time for me, Pastor Deborah.  Please know that I was being spiritually taught powerful spiritual revelations by The Holy Spirit, The Spirit of Truth.  Through Candy, a precious young mother of 3 children who all had grown up in a life of multi-generational Satanism and Satanic Ritual Abuse, The Most High God was spiritually teaching me many many spiritual Truths that I would need to spiritually assist Him in spiritually reaching the ” hearts and minds of spiritual children of the Kingdom of Darkness/the Night/The Great Kingdom of Ignorance” and spiritually bring His great spiritual gift of 

Agape Love

To them even in their deep satanic trances or spiritually hid so deep in spiritual prisons held with chains infused by demons in their spiritual hearts/minds from the fear of death and abuse.  Totally controlled in spirit, soul and physical body.  Total Slaves of Satan and demons.  Totally spiritually mind programmed and controlled only for the demonic use by Satan and his demons to rule the creations, the human spirits of God, and to control by their Kingdom/Government all of earth and it’s resources, it’s creatures, it’s weather, it’s governments, it’s plans for domination.

As always, on this day before I and this young mother, Candy would talk on the phone who had become saved and born – again and become The Heavenly Father’s and mine spiritual child, I would be prayerfully seeking The Heavenly Father’s direction for that night of deliverance and freedom of this precious spiritual heart’s territory.


The Holy Spirit was always directing me at the spiritual leading of The Most High God in order to spiritually free more of this spiritual territory/this spiritual heart and mind and spiritual body and it’s former relationship to Satan and his demons.

Candy’s spiritual life and physical life was one of generations of being owned and possessed by demons, taught and in deep intimate spiritual relationships with both Satan as Father, Lord, Master, King and Source and demons as her true spiritual family.

Spiritual deliverance and freedom was always the heart of The Heavenly Father for all of newly born again spiritual children especially ones such as Candy had been.  Remember, as always, Candy and I were being watched as The Power of Agape Love was at work to set a spirit free.

Candy’s spirit needed much deliverance and freedom and this night was going to be one that brought great freedom for the spirit and great revelations to me, and great pains and loss to Satan and his demons.


This night, Candy’s life would forever change and so would mine.  So, from my time in prayer and relationship with The Heart of The Heavenly Father, direction was given by a word.


Day by day, areas of Candy’s spiritual heart and it’s body were being spiritually set free from Satan’s spiritual captivity and bondage.  Candy’s spiritual needed so much freedom and deliverance and then healing from her life as a multi-generational Satanist and her total spiritual, mental, emotional and physical slavery and control of Satan and his demons.

This day was spiritually going to be ONE of great spiritual revelations to me and much spiritual freedom for Candy’s spirit, a new spiritual Child of The Heavenly Father

This precious spiritual child was never forth coming with much ” spiritual information ” about herself or her family.  We would talk about much, but I had to always be spiritually given the ” hidden spiritual truth and knowledge ” through The Holy Spirit of Truth and His spiritual gift of 

Discerning of Spirits

Words of Knowledge

Words of Wisdom

I had to always be spiritually ahead of my spiritual children, so I would know where The Most High wanted to go that day or night, in person, or on the phone or in the spirit.

I had to know what The Most High God wanted to do each time for their spiritual deliverance, freedom and healing.

So many others spiritually depended on me being 100% obedient to The Voice of God The Most High in my life and to know His Voice above all others and to trust Him in is Ways of deliverance, freedom and healing.

So on this day, The Most High God spiritually revealed to me a great spiritual mystery unknown to me even though I had read and studied many, many sermons and books on demons and Satan.

The Lord Most High God spiritually revealed to me that the ” spiritual creation born in sin and shaped by iniquity” from the moment of conception in the womb or even in petri dish was 

Totally spiritually unaware/ignorant/in spiritual darkness/not having the Truth of Life that they ” a spiritual creation was loved by a loving Heavenly Father, God The Most High!”

For a spiritual child of the devil, a child of Satan, and darkness/ignorance their

Sperms and eggs of the physical body of the male and the female and the soul and it’s spirit BELONGED to Satan and his demons!

In ritual satanic sex or sex outside of God’s Holy marriage, the devil claims for himself

Since the days of the Garden and Disobedience, all the sperms, the eggs, the physical bodies, the soul and the spirit as his children!!

And of course, the spiritually darkened human spirit that comes into the physical dirt body in the womb at the moment of conception and then into the world outside of the womb as his possession/property/child.  These spiritual children of the satanic darkness are conceived by Satan or his demons in sin and then shaped by iniquity. Those born into a life an family of MULTI-GENERATIONAL SATANISM are purposefully spiritually and biologically breed to His perfect design for pure spirits of Sin and Disobedience, Born spiritually in the womb with powerful demonic spirits inside and waiting to be the light and power and spiritual parent and family of the spirit.

These children of the satanic darkness are conceived by Satan and his demons but of course you know that Satan and his demons cannot re-produce the physical body or bring the spirit into the newly conceived egg and sperm.  This process was the ruled by the law of God that was established in the beginning of time, the beginning of man itself on earth.  So, Satan and his demons would have to manifest as a human or an animal and then they would have to be inside of a physical dirt body to produce an human.  A human was a spirit called man inside a dirt body called hu/humus/dirt. 


Satan and his demons had to deceive humanity that they were demons themselves and his children. Through Deception, Ignorance and the Ancient Laws of God Himself of Image and Likeness, Of Creation, Satan knew the law of Creation and How to have a family of humans/spiritual children in dirt bodies.

So, Satan to accomplish this highly deception that was built on Sin and Iniquity, on Spiritual Death and Image and Likeness, Satan or his demons to enter into the sperm and eggs, into the newly conceived child, the ancient law of spiritual Death had to be active.  From the ancient days of The Garden, All humanity fell into darkness of sin and death to God and their Godly spiritual Image and Likeness was changed, perverted to Satan’s of an Adversary to God, Dead To God’s Glory and Love, Created in Sin/Rebellion and Shaped by Iniquity/ Perversion of all that was originally perfect and full of glory and beauty.

Through these great ancient laws of creation of Image and Likeness and family, Satan took them for himself and set about creating his own spiritual children and their family for them.

We even read about the ancient myths of a woman having spiritual sex and being conceived by a God, Zeus and creating a child of a God!

Ancient Laws of Creation at work in darkness and yet, the truth spiritually.

Children born of conception of a God, special children, Leaders, Kings and more powerful than others.  Children born of the gods, Satan took this Ancient Pattern for himself and created his own children and their families.  These “spiritual and physical children and their souls” are claimed, raised, parented, possessed by Satan and hid demons and become

Satan’s Spiritual Inheritance

Satan’s Children

Satan’s Family 

One In Satan

One In Satan’s Purposes on Earth, The Place of His Kingdom of Darkness

One In Satan’s Ways of Control, Kingship, Leadership, Rulership

One in Satanic Darkness/Ignorance, Out of the Glory and Presence of God The Most High

One is Satanic Spirit, Intimacy, and Mind

One in Voice, Message, Ideas, Concepts, Thoughts and Deceptions

One in the Idea that All are His, His Possessions, His Children and One Family!

Because The Most High God desired to have a “spiritual family” so would Satan!

Spiritual children made in his Image and after his Likeness and who would call him







Satan knows the Ancient Ways of God, The Most High, His patterns for he had been apart of them, knew them well, and lived with and in e them and they were the BEST!  So, now here on the earth where he was cast down to  to live in and being kicked out of The Kingdom of Heaven, he took the patterns for himself for they were the best and he would have nothing less than the best for himself and his own heart’s desires.  If he could not have them in The Kingdom of Heaven, he would build them in his Kingdom of Darkness on earth so to fulfill his deep desires of his heart, his 5 I wills found in 

Isaiah 14 : 12 – 14

Authorized King James Version

Verse 12   How are you fallen from Heaven, O’Lucifer, son of the morning/offspring of the first age, offspring of the beginning!  How are you cut down to the ground, which did weaken the nations/people!

Verse 13  For you had said in your heart/mind,

I will ascend into Heaven

I will exalt My Throne above the Stars of God

I will sit also upon the Mount of the Congregation. In the sides of the North

Verse 14  I will ascend/rise above the heights of the clouds;

I will be like The Most High

Satan would have nothing less than what The Most High God Had!

s won

A family of spiritual children he ” spiritually created ” and who were made in his Image and Likeness

Through out this wonderful ministry with those in multi-generational Satanism and all other children of the darkness, one word/theme that always ran through their conversations

The Family!


I had always heard about ” The Family!”

The Family Won’t let me

The Family Wouldn’t like it

The Family is All I Have

The Family Has Been there with me and for me all my life


The FAMILY I always thought they were talking about in my spiritual ignorance  was the

Physical Family, The Biological Family


 their biological parents, sisters, brothers, children, grandparents, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews!

The children of The Darkness/Ignorance NEVER EXPLAINED what they meant by


And they NEVER LED me to believe my thinking was wrong.  So for many years, I believed they were talking about was their

Biological Physical Family!

But I would SPIRITUALLY learn the ” Real meaning of the words”

The Family !

By the Spirit of Truth, my spiritual Teacher, The Holy Spirit of The Most High God, on this special day in the “freedom” of this precious young mother of 3 beautiful children who had also recently accepted Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord which struck a mighty blow to Satan and yet there was more in store for Satan.

As usual, The Most High God spoke to me through The Voice of The Holy Spirit, The Spirit of Truth and gave me the spiritual

knowledge of a spiritually hidden mystery about


of the children of the Kingdom of Darkness

The Holy Spirit spiritually revealed to me that when a child of the Darkness speaks of 

The Family




What a spiritual TRUTH had been revealed to me.  The spiritual children of the Kingdom of Darkness/Ignorance, God’s Lost Spiritual children to Himself and The Kingdom of Heaven and who did not know of His Agape Love for them in His Heart and mine, Pastor Deborah.

Spiritual children, Candy and her 3 children

Only knew Satan as Father and demons as their Family

A spiritual Demonic Family, NOT the biological one!

Yes, this is all the precious spiritual children knew, experienced, were told was the truth and shown.  Satan and demons spirits were their  only REAL FAMILY and Satan was THEIR FATHER!

Now I spiritually understood so much more about this topic than I had ever known was possible.  God The Most High was spiritually revealing to me a hidden powerful spiritual Truth that most of humanity, and especially Christians DO NOT KNOW ABOUT.

The spiritual children of The Kingdom of Darkness/Ignorance BELIEVE themselves spiritually to be

Demons themselves and so too their own children


Physical bodies of their biological parents, grandparents, and of their own children themselves meant absolutely NOTHING but only the SPIRIT inside was the REAL FAMILY and all the spiritual children of The Kingdom of Darkness could see spiritually, interact with each other spiritually, talk with, have spiritual and physical sex, move into and out of any physical dirt body or other spirit and were raised, abused, and controlled by Satan and his demons.

The physical body of dirt was ONLY the “legal vessel/container” for a spirit being to rule and reign on earth from the realm of the unseen, the realm of the spirit as was declared in Genesis 1 : 26 – 28 and Genesis 2 : 7 – 8 as decreed by God, The Most High himself.

Genesis 1 : 26 – 28

Authorized King James Version

Verse 26   And God said, ” Let US/All of me, the Father and The Mother, and Through My Word, And My Spirit” MAKE/CREATE man/our spiritual child/offspring/inheritance IN OUR IMAGE, AFTER OUR LIKENESS/A God Himself of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Realm of The Eternal and LET THEM HAVE DOMINION over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.

Verse 27   So God CREATED man/his spiritual son/offspring/child/inheritance/family in His own Heart of His OWN IMAGE AND AFTER HIS LIKENESS, a conception was occurring inside the deep womb of God, The Mother of Eternal Likeness of Agape Love Itself, for God is Love, he him, male and female created He them.

1 John 4 : 16

Authorized King James Version

Verse 16  And we have known and believed The Love of God has to us.  GOD IS LOVE;  and he that dwells/lives/thinks/acts/is newly conceived in LOVE, DWELLS IN GOD, and GOD in him.


1 Corinthians 13 :  4 – 13

Authorized King James Version

Verse 4   Agape Love spiritually SUFFERS LONG

Agape Love is spiritually KIND Agape Love spiritually ENVIES NOT




Agape Love spiritually SEEKS NOT HER OWN WAY


Agape Love spiritually THINKS NO EVIL








The Sperm of God, The Father, The Image of God Himself – A God, A King, One with Dominion and Authority penetrated the Egg of His Likeness, Agape Love Itself and the conception of MAN, AN OFFSPRING, A CHILD was being formed inside of the very WOMB OF GOD until all was complete inside the womb and on earth where the child was to be breathed into the clothes of dirt/earth The realm of the earth/the ground/a land outside of the Heavenly Kingdom of Heaven,

yet the child would be from Heaven, but not born/birthed in Heaven, but in another land to Rule and Reign this new land for their Father and The Kingdom of Heaven so that they too would be

Kings as their Father was.

Back To Genesis 1 : 28

Verse 28   And God BLESSED THEM, and God said unto them, ” Be Fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and HAVE DOMINION over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.”

Genesis 2 :  7 – 8

Verse  7  And The Lord God FORMED MAN/THE OUTER SUIT OF DIRT/THE COVERING FOR THE SPIRIT TO COME/THE PHYSICAL BODY AS IN THE WOMB of the DUST/DIRT of the ground/earth, and BREATHED into his nostrils THE BREATH OF LIFE/Spiritual man was now birthed into it’s physical body and alive to it’s surroundings as a new born baby is and MAN/THE SPIRITUAL CREATION OF GOD became a living/alive/filled with The Life for the Dirt/ground/the earth covering and man/the spiritual creation became a living soul/aware of itself/aware of it’s surroundings, able to respond now from the womb, conception is complete in the womb of God.

The Life of the Flesh is dependent on the connection of the Spiritual Man and It’s Physical Body.  For when the Spiritual Man is spiritually cut by death, the it leaves as the scripture says.

Ecclesiastes 12 : 6 – 7

King James Version

Verse 6  Or ever the SILVER CORD be loosed, or the GOLDEN BOWL be Broken, or THE PITCHER be broken at the FOUNTAIN, or The WHEEL BROKEN at the Cistern

These are spiritual references to the CONNECTION of Spirit and Physical Body

Verse 7  Then SHALL the Dust/the Body of Dirt/The Earth Covering of the Spirit RETURN to the earth as it was:  and the SPIRIT SHALL RETURN unto GOD who GAVE IT.

Genesis 2 : 8

Verse 8   And The Lord God planted a Garden eastward in Eden ( The Pleasure and Delight of God Himself );  and there He put/birthed the man out of His womb whom He had formed/the spirit inside the dirt body of the ground.


Satan  and his demon spirits were not created  with ” a physical body/covering/suit” of earth to live in on the earth and God had only created “spiritual man inside a dirt/connection by a sliver cord” to be ruler and king on earth.  So, Satan and his demons had to get inside the dirt vessels to rule and reign on earth from their Kingdom of Darkness for Satan.  Satan’s demons and Satan himself desire to be the Guiding Spirit, The Spiritual Teacher, The Spiritual Judge, The Spiritual Father, The Spiritual Truth to these precious, fallen, sunken, and former spiritual Image and Likeness of The Creator of all things as The Holy Spirit of God Himself was to be.

So on this day of Spiritual Truth revealed to me, Pastor Deborah, God The Most High had a plan set spiritually set this precious new spiritual child of His free of her “satanic demonic family”


God The Most High, Candy’s new spiritual Father, Lord, Master, King was also going to set her 3 children free as well.  I did not reveal this new Spiritual Truth to anyone and held it in confidence until God gave me the orders to

Cast Out her demonic family of demons into the abyss!

Well, as usual, Candy called me in the evening after the children were in bed and asleep and we started talking.  I asked her how her 

Family Was!

Knowing all along what I was going to do to “her family”.  She said they were fine!  Then I began the 



I asked her

Which FAMILY did she mean, her physical or spiritual?

She was completely caught off guard!

proceeded by BINDING the spiritual demon family according to Matthew 18 : 18 

Matthew 18 : 18

Authorized King James Version

Verse 18  Christ Jesus Speaking himself,  

”   Truly I say unto you, Whatsoever ( all demons are a what so ever ) you ( Pastor Deborah ) BIND/TIE UP/FORBID TO CONTINUE OPERATING/STOP THE ACTION/UP on earth shall be BOUND/TIED UP/FORBIDDEN TO OPERATE in Heaven/in the realm of the Eternal Kingdom/The realm of the spirit….



and Whatsoever you ( Pastor Deborah ) LOOSE/SET FREE/UNBOUND/UNTIE on earth SHALL be LOOSED in Heaven, the realm of the eternal realm of the Spirit.”


and asking The Lord Most High to make them

Deaf and Blind

So they could NOT HEAR OR SEE me and so He did!

I asked Candy what she saw when she looked at her children?  She said they were just SMALL DEMONS to her spiritually

and she and Satan had conceived/created/made them in ” satanic rituals” and they they belonged to him.

Well, I said it was time for her and her children to get a “new spiritual family”

( even though they already did, God The Most High, and all his spiritual children and even Pastor Deborah, but Satan’s family had not yet been CAST OUT OF HER SPIRITUAL LIFE as such )

and to show her the Spiritual Truth of who she really was now as a Spiritual Child of God and Jesus Christ and who her children really are now of The Heavenly Father, and heirs of The Kingdom of Heaven and who all her new spiritual family were.

Candy became very afraid, but I spiritually proceeded.  The Most High God was going to show her and all who were spiritually watching, all unsaved, unborn again human spirits of the Kingdom of Darkness, all demons, Satan himself and all others who were watching this powerful spiritual truth demonstrated by the Power of The Holy Spirit, The Power of Agape Love and the Power of a spiritual King of The Kingdom of Heaven, Pastor Deborah this night.

Agape Love’s Power and Great Love of This Heavenly Father’s Heart for all humanity was going to be seen and demonstrated.

So I Prayed,

Dear Father,

In The Name of Christ Jesus, your only begotten Son, I ask that You Cast away from these precious spiritual children of Yours and mine, the demon spirits called THE FAMILY and spiritually replace them with Your spiritual FAMILY.

Set these spiritual captives FREE of Satan and his demons

In The Name of Christ Jesus



Candy cried and cried.  She had


Who masqueraded as ” human ” to her spiritually to deceive her but her the real her, the spiritual child, Candy, knew what had spiritually happened and she was in Christ Jesus on the cross when He said

“My God, My God why have you forsaken me?”

Matthew 27 : 4

Authorized King James Version

Total spiritual separation from the Father

Loneliness of an unknown and one of enormous magnitude

Now I told Candy about her new ” spiritual family ” and that her children were not demon children, but spiritually brand new spiritual children of God The Most High and so was she.

I had her look with her spiritual eyes at her children and what she saw brought her to tears.  She could now see her children as God The Most High sees them and she now could spiritually bond with the ” spiritual family ” of God, The Heavenly Father, her fellow believers in Christ Jesus around the world as her 


and she would NO LONGER have “the demon spirits” she knew as “the family” around her anymore!

Well the next day on the phone I asked Candy how she was doing without the ” demon spirits” known to her as ” her family” and she said

I’m So Lonely

I told her that was to be spiritually expected.  I told her that The Most High God had spiritually revealed to me this ” hidden spiritual knowledge” and it was Him that wanted her spiritually free from ” the family of the Darkness, demons and Satan” so she would be spiritually free to come to know Him as her REAL spiritual FATHER and all of His spiritual family as hers.

She spiritually understood but she was so

Spiritually Lonely for her lost/cast out spiritual family of demons

And yet she knew spiritually IT had to be done for her FREEDOM and for her children’s as well.

This precious young mother of 3 children had “spiritually grown up with demons” in her spirit and coming through the physical bodies and spirits of other humans and she spiritually related to the demons as 


All her orders, punishments, abuse, marriages, conceptions, rituals, friends all were with and by demons as FAMILY and rulers/masters/lords/kings/guardians/husbands over her

Satan would have his spiritual children, his spiritual family MADE IN HIS IMAGE, AFTER HIS LIKENESS just as The Most High God had wanted and desired even if Satan had to lie, deceive cheat, abuse, conceal, a ” spiritual heart/mind” in the Darkness/ignorance of the fall into the Flesh of the Soul from the ancient days of the Garden when He spoke to the woman to disobey the Commandment of God of EATING FROM THE TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL.  

Satan would have a family, children and he would be Their Father and his demons would be their family.  Satan had to have his spiritual slaves/his children he created in his Image and After His Likeness so that they would see him and his demons as their FAMILY and each other as DEMONS AND THEIR CHILDREN AS DEMONS – A FAMILY OF DEMONS FROM SATAN himself as the FATHER AND MOTHER, THE SOURCE, THE CREATOR OF THEM ALL, HIS FAMILY.

But on this day, Satan lost a great victory of Deception, Control, Possession and a Powerful Lie was Exposed.  Satanic deception, a spell of /bewitchment/illusion was 

Broken, Destroyed


Brought Into The Light of Truth

And spiritual hearts/minds of many were changed forever and The Most High God had His Heart’s Desire,

His Family of Re-Created In His Image, And After His Likeness

His Spiritual Children Seeing Themselves, Others and Him With A Spiritual Heart and It’s Eyes of Light and Truth

Now The Heavenly Father’s heart was so happy and His Joy was over flowing into the lives of these 4 precious new spiritual creations of his Agape Love and Sacrifice of His Own Words/His Offspring/Himself on a cross, Candy and her children.  Many others who were spiritually watching saw The Kingdom of Heaven demonstrate Itself and It’s Power over Satan and his demons that made many others to accept this unknown God as their Father, Lord, Master, King and God.

  So Through a powerful deliverance of Candy’s spiritual life and freeing it of the DEMONIC FAMILY she had only known as THE FAMILY since conception and birth, many others believed in This God and desired Him as their New Father and Family

And so that is the true story of how the spirit needs freedom from it’s demonic FAMILY and see it’s self and others as new spiritual beings made in the IMAGE AND AFTER THE LIKENESS of The Heavenly God, The Loving Heavenly Father of The Kingdom of Heaven.

Agape Love had won a great battle for It’s Family

Agape Love Poured Out It’s Power and Children Were Set Free of Darkness/Ignorance

Agape Love Set Captives Free of Satan’s Slavery 










































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