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I’ll Bear Your Burden & Pain As Jesus Did For Me



This Story Will Be A Sad Story, But One Spiritually Full Of The Powerful And Loving Agape Love For A Spiriutal Child Of The Heavenly Father And Pastor Deborah’s, A Neighbor, One Of The Least Of The King Of Heaven’s Spiritual Brethren Who Is A Precious Spiritual Child/A Lamb In The Spiriutal Sight Of His Heavenly Father.  


This Story Is About A 13 year old Precious, Precious Young boy Who Has Physically, Mentally, Sexually And Spiritually Grown Up Since The Age Of 6 months old in Child Pornography, Sex Trafficking and Homosexuality.  I have Never Met This Young Boy Personally, I talked to him on the phone and in the spirit and through others.  I Do Have Some Pictures Of Him That Was Sent To Me Of Himself.  I Never Know Where He Is or where He Is calling From, But He stays In Contact, Even When He Is Out Of The United States.


This Precious young boy was given/rather SOLD by his mother, who is dead now, to a Satanic High Priest to be a Sex Slave In the World of Child Pornography Industry and as a Sexual and physical companion to a young boy who was a Satanic High Priest’s Son Who Would Grow Up and Rule The Clan, The Black Forest Clan Out Of London, England. This Son of A Very High Ranking High Priest Sat in the #3 Seat of the International Council of The Illuminati Of The 13 Families of Multi-Generational Satanism That Ruled The World Events Spiritually In The Unseen Realm of The Kingdom of Darkness. 

This Precious young boy was never allowed to be out in society or in school.  No Love Except from his Companion who Became His Mother and Father & Protector to him.  Then The Companion and this young boy became sexual partners/lovers, both trying so hard to be genuinely loved and to love.


This Precious young child was used in child pornography all his life, even with dogs!  He through the Wonderful Gift From The Heavenly Father Himself, Of Disassociation /Separating Others to Survive/To Building A Wall Of Amnesia, This Breaking or Fracturing of the Deep Sub-Conscious Heart/Mind of a Human Into Other Identities/The Ability To Create Through One’s Imagination Another Person That Is Abuse and That Is Able To Escape The Fear Of Death, The Abuse of Love Enables One To Survive The Event, Wall Of The Shame & Guilt, Block The Anger And Pain, Somehow Ignore The Rejection And the Defilement Followed By The Loneliness of One’s Life.

This Precious Child Knew Only Sex and Abuse For Love, Pain And Loneliness For Love, Spiritual Evil Spirits From All Those who Violated Him and Used Him for Pleasure.  Through This Marvelous Gift, This Little One Could Escape Into His Own Safe Places, Created Worlds or Go Into Deep Sleeps.  

Such Emptiness And Such Abuse. 

He Became A Sex Slave To The High Priest Himself and Many Others.  to Survive The Pain And This Life, He Turned To Heroin and Other Powerful Drugs.  Living On Heroin to NUMB the Pain, Escaping The Best He Knew How To Escape The Abuse and All That Came With It, Including The Fear Of Death.

Living, Yet Dead.  Many Living In One Body, One Having To Live As Many!

Living, Yet spiritually Dead/Oppressed!

Living, But A Sex Slave, A Captive, Never Free!!!

Living Without True Spiritual Agape Love & Desiring To Love

Desiring To Be Loved, But Having NO HOPE Of Ever Getting It Or Even Some Kind Of Normal Life


Always Living In A Big House, Paid For By The Satanic High Priest With Many Others In A Big City

A Life Of Nothing!!!  No One That Really Loved Him!!

Only Sex & Heroin & Video Games & More Sex!!!!

But Every Few Years, He Would Come Back Into My/Pastors Life And The Heavenly Father And I Speak Words Of Agape Love And Would Speak Words of Life & Truth To Him.

First, The Heavenly Father Delivered Him INSTANTANEOUSLY of The Drug Addiction To Heroin Through A Spiritual Trip To The Throne Of Grace, The Throne Of Agape Love In The Kingdom of Heaven Itself By The Heavenly Father. 

That Is Sort Of The Background And History Of This Previous Young Boy, 

Now, The Story.


Well. The Man Who Was Keeping This young Boy As A SEX SLAVE For Himself And Others Came One Night And In The Garage Of This House In A Big City In The United States, Somewhere In Houston, Texas For I Never Know Nor Ask For Details To Where He Was Currently Living And

Violently Sodomized/Raped This Precious Young Boy With A Steel Rod!

I Found Out And Told The Others In The House Who Got On The Phone To Call The Police And They Did. He Was Taken To The Hospital’s Emergency Room For Treatment.

The Police Were Called And The Cameras In The Garage Showed The MAN SODOMIZING THE YOUNG BOY! THE CRIMINAL ACT Was On Tape and The Perpetrator Was A Close Family Member, The Satanic High Priest, A King Of An High Illuminati Family, The Black Forest Clan Out Of Germany.


So Surgery Was Required, A Hospital Stay And Pain Medication.

During This Part Of The Treatment And His Recovery For This Young Boy, The Fear Of Death And The Pain Were So UNBEARABLE For Him That Another One Of My/Pastor’s Spiritual Children Who Also Was A Satanic High Priest, An Member Of The Mafia, An American Indian, A Trusted Man Of God STEPPED Into The Boy’s Physical Body And Went Through The Surgery For The Young One.  The Pain During The Recovery At The Hospital, and The Pain Medication.  I know This May Sound UNREAL To Many Of The Readers, But To These Precious People It Is Spiritually NORMAL.


Then Upon Returning Home, This Precious Young Boy of 13 Years Of Age Was In So Much pain In His Rectum and Colon And He Didn’t Want To Take The Pain Medication Because He Didn’t Want To Get Addicted Again.

Remember, I Already Told You Of This Fact And That The Heavenly Father Had Spiritually Delivered Him, But I Didn’t Tell All The Details, But Now I Will So You Will Spiritually Understand The Story Better And The Great Power Of Agape Love.


You See, This Precious Young Boy Of 13 Years Of Age Had Been Physically, Mentally And Spiritually Addicted To Heroin For Most Of His Young Life.  But God The Heavenly Father Wanted Him Free And He Was Going To Do It To Show The Power Of His Agape Love He Had For Him So Others Could See This Unknown Love Demonstrated And Desire It And The Spiritual Freedom It Freely Offered.

And The Heavenly Father Wanted To Deliver This Precious Spiritual Child Of This Addiction To Heroin So He Could Show The Young Boy Another Way To Get The Peace He Was Spiritually, Mentally And Physically Looking For In Heroin.

He Would Learn About The Wonderful Spiritual Presence Of The Heavenly Father’s Glory Blanket Which Is Another Story.

The Heavenly Father Desired To Show This Young Boy And Many, Many Others The Peace Of God That They Can Become Spiritually Addicted As Pastor Was, For I Told Them I Too Was An ADDICT And My Drug Of Choice Was THE WONDERFUL PEACEFUL PRESENCE OF AGAPE LOVE, The Heavenly Father Himself, THE GLORY OF THE LORD.

I Told Him And Many Others, This Spiritual Drug Would Be Better Than The Best Heroin Or Morphine Ever!!

It Could Numb Their Pain, Give Them The Peace They Were Seeking And It Could Deliver Them As Well From The Earthly Heroin And All Of It’s Spiritual Strongmen Of Addiction/Bondage/Slavery/Captivity.

And That The Heavenly Father Wanted To Help Them And Could Help Them For Nothing Was IMPOSSIBLE For Him To Do For Them So They Will Spiritually Come To Know Him And His Agape Love For Them.

I Always Know That This Is The Heart Of The Heavenly Father With These Precious Ones Spiritually Trapped In The Spiritual Kingdom Of Darkness And It’s King, Satan Even Though They As This Little Lamb Of God Was From Their Very Deepest Core Of Themselves Believed In Jesus And Have Confessed It And Even Had Been Baptized In Water In Swimming Pools.


This Young Boy/Lamb Of God Also Told Me He Wanted To Be Free Of This Horrible Addiction/Bondage To Heroin.  So Now Two Hearts Were In Unity, The Heavenly Father And This Young Boy Had Come Into Spiritual Agreement For His Spiritual, Mental And Physical Freedom From The Addiction/Bondage To Heroin And It’s Spiritual Strongmen Of Satan.

I Told Him I Was An Addict To And I Understood The Need For My Daily Fix Of Peace!

But My Addiction Was To The Glory Blanket Of The Presence Of The Heavenly Father, His Peace. So, With This Young Boy On The Phone, I Prayed For The Heavenly Father To Set This Spiritual Captive Free And The Heavenly Father Dropped Down A Wonderful Blanket Of His Agape Love, Which Is Another Story In Itself, A Wonderful Blanket/Covering Of The Wonderful, Peaceful Presence Of The Heavenly Father.


Then, The Heavenly Father Spiritually Took This Precious Spiritual Child Of His And Mine ( And I Was Taken Also ) To His Throne Room In Heaven.  There In The Throne Room Of The Glory Of God, This Precious Spiritual Child Was Spiritually Placed In The Spiritual Arms Of Another Spiritual Child Who Before His Earthly Death Had Also Been Spiritually And Fully Physically Delivered From Heroin Himself, OWL ( The Previous Story ) My Spiritual Son.  So, In This Spiritual Presence Of Agape Love Himself, God, The Heavenly Father, This Precious Spiritual Child/Lamb’s Spirit Was Completely Spiritually Delivered And Set Free From All That Caused Him To Be Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, And Physically Addicted To Heroin.  Then When He And I Spiritually Returned To Our Earthly Bodies Which Were Still On The Phone With Each Other, He Was DELIVERED AND HEALED AND SET FREE FROM THE ADDICTION/SPIRITUAL SLAVERY/BONDAGE TO HEROIN!


So, Therefore This Precious Young Boy Did Not Want To Take Any Pain Medication For His Rectum and Colon Pain Which Had Been VIOLENTLY AND HORRIBLY SODOMIZED By A Steel Rod.  

So, In Spiritually Teaching Him and All The Others Who Were Apart Of This Horrible Experience Of This Young Boy And Who Were Spiritually Watching From Afar The True Spiritual Meaning Of The Heavenly Father’s Agape Love And The True Spiritual Meaning Of

Bearing Another’s Burdens For Them As Jesus Bore Ours And Still Does For The Glory Of The Heavenly Father!

I Prayed,

Father, To Show Your Great And Compassionate Agape Love, Allow Me To Take This Precious Child’s Pain In His Rectum And Colon So He Can As Well As The Many Others Truly Know The True Power Of Agape Love.  In The Name Of Jesus.

And My Prayer Was Answered!!!

I Received His Pain!  My Rectum And Colon Took On This Young Boys Pain And Trauma From The Violent Sodomy With A Steel Rod Which I Ended Up In The Hospital For With A Very Serious Infection, Heart Problems And Ended Up With A Pace Maker For My Heart.  All This To Demonstrate The Love Of Agape Love To This Young Boy And Many Others.  I Was Now Carrying This Young Boy’s Burden And Pain So He Could Rest And His Physical Body Could Heal Faster And He Would Not Have To Take Any Pain Medication And Possibly Become Addicted Again.

Why Would I/Pastor Deborah Do Such A Thing???

Didn’t Jesus Already Do This For The Young Boy???

Why Do I/Pastor Deborah have To Take On His Burden And Pain In His Rectum And Colon???

Well, In Becoming A True Reflection Of The Nature And Heart Of Christ Jesus ( The Image And Likeness Of The Heavenly Father ) As He Was To Us.  I Knew As A Spiritual Parent/Shepherd That I Was To Take This Child’s Burden And Pain For Him, To Bare His Pains For Him, To Lay Down My Life/Health For Him, To Show And Demonstrate The Agape Love Of The Heavenly Father And Christ Jesus And How They Had Taken Our Burdens And Pain To The Cross And Bore Our Sins And Punishment In Themselves As A Spiritual Demonstration/Act/Deed Of Their Agape Love For Each Other And For All Human Kind.

Could I Do Any Less For This Young Boy, A Baby Lamb/A Little One?

NO!  I Would Bear His Burden & Pain Physically, Mentally, Emotionally And Spiritually For I Knew What The Word Of God Said For Me To Do:


Bear/Carry/Take You One Another’s Burdens, And So Fulfill The Royal Divine Spiritual Law Of Christ

Galatians 6 : 2

Authorized King James Version

I Had Heard The Words Of Agape Love Himself, The Heavenly Father Through His Son, Christ Jesus In

John 13 : 34-25

Authorized King James Version

Verse 34   A New Commandment I, Christ Jesus Give Unto You,

That You Spiritually Love One Another; As I Have Loved You, By BEARING/CARRYING Your BURDENS/AFFLICTIONS/PAIN/TROUBLES In Myself And LAYING DOWN My Own Life For You, So That Your Also Will LOVE/DEMONSTRATE This LOVE ONE TO ANOTHER.

Verse 35   By This Act/Deed/Demonstration Of Loving One Another As I HAVE LOVED You – TAKEN YOUR SICKENESS/DISEASES/PAIN/BURDENS, Etc.  ONTO My Self To Spiritually Deliver And Free You To Spiritually Show/Reflect/Demonstrate The Heavenly Father’s Agape Love For You For This Act/Deed/Demonstrations SHALL MEN/ALL HUMANS KNOW That You Are My Spiritual DISCIPLES If You Have THIS KIND Of Agape Love One To Another Spiritually.


John 15 : 7 – 17 Red Words

Authorized King James Version

Verse 7   If you, Spiriutal Person ABIDE/STAY/LIVE BY/Receive Your Spiritual Life Sustaning NOURISHMENT In And From Me/My Words Of Spirit & Life/The Heavenly Father Who Is The Eternal Source Of All Life And My Heavenly Father’s Words He Is Speaking Through Me/His Son, The Christ, If They Spiritually ABIDE/LIVE Fully Are Firmly ROOTED IN/DWELLING WITH/IN YOU, YOU Shall Spiritually Ask What You Will, And It Whatsoever You Have Asked SHALL BE SPIRITUALLY DONE UNTO YOU.

Verse 8   Herein/This Is How My/Christ’s Father Is Spiritually GLORIFIED Is Spirit & Truth So That You/Spirit Pers0n – Me/Pastor Deborah BEAR/GROW/PRODUCE Much Spiritual FRUIT;  Then Shall You Spirit Person Be My Christ’s Spiritual DISCIPLES/FOLLOWERS/STUDENTS.

Verse 9  As The Father Has LOVED ME/HIS SON, CHRIST, So Have I LOVED YOU.  Spiritually Continue You In My Spiritual LOVE

Verse 10   If You Spiritually KEEP/DO/OBEY/FOLLOW My Spiritual COMMANDMENTS Of Agape Love And LOVE OTHERS As I Have LOVED YOU, You SHALL Abide/Live In/Dwell In/Be NOURISHED BY/In My Agape Love, Even As I have KEPT/DONE/OBEY/FULFILLED My Father’s Spiritual Commandments Of Agape Love, THE ROYAL DIVINE SPIRITUAL LAW OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, Abide/Live In/Dwell/Am Spiritually Nourished By His Agape Love.


Verse 11  These Spiritual Things Have I/Christ Spiritually Spoken Unto You.  Why?  So That My Spiritual Joy I Have With My Heavenly Father Because I SPIRITUALLY OBEY HIS SPIRIUTAL ROYAL DIVINE LAW OF AGAPE LOVE Might Spiritually Remain In You, And That Your Spiritual Joy Might Be Spiritually FULL/OVER FLOWING In Spiritual ABUNDANCE.

Verse 12  This Is My Spiritual Commandment,

That You, Spiritual Person, Spiritually LOVE ONE ANOTHER; AS I HAVE LOVED YOU!

Verse 13   Greater Spiritual Love Has No Spiritual Person Than This, THAT A SPIRITUAL PERSON LAY DOWN/GIVE UP/TAKE UP/THE PAINS, AFFLICTIONS, BURDENS Of Other Spiritual Persons By Spiritually Giving Up His Own Life/Desires/health/Comfort Zone For His Spiritual Friends.

Verse 14   You Are My/Christ’s/The King’s/ The Savior’s Spiritual Friends, If You Spiritually Do Spiritually Whatsoever I Spiriutally Command You ( About Spiriutally LOVING OTHERS, Your Spiriutal Brethren As I Have Spiritually Loved You )

Verse 15  Henceforth, I/Christ Call You Spiritual Person Spiritually Not Servants; Why? For The Servant Knows Not What His Lord Does, But I/Christ Have Spiritually Called You Friends;  For All Spiritual Things That I Spiritually Heard Of My Father, I Have Spiritually Made Known Unto You ( About This Spiritually LOVING AS I HAVE LOVED YOU )

Verse 16  You Have Not Spiritually Chosen, Me, But I Have Spiritually Chosen You, And Spiritually Ordained/Have Officially Put Spiritual Priestly Authority On You/Have By My Royal Decree/law Spiritually Established You/Destined You/Purposed You/For Ordained You My Spiritual Friends Because You Spiritually OBEY MY SPIRITUAL COMMANDMENTS/THE ROYAL DIVINE LAW OF AGAPE LOVE


So That You Should Spiritually Go And Spiritually Bring Forth SPIRITUAL FRUIT, And That Your SPIRITUAL FRUIT Should Spiritually Remain;  So That Spiritually Whatsoever You Shall Spiritually ASK Of The Father In My Spiritual NAME/NATURE/AUTHORITY/THE WORD OF GOD, He May Spiritually GIVE IT You

Verse 17   These Spiritual THINGS, I Spiritually COMMAND You Spirit Person That You SPIRITUALLY LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU.


Ephesians 5 : 1-2

Authorized King James Version

Verse 1  Be You Spirit Person Therefore, Spiritual Followers OF God, As Dear Spiritual Children

Verse 2   And Spiritually Walk/Live/Do In Agape Love, As Christ/His Son Spiritually Also Has LOVED Us, And Has Spiritually GIVEN Himself For Us, The Entire World Of Mankind/Humanity As An SPIRITUAL OFFERING And A Spiritual Sacrifice To God For A Sweet Smelling Spiritual Fragrance.


1 John 3 : 14, 16, 18

Authorized King James Version

Verse 14   We/Those Who Have Been Spiritually Re-Born Again, Spiritually Know That We HAVE SPIRITUALLY PASSED/LEFT/CROSSED OVER From SPIRITUAL DEATH Unto SPIRIUTAL LIFE, HOW? 



Verse 16  Hereby Perceive/Understand/Know/Is Revealed To Others/Realize Spiritually We THE AGAPE LOVE OF GOD, Because He/Christ Spiritually, Emotionally And Physically LAID DOWN/GAVE UP/TOOK OUR PLACE Of BURDENS And PAIN For Us/All Humanity.  And We, All Spiritual Persons/All Humanity OUGHT/SHOULD ALSO LAY DOWN/GIVE UP/CARRY THE BURDENS & PAINS For Our Spriitual Brethren.


1 John 4 : 7-8

Authorized King James Version

Verse 7  Beloved, Let Us Spiritually LOVE ONE ANOTHER: For True Spiritual LOVE IS OF GOD; And Everyone That Spiritually LOVES IS SPIRITUALLY BORN OF GOD, AND SPIRITUALLY KNOWS GOD

Verse 8   He, That Spiritual Person THAT LOVES NOT His Spriitual Brethren KNOWS NOT GOD; FOR GOD IS AGAPE LOVE!


Matthew 22 : 39  Red Words

Authorized King James Version

Verse 39   And The Second SPIRITUAL COMMANDMENT Is Spiritually Like Unto IT ( The 1st One I Gave You ),



Mark 12 :  30 -34

Authorized King James Version

Verse 30   And You Spiritual Person, SHALL SPIRIUTALLY LOVE The Lord Your Spiritual God With All Your Spiritual Heart And With Your Soul And With Your Natural/Biological Mind, And With All Your Strength/Abilities/Physical Strength:  This Is The 1st Spiritual Commandment

Verse 31   And The 2nd Spiritual Commandment Is Spiritually Like, In Spiritual Nature, Namely This, You, Spiritual Person SHALL SPIRITUALLY LOVE YOUR SPIRITUAL NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF WITH AGAPE LOVE, AS I HAVE SPIRITUALLY LOVED YOU,


Verse 32   And The Scribe Said Unto Jesus,

Well Master/Teacher, You Have Said The Truth:  For There Is One God, And There Is None Other But He; 

Verse 33  And To Spiritually LOVE HIM With All One’s Spiritual Heart/Mind And With All The Spiritual Strength/Abilities, And To Spiritually LOVE HIS SPIRITUAL NEIGHBOR As Himself IS MORE SPIRITUALLY IMPORATANT/VITAL/HONORABLE/RIGHTEOUS/IN AGAPE LOVE/HONORABLE/RESPECTABLE/IN OBEDIENCE And SPIRIUTALLY GLORIFYING Of The Heavenly Father Than All The Physically Whole Burnt Offerings And Sacrifices

Verse 34   And When Jesus Saw That He, The Scribe Answered Discreetly, Jesus Said Unto Him, 


( You Know The Scriptures, But You Must Not Have Them Memorized, But They Must Be Living In You, Abiding In You, Working In You, Being Demonstrated From You For Others To See, Be Revealed By You In Word and Deed )

And No Man After That Did Ask Him Any Question.


Romans 13 : 8-10

Authorized King James Version

Verse 8   Owe No Person Anything ( Taxes, Loans, Oaths, Vows, Debts, Forgiveness, Mercy, Compassion ) BUT To SPIRIUTALLY LOVE ANOTHER IN AND WITH AGAPE LOVE:  For He That Spiritual Person THAT LOVES Another Spiritual Person HAS SPIRITUALLY FULFILLED THE SPIRIUTAL ROYAL DIVINE LAW OF AGAPE LOVE!

Verse 9  For This Spiritual Fulfilling OF The Heavenly Father’s Spiritual ROYAL DIVINE SPIRIUTAL LAW OF AGAPE LOVE of Spiritually Loving Another Spiritual Person IS SEEN/DEMONSATRATED BY/SHOWN/REVEALED In You By You SHALL NOT COMMIT Spiritual Adultery, You SHALL NOT KILL ( Any, not even the unborn ) Or Anyone Of Any Age For They Are Made In The Spiritual Image Of God Himself, You SHALL NOT STEAL From Your Spiritual Neighbor, You SHALL NOT Bear/Lie About/Be A False Witness To Your Spiritual Neighbor, You SHALL NOT COVET/LUST For Anything Of Another ( Lucifer Did ALL THESE AGAINST ME AND MY SPIRIUTAL CHILDREN And Became, Satan, The Adversary of God );  And If There Be Any Other Spiritual Commandment, It Is Briefly Comprehended/Understood/Perceived By This Saying


Verse 10  Agape Love Works/Does No Ill Will/Harm/Danger/Disrespect/Dishonor/Shame/Abuse/Stress/Injury To His Spiritual Neighbor, Therefore



So, From These Foundational Spiritual Words Of Spirit & Life From The Heavenly Father, I Asked In Prayer Out Loud So All Listening To Me On The Phone And In The Spirit Could Hear Me Asking The Heavenly Father IF HE WOULD PUT ON ME This Precious Young Boy’s Rectum And Colon Pain And Their Infections To Follow So That I Would Be Walking In The Footsteps/The Nature/The Image & Likeness Of Christ Jesus As He Did For Me, And Took My Burdens, My Pain, My Stuff To A Cross So I Could BEAR/TAKE AWAY This Young Boy’s Pain To Come And That Was Already There In His Rectum And Colon So He Would Not Have To Bear The Pain In His Body From The Violent Attack That Was Not Only A Physical One, But A Spiritual One, An Emotional One and A Mental One So That He Would NOT HAVE TO TAKE ANY PAIN MEDICATIONS! 

So, I Asked The Heavenly Father For All Of This So This Precious Young Boy/Lamb Of God Could Rest And Heal And That He And Many Many Others WOULD COME TO SPIRITUALLY KNOW THE POWER OF AGAPE LOVE And The Love The Heavenly Father And His Son, Christ Jesus HAD FOR ALL OF THEM As They Had Demonstrated ON THE CROSS Long Ago.

I Knew That The Heavenly Father Would Glorify Himself For This Precious Little Lamb OF His And For All Those Who Were Spiritually Watching And Listening So That Their Spiritual Hearts/Minds Would Grow More In Love With The Heavenly Father, And Their Weak Trust/Faith/Belief In Him And His Agape Love Would Grow Stronger.  Agape Love Was Asked To Do A Mighty Spiritual Work For Those In The Spiritual Darkness/Ignorance So They Could See It At Work/Demonstrated To Them.

Then This Young Boy Could And Would Become A Spiritual Living Testimony/True Witness Of The Heavenly Father’s Agape Love And That This Love Was Here Now For All Of Them And That This Love Could Heal Them, And They Did Not Have To Remain On The Spiritual Outside Looking In, Spiritually Believing This Love Is UNREAL, Not Spiritually Being Able To Be Touched By It Or To Touch It Themselves, But Instead Spiritually Feeling It’s All Too Much And Coming To Spiritually Knew That Their Long Spiritual Wait For Love To Come And For Love To Help Them, For Love To Heal Them WAS NOW OVER, And That They Could COME TO Spiritually Know That AGAPE LOVE WAS HERE FOR THEM NOW!


I Also Knew I Could Handle Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally And Physically The Pain Much Easier For I WAs Very Tough And Knew That The Heavenly Father Would Help Me Through It.  I Also Knew That After Some Time, He Would Lessen The Pain And Complications So He Could Also Heal Me.


All Were Told This Through My Tears OF Agape Love And Softness That This Very Same Thing Had Been Done For Me By Christ Jesus On The Cross.  For He Had Taken Into Himself And Carried Away My Eternal Burdens, Sin, Pains, Afflictions Upon And In Himself Because He LOVED The Heavenly Father And He LOVED All Of Humanity And That The As A Son/Offspring Of God Myself, With The Heart/Mind Of Christ/Re-Born In The Spiritual Image And After The Likeness Of The Heavenly Father, I COULD DO NO LESS FOR THIS YOUNG BOY/THIS LAMB OF GOD!


So, The Heavenly Father PUT THIS YOUNG BOY’S RECTUM AND COLON PAIN AND SOON COMING INFECTION ON AND IN ME TO DEMONSTRATE/SHOW/REFLECT To All Of Them How Much The Heavenly Father And Christ Jesus LOVED HIM AND ALL OF THEM SO Very Much That He Would And Could Take This Young Boy’s Horrible Burden And Pain Of The Violent Attack Away So He Did Not Have To Use Any Pain Medications.  Now This Young Boy’s Physical Rectum And Colon Could Heal Faster And Easier.  The Heavenly Father’s Agape Love Was At Work!


Many Other Who Also LOVED This Young Boy VOLUNTEERED To Take His BURDEN AND PAIN From His Rectum and Colon Into Their Own Rectum and Colon As Pastor Was Going To Do So He Didn’t Have To Feel It All By Himself and He Would Not Have To Take The Pain Medications Which He Was Afraid To Take Beleiving He Would Return Back To Being A Heroin Addict To Dull The Pain.  Agape Love Was Being Spiriutally DEMONSTRATED And Precious Spiritual Children Were Seeing, Learning And Practicing Agape Love Itself/Walking In The Royal Divine Law Of Agape Love With Their Neighbor And They Were Learning HOW TO LOVE THEIR NEIGHBOR AS CHIRST JESUS HAD AND STILL DOES. LOVE ALL HUMANITY.

I Spiritually Knew I Had Spiritually Grown More Into The Spiriutal True Image Of Christ, A Son of God, A Spiritual Reflection/Vessel/Messenger/Bearer of


As Was Christ Jesus Was To Those In The Darkness/Ignorance In The World on Earth.  I Too Really Began To Walk/Live/Think/Represent/Obey/Understand The Royal Divine Law Of Agape Love Of The Heavenly Father’s Heart That Was THE ROYAL LAW OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.  I Had Spiriutally Matured/Developed More Into The Fullness Of A True Son/Offspring/An Anointed One Of The Heavenly Father Thus Glorifying The ROYAL DIVINE LAW OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, The Law Of Agape Love on Earth As It Is Glorified In Heaven. The Heavenly King Of His Kingdom Of Heaven, The Heavenly Father, The Most High God Would Be Glorified Through This One Act/Deed/Demonstration Of Agape Love Through This Young Boy And This Pastor.

Many Precious Spiriutal Lives Were Spiriutally Touched By This Spiritual WORK/DEED/ACT Of Agape Love.  Praise And Glory To God, The Heavenly Father And His Son, Christ Jesus And To The Holy Spirit Who Show Pastor The Way Into The Light Of Agape Love For Herself And A Way For Those Who Had Always Been On The Outside Looking In.  The Holy Righteous Glorious Royal Divine Law And Pattern Of Agape Love Was Demonstrated On Earth As It Is In Heaven So That Those In The Darkness/Ignorance Of This Depth Of This Unknown Love, Agape Love COULD AND WOULD COME TO KNOW THIS LOVE And The Sources Of It And Then Desire To Be A Child/Offspring Of This New Love, Agape.  


Glory, Glory Hallelujah, His Truth Goes Marching On

And The Agape Love Of The Heavenly Father Goes Marching On And On

Shinning Out Brightly Into The Spiritual Darkness/Ignorance, The Spiriutal Hearts Of Mankind

As It Shines Out In The Kingdom of Heaven


Glory To God In The Highest,

Peace And Good Will Toward All Humanity

The Eternal Emancipation Proclamation Has Been Written, Decreed By Law

Spiritual Slaves Are Free Of Spiritual Darkness/Ignorance

Spiritual Freedom Has Come To All Humanity

The Royal Divine Law Of Agape Love Is Here, Now

Agape Love Is Flowing Freely For All To Drink Of

Come To The Well Of Agape Love & Freedom!



























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