Monday, November 18, 2019

Hello Sweetie





Hello Sweetie,

Are You Talking To Me?

Yes, Sweetie You!

You Can’t Mean Me?


Oh Yes, Honey You Are!

And I Am Spiritually Talking To You!

Oh Honey,

If You Could See Yourself Spiritually As We Spiritually See You, The New You

Oh Not Your Spiritual Condition Now.

But What Spiritually Is Your Future In Agape Love & Light

If You Could Spiritually Believe In Your Spiritual Heart & Soul What A Loving Father Says About You

And Your Spiritual Future With Him He Desires For You To Have

If You Could Come To Spiritually Know The Agape Love This Heavenly Father Has For You

If You Could Spiritually Believe In Your Spiritual Heart That You Are Spiritually Loved With A Love Not Of Any Human Kind Or Source.

If You Could Just Believe That You Are Loved With A Holy Divine Love That Gave Itself For You

If You Can Believe That This Agape Love Has Spiritually Come To You

To Spiritually Dry Your Silent Spiritual Tears And To Spiritually Reach Your Spiritual Hands 

And To Spiritually Fill Your Spiritually Empty/Hollow Heart & Soul With This Love.

If You Could Just Believe That This Agape Love Is Here Now For You

And This Agape Love Will Spiritually Walk With You For The Rest Of Your Earthly Life,

And Then Right To The Streets Of Gold.

How Could This Be True, You Ask?

Because You ARE WORTHY Of This Holy Agape Love Of The Heavenly Father

For You Are Spiritually The Very One Agape Love Was Spiritually Sent To Find, To Help and To Love!

For You Are NOT TOO


Nothing, Sweetheart, Nothing!


NOTHING You Have Said, Thought, Desired, Believed In

NOTHING Satan Has Made You Do,

NOTHING That Others Have Made You Do

NOTHING You Do Even Now,

NOTHING Anyone Has Said About You Or Anything You Have Said To


No, Honey


Not Even You Or Any Others


Will Stop The Heavenly Father And Pastor Deborah From Spiritually Loving You


Spiritually Coming To You

Because You Are NOT WHAT

You Spiritually Think And Feel You Are

You Are

NOT WHAT The World/The Matrix Of Darkness Tells You That You Are

You ARE NOT WHAT Satan Has Told You That You Are



For You Are So Spiritually Precious

So Deeply Spiritually Wanted Back Into Our Spiritual Family/House/Kingdom

For You Are So Spiritually Loved By And With Agape Love That We Have Given Our Spiritual All For You,

Spiritually Fought Every Battle For You,

Endured Every Pain, Waited So Long For You To Come Home.

For You Are So Spiritually Dear To Us That NOTHING Will Spiritually Separate Us

For We Are Spiritually Destined To Become One Again

1 + 1 = 1

Us + You = Family

Please Spiritually Listen To Words Of This Agape Love For You


Romans 8 :  37 – 39

Authorized King James Version

Who Shall Spiritually Separate Us ( That Includes You, Dear One ) From The Spiritual Love Of Christ?

( Christ Is The Anointed Words/Thoughts Of The Heavenly Father Himself, Released Out From His Spirit Of Life And Agape Love )

Shall Spiritual And Physical Tribulation,

Or Spiritual And Physical Distress

Or Spiritual And Physical Persecution,

Or Spiritual And Physical Famine,

Or Spiritual And Physical Nakedness,

Or Spiritual And Physical Peril,

Or Sword?


In All These Things,

We And You Too Are More Than Conquerors Through Him/Agape Love Himself/The Heavenly Father Himself

That Spiritually Loves All Humanity, Including Even You,

For I Am Spiritually Persuaded,

That Neither Spiritual Or Earthly Death, Nor Life, Nor Angels, Nor Spiritual Principalities, Nor Powers

Nor Things Present, Nor Things To Come, Nor Height, Nor Depth

Nor Any Other Creature

Shall Be Able To Spiritually SEPARATE Us/You Too From The Agape Love Of God/The Words Of The Christ/The Living Words Of The Heavenly Father Himself, The Lord And Creator Of All Life


For You Sweetie, Are Spiritually Wanted As His And My Spiritual Child

For You Are Our Spiritual Brethren

For You Are Loved Beyond Your Spiritual Comprehension

And We Have Missed You For Such A Very Long Time

We Have Been Spiritually Waiting To Spiritually Meet You, To Give You Our Greatest Gift


We Have Spiritually Traveled Through Space And Time To Reach You, To Find You, To Help You

We Bring Spiritual Words Of Spirit, Life And Love

With Our Spiriutal Hands Of Tenderness, Gentleness, Safety

Spiritual Voices Of Rays Of Peace, Life And Agape Love

Spiritual Hearts & Souls To Spiritually Walk With You For All Of Time, For All Eternity


To Spiritually Bring An Spiritual End To Your Spiritual Captivity To Darkness, To The Fear Of Death And It’s Stinger Of Sin

To Spiritually Open Your Spiritually Blinded Eyes,

To Spiritually Open The Spiritual Doors Of Your Spiritual Prison, Unplug You From The Matrix Of Darkness/Ignorance

To Spiritually Comfort Your Wounded, Broken And Pained Heart & Soul

To Spiritually Bring Spiritual Beauty, Honor, Dignity, Majesty

And Glory For Your Spiritual Ashes Of Dishonor, Shame And Defilement, 

From Losing Your Crown Of Glory From Your Head Of Your Spirit

To Spiritually Bring You Spiritual Living Water For You To Spiritually Drink Of

To Spiritually Bring You Spiritual Joy For Your Spiritual Mourning For Losess You Know Nothing Of, For The Loss Of  Your Family In Heaven, The Kingdom Of Heaven.

To Spiritually Bring You The Spiritual Bread Of Spiritual Life, Words Of Agape Love For Your Spiritual Hunger

To Spiritually Bring You Spiritual Milk, The Agape Love Of The Heavenly Father Himself

To Spiritually Visit You In Your Spiritual Prison Of The Matrix Of Darkness/Ignorance

To Spiritually Adopt You As Our Spiritual Child

To Spiritually Cover Your Spiritual Nakedness With Royal Spiritual Clothes Of Majesty & Light

To Spiritually Turn Your Spiritual Heart & Soul From Spiritual Darkness/Ignorance To The Kingdom Of Heaven’s Spiritual Light/Truth

To Spiritually Destroy The Spiritual Power Of Satan In Your Spiritual Life,

The Spiritual Fear Of Death And It’s Stinger – Sin!

To Spiritually Bring You Into The Heavenly Father’s Spiritual Garden Of Eden On The Earth, Within The Spiritual Kingdom Of Heaven

A Spiritually Hidden Place Of His Agape Love, Joy & Peace

To Spiritually Bring The Heavenly Father’s Spiritual Riches Of Forgiveness, Mercy, Compassion & It’s Righteousness

To Spiritually Bring You The Kingdom Of Heaven In The Holy Spirit

To Spiritually Bring You His Spiritual Words Of Spirit And Life

To Spiritually Bring You Into The Heavenly Father’s House/Family Of Agape Love & Light

So You Will Be A Spiritual Child Of The Resurrection, The Light And Agape Love

To Spiritually Fill Your Spiritual Heart & Soul With The Agape Love Of The Creator, The Heavenly Father

For You, Sweetie Are Spiritually Precious In Our Spiritual Sight

The Heavenly Father Desires To Spiritually Fill The Spiritual Emptiness/Hollowness Of Your Spiritual Heart & It’s Soul,

To Spiriutally Heal Your Spiritual Wounds, Pains, Brokenness

To Spiritually Take Away Your Spiritual Burdens & Weights Of Slavery


To Spiritually Bind Up Your Spiritually Broken/Fractured Spiritual Heart & It’s Soul




He Has Already Spiritually Opened The Spiritual Door Of Your Spiritual Prison Of Captivity

He Has Spiritually Come Into Your Spiritual Darkness, Into The Matrix Of Slavery & Ignorance With You

Sweetie, Take His Hand, It Is Right Next To Yours


Take A Big Step Out Of This Closet Of Slavery

Believe He Is There With You In The Darkness And That His Hand Is Right By Yours, Just Take Hold Of It

And He Will Do The Rest!

Oh Honey, 

The Heavenly Father So Very Much Wants To Help You So Very Much And Therefore He Sent His Very Own Words Made Into The Likeness Of Earthly Flesh To Go To A Cross For You.  He Is Also There With You For He Did Not Stay On The Cross, But Came Back To A Resurrected Glorified Newly Created Life and It’s Body Of Pure Light.

Can You See The Light?  Look, His Hand Will Appear Unto You.

His Hand Will Not FORCIBLY Take Your Hand That He Is Extending To You For He Is Not A RAPIST!

He Will Just Wait Until You Reach Out For Him, But He Is There Now With You In Your Spiritual Captivity, Right There In Your Prison Cell, In The Matrix Of Slavery Of Your Spiritual Darkness

Yes, That Is His Hand

Can You See It? 

It Is Pure Light, Warm & Soft,

A Gentle Light Shimmering In The Darkness For You To See.

Can You Spiritually Feel His Spiritual Presence?  Yes, It Is Like Nothing You Have Ever Felt Before!

Now Sweetie,  If You Are Ready?

He Will Spiritually Set His Spiritual Protection About You As You Are Spiritually Allowing His Agape Love & Light To Come Into Your Spiritual Heart & Soul.

His Holy Spirit Is Right There With You As He Breaths On Your Unseen Spiritual Chains Of Your Spiriutal Darkness, The Plugs That Have You Plugged Into The Unseen Matrix Of Slavery Of Control. And Breaks Them Off Of You In Your Heart & Soul. 

As The Spiritual Prison Door Of Your Slavery Is Opened,  Unseen Plugs Are Failing Off Of You

He Is Demonstrating To You His Power Of His Agape Love Over The Matrix And It’s Slavery Of Captivity

Yes, He Is Bringing His Gift Of Freedom , Deliverance and So Coming Healing To You

His Words Of Spirit & Life Are Setting Your Free, He Loves You This Much

Yes, Little One, I Will Be With You As Freedom Comes

I Will Spiritually Stay With You From Now On,

I Will Walk You Out Into The Light

 For The World Is More Than You Know It To Be.

I Will Not Leave You, Yes You Can Hide In My Light Of Freedom.

Yes, Little One, I Will Be With You As The Strong Spiritual Walls Of The Fortresses Of The Kingdom Of Darkness Are Destroyed In Your Spirit and Soul.

Yes, Agape Love Is More Powerful Than These Ancient, Undisturbed Strongholds Come Down In Your Spiritual Heart & Soul.

Yes, I Know That These Unseen Chains/Plugs Of This Matrix Have Been In Your Family For Generations After Generations, But They Will Come Down As Other Ancient Walls Have, Even As Jericho’s Walls Came Down By The Mighty Hand Of God, The Most High.


Sweetie, As The Heavenly Father’s Glorious & Majestic Agape Love & Light Spiritually Comes Into Your Life, Into Your Spiritual Heart & Soul, He Will Help You To Fight The Fear You Will Feel, Fight The Words Of The Strongmen Of The Matrix, Of The Confusion Of What You Are Really Doing.  He Will Help You To Fight The Mental Torment, The Abusive Bullying Words Speaking To You, Against The Threats and Intimidation. 


Believe Not What The Words and The Whispered Sounds You Are Hearing From Satan In Your Spirit and Soul, For They Just Do Not Want To Lose You To Another, To Agape Love & Light.

Spiritually Reach Out With Your Spiritual Heart And Reach With Your Hands As Far As You Can, Even If You Can Only Lift A Finger Or Just A Look With Your Eyes, He And I Will See You Reaching The Best You Know How,

And That Is All We Need!

We Will Spiritually Reach The Rest Of The Way For You.

His Spiritual Arms Are NOT Too Short To Reach You, No Matter Where You Are,

No Matter Where You Are Spiritually Hidden

No Matter Where You Are Hiding, Even If You Are In A Deep Deep Sleep/A Trance And Have Gone Over The Rainbow To The Land Of Oz, Or You Have Gone To Your Created Never, Never Land, Or Even If You Have Transformed Yourself Into Something Else, Or Have Become Someone Else.  We Can Find You, For We Can See In The Dark, Nothing Is Hidden From Our Eyes, Not Even In The Darkness.


Spiritually Believe That Your Silent Spiritual Cries Have Been Spiritually Heard 

And Allow His Agape Love & Light To Spiritually Dry Your Tears With His Love

Spiritually Allow His Hands to Spiritually Touch You, He Will Not Hurt You

Spiritually Allow His Agape Love To Divide Apart Spiritually Your Spirit From It’s Soul

So That He Can Love You Without The Spiritual Influence Of Your Wounded, Broken, Pain, Abused, Strong and Fractured Soul.

Spiritually Allow His Agape Love To Spiritually Pull Down The Spiritual Strongholds And Defeat The Spiritual Strongmen Who Have Been Spiritually Guarding Their Spiritual Fortresses In Your Spirit and Soul.

The Heavenly Father’s Agape Love & Light Will Spiritually Bring Them All Down!

Satan Can NOT STOP You Spiritually From Being Spiritually Drawn By The Spiritual Power Of Agape Love & Light

For Agape Love & Light Has Spiritually Come To You This Day In Your Hearing In These Words You Are Hearing In Your Spirit & Soul

For You Are So Very Precious To Us, Agape Love, To Light And To The Kingdom of Heaven

Now Sweetie, If You Are Ready,

He Will Spiritually Set His Spiritual Protection About You As You Are Spiritually Allowing His Agape Love & Light To Come Into Your Spiritual Heart & Soul

His Holy Spirit Is Right There With You As The Spiritual Chains Of The Spiritual Matrix Of Darkness Are Being Broken In Your Spiritual Heart & Soul

As The Spiritual Prison Door Is Spiritually Opened For You

As His Spiritual Freedom & Healing Is Proclaimed To You

As His Words Of Spirit & Life Are Speaking To You

I Will Be Spiritually With You Also In The Spirit And Will Spiritually Go With You Out Of Your Spiritual Prison Cell,

Out Of Your Spiritual Captivity, Out Into The Light Of Spiritual Freedom and Healing

I Will Spiritually Hold Your Precious Spiritual Hand As His Agape Love & Light Spiritually Breaks Through The Spiritual Kingdom Of Darkness/Ignorance That Has Stood Undisturbed In Your Spiritual Life For Generations After Generations, Come Down As The Walls Of Jericho Of Ancient Days Did

As His Glorious and Majestic Agape Love & Light Spiritually Come Into Your Heart & Soul


This Day, This Time, This Hour  Freedom, Deliverance And Healing Are Proclaimed To You

Freedom Is Birthed, Hope Is Found And Planted

Healing Begins To Take Place In All Areas Of One’s Spirit, Soul And Physical Body

As You Welcome And Receive His Agape Love & Light Into Your Life

Spiritual Strength Is Coming And Joy Is Growing Strong

Freedom Is Happening, The Matrix’s Tight Grip Is Being Loosened, The Plugs Are Coming Out

Tears No Longer Out Of Fear, But Joy & Love Are Now The Reason For The Tears

Tears Of Joy For Being Found, For Being Loved & Wanted, Tears For Being Reached

Even Agape Love Has Tears Of Joy For Another Victory Was Won, 

Agape Love’s Victory From A Cross, Defeated Death And The Darkness!

Agape Love Showed The Way, The Truth Of Love, The Way To Come Home And Would Bring Eternal Life

A New Spiritual Child Has Come Forth, A Hidden Treasure In The Darkness Has Been Found, Freed And Cleaned Up And Presented To Himself!

The Heavenly Father’s Agape Love Has Birthed An New Little One Into His Family, Into The Kingdom Of Heaven,

The House Of The Lord Is Growing Larger And Larger

Agape Love’s Glory And Majesty Now Shines Out Of The Deep Heart Of A New Little One Newly Reached And Set Free From The Darkness Of Slavery To It’s Sin Nature and Punishment Of Spiritual Death/Spiritual Separation From Agape Love And It’s Source.

Light Now Is Filling One More Little One To Become A Great Shinning Lamp Out Into The World To Others That Agape Love Is Real, It Is Here And It Could Set You Free.


As This Spiritually Precious Child Spiritually Allows Your Agape Love & Light To Spiritually Reach And Touch Their Spiritual Heart And Soul,  I Ask That Your Spiritual Holy Angels, Your Spiritual Ministering Spirits Be Spiritually Sent To Spiritually Surround This Precious Spiritual Child To Spiritually Guard Them As Your Agape Love Spiritually Touches And Ministers To Them.

I Ask That Your Agape Love And Light Be Spiritually Unhindered By Satan, Any Demonic Spirits And By Any Spiritual Strongholds/A Fortress Of Darkness In Their Spiritual Heart & Soul.

I Ask That Your Agape Love, Your Light, Your Presence, Your Words Of Spirit & Life Are Spiritually Heard In The Deepest Spiritual Prisons, And In All Of Their Safe Hidden Worlds Of Their Spiritual Heart & Soul.

And That Your Spiritual Words Of Agape Love & Light Spiritually Proclaim Spiritual Deliverance, Freedom And Healing And That This Day

Spiritual Freedom

Is Birthed In Their Spiritual Heart & Soul

That Hope Is Spiritually Found And Arises In Their Heart & Soul

That A Broken/Fractured And Wounded Spiritual Heart & Soul

Believes In You And Your Agape Love

That Your Agape Love & Light Is Spiritually Received

That Spiritual Strength Is Found In The Joy That Is Found In You

And That Spiritual Doors Are Spiritually Opened To Them

That Your Royal Road Of Spiritual Holiness & Righteousness Is Seen


Their Silent Spiritual Cries Are Dried With Your Tender Hand Of Agape Love

That Their Spiritual Hands Are Spiritually Reached In The Darkness

That Your Way Of Agape Love & Light Is Spiritually Shown & Seen In The Darkness, In Their Blindness

That Your Spiritual Victory Is Upheld And Applied To Their Spiritual Heart & Nature

And That Your Agape Love Is Spiritually Revealed As

The Way, The Truth & The Life

And That Their Spiritual Heart & Soul is Spiritually Filled With Your Agape Love & Light

That The Spiritual Works Of Satan And Darkness Are Spiritually Destroyed

That A New Spiritual Child Of Agape Love Is Spiritually Born Unto You, Your Majesty

That A New Spiritual Family Is Found

That Your Spiritual House Spiritually Becomes Their Spiritual Home/Kingdom Forever

Let Your Glory and Majesty Shine Out Into Their Spiritual Hearts & Souls

For Others To See You And Your Agape Love & Light

In The Name, Nature, Image And Likeness Of Christ Jesus, The Son Of The Living God



Little One,

Reach Out As Far As You Can,

He And I Will Reach The Rest Of The Way For You

For You Will No Longer Be

A No Where Man, On The Outside Looking In

A No Where Heart

Step Out Of The Darkness


And Into His Glorious Majestic Agape Love


COME AND FLY OVER THE RAINBOW,  And Into His Presence Of Agape Love 


Come, Little One, For You Are Welcomed!































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