Saturday, January 18, 2020

You Did Not Get Fed Today!


This story is about a very personal spiritual experience I had in a church and with the Lord Most High God.

This story is about being SPIRITUALLY FED

I had been attending a church for about a year and I loved the music and some of the preaching/teaching was very good.

But, lately I had been SPIRIUTALLY STARVING for the Living Words of Spirit of Truth in that church.

The Most High God’s Words of Eternal Life seemed to be hidden in so much stuff that I was so spiritually hungry and didn’t even know it!

Well, on this particular Sunday morning the Pastor talked about

The Vision and Mission Of This Church

The Pastor wanted for people to know the Vision and Mission of This Church and if any on us felt lead or called to this church’s Vision and Mission to come and join with them. I thought the Pastor did an excellent job of explaining the Vision and Mission of this church and encouraging people to come and join them and help them.  I did not have any complaints about this,


Well, after the service was over, I went to my car and turned on the radio and was listening to another Preacher.  The Preacher was teaching on Angels.

Then All of A Sudden, I Heard A Voice Out Loud In The Car Say,


I spiritually knew it was the Voice of The Lord Through The Holy Spirit.  As I continued to listen to the radio Preacher speaking about Angels, I saw my 

Spiritual hand reach over to the center of the car and pick up a piece of lamb or chicken and bring it to my spiritual mouth to eat!

Then I heard The Lord Say,

Now, you have been fed and now I can have HOLY COMMUNION with you

Immediately I saw in the spiritual realm

A spiritual Golden Cup

Appear in my spiritual hand filled with wine ( the real stuff ) and a piece of bread and 

I spiritually ate, then drank!

I sort of knew that I had been spiritually starving for some time in that church but I really did not have a

Spiritual Revelation of this!!

And how this spiritual living Words of God, The Most High Are Words of Spirit and Life, Food and Drink for Me, the real me, the Spiritual me.

I also now knew WHAT THE REAL spiritual HOLY COMMUNION was in the spirit and with The Most High God,

Now I knew what God’s True Words of Spirit & Life were for my spirit

Spiritual Meat – Food

Lamb or Chicken

I was spiritually allowed to see the preaching of a spiritual topic of the Word of Truth as it is in the Spirit Realm

Spiritual Food

Life Nourishing Nutrients

For The Spiritual person, The Real Me

Now a great spiritual Revelation had been given to me so I could spiritually understand The Word of God which says,

My Words are Spirit and They Are Life!


I now spiritually recognized that most of The Heavenly Father’s spiritual children/sheep are

Spiritually Starving for they are being led to TOXIC pastures and polluted streams of water that are filled with lies, error, misconceptions, emptiness of life for the spirit.

The sheep are not being led to and feed from clean, purified spiritually living water and the nourishing meat of the Word of God that brings life to the spirit.

How Much Sadness The Heart of The Heavenly Father Feels for his precious little flocks of sheep all around the world.

I now spiritually understood that when our spiritual ears hear The Heavenly Father’s Words of Truth being spoken we are spiritually being served nourishing meat, bread, living water, green pastures of eternal life of his Words of Spirit and life. 

My spiritual eyes had seen/perceived and I believed!

I now knew I had His Holy Spiritual Revelations of His Words of Spirit and Life.

For I now really knew that

God The Most High Is Spirit

Jesus Christ Is Now A Glorified Spiritual Man

The Holy Spirit Is A Spirit

God’s Words Are Spirit and Life

God’s Angels are Spirit

I really spiritually understood the 

Spiritual Armor of God

The Spiritual Weapons Of My Spiritual Warfare

The Kingdom of Heaven

My Real Adversaries/Enemies

I could not truly spiritually understand as I saw/perceived/peered into/discerned the 

Spirit Realm and it’s Creatures

Satan and his Demons/Devils that they are spiritual beings of this realm

Sin and Death are Spiritual

That There is a Real Spiritual Realm/Kingdom

There Are Spiritual Wounds, Sicknesses, Diseases, Slaves, Captives, Prisons, Cities, Towns, Towers, and Lands and Creatures.

That Words spoken or even thought or imagined as well as the Images/Night Visions/Dreams are Spiritual Containers of Life or Death, Blessings or Curses, Authority & Dominion or Defeat.

That there is spiritual Food or Starvation

There is Spiritual Healthy Foods and Toxic Foods 

I saw and learned and believed

I also now knew that 

Holy Communion

Was In the spiritual realm with Christ Jesus and The Father in the Kingdom of Heaven

With Golden Goblets Filled With Real Wine

And The Bread of Spiritual Life – The Words of Spirit and Life

And Then a Common Union of ONENESS of Spirit with The Lord is Granted and Given

What a Sunday morning this was and to this day I can still see the 

Spiritual Lamb or Chicken

The Golden Goblet

The Spiritual Hand Of The Lord

I spiritually grew tremendously that day in the things of the Lord and His Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven.




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