Saturday, January 18, 2020

You Can’t Go Back!


After several years of attending a church’s Revival, I was told on evening as I was getting ready to go to the evening church service on a Friday night WHEN God said very clearly to me and I HEARD HIM CLEARLY.

You Can’t Go Back

There Is Too Much Evil There!

Can’t Go Back!!!!

No more songs, prayer, Glory Blanket, fellowship, sermons!

No Way God!!

You see, there had been

Spiritual Early Warning Signs Of This Evil!

Like some nights, I many nights lately God had told me on the way to church, NOT TO GET PRAYER because there was too much spiritual EVIL there.  So, I went, but NO PRAYER!

Other nights, God would NOT LET certain prayer ministry people to pray for me.  Then came the COMMAND that

No Man Was To Touch me in Prayer anymore to Receive His Glory Blanket of His Spiritual Presence!!

What?  How was I to get the Lord’s Presence on my spiritually?  The Blanket of His warm sweet Presence.  The spiritual Presence of The Most High through The Holy Spirit.  This command COULD NOT BE TRUE!


No Way Lord!!

I had become a 

Full fledged Addict of God’s Peaceful, Sweet, Loving, Presence of His Glory!

A Drug Addict I Had Become!!

I Just Couldn’t Do Without His Spiritual Presence and Agape Love as it touched the real me, the spirit me, in a Blanket of Peace, Refreshing, Joy, and His Great Agape Love.  I JUST HAD TO HAVE MY NIGHTLY FIX, MY DRUG OF CHOICE

The Presence of The Lord!

But this day, The Heavenly Father said to me,

You Can Not Go Back, Too Much Evil There!!

Too Much Evil in A Church That Had Been In Revival for over 5 years?

Too Much Evil coming Through Christian’s ?

How Could This Be?  How Could This Happen?  What Is Going On??

I had to spiritually learn that when God, The Most High POURS OUT His Spiritual Presence in a place, through people, over a city, in a neighborhood, in a family, in a business, to an individual, to those in government, or upon any organization, The Lord’s Presence will bring a spiritual EARTHQUAKE, DISTURBANCE, DEFEAT to Satan’s Kingdom and in the Territory Satan has held.

Satan is usually slow in his spiritual retaliation and his response to this Spiritual Interference by The Most High God’s Glory and His Presence. So, Satan had already begun his Counter-Offensive against God’s Presence/Glory.  And I saw it and knew it!  I had been seeing first hand for myself.  Their were some prayer team members who when their hands would come towards me to touch me on the forehead for prayer, instead of a human spiritual hand coming to touch me, A DEMONIC DEMON CLAW THAT LOOKED LIKE AN ARM OF AN CROCIDILE!!!

Then there were others, Even Pastors on staff that The Lord would NOT ALLOW them to pray for me at all.  

This was happening because years ago, I had desired have only the PURE Presence of The Holy Spirit touch me. I knew that witches and those in the occult would come and infiltrate a church and get on the prayer team and pray and either put demonic spirits into those who have open doors to receive them or to suck the demons out of person and thus strengthen their power.


So armored with this spiritual knowledge about prayer even in a Christian church, I didn’t want to leave and never again receive the Lovely Sweet and Peaceful Presence for I was DRUG ADDICT of Agape Love and It’s Joy and Peace.

But I never expected I would NOT BE ALLOWED to go back to this Revival.

So, on this Friday night I stayed home!   I was so sad!  But I thought I could at least listen to the service on the radio.  I asked the Most High God if I could and He said, NO!  Could I just listen to the Praise and Worship Music and He said, NO!

Now What was I to Do???

I was an ADDICT of The Presence of The Lord, To The Praise and Worship Music and I needed my DAILY FIX.  Of, course, I got no direction from God The Most High through the Holy Spirit, but really I did, but it came NOT as His Voice, but my own spirit had a thought!

I know, I’ll get a video of praise and worship and just praise and worship in my kitchen.

So, I did!

I put into the video player

Hillsong 2000

And I put in the tape and started praising and worshipping in my own kitchen


I was physically in my kitchen and yet me, the real mem the spirit man was standing on the stage of an Satanic Altar in a very large Satanic meeting somewhere in the world.

Oh My!!!

So, from my spiritual calling and training to spiritually travel in the spirit to spiritually reach the spiritually lost precious human spirits I Satanism of all levels, those in the occult heavy metal music, vampirism, alternative life styles the abused the spiritually orphaned and the years of hearing sermons to SAVE THE LOST and because of my prayers to The Heavenly Father

To Help Them

And Him Saying To Me

I will send you!

I was there, where ever there was.  But, I was standing on the high platform in front of thousands and thousands of human spirits in a meeting worshipping and praising Satan.

Right in the midst of A Praise and Worship Time of a Satanic Meeting!!

I was spiritually sent/taken behind the spiritual lines of The Heavenly Father’s enemies right into the great Kingdom of Darkness, right into a PACK OF POWERFUL DEMONS and unsaved human spirits.

If you want to sort of get a picture of what his spiritually looked like watch the movie

The Chronicles of Narnia

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

By Walt Disney Pictures

The scene that shows what it ‘SORT OF SPIRITALLY LOOKED LIKE ” when I spiritually showed up in their Praise and Worship Service to Satan is when the Lion/Aslan had gone to freely sacrifice Himself for the sins of Edmund of betraying his own family to the White Witch.  The Movie shows the many BEASTS, CREATURES, DEMONS at a gathering place around the

Stone Table/Altar

To kill The Great Lion, Aslan, The King of Narnia

Also another movie is entitled

Hansel and Gretel, The Witch Hunters

This is an new movie about a Brother and Sister fighting and destroying Witches

The time in the movie that shows this time I had just been dropped into was the gathering of all the witches and creatures at the Great Rock for sacrifice of small children so that the Sisters of Darkness would never be able to be killed.


The End of Days

With Arnold Schwarzenegger – 1999

In the scene in a Satanic meeting in an abandoned building on New Year’s Eve in New York City, one learns how the Power of one man who was dedicated and diligent and who never gave up against Satan’s plans on the earth and how the multitudes of people are BUSY WITH WORLDLY events/New Year’s Eve, while Satan and his followers are busy with His spiritual purposes.

Also this movie is great to learn about the unseen spiritual realm and those who serve the dark spiritual Master Stan and how innocent babies are chosen for Satan’s purposes.

Well, into this dark demonic meeting I was spiritually taken by the power of the Holy Spirit for the spiritual purposes of The Heavenly Father.  I was not afraid but shocked at first, then I knew what I was to do.  Through the spiritual gift of Discerning of Spirits  I was there. Where ever there was!!  I could see both the spiritual realm and the physical realm.  I could hear in both realms and I could talk to all, EVEN TO ALL SPIRITS!!

So, I began to bind all the demons and then to begin to tell all the unsaved humans spirits there and who had spiritually come to see what this

Spiritual Disturbance in The Kingdom of Darkness of Stan was

For there was a Great Disturbance in the land!

I was a stranger in the Darkness and no one knew how I got there.  Then God’s Agape Love began spiritually RAINING DOWN Gently upon all there and who were spiritually watching outside of the meeting as SPIRITUAL GLITTER/RAYS OF LIGHT

Agape Love Had Come To Them

To Spiritually Touch Them All With His Sweet Presence

Oh, the glorious sight to spiritually see The Heavenly Father’s Glory/Presence come spiritually down as rays of sunlight that glitters with the colors of the rainbow and to see it touch precious unsaved human spirits who have never known nor been touched by such peaceful rays of agape love.  These precious human spirits only have known the spiritual touch of Satan and his demons or abusive spiritual, mental and physical touch of pain and fear.

Another movie that will help you to spiritually visualize what this spiritually looked like and still does is



With Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg

The point in the movie when Demi actually is able to see into the spiritual realm where her boyfriend, Sam was after being murdered and the lights and the beautiful rays of light shinning and descending down on Sam.  Demi and Whoopi both were able to see Sam spiritually and could see the Presence of Light and The Realm of Light coming down and speaking to Sam.  Just so beautiful to watch and allow one’s spiritual imagination to believe again in this realm.  Even those who were already living in this realm could be seen and Demi and Whoopi were able to say goodbye to Sam and watch him as he walked into the crowd of others and disappeared.  And what did Sam teach Demi and Whoopi, that ALL THE LOVE YOU HAVE FOR SOMEONE AND OTHERS, YOU TAKE THAT LOVE WITH YOU AND YOU LIVE IN THAT LOVE!

And so it was this night, in a Satanic meeting in the Kingdom of Darkness.

Unsaved human spirits experiencing, feeling and seeing the Spiritual Presence of Agape Love of The Heavenly Father touching them without hurting them.  I was telling them whose Rays of Light, Rays Of Glitter this was and how Much He Loved them and wanted them to be His spiritual children.  Agape Love was at work deep in the Kingdom of Satan’s Realm, Multi-generational Satanism and Witchcraft.

Unsaved human spirits were being spiritually touched and Agape Love was filling their precious fearful spiritual hearts and souls with His Gently Agape Love, Peace and Joy.

Spiritual lives were being spiritually changed/born again right before my very spiritual eyes that night in Satan’s Kingdom in the Satanic meeting somewhere on the planet.  

Then at that very moment I was told by The Voice of The Holy Spirit to lead them

Into the Kingdom of Heaven’s Promised Land as Joshua lead Israel into the earthly Promised Land.


Oh, My what a tremendous spiritual responsibility!

On, my to have God The Most High Appoint you, Trust you and Anoint you with such precious spiritual children of His Kingdom of Heaven was almost to much for me to believe, but believe it I did.  These were His spiritual children, His spiritual Inheritance, His spiritual Heart’s Desire that He was spiritually ENTRUSTING to me to 

Spiritually Bring Them Into His Spiritual Promised Land, The Kingdom of Heaven!

So, I had to be spiritually aware of what I did, where I went, what I watched, what I listened to m for the newly born again spiritual children of The Heavenly Father were always

Spiritually Watching Me and With Me!

So, what began as a night of needing my DAILY FIX of the Presence of God, His Glory Blanket and a night of being told I COULD NEVER GO BACK to the Revival again.

One of having to GO COLD TURKEY off of my Physical, emotional, and spiritual DEPENDENCE on a Revival and the PRAYER TEAM prayer time to get MY NIGHTLY FIS OF THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD and a night of NOT BEGING ABLE to EVEN LISTEN to the Revival Praise and Worship EVEN on the radio and a night of TOTAL

DEPENDENCY on The Most High God to spiritually reach precious spiritual children in the Kingdom of Darkness, 


Now, I was no longer DEPENDENT on Church Services, on Praise and Worship Music, A Revival Services, Others To Pray For Me to Be Touched By The Presence of God Through His Holy Spirit.  This night was the end of MY SPIRITUAL DEPENDENCY on Others, Other things to GET MY DRUG OF CHOICE, THE PRESENCE OF THE HEAVENLY FATHER’S Agape Love to rain down on me and cover me as a warm blanket of liquid Love. Waves and Waves of Warm Love, Electricity and Power Surging throughout my spirit and out to my soul and my physical body.

And because I spiritually obeyed His commandment this night and even to this day,

He is able to spiritually take me

Behind Spiritual Enemy Lines

Into the Kingdom of Darkness


Bring Great Spiritual Disturbances To Satan’s Kingdom and his meetings which have spiritually and

physically operated UNDISTURBED for TOO LONG.  – millions and millions of years –

generations after generations – and to be able to spiritually reach and touch and bring Agape Love to unsaved human spirits trapped as slaves in the Fear of Death to Satan and his demons.

I became a spiritual part of The Heavenly Father’s wonderful Agape Love Ministry reaching down into great Darkness and spiritually touching lost spiritual children to the Heavenly Father.

What a night this was for The Most High God and many many unsaved human spirits!

Not a good night for Satan and his demons and their Kingdom of Darkness!

Oh, well

Satan lost on a cross, even from before the World’s were ever even created.

Satan lost the Keys to Hell, Death and The Grave!

Satan lost at the spiritual Resurrection of Christ Jesus from the Tomb of The Grave, From The Prisons Cells in Hell and From Death, The Spiritual Separation from God Himself.

Now, even today, I am spiritually taken whenever The Heavenly Father desires to go behind enemy lines of Darkness/Ignorance to cause A GREAT SPIRITUAL DISTURBANCE in the Kingdom of Darkness to reach many many precious unsaved human spirits.  But, the place, the day, the time is never at my choosing.  But Always at The Direction and Timing of The Heavenly Father then Done Through The Holy Spirit.

So, Satan lives on edge daily for he never knows when I and the Presence of The Lord are coming into his territory/land/kingdom to reach and rescue and to set free spiritual prisoners.

There will be a GREAT DISTURBANCE IN His Land/Territory/Kingdom For Agape Love, Truth, Light, Freedom, Deliverance, and The Kingdom of Heaven was coming and had come and would come again, and again








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