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Worship The Father In Spirit & Truth

This story is so unbelievable yet it is true and its happening in every church service during worship and preaching to believers and against the precious unsaved spiritual children of the Kingdom of Darkness.  Remember, Satan knows more spiritually than we do and therefore he is able to Spiritually Work unknown and undetected and undisturbed in the body of Christ and in his own Kingdom of Darkness.  This story is based on the scriptures of

John 4 : 5 – 26

Authorized King James Version

Verse 5   Then came Jesus to a city of Samaria, which is called Sychar, near to the parcel of ground that Jacob gave to his son, Joseph

Verse 6   Now Jacob’s well was there.  Jesus therefore, being wearied ( the dirt body gets tired and limits us ) with his journey, sat thus on the well:  and it was about the 6th hour

Verse 7    There came a woman of Samaria to draw water:  Jesus said unto her, “Give me to drink “

Verse 8   For his disciples were gone away unto the city to buy meat

Verse 9   then said the woman of Samaria unto him,

” How is it that you, being a Jew, ask a drink of me, which am a woman of Samaria?”

“For the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans”

Verse 10  Jesus answered and said unto her,

If you knew the spiritual Gift of God, and who it is that says to you, Give me to drink; you would have asked of Him, and He would have given you Living Water.

Isaiah 12 : 2 -3 

Authorized King James Version

Verse 2   Behold, God is my spiritual salvation;  I will trust, and not be afraid;  for The Lord JEHOVAH is my spiritual strength and my song;  He also is become my Salvation.

Verse 3   Therefore with joy shall you draw ” water out of the wells of salvation!”

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Verse 11   The woman said unto Him, ” sir you have nothing to draw with, and the well is deep:  from where then have you the Living Water?”

Verse 12  ”  Are you greater than our father, Jacobm which gave us the well, and drink thereof himself, and his children and his cattle?”

Verse 13   Jesus answered and said unto her,

” Whosoever drinks of this water ( from the well of Jacob ) shall thirst again”

Verse 14   “Whosoever drinks of the ( Spiritual ) Water ( of Life ) that I shall give him, shall never ( spiritually ) thirst;  but the water ( of Life ) that I shall give him ( one who thirsts ) shall be in him ( in his spirit ) a well of ( Life ) water ( spiritually ) springing up into everlasting ( spiritual ) life.

Verse 15   the woman said unto Him,

” Sir give me this water, so that I thirst not, neither come here to draw.”

Verse 16   Jesus said to her,

” Go, call your husband and come here”

Verse 17   The woman answered and said,

” I have no husband”

Jesus said unto her

” You have well said, ( you told the truth )m I have no husband:

Verse 18   For you have had 5 husbands ( The Spiritual Gift of The Words of Knowledge in operation in Jesus ) And he whom you now have is not your husband:  ( Words of Knowledge Gift in spiritual operation ) in this that you have said, you said truthfully”

Verse 19    The woman said unto him,  “Sir, I perceive that you are a prophet ( because of the spiritual Words of Knowledge Gift )  from the Holy Spirit

Verse 20   ” Our fathers worshipped in this mountain ( a physical location ); and you ( the Jews ) sya, that in Jerusalem is the physical place where men ought to worship”

Verse 21    Jesus said unto her, ”  Woman believe me, the hour/time/age/season/day comes, when you shall neither in this mountain ( this physical location ), nor yet at Jerusalem. ( another physical location )


What?  Then where DO I GO and WORSHIP?

Verse 22   “You worship you know not what:  We know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews.”

2 Kings 17: 29

Authorized King James Version

Verse 29  how be it every nation made gods of their own, and put them in the houses/earthly places of the high places/the mountains which the Samaritans had made, every nation in their cities wherein they lived.

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Verse 23   “But the hour/time comes, and now is when the “True Worshippers”  shall worship the FATHER IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH!


For The FATHER seeks such to WORSHIP HIM

But weren’t we worshipping Him in the mountain physically or in Jerusalem correctly?

What do you mean IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH???



Verse 25   The woman said unto Him,

” I know that when the Messiah comes, which is called Christ:  when He is come, He will tell us all things.”

Verse 26  Jesus said unto her, ” I that speak unto you am He!”

Worshipping the FATHER in SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH was the spiritual goal/purpose of salvation/redemption from The Heavenly Father through His Son on a cross, through Hell, Death and The Grave.


Going to a physical location, buildings, but in THE SPIRIT REALM BY THE HUMAN SPIRIT IN TRUTH!

So, since Satan knew this was the plans/purposes of God The Most High God He set out his plans to “spiritually interfere” with “saved/born -again ” human spirits in the spiritual activity God The Heavenly Father wanted and desires from each and every human spirit in physical dirt bodies.

Now I enter into the story of Satan’s interference spiritually of spiritual worship in the spiritual realm of human spirits in the spirit and in Truth when Christians in a church service.  I had just started going to another church on Sunday mornings after leaving The church that was in Revival.  Boy did I have some spiritual lessons to learn and spiritual training to be done and put into spiritual practice.

Because I knew the Word of God JUST written to you, I knew WORSHIP in Spirit and In Truth was The Heavenly Father’s Desires of His Heart/Soul and The Goal of spiritual salvation from spiritual death.

The Most High could spiritually reveal to me a ” hidden demonic plan ”  at work against His precious spiritual children and against The Heavenly Father’s Heart desires of and spiritual WORSHIP of Him.  

So, as always, doing Praise and Worship time, I would “easily” enter into the spirit realm and could see, hear and know what was going on because of The Holy Spirit’s spiritual Gift of Discerning of Spirits.

And The Most High began showing me all the human spirits and what was happening during ” The Worship and Praise “

Boy was I shocked!

And what did I spiritually see?

All human spirits in a Worship service and what was really going on SPIRITUALLY!


Human spirits NOT WORSHIPPING IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH their Heavenly Father, The True and Living God.

Then I saw spiritually why this was so.

One ” human spirit” was spiritually through “demonic power”  was interfering with all the “born again human spirits” in their worship and praise!

Who was this ONE “human spirit?”

How could he do this?

Why would he do this?

No words of singing were being spoken by any spiritual child, in the spiritual realm!

No arms spiritually raised up in spiritual praise!

No laying spiritually prostrate before the Lord in His Spiritual Throne by His spiritual children!

No spiritual light in the spiritual children growing brighter and brighter in worship and praise!

All this spiritual interference through just one ” spirit man ” serving Satan’s purposes of NOT ALLOWING THE SPIRIUTAL WORSHIP of The Heavenly Father by His spiritual children in Spirit and in Truth!

Great Fear was Present in the spiritual atmosphere in the church

Demons were Freely Roaming Around and Intimidating Through Many Ways Precious Spiritual Children to Prevent Them from spiritually worshipping the Father in the spiritual realm.

Strong and Tormenting Intimidation Was Going On

Spells of Being Spiritually Frozen/Paralyzed were being said against the spiritual beings in this spiritual realm.

Precious spiritual children of The Heavenly Father were Unable to See, Hear, Speak, Sing or move in any way.

Dark Veils Of Clouds of Darkness pulled over their Hearts and Souls.

The Most High was receiving NO WORSHIP, NO PRAISE in Spirit or in Truth from any of these precious redeemed spiritual  children in this church because of another’s purpose to NOT ALLOW The Heavenly Father to spiritually receive that which He desires as the scriptures say He does.

So, what was I lead to do spiritually?

Well, I immediately asked God The Most High to bind up all the works of Satan and his demons. Then I asked God who this one HUMAN SPIRIT was.  Who was this spiritual instrument/minister/servant of Satan that was doing this spiritual interference?  I was told he was a Multi-generational Satanist who was born into this life and was name after the Demon God of Justice, Shamus!  That was not his name known in the church he was attending or was known by out in the world. He had been attending this church and even made a deal with Satan to do so, but it would cost the life of a Christian wife he had. The public image/identity of this man was not what one would even believe.  He was a college educated Architect and had a very successful business around the world.

I learned he had a powerful position in His Clan.  One of the 13 Bloodlines of Multi-generational Satanism. He was breed from Arab genes and was considered the right hand man of the King of The Clan he was apart of.  He was here in Pensacola because of Future Queen of that Clan, who had become my spiritual child was living and he was one of many to watch over this young one, and to keep her out of spiritual trouble and legal trouble.


This man had a wonderful reputation in the church and with the Pastor and was known even by another name to them.  He even would sit on the front row and seem to be singing, listening to the sermons and he was in church all the time.

I would watch him in the natural appearing to be worshipping by sort of singing the songs – but no hands raised, no eyes closed, no emotions!

When he spiritually saw me spiritually binding up the demons, he was using and me destroying the spells of containment and the veils of Darkness, the  demons of fear HE JUST LOOKED AT me!  No words were spoken between us, only the powerful POWER of God The Most High through me at work, here on the earth demonstration the Kingdom of Heaven and it’s authority and dominion.


The Heavenly Father is desiring through His spiritual children WORSHIP in the Spirit Realm ( Where He Is ) and In Truth ( With Truth about Who He Really Is and Where He Really Lives ) and yet NOT RECEIVING His Heart’s Desires.  Human spirits/born again in the belief that Christ Jesus is the Son of The Living God and that he went a cross to pay a price for all of humanity UNABLE to SPIRITUALLY BREAK FREE by themselves to spiritually WORSHIP and PRAISE Him due to SPIRITUAL INTERFERENCE BY SATAN’S demons and another human spirit serving spiritually Satan in the unseen realm, the spiritual realm out of the sight of the natural eyes.

Then I was sent to other church services and I also saw spiritually BOUND UP precious spiritual children UNABLE to spiritually WORSHIP AND PRAISE in the Spirit with the Real Person, The Spirit Being Their Heavenly Father.  Since the Pastor and Preachers had NO SPIRITUAL knowledge of this SPIRITUAL HINDERANCE/INTERFERENCE of The Heavenly Father’s spiritual children.  I was not lead to do spiritual counter warfare prayer. Oh how sad for The Heavenly Father.

As this “human spirit” in this man continued to watch me in the spirit realm and see the Power of The Kingdom of Heaven at work, He himself was drawn to me. He was watching a Power He had never seen or heard of or ever believed even existed in Christians.  He was spiritually watching his Powerful demons and their spells of containment be bound and destroyed.  It wasn’t very long, before he himself, became a spiritual child of the Heavenly Father and with me as his spiritual mother.  He became my spiritual son and he and I would spiritually talk often and work together for The Kingdom of Heaven.  It was very hard for him for he would be attacked and sent to the hospital with unknown pains for helping me and Christ.

He and I became a mighty team and worked spiritually together for the Kingdom of Heaven. I never exposed him anywhere I saw him in town for Agape Love always covers.  I would not even say hi. His protection in the community was very important to me and the Heavenly Father. Our relationship was a true spiritual one to work spiritually for The Kingdom of Heaven.

He stayed in the life of multi-generational Satanism and would work behind the enemies lines. He would spiritually step out as often as he spiritually could to serve His new God and Heavenly Father. For instance, during one morning’s church service at this same church, the Pastor was teaching on using ones money for the things of God.

So, the Pastor invited all business men and women to come to the front of the church to pledge to god to us their finances for God’s ministry.

Many people physically went forward, but this Former multi-generational Satanist did not go physically forward but he and two friends went spiritually forward.  In the spirit, they looked at me but I was under orders not to say anything to them.  The Most High God did not want to influence them in any way.  They had to be led by the Holy Spirit themselves to do this.

Then for about 3 weeks, I did not see him in church services at all.  I did not know what had happened to him, but I found out later on the phone by the man himself.

He talked with through another ( that is another level of ministry I had to learn to do and believe in )

person on the phone. I had to get use to GROUP CALLS. When this would happen, The spiritual Gift of Discerning of Spirits would become Spiritually Operational by the Holy Spirit in order to reach out into the spiritual realm of the Kingdom of Darkness.  I still am doing this ministry today and am very spiritually sensitive on the phone or in person.

This spiritual son of my and The Heavenly Father’s said, that the afternoon after he went spiritually forward in the church service to pledge to use his finances for God The Most High, he ended up in a local hospital in great pain for he was being spiritually, emotionally and physically punished by Satan’s demons in him that he still had and considered him to still be their spiritual property ( all areas of his life ) and even his money and all of his finances which Satan allows this man to have as his.

Then he was told/ or rather ORDERED to move out of town to a very large city and he had to OBEY if he wanted to live and if he wanted some of his children to live!!

Yet, he would not give up Christ Jesus and His Heavenly Father or me as his family.  He endured get pains and attacks.  He and I always would keep in contact and continued on doing spiritual ministry for The Kingdom of Heaven, even today.

So, this story ends with so much spiritual Truth about spiritual WORSHIP, PRAISE, What Satan does to spiritually interfere with God’s Spiritual children in worshipping their Spiritual Heavenly Father and to those who spiritually pledge themselves and their finances. They all face such spiritual Torment, Vexation, Torment, Attack and Hinderances.  Satan is always working to DENY GOD THE MOST HIGH HIS HEART’S DESIRES HE SEEKS FROM HIS SPIRIUTAL CHILDREN.

This story brings so much to light about The Spiritual Realm and what goes on in the unseen realm. Through this story and personal spiritual experiences I saw, experienced and was taught by, I learned spiritual Truths about the Words of God and what they really meant.  I learned the spiritual Power of The Kingdom of Heaven and It’s Authority and Dominion in the spiritual realm against the spiritual enemies of God and His Spiritual Children. Even today I am able to spiritually see/peer into/discern/have spiritual knowledge of Satan and his demons and other human spirits. This is why the church of Christ Jesus seem to be DEAD, A Lack of Joy and Powerful Worship and Praise. The church is BOUND UP SPIRIUTALLY, UNDER SPELLS OF CONTAINMENT, THREATENED IF THEY MOVE, and The Demons are there to ensure that The Heavenly Father DOES NOT RECEIVE HIS HEART’S DESIRE OF WORSHP IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH from his spiritual children.


In these churches, no one raising their hands, hands in pockets, hanging down by their sides, very little singing, sleepiness, disinterest, just going through the motions, just putting on a good image for the public yet the Heart of Heavenly Father is not SPIRIUTALLY RECEIVING what HE DESIRES, Worship in Spirit and In Truth from his spiritual children He has spiritually redeemed/caused to be born again/re-created in spirit and saved from spiritual Death/spiritual separation from Him.

I spiritually learned so much and now know why the church of God is so powerless, so unloving, so helpless against sickness and disease not winning souls as they should through signs and wonders.  But that has not stopped The Heavenly Father nor Jesus Christ from working in the realm of The Spirit. He will go and train one such as Pastor Deborah and Work in the Spirit in The Unseen. 

The Heavenly Father continues to spiritually minister, find one of His spiritual children he can train and who love as He loves and will pay the price to go into the Spirit Realm and Bring His Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven to Bear against Satan and his demons and their spiritual work they do on earth even today.  Truth and Light and Agape Love Marches On in the Kingdom of Darkness and Expanding the Territory of The Kingdom Of Heaven and Setting Captives Free so they can WORSHIP THE HEAVENLY FATHER IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH!


Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah


















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