Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Welcome And Introduction


Hello and Welcome To The Book Called 

Fasting and Prayer

Volume 1 



This Book is about the Journey Of One Heart From The Slavery of The Flesh and It’s Veil/Covering of Darkness over A Hidden Spirit Called Deborah, An Unrenewed Forever Person Who Needed To Come Forth and Be Spiritually Free In Order To Help Other Human’s The Lord’s Way Instead of The Way of The World.

This Journey Of Freedom of A Forever Person, Pastor Deborah and Her Heart/Mind, and It’s Re-Discovery It had to Re-Discover The Ancient Message That an Ancient King was Teaching About From Out of The Ancient Scriptures Of An Old Testament/The Word of God, The Most High, that The Kingdom of Heaven Had Returned To The Earth inside the Spirit of a Man Called Jesus Christ, Is written about an recorded in these 2 Books, 2 Volumes Called 


Pastor Deborah’s Deep Spiritual Journey Had To Begin With The Re-Discovery of

The Kingdom of Heaven


The Ability To Spiritually Know and Hear the Very Spiritual Heart For It’s Lost Children

Fasting & Prayer The Lord’s Way

Volume/Book 1

The Books will Be an spiritual journey that offers Deep Spiritual References about the Freeing of one spiritual heart, Pastor Deborah to Re-Discover It’s True and Eternal Purposes and How To Spiritually Fulfill Them on earth and through the Authority, Dominion and Power of the Kingdom of Heaven and It’s Governor, The Holy Spirit.

You will read and hear the heart cries of Two seeking to help people and how they had to become one in Heart and Mind to reach out into The Kingdom of Darkness on the earth to reach hidden and fearful spiritual hearts that lived under a Veil of Darkness, a Covering of Ignorance in the spirit and soul to a loving Father and His Heart of Agape Love for them.

The Two Books reveal the incredible spiritual journey of Pastor Deborah to becoming a

King of The Kingdom of Heaven

A Light To Be Sent Into The Kingdom of Darkness and Take The Light of Agape Love

A Spiritual Shepherd and Mother To The Lost Ones 

Fasting & Prayer The Lord’s Way

In Volume/Book 2

You will read and hear 

The Stories of Freedom and Healing That Came From The Words of Agape Love

Stories of Real Deliverance, Demonstrations of The Kingdom of Heaven

Stories of Agape Love At Work In The Kingdom of Darkness

Stories of The Manifestations of The Power and Dominion of The Kingdom of Heaven on the earth

Stories of Helping People The Lord’s Way and Not the Ways of The World

May you, The Forever Person Hear and See, The Kingdom of Heaven at work in the life of Pastor Deborah and once this Person had been spiritually re-newed in the Kingdom of Heaven and It’s Authority, Power and Dominion and how the Kingdom of Heaven and It’s Agape Love would Demonstrate and Manifest Itself Through and With Pastor Deborah to Set Spiritual Captives Free of Spiritual Slavery and Bondage from the Kingdom of Darkness and It’s Demonic Strongmen of Satan.

Read and Hear and Be Encouraged.

Read and Hear

The Stories of Agape Love and It’s Work on the earth to Demonstrate Itself and Be Known

Read and Hear

True Stories of Lives Being Spiritually Touched and Set Free From Spiritual Slavery and Ignorance

Read and Hear

From The Hearts That Agape Love Touched and Freed Themselves

Read and Hear

And Then, Go on The Journey Yourself of Fasting and Prayer To Help People the Lord’s Way

Read and Hear

And Allow The Kingdom of Heaven and It’s Agape Love To Set You Free of Ignorance and Slavery to Darkness

Love Pastor Deborah













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