Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Spiritually Hidden Entrance




Come & See

Dear Precious Spiritual Child,

The Heavenly Father & I, Pastor Deborah want to spiritually tell you how much you are Loved

Loved With A Love UNKNOWN to you,


You Are So Spiritually Precious to the Both of Us and There Is NO SPIRITUAL DISTANCE TOO GREAT for the Two of us to spiritually TRAVEL to spiritually REACH you in the Spiritual Darkness


The Heavenly Father wants to SPIRITUALLY INVITE

You to

Come & See a Great Wonder you have NEVER seen or experienced before,

The Eternal Garden of Eden

A Place Just Beyond Our Eyes and A Place That we can not get to by any earthly means,

A Place Where One’s Troubles Melt and Fade Away

Where Flowers Sing and all The Living Creatures Talk and are Full of Agape Love

A Place of Golden Pine Cones That Talk

A Place where the Entrance is Guarded By a Flaming Sword and Powerful Cherubim

A Place of Mountains, And Flowers, And  Rivers and Streams

A Place of Peace and Hope, Rays of Agape Love Shinning Always

A Place of Teaching, and Living Trees and Fruit, Animals of all Kinds

The Place where A Heavenly Father and His Son Is Spiritually Pouring Out Their Deep and Eternal Agape Love

A Majestic Place, here on The Planet Earth with a Hidden Entrance and A Faithful Shepherd Who Is always there and Watching and Ministering to all that Come and See

Come and See

The Majesty and Glory of Agape Love and It’s Riches Of The Kingdom of Heaven

Everyone Is Welcomed

Billions and Billions Come and Visit and See and Learn That They Are Loved and There Is A Place Where Love Rules and Reigns



and you do not have to know the way, The Holy Spirit does,  So, Sweetie, 

Come & See Agape Love at work








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