Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Satan, Watch & See





Watch & See

The Heavenly Father’s Spiritual Majestic & Powerful Agape Love

Spiritually Move Through Your Spiritual Kingdom of Darkness/Ignorance

Your Spiritual Matrix

As Spiritual Freedom is Spiritually Proclaimed

And Spiritual Doors Are Spiritually Unlocked

And Spiritual Captives Are Spiritually Set Free of Spiritual Darkness/Ignorance From Sin And Death

Watch & See


As Your Spiritual Strongholds of Darkness/Ignorance

Come Spiritually Down As The Walls Of Jericho of Old

As Your Spiritual Kingdom Is Spiritually PLUNDERED 


What Was Yours


As The Heavenly Father’s Glorious Rays of Spiritual Light/Truth & Agape Love

Spiritually Shine On Spiritual Hearts/Minds & The Forever Spiritual Persons

Spiritually Pouring Out The Almighty Spiritual Presence of Agape Love

Into Their Spiritual Hearts/Minds And Spiritual Forever Persons

Just Watch & See, Satan

Agape Love Spiritually At Work

Be Seeing You Around, Satan

Watch & See, Agape Love Do It’s Mighty Work!

In The Mighty Name/Nature of Christ Jesus, The Lord of The Kingdom of Heaven








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