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Ok, It Works!


This story is based on

Matthew 18 : 18

Authorized King James Version

Verse 18   Verily, Truly I ( Christ Jesus ) say unto you ( My Disciples ) Whatsoever you shall bind/forbid on earth, shall be bound in Heaven:  and whatsoever you shall loose/allow on earth, shall be loosed in Heaven.

This scripture was foundational in my spiritual training

The Lord Most High began my spiritual re-educational/renewal from the

Way of The World

To The Ways Of The Kingdom of Heaven, The Ways of The Most High God

I had been educated, trained and worked in the world according to the Ways and Knowledge of THE WORLD to help people.

Mental Health Counseling was the World’s Way of Helping People!

But, I never could 100% believe and fully operate from this model/this way/from this knowledge, but I tried.

But when The Lord began His spiritual re-education process with me, I was spiritually led/drawn to classes of


Casting Out Of Demons/Devils


I had never heard of such things in the world of Mental Health Counseling!!

Even though I had read The Bible and had read there about such things, but it was not for today and never taught or even believed in by those in Mental Health Counseling or in Most Churches.

Never was I taught about this in any churches I had attended

No classes about this even as an alternative perspective in Mental Health Counseling.

Not Apart of Mental Health Counseling and The Insurance Companies

 Not Apart of Psychology

Not Apart of Psychiatry

Not Apart of Social Work

Not Apart of Helping People In Church!!!

But The Lord Said To Me,



So, I was directed to put down/not renew/use my Mental Health Counselor’s License and so I did as I was directedto.  I began attending the Sunday School class of the Church I was attending which was in a Powerful Revival on




Week after Week, month after month, year after year.

Studying the Book Called, Strongman Name – What Is His Game? By Drs. Jerry & Carol Robeson. First Edition 1983.

 The Following is taken out of the back of the Book.

The Robeson’s were Assembly of God missionaries to Latin America for 20 years.  The ministered in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Jamaica, Mexico and Chile.  They specialized in open-air crusades which were held every night in an area of the city where a new church was needed.  When they ministered they discovered the realm of the spirit and that precious Christians had some stuff.  They went and did Biblical Research and found 16 Strongmen listed in the Word Of God.

1.The Spirit of Anti-Christ ( 1 John 4:3 )

2. The Spirit of Bondage ( Romans 8:15 )

3. Spirit of Death ( Called The King of The Bottomless Pit, Apollyon/The Destroyer )

4. The Spirit of Divination ( Witchcraft – Acts 16 : 16-18 )

5. The Dumb and Deaf Spirit ( Mark 9 : 17-29 )

6. The Spirit of Error ( 1 John  4 : 3 )

7.  Familiar Spirits ( Leviticus 19: 31 )

8.  Spirit of Fear ( 2 Timothy 1:7 )

9.  Spirit of Haughtiness ( Pride ) ( Proverbs 16: 18 )

10.  Spirit of Heaviness ( Isaiah 61 : 3 )

11.  Spirit of Infirmity ( Luke 13: 11-13 )

12. Spirit of Jealousy ( Numbers 5 : 14 )

13. Lying Spirit ( 2 Chronicles 18: 22 )

14.  Perverse Spirit ( Isaiah 19 : 14 )

15,  Seducing Spirits ( 1 Timothy 4: 1 )

16.  Spiritual of Whoredoms ( Hosea 5 : 4 )

I bought the book, read and looked up every scripture and had to decide for myself if Christians could have demonic spirits/devils because the church I was at DID NOT BELEIVE CHRISTAINS COULD HAVE THEM, but that was the only ones the Personal Ministry Team of which I was one were ministering to.

I learned these Strongmen well and could bind them according to Matthew 18: 18 and they did. During my early training, The Lord allowed me to see my first demonic manifestation in a church service at an altar at prayer time. A very over weight woman had come to the altar for prayer.  She got the prayer and then I saw her go und the power of The Lord. As the usher’s and prayer team ministers where helping her into a very large wheel chair,


Just as she was about to sit in the wheelchair, her body jolted up out of the chair and she 

Started growling, hissing and barking!!!

Her physical face changed and took on a CAT LIKE face with it’s features.

I knew if the mental health community and police had seen this, the straight jacket was on it’s way and off to the psych hospital!!

So, when this happened, a PERSONAL MINSITRY team minister stepped in and began saying

I Bind You in The Name Of Jesus

Be Bound according to Matthew 18:18

Then the lady just passed out!!

She was then out back in the wheelchair and taken out of the sanctuary to be ministered to by

A Personal Ministry, Deliverance Minister

Later, I learned she was a very powerful witch from Alabama and had come to do her THINGS in the sanctuary, but The Lord’s Spiritual Presence was very strong that night and instead of Satan having a victory, His demons got mad, hostile and acted out because of the powerful spiritual Presence of The Most High God who was there in The Holy Spirit and the demons were being spiritually tormented by it.

So, my new spiritual education, training, out of the world’s way of helping people was begun by seeing the demonic manifestation of demons and learning about witches and the power of God. I had begun my new life in helping people the Lord’s Way!

I jumped in with all my spiritual heart and soul for I knew


I went and bought thousands of dollars of

Books on






I kept attending week after week, month after month this church’s Sunday School class on

The Strongman Book

Personal Ministry


Then I applied to be on this volunteer ministry of the Revival that was happening at this church and was accepted!

So, I began a wonderful and powerful and still on-going even today, spiritual walk of

Personal Ministry, 

The Lord’s Way of Helping People, Not The World’s Way!

Deliverance/Casting Out of Devils/Demons/Strongmen Just Like Christ Jesus Did during His earthly ministry.

Now back to this story,

Very early in this spiritual education I was now going through, I was given an spiritual opportunity to 

See and Believe For Myself

Outside of the Church setting at work, at home with family members, at prayer meetings, a other community meetings, 

Demons manifesting, speaking, teaching through humans.

My son was attending as a participant an INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE FAIR in Fort Worth, Texas and it was during the final day’s conference that this spiritual opportunity arose right in front of me and I was NOT EVEN IN A CHURCH service, but out in the market place/community/an event of the world.

The guest speaker of the International Science and Engineering Fair was a well know Anthropologist and he was speaking to these precious young students about

The Creation of Man Through EVOLUTION!

I listened for just a short while, then my spirit could not take his lies, errors about how man evolved from animals!

And I couldn’t listen to the lies error any longer!

The spiritual education and training I had been spiritually receiving at church kicked in/rose up

even outside of a church service

Out in the world

Out in the public realm

Through the spiritual gift of DISCERNING OF SPIRITS from the Holy Spirit I spiritually discerned that

a demonic spirit of ERROR was speaking through the Anthropologist

A Spirit of Error was spiritually spewing out Satan’s lies, deception, error about Man’s origin of Creation.  For Satan did not want these precious young students to know or hear or believe in The Truth of Their Creation

By God The Most High Alone

Not By Evolution!

I knew spiritually I could NOT ALLOW this lie, deception, bewitchment, error of an Anti-Christ spirit to continue to speak.  So, I took spiritual authority over the Anti-Christ Spirit of Error

I put my hand to my mouth and quietly under my breath I said,

Spirit of Error, I bind you according to Matthew 18:18, You are bound from speaking!!

Immediately, the Anthropologist stopped speaking in mid-sentence and said,

I am so confused, please forgive me, and he walked off the stage!!

What Had Just Happened???
I spiritually realized this man had no

Truth of Man’s True Creation From The Most High God

His only knowledge he had and would speak out, came from the 

Demonic Spirit of Error of An Anti-Christ Spirit!!!

I was spiritually Shocked!

This spiritual Binding of Devils even worked outside of the church!

I spiritually learned a valuable lesson that I could apply in the world and would teach my son to even bind up demons in his public school and university where he was attending and many many times my son and I had to 

Bind up his teachers up for demons were coming through them and harassing him, attacking him verbally and hindering him in school.


For I spiritually had to SEE AND BELIEVE that The Lord’s Authority and Dominion over Satan and his demons, the Strongmen of The Bible was REAL and The Authority and Dominion could be used anywhere, even if I was not even in the area physically – For I had learned by Christ Jesus that It is The Spirit that does the speaking and commanding and it can learn how to do this by studying the way Christ Jesus did deliverance in the 4 Gospels and how his Words of Authority For He told us It is only When a Stronger One Comes to A Strongman That The Strongman of a House can be bound and cast out and It’s house plundered and set free.

I have had to even bind up demons on a jury, in church that were speaking out of the Pastors and Preachers, and speaking out through the members, at home in family members, at stores, on the road, in cars, anywhere I go both physically or spiritually on earth.

Thank you Father for such re-newing of my spiritual heart and it’s soul with the Ancient Knowledge of The Truth of Your Words of Spirit and Life.











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