Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Led By The Voice Of The Lord God



For someone unknown spiritual reason to me, I seem to be able to SPIRITUALLY HEAR The Voice of The Lord God very easily.  I am able to Hear His Voice in the spirit and audibly. How, I am not sure.  Since my childhood, He and I have always talked to each other and I was always reading His Words of Spirit and Life.  I did not grow up in a none TOXIC home. Lots of Mental Health problems, but they were called HAVING A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN, ONE’S NERVES WERE BAD. I grew up in a military officers house with a mother who had many issues from her childhood and they spilled over into the family I was born into. 

From the time, I was about 8 years old my mother who is gone on to Heaven, had major suicidal and depression issues and was not able to be the mother I needed.  It was my father who was the care giver.  So, from my early years, I sought the Presence and Voice of Peace and The God Of The Bible Helps for surviving in the toxic culture of this family.

I learned early on in my childhood from reading The Old Testament of The Bible over and over, and the then the Red Words of Christ Jesus in the New Testament THAT GOD, THE MOST HIGH WAS A 

Talking God!!!

He has SO MUCH to SAY TO US, TO ALL OF HUMANITY from out of the Old Testament, so I would read all the scriptures that said

And The Lord Said

Thus Said The Lord

The Voice of The Lord Came To Me

I would read each and every scripture where He spoke, or one of His Angels spoke for Him, or one of His Prophets or, when He Talked to


The Serpent In The Garden





In Dark Visions of The Night, Dreams

Open Visions During The Day

All His Words of His Judges, His Kings, His Prophets

Then I listened very carefully to Him through His Son, Christ Jesus

Usually I didn’t understand most of His spiritual meanings, But I listened 

I always had to ask many many questions

But I Did See Something Strange and Powerful


Then I asked The Heavenly Father to speak to me as He did with

Adam In The Beginning Of Humanity 

Then With Noah

Then With Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and Of course Moses

Through all of His Prophets

Through King David and Then as He did With His Own Son, Christ Jesus, The Anointed Spiritual Being in side of the dirt body of Jesus.

I wanted The Heavenly Father, The Lord Most High God to talk to me Himself or through His Angels or through His Written Words or Through The Holy Spirit, I wanted this more than I wanted

Anything or Anyone!!

Nothing else matter to me, Nothing at all!

I knew it would be possible, but I am sure I have to have very good spiritual ears, a calm spirit and soul and trust worthy of this gift. Then I knew my faith would be tested along with my spiritual heart and it’s desires and motivations and was I willing to BE DIFFERENT AND NOT BE APART OF ANY Denomination, church organizations, have no spiritual covering of man, Only God the Most High Himself!

Of course, I would NOT FIT into any church, or denominational ministry even though I tried. No Chance At All.

I would become a 

Spiritual Stealth Black Operations Solider!

Working Alone With Only God, The Most High and His Holy Spirit and With all of the Host of Heaven, The Angels of The Kingdom of Heaven.

I would spiritually move, see, hear and know spiritually HIDDEN things to 99.9% of Christians.  I have and still do hear The Most High’s Voice so clear that it is as if He is physically standing right next to me and at other times so softly in my spirit aht I had to really LISTEN TO spiritually hear His Voice above all the noise of both the earthly and spiritual realm.

He and I decided that when He needs to get my spiritual attention when I am very busy so I can spiritually hear what He wants to say to me that He just needs to pull on my spiritual heart sort of like a small child tugging on their mother’s pants or dress to get her attention.

When The Holy Spirit does this, I will physically jerk a few times when He is wanting to get my 

Undivided Attention

And I will stop whatever I am doing and listen to Him and of course Talk Back To Him.

The Most High God Talks with me in my sleep, to my spirit which is what He always speaks. Then later on, He even began talking through my spirit for we had become one as He and Christ Jesus was as I read in the 4 Gospels.

I learned He would speak to me anywhere and at anytime He desired.

I am always so excited when we get to talk face to face as He did with Christ and Moses, His Friend and so many others of The Bible. Also I am a daily quest in His spiritual Throne Room and He and I as well as I and Christ Jesus speak about His Kingdom of Heaven Spiritual Business.

I also go to The Throne Room to Just Sit on the Lap of The Father to cry over the Lost/the Unsaved spiritual children of The Kingdom of Darkness/ignorance and their great spiritual need of His Agape Love and Him.

Sometimes, I just need to sit as a child in the spiritual lap of Christ or My Heavenly Father on Their Throne and be spiritually refreshed in His Agape Love and Comfort.

I have learned how to spiritually enter into the great power and presence of The Most High God and become one in spirit with them

I also conduct much LEGAL SPIRIUTAL ACTIVITY in the spiritual COURTROOM Of The Judge of The Universe to spiritually counter petition Satan in the LEGAL MATTERS of 

Spiritual Justice

Restraining Orders

Cease and Desist Orders


On spiritual behalf of both unsaved and saved human spirits

Sometimes I would only Hear one Word From The Lord


And Nothing else, Just


I knew what that meant.

Look Around, Pay Attention

I Want You To See Something Or Someone

And I Would and Did, and I saw spiritually and physically what The Lord wanted me to see and know.

Other times, I would Only Hear

Do Not Get Prayer at church tonight for there will be too much evil there!

So, I would not get prayer and neither would my son!!

I was allowed to see the EVIL and it was Demons coming through lovely Christian people on the prayer team!!

Not surely in Christians?  Yes!

As I grew in the ways and protection of The Lord Most High God, I would Hear

Now Man Shall Lay Hands On You!

I did not understand fully, BUT THEN I SAW!!

Demonic claws coming through the people on the prayer team, coming through staff of the Revival School, and demonic anointing coming from the eyes of a Christian Bible School Teacher!!

I was so spiritually IGNORANT at this time in my spiritual growth of this spiritual reality of the realm of the spirit and the realm of demons in people, even in confessing Christians.

In My spiritual Ignorance I believed It was The Lord’s For He said His Eyes Were Eyes of Fire and Power, But He said It WAS NOT HIM!

The Power coming out of the Eyes of This Bible Teacher Was Of Satan for He was

A False Teacher sent by Satan to lead precious, baby believers in Jesus who were very spiritually ignorant of this realm. This False teacher’s job was to lead the students at the Revival School astray from The Truth of The Living Words of Spirit of Truth of the Bible which the Teacher did know.

I had a chance to talk to this Bible Teacher in the spirit and I asked him why he was doing this and that The Father wanted him to stop, but he said he could FOR THEY WOULD KILL HIS FAMILY!!!!

What, Who Were They He was speaking about?

What kind of black mail did THEY HAVE ON HIM?

He gave no further information, but he said enough to make me a deeper spiritual believer in the realm of the spirit.

Could This Really Be True?  Yes It Was!!

Many times songs would be sung that spiritually lifted up



Rain Of God

But Not Jesus!!!

And  was spiritually how the SPIRITUAL HIGH PLACE of Praise and Worship was prepared around a spiritual altar for Satan’s demonic spirits/demons to be spiritually welcomed and a spiritual place was made for them in the church service!!

I know this sounds so weird, unreal, but personal spiritual revelations and experiences are what will spiritually open one’s spiritual eyes and ears to the 

Spiritual Reality of The Spirit Realm that Is Around us 24/7!

And what is going on behind ” the spiritual Veil ” that most of God’s children do not see and are not spiritually aware of, but because of the SPIRIUTAL GIFT OF DISCERNING OF SPRIITS from the Holy Spirit to my spirit, I am always able to peer/see into/hear/know/have the spiritual knowledge of what is spiritually hidden out of the sight of earthly eyes and knowledge.

Speaking of these spiritual experiences to others is usually not accepted or believed by other Christians or by most of humanity. Most Pastors/preachers/leadership say

I am so Heavenly Minded, that I am no earthly useful or I am spiritually out in left field!

But, I would just keep reading The Bible and observe, listen and believe the spiritual visions, dreams, experiences of the Old Testament Prophets, the Works of God and Christ Jesus, the acts of the Apostles, and the very Words of Jesus Christ and I would say to myself,

That God The Most High, His Son – Christ Jesus and The Holy Spirit

Are The Same Today As They Were Yesterday and Will Be Tomorrow

And So Was Satan and His Demons!

I use to struggle with most of what I am spiritually honored to know, to see in the spirit realm, but yet most of my spiritual experiences seem to bring shunning instead of acceptance. But oh well.!  And many Christian denominations do not believe in the need of having “personal spiritual experiences” and that all of God’s gifts, powerful signs and wonders, healing, and even hearing the Voice of God are not for today as I had read in the Bible. Some denominations do not believe we need to hear God’s Voice for we have His written Words and if we do hear His Voice we are mentally Ill and need help.

They, God’s Voice, His Gifts, His Powerful Signs and Wonders, His Healing all ended when the 1st Apostles died because these things were only needed to Kick Start the church of Christ.  Now, since the Word was printed and reprinted in written form, personal spiritual experiences were not needed anymore. Just believe what the Word said and have faith.  Nothing more to get, no relationship, no Hearing the Voice of God, The Spirit realm is not real. I carefully would spiritually listen to Every Word of God both His Written Words of His Bible and His Words personally spoken to me in my spiritual heart.

None of the lovely Christian Pastors Teachers, Preachers, Prophets, Evangelists appeared to spiritually purposely set out to

Spiritually Trap Me

Snare Me

Deceive Me

Draw Me Astray From The Spiritual Truth of The Word Of God

Bewitch Me

Or Bring ‘DEMONIC SPRIITS” into my spiritual life, but I am the one who must spiritually guard the spiritual gates of my spiritual heart and soul. No, I personally must always spiritually stand guard against

All Things Spiritual !!!

From spiritually touching me, entering into my life, coming into spiritual agreement with, from intimidating me and overtaking me

I must spiritually  JUDGE ALL SPIRITUAL THINGS whether they are of God The Most High or of Satan

I am the one to ” spiritually Judge” Words for they are the spiritual containers of spiritual TRUTHS OR LIES OR LIFE AND DEATH

Not only my Words, but Words of others.

Also, I must be able to spiritually know who is spiritually behind circumstances, activities, behaviors both of nature and humans, even animals!

One day I as all believers will stand at the

Judgment Seat Of Christ

And give an account for what I believed, what I did with what I believed, what I said ( all my words spoken or unspoken ), for what I did the with the Spiritual Gifts/Talents He gave me spiritually, what did I spiritually build on the spiritual foundation of Christ Jesus as savior and Lord, whose Voice did I listen and follow 




Or Satan’s?

I and I alone will stand before Christ Jesus to give an spiritual account for my spiritual life on earth!

Much spiritual deception ( purposefully or not ) is in all Faiths, All Denominations, In Bible Schools, University’s, Seminaries, Small Groups, Books, Conferences, blogs, Websites, TV Preachers, and I am “spiritually” responsible for my personal spiritual freedom/walk/life in Christ and Through Christ 

Because being spiritually free and staying free is The Heavenly Father’s spiritual desire for each of His spiritual children so when we become spiritually completely one with Him in Christ we can spiritually partner with Him to spiritually free others who are spiritual captives.

So, we became spiritual FREEDOM FIGHTERS!

Being a “spiritual freedom fighter”  a “Joshua” has a lot of responsibilities and many spiritual tests and trials of one’s faith in God and His Words!

Learning to “spiritually stand alone” behind the spiritual enemy’s lines of darkness.

Learning how to operate in The Heavenly Father’s Spiritual Gifts, Trusting and believing that

That there was nothing IMPOSSIBLE for God The Most High to do spiritually reach, set free and pour out His Agape Love on all those precious human spirits trapped in prison cells, slaves to the fear of death broken and fractured hearts and souls, slaves to sin/rebellion and it’s consequences, death. I had to believe 100% that there WAS NOTHING He would and could NOT DO TO spiritually REACH AND SAVE them from spiritual death to Him/eternal separation from all He Is and Offers.

Being spiritually LED BY THE VOICE of God The Most High Himself is so wonderful, powerful and full of great responsibilities.


So, I could spiritually hear His Voice, I would immediately obey.  Sometimes I had to have more details and sometimes I would argue with Him, But I ALWAYS OBEYED!

I believed and trusted Him and His Words and He began to spiritually set 

Spiritual Captives Free From The Kingdom Of Darkness

To Spiritually Fulfill Isaiah 61 & 62 In Their Spiritual Lives

Thus He was Spiritually Receiving His Desired Spiritual Inheritance, Spiritual Chidlren, His Family

Oh The Joy, Privilege and Spiritual Results of Hearing and Being Led By

The Voice Of The Most High God!



























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