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It’s Time!




This story involves the story about sacrificing my only biological son as Abraham was asked by God about His only biological son with Sarah, Isaac in obedience to God.  JAN, the Name and Identity of who I was at this time was asked if I loved God as much as I said I did and did I love one Satanist as much as I said and prayed I did.  Read about this story again in Volume One entitled, So, Many Hands, Just So Many Hands.  I, of course immediately answered YES I would sacrifice myself and my only biological son to The Lord in obedience to His Request in a Satanic meeting to save just one of His Precious lost spiritual ones in the Kingdom of Darkness to Him.  So, just like Abraham did, I spiritually in my heart and soul brought down the knife and killed my son of just 12 years of age.  I had spiritually, emotionally and in my soul gave myself and my son as love offerings to God.  So, now in my own heart and soul I and my only son of 12 years of age were sacrificed as an love offerings to God in obedience to Him.

Now years later, as my earthly father was failing in health for he was 90 years old and had just fallen and broken his neck I had to become his Legal Power of Attorney because he could no longer manage his financial affairs, so I had to step in.  Of course, spiritually I knew that both God and Satan were watching me to see how I handled my father’s money because he had almost a million dollars and two houses.  Both were watching, but not saying one word to me during this time to manage his financial affairs.  They were watching to see if I would handle them correctly out of Agape Love and care and with righteousness or did I steal his money out of lust and greed.  So, I managed all his affairs correctly and even gave all the money away properly to His Will had declared it was to go.  So, I managed all his affairs correctly and even gave all them money he left me and the house to my son.  I kept nothing for myself. I made sure his son/Jan’s brother got all that my father’s will stated he was to get.  I did it all in Righteousness and Holiness and there was no open door to Satan through greed or selfishness or lust or coveting.

As I started on this new journey for me, I had to present to all of my father’s insurances, banks, assistant living centers, medical doctors, military retirement departments, funeral home, Hospice, social security, all my official documents for being his Legal Power of Attorney for his financial matters.  So, I had to send copies of my driver’s license, military I.D. Card, copy of his Power Of Attorney he gave me, and my official legal name was DEBORAH JAN SCHLEICH, NOT JAN!!


The Most High God told me at this time, 2007 I was In a SPIRITUAL IDENTITY TRANSITION TO BECOME DEBORAH!


This Spiritual TRANSITION took 2 years and a lot of hard work on my part.  For I didn’t know who I was as DEBORAH, I ONLY KNEW MYSELF as JAN for that was the Name I chose for myself many years ago in elementary school, the 5th grade to be exact.

You see, when I was very young, my family called me DEB, or DEBBIE, but never DEBORAH or JAN.

But the Lord was directing my path even through my earthly parents and my earthly entrance into this planet, called earth.

My earthly mother’s first Name was SARAH ( meaning princess )  and my father’s first Name was JOSPEH ( meaning Savior/Future of ) and I came to earth of the Spiritual Mountain, The Authority & Dominion of Fire in Heaven and into the dirt body from an egg of SARAH – PRINCESS and the sperm of JOSPEH – THE SAVIOR that formed the outer covering of dirt for me, the spiritual being. Also apart of the ministry I and The Lord were to be doing was to be a spiritual Freedom Fighter/Protector/Shepherd/Mother/King, so I came into the earth, born of parents who were serving the Fight For Freedom from slavery and bondage by being in the service and life of a military soldier’s family.  The Air Force to be exact, an Officer and a Gentleman.

My earthly father was An Air Force Officer and I lived on Military Bases all my early years of life and we were moved to many different cities and countries around the world and thus I never became apart of the outside world/the local communities or nations I lived in. No, I remained distance from the ways of the world as a Shepherd is not a sheep, but remains on duty out in the field with them, watching over them, protecting them from the lions and bears and wolves who would try to capture them to eat them, as a Shepherd I was not apart of normal life as others were, but remained in the distance to protect another’s sheep/Usually the shepherd’s father’s sheep and the shepherd would be alone except for a few other shepherds who stood guard and watch over the precious sheep. 



Trained warriors to protect, trained leaders to lead and guide the sheep to safe pastures and quiet streams for food and drink, trained in the lives of the sheep and their nature, trained in the enemies of sheep – the lions, the bears, the wolves, the wilderness and how they stalked the sheep, trained in the ways of the night creatures and able to see at night when the enemies of the sheep would come to kidnap the precious sheep for food, trained in the ways of sheep and their needs, trained to be alone and on call as a shepherd 24/7.

I grew up with people from other nations from all around the world – all desiring to be FREEDOM FIGHTERS for their government and sustain Freedom Through Military Power, Authority Wisdom, Knowledge and Force of Strength For Righteousness and Freedom From Oppression and Tyranny by others.  All my life, I was around people and families who were sacrificing a normal life as a civilian in a local community for Freedom and whose loved ones may be killed defending the Freedom for others even in other nations/countries.  I was apart of those who were willingly to sacrifice themselves and their families and a normal life as others for THE FREEDOM OF OTHERS.  This manner of LIFE and DEDICATION was SPIRITUALLY FOUNDATIONAL in my early life and shaping and training me for the ministry I would have years later.  The ministry I had no knowledge of was TO BE A SOLIDER, A FREEDOM FIGHTER TO SET SPIRIUTAL CAPTIVIES FREE THROUGH AGAPE LOVE.

The stage was set, The Most High God’s spiritual plans were in place for He even told me that I was like Jeremiah, One of His Old Testament Prophets when God told him in

Jeremiah 1 : 4 -19

Authorized King James Version

Verse 4   Then the Word of The Lord came unto me/Jeremiah/DEBORAH, saying

Verse 5   Before I formed you in the belly ( and surrounded you with a dirt body for you spirit being to inhabit/your earthly covering )  I knew you:  ( For I designed the original design I had for you, the spiritual functions, and form ):  and before you came forth out of the womb

( of Sarah, your earthly mother who you came through to the planet called earth ), I sanctified/set you apart unto Me and Me Alone/I decreed and decided your spiritual and earthly purpose for you on earth and for me in the Kingdom of Heaven/ and I have spiritually ORDAINED

( officially spiritually recognized you as My Kingdom of Heaven Priest Unto Me and A King, A Ruler/A Freedom Fighter ) a Prophet/One who speaks My Words to others for Me unto the nations/people

Verse 6,    Then said I, Jeremiah/Deborah Ah, Lord God!  Behold, I cannot speak:  for I am a child

Verse 7  But The Lord said unto me/Jeremiah/Deborah, say not, I am a child:  for you shall go to all that I send you physically and spiritually and whatsoever I command you, you shall speak

Matthew 28: 19 – 20

Authorized King James Version

Verse 19  And Jesus came and spoke unto them/His disciples and said,

All POWER is given unto Me in Heaven and in earth,

Verse 20  Go you/Pastor Deborah therefore and TEACH all nations/people, baptizing/fully immersing them into the Knowledge of the Name/Nature/Character/Essences/Likeness/Image/Attributes/Qualities/Identity of The Father ( The Source of All Things ) and of The Son/The Words of The Father/The Father’s Own Thoughts and Heart/The Very Son/Image and Likeness of The Father Himself and then of The Holy Ghost/Spirit/The Governor of The Kingdom of Heaven/The Very Oil Of Anointing/The Very Light Of Knowledge/The Very Power Source of The Most High God that desires to Dwell/live in the very deep spiritual heart of humanity to help them spiritually OBSERVE/To Do/Obey all THINGS whatsoever I ( The Father through My Son/My Words Made Flesh ) command you.




To Love Your Neighbor As I Have Loved You, As One Who Is Willing To Die/Sacrifice Myself for The Sins of Others, You Love That Way Your Neighbors.

Your Love Must Be As Mine,

To Be Willing To Pay The Ultimate Price For The Sins Of Others


To Pay The Price For Justice and Satisfy The Law of Judgment That Others/Your Neighbors Owe To The King of The Universe as I Have Done For You. 

So You Go and Do The Same,

Love The Same Way I Did and Still Do

so Your Neighbors Can Be Set Free of Slavery To Sin and Death/Spiritual Separation From Me/A Loving Father


To Be Re-Born as you have been so you and then your neighbors can become my Spiritual Children and Family and Friends.

and lo, I ( The Word of God Now ) am with you always, even unto the end of the World. Amen.

John 13 :  34 – 35

Authorized King James Version

Verse 34   A new Commandment I give unto you, That you LOVE ONE ANOTHER, AS I HAVE LOVED YOU, So That You ALSO LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Leviticus 19 : 18

Authorized King James Version

Verse 18   You shall NOT AVENGE, NOR BEAR ANY GRUDGE against the children of your people, BUT instead you SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF:  For I am The Lord

Ephesians 5 : 1 -2 

Authorized King James Version

Verse 1  Be you therefore FOLLOWERS/DISCIPLES/STUDENTS of God, as dear Children; 

Verse 2   And walk/live/think/believe/do/behave in AGAPE LOVE, as CHRIST/the spiritually ANOINTED Spiritual Person/Being inside of the dirt body of Jesus, The Dirt Body also has LOVED US WITH AGAPE LOVE of The Heavenly Father, and has spiritually GIVEN HIMSELF for us as an spiritual offering and a spiritual sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling fragrance/a sin offering that pleases God for sin was being destroyed and Agape Love was the Victor for Him and His Lost precious ones in the Kingdom of Darkness & Death/Spiritual Separation to Him

Back To John 13 : 34 – 35

Verse 35   By this/loving Your Neighbor as I HAVE LOVED you in Agape Love SHALL ALL MEN ( Saved and Unsaved who you spiritually immerse in this LOVE I Have had For You) then they will spiritually know THAT YOU ARE My Spiritual Disciples/Followers, if you have THIS LOVE, AGAPE LOVE As I Have Towards You, You Have One To Another.


Now Back To Jeremiah 1 : 4 – 19

Verse 8  ( God still speaking to Jeremiah/To Deborah )

Be Not Afraid of their faces/their attitudes/their words/their spiritual or physical presence/their hate/their anger/their attacks against you;  for I am with you to DELIVER you/The Spiritual You, saith The Lord

Verse 9    Then The Lord put forth His spiritual Hand and spiritually Touched my spiritual mouth and the Lord said unto me,

Behold, I have PUT MY WORDS of Spirit and Life/Freedom/Truth/Knowledge/Wisdom/Counsel in your spiritual mouth.

Verse 10   See, I have this day, Set/Separated you spiritually over NATIONS/PEOPLE and Over the Kingdoms of This World, TO Spiritually ROOT OUT, and To Spiritually PULL DOWN, and to Spiritually DESTROY and To Spiritually THROW DOWN and Then To Spiritually REBUILD and To Spiritually PLANT


( you will learn more about this ministry of Pastor Deborah in the Section on the Web Site entitled, All Around The  World With Wilber, Teaching .  There will a wonderful spiritual teachings about The Spiritual History of Land and It’s People and the spiritual fulfilling of this call by Pastor Deborah )

Verse 11    Moreover, The Word of The Lord came unto me, saying, Jeremiah/Deborah what see you, and I said, I see a rod of an Almond Tree

Verse 12   Then said The Lord unto me,  You have well seen; for I will hasten My Word to Perform it.

Verse 13   And The Word of The Lord came unto me, the second time, saying What see you?  And I said, I see a seething pot:  and the face thereof is toward the North

Verse 14   Then The Lord Said unto me,

” Out of the North and Evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land”

Verse 15   For, lo I will call all the families of The Kingdoms of the North, saith The Lord;  and they shall come, and they shall set everyone his Throne at the entering of the Gates of Jerusalem ( this has a very deep spiritual meaning about demons and the gates of a spiritual man’s heart/soul), and AGAINST the Walls of Jerusalem thereof round about ( there is much spiritual revelations here about a spiritual man’s spiritual salvation and Praise)

Isaiah 60 : 18

Authorized King James Version

Verse 18   Violence ( war between the Spirit and The Soul/The Flesh and the spiritual person versus the evil spirits ) shall no more be heard in Your Land ( your spirit and soul and physical body ), spiritual wasting nor destruction within your spiritual borders of your spiritual heart and soul/My new City of Peace, The New Jerusalem;  but you shall call your Walls SALVATION, and Your Spiritual GATES of Your City/My New Jerusalem/your spiritual heart of your spirit and it’s helpmate – your soul ( My new City of Peace and The Place/Territory/Land of The Kingdom of Heaven and where My Sanctuary is where We will meet and Where I spiritually desire to dwell/live for all Eternity, Where I can Rest From all My Spiritual Work )

Isaiah 26 : 1

Authorized King James Version

Verse 1    In that day shall this song be sung in the Land of Judah/The Land of Praise The Spiritual Heart of a Spiritual Being and it’s soul of My spiritually redeemed spiritual children;  We have a strong City/A Spiritually Redeemed and Renewed spiritual heart and it’s soul;  SALVATION will God appoint for WALLS AND BULWARKS

Proverbs 25 :  28

Authorized King James Version

Verse 28  He that has no spiritual Rulership/Kingship/Authority/Dominion/Management/Leadership over his OWN SPIRIT/IT’S FUNCTIONS AND IT’S SOUL is LIKE A CITY that IS BROKEN DOWN and WITHOUT WALLS.

Back to Jeremiah 1 : 4 – 19

Verse 16     And I/The Lord will utter My Spiritual Judgment against them spiritually touching all their spiritual wickedness, those who have forsaken Me, and have burned incense/prayed to/worshipped/served/called on other gods;  and worshipped the words of their own hands ( all the different governments they have thought up, all the different ways to rule the land and the people with their laws, all their lusts and coveting and lies and deceptions and not loving Me and their Neighbors in MY AGAPE LOVE MODEL/PATTERN/COMMANDMENT.

Deuteronomy 28: 20

Authorized King James Version

Verse 20   The Lord shall send upon them cursing, vexation, and rebuke in all that they set their hand unto for to do, until they be destroyed, and until they perish quickly, because of the spiritual wickedness of their doings/ways, whereby they have forsaken Me/The Lord

Back to Jeremiah 1 : 4 – 19

Verse 17    You/Jeremiah/Deborah, therefore grid up your loins/your legs/your courage, and arise, and speak unto them all that I/Your Lord God COMMAND you;  be not dismayed/discouraged at their faces/reactions to you and your words Lest I confound/break into pieces you before them

Verse 18   For behold I/The Lord have MADE YOU THIS DAY A DEFENDED SPIRITUAL CITY/Your Spiritual Heart and Soul and an Iron Pillar/Strong, and Brazen Walls/Walls of Boldness Against The Whole Land/All Kingdoms Against The Kings of Judah/My Own saved people; Against the Princes/The Rulers by Concepts/Ideas/Ignorance/Darkness thereof, AGAINST the PRIESTS/those who are to be My Royal Priesthood unto Me and of Satan’s PRIESTS thereof and AGAINST The People of The Land The Whole Earth

Verse 19   they shall FIGHT AGAINST you;  but they shall NOT PREVAIL against you;  for I am with you, saith The Lord, to spiritually deliver you

Now Back To The Story


Even though God had His spiritual plans which were unknown to me, I took the long way, I took a detour.  When my earthly father retired from active duty with The Air Force we moved off the military base and into a local community in Montgomery, Alabama.  I began attending a “local/non military elementary school, fifth grade to be exact.”  As I walked into the classroom to introduce myself I was to the other classmates and to my surprise there were already two or three girls named DEBBIE in the room, SO I AT THAT MOMENT CHOOSE TO INTRODUCE MYSELF AS JAN!

This was a class of complete strangers, no military children at all, all local children of the South/Of Alabama.  I had a ” Northern Accent”  due to having been living in Illinois while my father taught ROTC at Bradley University for several years.  At this time living in Illinois, I did live off base, and attended the elementary grades of 1 – part of the 3 grade off the military base, then upon moving to Montgomery, I once again returned to base living and went to elementary school from grades 3 – part of the 5th grade on an Air Force Base Military School. During These years I was Known As Debbie, Not Jan!

Upon entering this ” civilian elementary classroom” I could not understand any of their talking for they all had a very HEAVY Southern accent.  I would come home and cry for I couldn’t understand the teacher or the students.  I knew nothing of Alabama, The South, The Football Teams The Cows, Their Traditions, I didn’t even know the color of the uniforms of the southern army during the Civil War.  Ignorant I was of the Local Community and The State and The South.

JAN had been born by MY OWN WORDS and REMAINED ALIVE and yet not so well and she was very ignorant of the spiritual plans God had for the Spirit inside that was NAMED DEBORAH.  Jan  remained MY IDENTITY from 1960 – to the beginning of 2007.  JAN had lots and lost of experiences both good and bad, many heartaches, family traumas, lots of ignorance, remained a virgin though she was born again and believed in and prayed to Jesus Christ every day since she was 4 or 5 years old.  

Through JAN’S spiritual ignorance, she went down the road of sex before marriage, drugs – using and selling them, drinking and driving etc.  JAN went way off the path of Righteousness and Holiness, The Heavenly Father was watching out for me and His spiritual purposes and protected me from becoming pregnant and thus having to have an abortion, getting married to a person I did not love, from being arrested for drug dealing or drunken driving.  Yet, through all these things, these sins of the flesh and soul with their perversions I sought out God  and continued to Read My Childhood Bible every night and prayed my prayer of a 5 year old child from 1957 that I had always prayed kneeling on my knees by my bedside with my father every night to Jesus

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

I Pray The Lord My Soul To Keep

May Angels Watch Me Through The Night

And Wake Me With The Morning Light

Jesus Bless My Mommy And Daddy and My Brother and All My Friends and all the People of the World


I went to many many churches, Christian communes in Georgia always looking for God and something I could not find and something  didn’t know what it was I was searching for, but looking I was everywhere!

JAN grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, living in just one house the entire time.  The house was located in the Dalriada section of Montgomery, just up the hill from Gunter Air Force Base, at 3609 Mayfair Road.  She attended the Dalriada Elementary school, Goodwyn Jr. High School and Robert E. Lee High School.  Then off to Troy State University in Troy Alabama for two years and then transferred to the University of Alabama for only one semester.  She stayed out of college for a while because of great emotional trauma from a broken relationship with a young man.  The heart ache was so bad and it took it’s toll on JAN.  But after some time, JAN went back to school in Troy, Alabama and graduated with a Degree in Social Rehabilitation with minors in psychology and mental health counseling.  Then she went off to Graduate School At Troy University at Maxell Air Force Base with all male military Officers for 9 months.  Also, during this time JAN was working a full time job as a Drug Counselor at the Alabama State Technical School for State Incarcerated Juveniles, At Mt. Meigs Industrial School. Long Long days, First work till 5:00 pm than off to Graduate School until 10:00 pm, five days a week for 2 years.

Through the many heart aches from broken relationship, the sex to find acceptance and love that the trauma of the family was unable to provide, the drugs to dull the pain and to fit in with some type of friends and crowd, dating married men, God was still protecting His spiritual purposes with Him and me.

JAN did not hear The Lord’s Voice of Warnings, nor did her conscious speak to her about her life.  Just lots and lots of emotional pain and hurt.  There was no spiritual knowledge just pure ignorance about life and people and all things.  Oh, JAN believed in Jesus as Savior, but knew nothing of Him being her Lord and King and about His Kingdom of Heaven.

Through out these many years, JAN went to church at Southern Baptist Churches went to the youth groups, sang in the youth choirs, walked over 5 miles by her self to get to church on Sundays for on one else in the family was going, But JAN still went – seeking and searching, went to the youth and adults Sunday Schools, went to the churches summer youth camps.  JAN was walking and seeking and no going, but was so ignorant.  In JAN’s earthly family life the life was one of toxic relationships, silence, trauma and she would seek PEACE and would spend many hours along just listening to soft, peaceful music and reading to get knowledge of everything.  Books became her lifeline of knowledge and truth and they would be used later as she was spiritually developing into her fullness of the ministry she knew nothing about, but The Lord Did.

JAN’s parents never talked to hear about life, sex, about the problems in the family or in the world and boy were there many problems in the family.  JAN felt that since the age of 6 or 7 she grew up without a mother who had started exhibiting emotional and mental health problems, but she never got help and no family counseling ever happened.  No one was TALKING!  So, JAN took a VOW to herself that when she had a family and children, she would talk to them about life and all the things she had never been talked to about.

JAN had no Truth/Answers, so she became a TRUTH SEEKER in Books, Biographies of People, History and Learned through Books and reading and studying which became a life long Habit to get answers she was seeking.  Then JAN would make friends with most UNGODLY, DISABLED, OUTCASTS people. People would ask her, ” How could she be with them?” and JAN would always answer she didn’t know, she JUST LOVED THEM AND WOULD GIVE THAT LOVE OUT DURING THE DAY AND GOD WOULD JUST FILL HER BACK UP AT NIGHT!    Even then, the spiritual man on the inside of JAN WAS SPIRIUTALLY OPERATING out of Agape Love of God and doing it’s spiritual ministry it was born to do and didn’t even know she or rather it, the spiritual person unknown to JAN’S CONSCIOUNESS and AWARENESS was ministering and preforming the Work of The Lord on earth.

Then JAN got married, probably to the wrong person for her conscious WAS TELLING HER NOT TO, but she over rode it unaware that this was her CONSCIOUS or HER SPIRIT’s VOICE speaking to her because her biological clock to have children was running out. The man she married was in the Navy and a Chief and from New York state/A Northern one and was not prejudice against anyone of any race or nationality.  JAN had desired to be back in a military life and family as in her early years of life.  The man was saved, A Lutheran, but they lived together in sin before they got married at home in Norfolk, Virginia.  But they did get married at home by a Navy Lutheran Pastor.  The Marriage Vow that JAN took to God and this man stayed in effect until just recently. 

Two months later, after officially and legally getting married, JAN became pregnant with a child.  Little did JAN know that evil dark satanic forces were at work behind the scenes to kill this baby.  Why, because JAN would learned many many years later that her grandmother of 4 generations back on her father’s side who was from Northern Ireland had had sexual relationships with a Satanic High Priest, A Druid and became pregnant,  Satan wanted the baby to raise up in Druidism and as A High Priest, but this mother did not want that so she made a deal with Satan and The High Priest of Druidism, she would be allowed to keep the baby and raise it any way she wanted BUT SHE HAD TO DEDICATE NOW THAT SATAN AND HIS HIGH PRIESTHOOD WOULD GET A 4TH GENERATIONAL GRANDCHILD for Satan’s Kingdom and Purposes and she agreed.  Then JAN learned that the 4th generation to was DEDICATED by an unknown ANCESTOR began with the birth of JAN’S earthly brother who was named JOSEPH, the first born son of this ANCECTOR’S LINEAGE that was already DEDICATED AND GIVEN over to Satan even before his birth and unknown to the parents.

Satan wasted no time getting this son, Joseph Jr. right from his birth and when Satan had a foothold in this child’s life, he moved on to JAN and then own to her FIRST BORN SON, James.

Satan proceeded with his attack with opportunities to produced thoughts and feelings of REJECTION AND ABANDONMENT. Then on to Jan and then when Jan had a first born son, James.  Satan helped this 1st born son/child, Jan’s older brother ( who has gone on to Heaven ) to feel and believe he was ABANDONED, and REJECTED by his mother who had reaped her sins into their fullness of her own early childhood of bitterness and unforgiveness and has also gone on to be In Heaven but her spiritual issues manifested in the disease of Alzheimer’s that included hallucinations and inoperable stage 3 liver cancer.  JAN’s mother had many many “personal unforgiveness and bitterness ” problems from her own childhood and family that she never sought help and healing for to deal with and carried into her marriage and then on into the lives of her children.  JAN only survived by turning to God, His Church, To Peace and Reading The Holy Bible every night. 

Satan believed that this 1st born male child was his and so he did his evil work and destroy him and this child too became “mentally ill ” and was full of anger unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment from all his years of perceived and actual rejection and abandonment from his mother, his weak soul ties to his own biological father and then his 2 failed marriages that ended in divorce.  This was the brother JAN had prayed to God to heal from his “mental illnesses and his demons”  so he would and could be a good father to his two children and to financially take care of himself, but he did not want to be healed and God would not violate his free will, so there was no healing and the family had to endure his “mental illness” until he had a brain aneurysm and had to be placed into state custody and a nursing home.  But there is still another story about that part of his and his father’s life.

JAN went on and got married and got pregnant two months after her marriage.   The child, James was born one month early at only 3 lbs. 14 oz. For JAN’s body became toxic to her and the baby.  This child would become JAN’S 1st born male and only biological child she would and could have due to medical complication and her safety.  This was the child who at 12 years of age, JAN would sacrifice willingly in her heart and soul to God as ” an love and obedience offering” as Abraham was asked to do many many years ago with his son, Isaac.

Then when the child, James was about 3 years old and JAN had lived a life of sin and no church, The Holy Spirit spoke so clearly to JAN and said, TO GET OFF THE PATH OF SIN AND BACK ONTO HIS ROAD! and JAN just cried and cried as she was driving her van.  So JAN started back to church with her 3 year old son to a small Lutheran Church in hopes that her husband would also go with them for he had grown up Lutheran.  But that was not to be, but JAN and her son were faithful to God and His instructions to GET OFF THE PATH OF SIN AND ONTO THE ROAD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.  JAN was coming back spiritually to where God needed her to spiritually be so He could begin His spiritual TRANSFORMATION/her spiritual re-newing of her spirit and soul and begin the deep cleansing of the entire Spirit and Soul needed to become the Spiritual Identity He spiritually desired her to become and prepare JAN for His spiritual ministry He Had Born/Brought her into the earthly world to do For His Kingdom of Heaven and With Him As His Son, Christ Jesus Did.

Of course JAN who was 34 years of age at this time, had NO IDEA what going back to church would mean to her and God Himself, but for 6 years she and her son, James were faithful church and Sunday School Attendees and volunteered with the church to help the community.  She took every training the church offered to HELP PEOPLE for this was in the PURPOSE OF THE SPIRIT’S BIRTH into the earthly world even though it’s fullness was not known at the time.

JAN still continued to sin some, and was not yet where she needed to be for God, But He was working.  His spiritual leading started by ” leading JAN into TRUTH and SEEKING answers to the denominations traditional beliefs about HOLY COMMUNION, the BAPTIZING of babies by SPRINKLING verses Full Emersion, when Sunday School Started and man more questions that needed answers.  So off to the Library to get books and to read.

But, God was working even at a deeper spiritual level in the town and had a spiritual plan to help JAN grow faster and more mature in His Truth and to get JAN into her spiritual calling and ministry, all unknown to JAN.  In the summer of 1995m Father’s Day to be exact a revival broke out in another denomination’s church in town, called Brownsville Assembly of God.  The articles were in the paper about it, but JAN had gone on vacation to Canada, and would not be drawn there until she returned.  On a Friday night, 6 weeks after the Revival has started and her son was at a Lutheran Church summer camp, JAN was drawn to the church she had never been in before.  

The Church was large, the music was loud and she knew no one at all.  JAN had never been apart of any thing like this before.  The church was full, over 2,000 people.  JAN had no idea what the Evangelist spoke on but she felt drawn to the altar to get the sin out and to get right with God.  At the altar all JAN did was cry for about 3 minutes.  JAN had no idea why or what she was crying about, but cry she did.  Then she went back to her seat, and the elderly couple sitting next to her told her she needed to go and get prayer, so JAN did and she fell down to the floor immediately and could not get up or open her eyes and there was such a peace laying on her that she couldn’t move.

Totally alert, thinking, and could hear the music, and was totally aware of all things around her.  Then about after 30 minutes, she literally had to crawl back to her seat as if she was totally drunk on alcohol which she knew what that felt like/  Then the couple sitting next to here again told her to GO AND GET MORE OF THE LORD.  Well, JAN had NO IDEA what MORE OF THE LORD MEANT, but she went and asked for MORE OF THE LORD and down JAN went again laying right next to a guy in a tuxedo.  Once again JAN was unable to move, but feelings of such peace was on her and in her.  Then again JAN had to crawl back to her pew and rest.

SO BEGAN THE SPIRIUTAL WORK OF THE LORD IN DEBORAH’S SPIRIT all unknown to JAN of what was going on, what THIS MORE OF THE LORD WAS, yet upon returning home she saw a great wonder, WHEN she read her Bible from her childhood she spiritually had spiritual revelations she KNEW things, saw spiritual understanding she had never seen before.  The Word of God Was SPIRITUALLY OPENING up to her. JAN was so excited, but JAN did not know it was her REAL SELF that was really excited, DEBORAH WAS COMING ALIVE, OUT OF HER DARKNESS AND SLEEP. 

Without knowing it, JAN WAS SLOWLY DYING, and DEBORAH was coming alive and was so excited. DEBORAH’S spiritual journey had BEGUN even without JAN knowing it.  BUT BEGUN IT HAD!  For months to come JAN attended both churches at once.  Then she wanted to be on the Revival’s Prayer Team, but she needed her home church’s Pastors permission.  But even after many months of private discussions, The Lutheran Pastor of The Missouri Synod would not give his written approval for JAN to be on the Revival’s Altar/Prayer Team because she would to there and LEARN HOW TO SPEAK IN TONGUES and The Lutherans of The Missouri Synod DID NOT believe in this manifestation of The Holy Spirit.

This Lutheran Pastor stated he had the SPIRIUTAL RESPONSIBLITY OF THE EDUCATION AND PROTECTION of JAN’S soul and he could NOT GIVE HIS PERMISSION FOR HER TO BE ON THIS CHURCH’S ALTAR/PRAYER TEAM.  JAN asked the Pastor who spoke and wrote Hebrew and Greek, if he could show her where this SPEAKING IN TONGUES was not in the Bible.  JAN spoken no languages of the Bible Old or New, or any other Language and knew nothing of what TONGUES WAS OR HAD EVER EVEN HEARD THEM, what ever they were.

JAN had great spiritual BOLDNESS even in the face of Rebuke from a learned and respected Pastor.  Yet, something in JAN Knew who really had the Holy Spirit or not.  At this time, JAN had no idea how she knew this or where the Boldness came from towards and with the Pastor of this Lutheran Pastor.  These private conversations went on for over 6 months.  During that time, JAN was given lots of DENOMINATION LITERATURE to read and study. JAN was given articles of The 1970’s Charismatic Revival that had occurred in America and caused great turmoil within the Lutheran Church of The Missouri Synod.  Many Lutheran Seminary students become BAPTISED IN THE EVENT OF SPEAKING IN TONGUES and were kicked out of the Lutheran Seminaries.  Then The Lutheran Church split and out came the Evangelical Lutheran Church formed from these exiled students and Pastors.  

During this time, JAN was learning to go to the BIBLE to see what the TRUTH OF GOD said about a subject versus what a denomination believed.  Learning to SEEK ANWERS FROM OUT THE BIBLE and for God to show DEBORAH ( who was unknown yet ) the TRUTH from out of the Word of God.

JAN didn’t know it, but she had begun to operate out of Spiritual Gifts that she knew nothing about or had ever heard of.  The main Spiritual Gift that seemed to come into Spiritual Operation often and at the least expected times was THE DISCERNING OF SPIRITS JAN began to HEAR PEOPLE TALKING when their mouths were not, to KNOW Spiritual Truths about people who she didn’t know.  So, off to the Bible to LOOK at Christ Jesus.  Ok, JAN saw through the New Testament, that Jesus Christ seem to spiritually operate in these SPIRIUTAL GIFTS often. So, JAN said to herself, IF JESUS NEEDED THESE THINGS, AND OPERATED IN THEM- JAN WAS NOT CRAZY and It was ok for JAN DID KNOW SHE WAS TO BECOME LIKE JESUS AND DO WHAT THINGS HE DID.  

JAN attended both Churches for many months and would pray in her Sunday home Church for the Holy Spirit to touch the Pastor as He had touched her, but INSTEAD all JAN did was weep and cry for the sadness and grief of the people and the Pastor of this Lutheran Church and shake in the Power of The Holy Spirit.  JAN called it the RIVERS SHIVERS.  

JAN was asked several times by the Lutheran church members what was wrong and was I ok and all JAN could say was she was crying for the church/the people to be touched by God.  At the rail where one would come and bow to receive the Holy Communion Elements and as soon as the Bread/The Waver touched JAN’s lips, JAN would shake in great waves of Power and her son was getting embarrassed, but JAN could not help it she was receiving God’s Power of Spirit and Life that The Bible Says The Bread Is The Food Of Life, JAN was eating spiritually A FOOD OF SPIRITUAL LIFE FOR DEBORAH.

These events and private discussions went on for 6 months until one Sunday morning when the Lutheran Pastor was reading from 2 Timothy about how Paul was writing to Timothy to help encourage him and to stir up his Gift of Faith he had received from his mother and his grandmother and that he had gotten from Paul when Paul had laid hands on him.  The Pastor read the scriptures correctly and I had agreed with them and him because I was following him in my Bible I had started taking to church as I did in the Revival Church.  But when he got to the sermon, the Pastor stated taht Timothy becoming strong in his faith not only from his mother, and grandmother, BUT BECAUSE HE HAD ATTENDED SUNDAY SCHOOL!!! 


JAN knew at the moment SHE COULD NEVER AGAIN SIT UNDER THIS PASTOR and SHE and HER Son Would LEAVE THIS CHURCH.  Also JAN knew that when she left the church out the door at the back of the room where the Pastor always stood to shake the hands of the members as they leave the church, JAN knew that she would not be shaking the spiritual hand of the Pastor, but the HAND OF AN DEMON SPRIIT OF ANTI-CHRIST/SATAN HIMSELF. 

So off JAN and her son went to join The Revival Church and never looked back.  They both joined in membership but later as the spiritual revelation come into JAN’S spiritual heart and soul about THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, she and her son pulled their Church Membership in the Revival Church and began the process of thinking and living in the Kingdom of Heaven as a Citizen of Heaven and with the Eternal Church Membership that is blood red and now would think from the belief and concept that there was only 1 Church and It was being built By Christ Jesus Himself, not man or of man’s earthly denomination.  JAN did not want to wait until she got to HEAVEN TO Begin Thinking in her Spiritual and soul as Son of A King, A Royal Child, And a Member of The Only Church that would be in Heaven, Christ’s Church!!  So, Another Spiritual Revelation came and then a corresponding action on the earth followed.

JAN and her son both went after the Presence of the Lord and Sought MORE OF THE LORD and got lots and lots of prayer for a Touch of The Lord.  JAN’S only was only 10 years old at the time and struggled at first to find his place and friends, but he did finally in Children’s Church as an Audio Sound Engineer and with the Adult Television Ministry and Sound and Then on to the Youth Church.  He found many many friends and helped with the Children’s Altar Calls and Ministry as JAN just for a year, got Prayer and Participated in Praise and Worship and Listened to the Evangelist’s Love of Lost Souls and For Those who needed to get more serious with their walk with Jesus and then would get prayer every night and fall under the Power of Agape Love and had waves of Liquid Love and Peace would Flow over and in her Spirit, DEBORAH.  This time of Peace and Glory was Called THE GLORY BLANKET OF AGAPE LOVE of the Lord.

Then after about a year, in 1996, JAN applied to be on the Revival’s alter team to just pray with the people at the altar, but to here surprise she was applying for both the altar worker team and the Revival’s Prayer Team where God would move through you to another person and JAN had only been on the receiving end of this Touch of The Lord, not a conduit for IT and boy was JAN afraid of this and that it would not work through her, but MOVE THROUGH her He DID and JAN’S spiritual life once again TOOK ANOTHER TURN into the SPIRIUTAL FULLNESS OF HER UNKNOWN SPIRIUTAL IDENTITY AND THE MINISTRY TO COME.


Even on The Prayer Team, JAN would humble herself and go to the altar upon being convicted of sin and asked for forgiveness and spiritual cleansing.  That spiritual training is still with DEBORAH today.  Then after about a year on the Prayer Team and having many spiritual experiences, JAN would still get Prayer for herself, even from the children after the regular Revival service each Friday night.  JAN had become a FULL BLOWN DRUG ADDICT FOR THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD AND HIS GLORY BLANKET and MORE OF HIM Not Even knowing what it all was or what it was doing, BUT JAN HAD TO HAVE IT WHAT EVER THE GLORY BLANKET WAS. JAN went seeking and found something, that was SO WONDERFUL, GLORIOUS AND PEACEFUL that SPIRITALLY CHANGED her SPIRITUAL LIFE forever and still is which you have read about in another story.


So JAN, OBEYED and LOOKED for a Sunday School Class to help her and none seemed right until she came to a class that was TEACHING ON DELIVERANCE/CASTING OUT OF DEVILS/STRONGMEN and the Book that was being taught was called THE STRONGMAN’S HIS NAME… WHAT’S HIS GAME???  By Drs. Jerry & Carol Robeson.  JAN knew this Sunday School Class WAS THE ONE!!! This was where she was to go!

So, JAN did for a year, then she applied to be on the volunteer Revival Team called the Deliverance/Personal Ministry Team and she was accepted even though she did not know the Coordinator, but God was leading her to accept me.  Even the Senior Pastor of The Revival had to Pray about me being a volunteer member of this Team for This Team had major SPIRIUTAL RESPONSIBLITIES IN THE REVIVAL that the other Prayer Team members and Ushers and even the District Pastors DID NOT HAVE!!  So, God Himself was leading and preparing a way for me and Him to travel on so I COULD LEARN HOW TO HELP PEOPLE HIS WAY, NOT THE WAYS OF THE WORLD ANYMORE, NOT THE WAYS OF MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING!

So, JAN began another part of her NEW SPIRITUAL JOURNEY, DELIVERANCE, DEVILS, DEMONS, CASTING OUT, BREAKING WORD CURSES, PRAYER, GENERATIONAL SINS, Satanism, Witchcraft, Occult, New Age, Vampirism, Heavy Metal Music, The Illuminati, The Unseen Realm of the Spirit, The Astro World, Spiritual Gifts and Traveling in The Spirit, Binding and Losing, and Patterns of Kingdoms. YES, THIS WAS A NEW WAY TO HELP PEOPLE and JAN knew nothing of any of it, and had no Education and Classes on any of it.  BOY WAS JAN IN FOR A FAST SPEED EDUCATION AND LESSONS.  JAN had to make up time for GOD WAS IN A HURRY TO GET ME OUT OF SCHOOL AND ON THE BATTLE FIELDS OF HELPING PEOPLE HIS WAY, MY SPIRIUTAL PURPOSES HE SENT ME TO EARTH FOR.

Then came the nights and nights of weeping and weeping and prayer for those in Satanism, witchcraft, the realm of the Occult, heavy metal music, drugs, abuse of all kinds, changing songs from BLESS ME TO HELP THEM.   More personal experience in the Sancturary by myself with full authority and dominon over the Ushers, the Intercessors, the altar calls, over the visitors of up to 6,000 – 8,000 people from all around the world, night after night 6 nights a week, and then on one Night, Saturday – Conducting Deliverance/Casting Out with a team of the Members of the Team with precious Christian people from all religions, all postions, ministry levels – children, teens, young adults and adults. Years upon Years of personal spiriutal experience for JAN and for DEBORAH on the inside for 5 years.  JAN grew in spiritual knowledge authority over demons as Christ Jesus had that I read in the Bible, she grew in spiriutal confidence and in authority and dominon and spiriutally operated out of the what ever spiritual Gift would be spiritually required to do the ministry.  Most of the Time, JAN operated out of the spiritual GIFT OF DISCERNING OF SPIRITS.  A Spiritual Gift that allow JAN/DEBORAH to spiriutally peer into the realm of the spirit, to see, to hear the voices of the devils and human spirits, to know when a spirit of any kind was near and JAN could and did speak through others that had devils and humans spirits inside of their dirt body.  JAN was growing in the WAYS OF THE LORD AND LEARNING HOW TO HELP PEOPLE THE LORD’S WAY, and NOT THE WAY OF THE WORLD AND MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING.

JAN became powerfully ANOINTED with and by The Holy Spirit so she and The Lord could spiritually reach out and into the REALM OF SATAN’S SPIRIUTAL KINGDOM To HELP PEOPLE THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN’S WAYS.  This POWERFUL ANOINTING caused all the Team Members of the Deliverance Team to become JEALOUS of JAN for the Gifts of Discerning of Spirits, the Words of Knowledge and the POWERFUL ANOINTING What ever that was that was ON JAN’S SPIRITUAL LIFE.  False allegations from those JAN was trying to Help came, many trips to the Assistant Chaplains Office to because of Complaints, Accusations of putting Devils and Demons into people JAN prayed and bound in the Sanctuary due to the mishandling by Christians and Pastors who had no education or experience in Deliverance.  Then CAME THE ONE!!

A young lady or rather young teenage girl came to the altar and told the altar worker she was a SATANIST. so JAN ( this was Deborah’s Identity at this time )  was called to provide personal ministry to here for the regular Prayer Team members were not allowed to minister to these people.  As JAN stepped down form the top of the stairs to minister to this young lady, JAN received Spiritual Words of Knowledge about her Satanic Assignment regarding the Revival of the Church. JAN immediately told her this and she said, ” How do you know this, you are NOT A WITCH!”  JAN said God Just told her.

JAN and another Personal Ministry worker took her to a back room with an usher present and told her she could come out of the darkness if she wanted to.  JAN bound all the demons in her according to Matthew 18: 18, and then so she could accept a new Life in Christ Jesus.  She spiritually stepped out of the darkness of Satanism and JAN lead her in a prayer to allow Christ Jesus into her spiritual heart.  Then she spiritually disappeared back into the darkness of the spiritual realm she lived in.  This night was Friday October 8, 1998 and this date and night was this young girl’s Satanic Birthday for she was officially born on October 27.

JAN learned later from this young girl that she was sent in by Satan to threaten JAN,  ( Me ) , intimidate JAN and to get JAN TO STOP LOVING SATANISIS AND PRAYING FOR THEM.  JAN had no idea that Just LOVING THESE PRECIOUS LOST ONES AND PRAYING FOR THEM WAS HAVING SUCH AN IMPACT IN THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS.   JAN also learned that this young girl was to have others with her that night, but God had blocked them from going with her into the service.  Also that her entire Satanic family was sent in to take JAN out one way or another.

So, began a very deep spiritual  ministry training for many years with this precious child as her spiritual shepherd/mother and then many others who god was personally arranging for JAN to minister to ( many of the stores in Volume 2 tell of the spiritual ministry to these precious ones from The Kingdom of Darkness ) and to be spiritually taught through and to learn valuable spiritual lessons from them and for JAN’S faith in God and Knowledge of Him and all that He would do to set these captives free was now in operational mode, yet still JAN had lots of spiritual growing to do and to get spiritually stronger in the ways of Truths of The Heavenly Father and His Kingdom of Heaven.  The spiritual demonic attacks were coming against JAN every 2 or 3 days, at home with family members, cars running red lights, at church through brothers and sisters in Christ from the police form the Church/Revival Leadership and JAN had to spiritually LEARN how TO SPIRITUALLY FIGHT, OPENLY REBUKE, STAND IN FAITH WITH JUST THE WORLD OF GOD, NOT GET OFFENDED AT ANYONE, HUMBLE HERSELF EVEN WHEN SHE WAS INNOCENT, NOT GET INTO THE FLESH, BIND THE DEMONS EVEN IN HER OWN FAMILY, AT CHURCH AND WAS BEGINNING TO LEARN HOW TO SPIRITUALLY FIGHT SATAN IN THE SPIRIT.

JAN had to read 6 books at one time, read the Bible, go The Revival Services 6 nights a week and grow and still be convicted of sin in my soul and to learn how to humble herself with brothers and sisters in Christ, to have many many opportunities to volunteer and grow.  JAN spiritually knew THAT GOD WAS IN A HURRY TO GET HER UP AND RUNNING SPIRIUTALLY FOR PEOPLE WERE DYING AND GOING TO HELL, AND HE HAD DECIDED IT WAS TIME FOR JAN TO BECOME ALL HE DESIRED HER TOBE TO SPIRITUALLY ACCOMPLISH ALL HE BROUGHT HER TO PLANET EARTH TO SPIRITUALLY DO FOR HIM.

So, JAN did all this while she was raising her son, being a wife and working full time and being with her parents and even going through the death of her mother in her house while two precious Satanists young girls with multiple personalities were living in her home.  JAN learned after she got spiritually going into the deep spiritual ministry with The Kingdom of Darkness, that she was NOT THE FIRST ONE CALLED TO THIS MINISTRY FROM THE REVIVAL, The Coordinator was!!!   But this mother of 2 precious young children had been, but she became AFRAID for her children when she started working with/doing deliverance ministry with/learning about multi-generational Satanists who had multiple personalities.  One such person had come to the Revival Services to threaten one of the Preachers and the Deliverance/Personal Ministry Team took on the spiritual ministry for casting out of devils and prayer for personalities to integrate and thus bring a wholeness, healing and freedom to the lady.

The lady was married and was a Praise and Worship Leader in a church in another state and had been receiving Psychiatric therapy from a Psychiatrist for several years, but he thought she could and would get more spiritual help from the Personal Ministry Team of The Revival of which JAN WAS APART OF.  So, she came for help.  JAN was not involved in this ministry with this precious lady for the first month because JAN was always the PERSONAL MINISTRY Team member assigned to the Sanctuaries during Revival Services because she was very good at it and loved it.

But when the Personal Ministry Team’s Coordinator’s car was broken into at another Healing Conference, she became so afraid of Satan and his attacks against  her and her children, that she never worked with Satanists, witches or any one from the world of the occult again.  She did not have enough faith and trust in God to protect her and her family from Satan and is demons and their human servants.  So, God went looking for a spiritual REPLACEMENT and found JAN crying out to Him to help these very severally spiritually abused and controlled precious spiritual children of The Kingdom of Darkness.  JAN was spiritually chosen for her AGAPE LOVE  of these precious human spirits who were trapped in such horrible spiritual darkness and fear, control and slavery, with no hope of any freedom except death.

These stories are written about in Volume 2 and some are in Volume 1 for you to read about, but now back to this story


Life carried on for JAN with much spiritual training, tests, being attacked, tests of her faith in God’s physical and spiritual protection, offences from her brothers and sisters at the Revival, sifting by Satan and Truth and spiritual knowledge was pouring in faster than ever.  JAN could barely keep up, but keep up she did for The Evangelist of The Revival had poured into all those who came to the Revival THAT GOD WAS IN A HURRY TO WORK FOR PEOPLE WERE DYING AND GOING TO HELL!  So, JAN worked hard and kept up with her spiritual learning and studying on HOW TO HELP PEOPLE THE LORD’S WAY AND HELP THEM JAN DID!!!

So, this story, IT’S TIME begins in 2007, when the spiritual IDENTITY TRANSITION began.  JAN was told by God Himself that she was in SPIRIUTAL TRANSITION to become DEBORAH and JAN HAD TO DIE!!!!!


So, this SPIRITUAL TRANSITION FROM ONE IDENTITY TO ANOTHER  began as all things with God and this spiritual creation who was now in a TOTAL RENEWING OF IT’S SPIRITUAL HEART/MIND into becoming someone IT knew NOT -DEBORAH began with studying who this DEBORAH was in the Bible, the meaning of the Name/Nature/Essence/Image/Likeness/Character/purpose of the NAME and IT’S spiritual meanings, so into the Strong’s Concordance I went.

DEBORAH in the Hebrew no. 1683/1682/1696 – a Judge of Israel ( God’s People ), A Prophetess

  1.  The Bee, from it’s systematic instincts
  2.  To arrange by words, to speak, to subdue answer, appoint, bid, command, commune, declare, destroy, give, name, promise, pronounce, rehearse, say, speak, be spokesman, subdue, talk, teach, tell, think, utter, well, work.

Then off to the Bible ( The Authorized King James Version only ) for scriptures of DEBORAH AND WHO AND WHAT HERE NAME MEANT AND WHAT HER SPIRITUAL PURPOSES WERE.

Judges 2 : 7 – 18

Authorized King James Version

Verse  7   And The people served the Lord all the days of Joshua, and all the days of the elders that outlived Joshua, who had seen all the great works of The Lord that He did for Israel

Verse 8   and Joshua, the son of Nun, the servant of The Lord, died, being one hundred and ten years old

Verse 9   and they buried him in the border of his inheritance in Timnath-heres, in the mountain of Ephraim, on the North side of the hill of Gaash

Verse 10    and also all that generation were gathered unto their fathers; and there arose another generation after them, Which knew not the Lord, nor yet the works which he had done for Israel.

How many of God’s people are like this generation, KNOWING NOTHING of The Lord and His Great Works Which He Had Done For His People on the New Birth in Christ Jesus?


A God of The People who were still left in the Promised Land

Verse 12  And they FORSOOK The Lord God of Their Fathers, which brought them out of the land of Egypt, and FOLLOWED OTHER Gods, of The Gods of The People that were round about them, and BOWED themselves unto the, and PROVOKED The Lord To Anger.


Verse 14   and the ANGER OF THE LORD was hot against Israel, and He delivered them into the hands of SPOILERS THAT SPOILED/DEFILED/POLLUTED THEM and He SOLD them into the hands of THEIR ENEMIES round about, so that they could NOT ANY LONGER STAND BEFORE THEIR ENEMIES.

This is a spiritual picture of born again believers being turned over to Satan and his demons, to the torment of the Fear of Death, to sickness and disease, to the world and it’s rulers of Lust and Coveting and Greed and Selfishness and Death for having other gods that The One True God, for forsaking The Lord of their Salvation in their spiritual hearts/minds, the Lord’s City of Peace, The New Jerusalem.

Verse 15   where so ever they went out, the HAND OF THE LORD WAS AGAINST THEM for evil as the Lord had said and as The Lord had SWORN unto them:  and they were greatly distressed


Verse 17   and yet they would NOT HEARKEN/LISTEN unto The Judges, but they went a WHORING AFTER OTHER GODS, AND BOWED THEMSELVES UNTO THEM:  they turned spiritually quickly out of the Way which their fathers walked/lived in, obeying the Commandments of The Lord:  but they DID NOT SO!

Verse 18   and when The Lord RAISED UP THEM JUDGES, then The Lord WAS WITH THE JUDGE, and DELIVERED them OUT OF THE HAND of their enemies all the Days of The Judges:  for it repented The Lord/He turned from His Anger and Punishment because of their groaning’s by reason of them that oppressed them and vexed them.

Verse 19   and it came to pass, when the Judge was dead, they/Israel spiritually returned and spiritually corrupted themselves more than their fathers, in following other gods, to serve them, to bow down unto them, they ceased not from their OWN DOINGS, NOR FROM THEIR STUBBORN WAY


Judges 4: 1 – 14

Authorized King James Version

Verse 1   and the children of Israel AGAIN DID EVIL IN THE SIGHT OF THE LORD, when Ehud, the Judge was dead

Verse 2   And The Lord sold them into the hand of Jabin, King of Canaan that reigned in Hazor, the Captain of whose host/army was Sisera, which dwelt/lived in Harosheth of the Gentiles

**** Verse 4   and DEBORAH, A PROHETESS, the wife of Lapidoth, she JUDGED Israel at that time

Verse 5   and she dwelt/lived under the palm tree of DEBORAH between Ramah and Beth-el in Mount Ephraim;  and the children of Israel came up to her for JUDGMENT

Verse 6   And she/DEBORAH sent and called Barak, the son of Abinoam out of Kedesh-Naptalie, and said unto him, Has not The Lord God of Israel commanded saying, Go and draw toward Mount Tabor, and take with you 10,000 men of the children of Naphtali and of the children of Zebulun>

Verse 7   And I will draw unto you to the river Kishon Sisera, the captain of Jabin’s army with his chariots and his multitude;  and I will deliver him into your hand

Verse 8   And Barak said unto her/DEBORAH, if you will go with me, then I will go:  but if you will not go with me, then I will not go

with me, then I will not go

Verse 9   And DEBORAH and I will surely go with you/remember God was with the JUDGES;

notwithstanding the journey that you take shall not be for your honor, for the Lord shall sell Sisera into the hand of a woman and DEBORAH arose and went with Barak to Kedesh

Verse 10   and Barak called Zebulun and Naphtalie to Kedesh;  and he went up with 10,000 men at his feet: and DEBORAH went up with him

Verse 11   Now Herber the Kenite, which was of the children of Hobab the father in law of Moses had severed himself from the Kenites and pitched his tent unto the plain of Zaanim which is by Kedesh

Verse 12   And they showed Sisera that Barak the son of Abinoam was gone up to mount Tabor

Verse 13   and Sisera gathered together all his chariots even nine hundred chariots of iron, and all he people that were with him from Harosheth of the Gentiles unto the river of Kishon

Verse 14   and DEBORAH said unto Barak, Up;  for this is the day in which The Lord has delivered Sisera into your hand;  Is not the Lord gone out before you?  So Barak went down from mount Tabor and 10,000 men after him.

Judges 5 : 1-7

Authorized King James Version

Verse 1   Then sang DEBORAH and Barak, the son of Abnoam on that day saying

Verse 2   Praise you The Lord for the avenging of Israel when the people willingly offered themselves

Verse 3  Hear, O Kings:  give ear O our Princes;  I even I, will sing unto The Lord, I will sing Praise to The Lord God of Israel

Verse 4   Lord when you went out of Seir, when you marched out of the field of Edom, the earth trembled and the heavens dropped, the clouds also dropped water

Verse 5  The mountain melted from before The Lord, even that Sinai from before The Lord God of Israel

Verse 6   In the days of Shamgar, the son of Anath in the days of Jael the highways were unoccupied and the travelers walked through byways

Verse 7   The inhabitants of the villages ceased, they ceased in Israel until that I DEBORAH AROSE, THAT I AROSE A MOTHER OF ISRAEL

Now off to Webster’s Dictionary to learn more of who this DEBORAH WAS THAT I was spiritually TRANSITIONING INTO from JAN.  I began with the Word JUDGE.

Webster’s Dictionary Defines the Word JUDGE as

  1.  To form an opinion about through careful weighing of evidence and testing of premisies
  2.  To sit in Judgment on Try, Test
  3.  To determine or pronounce after inquiry and deliberation
  4.  Govern, Rule, A Hebrew Tribal Leader
  5.  To form an estimate or evaluation of something
  6.  To hold as an opinion/guess, think
  7.  To decie as a JUDGE
  8.  One who JUDGES, a tribal hero exercising leadership among the Hebrews, after the death of Joshua
  9.  One appoined to decide in a contest or competition, umpire
  10.  One who gives an authoritative opinion

Webster’s Dictionary Defines the Word JUDGMENT as

  1.  A Formal utterance of an authoriative opinion ( b ) an opinion so promounced
  2.  A formal decision given by a court
  3.  A certificate evidencing such a decree
  4.  The final judging of mankind by God
  5.  A Divine sentence or decision
  6.  A calamity held/believed to be sent by God
  7.  A process of forming an opinion or evaluation by discerning and comparing ( b ) an opinion so formed
  8.  The capacity for judging:  Discernment ( b ) the exercise of this capacity
  9.  A preposition starting something believed or asserted

Whew!  So much I/DEBORAH had to take in and learn and to spiritually understand but take it all in I DID!


Then off to the Gospels I went to see what JUDGMENT from a spiritual man look and sounded like and what it exactly was through My spiritual Teacher and Rabbi, Jesus and who I was to take on through the Mind of Christ.

John 5 :  26 – 27

Authorized King James Version

Verse 26   ( Red Words of Jesus speaking )  For as The Father has Life In Himself;  so has He given to the Son/DEBORAH  now to have Life/The Holy Spirit/Truth/Knowledge/Spiritual Revelations/Wisdom/Grace/Agape Love/Counsel/Might in HImself

Verse 27   And has given HIM/DEBORAH Authority to EXECUTE JUDGMENT 

also, because He/DEBORAH IS THE SON OF MAN


What, I am going to have to EXECUTE JUDGMENT OF THE LORD’S PEOPLE?

This is going to take more and more study for sure!!


Is this what a Son of Man on earth, Who is in The Image and Likeness of Christ and with His Heart/Mind is supoose to do and be?



Then I started during this spiritual TRANSITION time when I was my earthly father’s Power of Attorney to introduce myself to everyone as DEBORAH, NOT JAN.  I even went to JAN’S biological son and said that JAN was no longer alive in me and I was now SPIRITUALLY BECOMING DEBORAH and I said that JAN was no longer his spiritual mother so I asked him if he wanted to be DEBORAH’S SPIRITUAL CHILD so he would not be spiritually motherless/an spiritual orphan and he said yes.

Without even having the spiritual Identity knowledge of being DEBORAH, A SPIRITUAL MOTHER, I always spiritually adopted the lost spiritual children of the Kingdom of Darkness and you can red about these many stories in Volume 2, God made sure that even though the physical body covering the spiritual DEBORAH could not have any more children, she BECAME A SPIRITUAL MOTHER TO MANY MANY MILLIONS of spiritually motherless spiritual orphans!  Then this new spiritually person/identity had to look at JAN’S husband and JAN married and say to the new emerging spiritual self/identity now, she was not married to him, she/DEBORAH did not take the wedding vows, she was not one with the spirit of this man but DEBORAH would uphold the Vows to God for the marriage and then help this man into Heaven when it was his time and would forgive him of all his sins so he would enter in clean and cleansed.  DEBORAH was now married, one is spirit with The Heavenly Father only, no one else.

Very strange days these were spiritually.  A total spiritual renewing of my spiritual heart/mind & soul was taking place which took about 2 years ( 2007 – 2009 ) and then it was completed.  Then The Lord said to me ” It Was Finished!”  This was spiritually finished at my earthly father’s death.

JAN, the chosen Name/Nature/Self-Identity was now gone, DEAD, in a grave and DEBORAH spiritually arose and became alive and the new spiritual Identity/Reality that was ALWAYS HER FROM BEFORE SHE CAME TO EARTH, out of Eternity and into time, DEBORAH, A JUDGE OF The PEOPLE, A PROPHETESS/SPOKESPERSON FOR GOD HIMSELF AND SPIRITUAL MOTHER/SHEPHERD OF THE SHEEP OF THE LORD.

The NATURE of which the spiritual man had always been destined to become in the spiritual Kingdom of Heaven until another NAME/IDENTITY would be given in Heaven.  But even yet, DEBORAH had other aspects of her new spiritual Identity to discover and believe in and walk in and become – A GOD HERSELF MADE IN THE EXACT IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF HER FATHER – GOD THE MOST HIGH.  

Now that IDENTITYDEBORAH is still working on to develop and renew in the spiritual heart/mind & soul.  This one would not be so easy as becoming DEBORAH, but it would happen in time with a lot of study of the Word of God and His Opening of His spiritual revelations to DEBORAH’S spiritual heart/mind and then out to the soul.  This would be the hardest one yet to spiritually understand and grasp and become in my spiritual Identity as DEBORAH’S spiritual heart/mind becomes fully spiritually renewed into all things of The Kingdom of Heaven and into the exact Image and Likeness of The Heavenly Father as Christ Jesus was on earth and is now in Heaven.

So, on the spiritual renewing goes with the Greatest Teacher, The Spirit of Truth, The Holy Spirit and a very patient Heavenly Father always drawing DEBORAH spiritually father into the spiritual fullness of her NEW LIFE IN HIM.

Now came Satan’s attacks against this NEW SPIRITUAL IDENTITY, DEBORAH which were almost missed.  First, I would be traveling by myself to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to visit with my son and would get close to Montgomery, Alabama where JAN had lived.  While driving past Montgomery on the interstate I would hear a spiritual voice say to me,

Why don’t you just get off the interstate and go and see the old house YOU grew up in?

I said to the Voice in the Spirit,

That detour IS NOT on my traveling schedule and JAN lived there NOT DEBORAH so if I go there as DEBORAH,  JAN becomes ALIVE AGAIN and OUT OF THE GRAVE and the MEMORIES of JAN’S life in that house/family would become DEBORAH’S AND NOW DEBORAH would take back on JAN

I said, NO SATAN!!!


If I had of LISTENED TO THE VOICE, DEBORAH would have by her own free will – brought JAN back from the DEAD/out of the tomb/out of the sea of forgetfulness and DEBORAH would have become polluted/defiled in her NEW SPIRITUAL IDENTITY OF DEBORAH with JAN’S OLD MEMORIES of heartache, the sins of sex, drugs, all JAN lived through even the ungodly soul ties to others and Satan would have a hurt/wounded/defiled NEW SPIRITUAL IDENTITY to use and invade.  Spiritual doors would have been opened unto him and his slavery, bondage and demons Which were NOT in the new spiritual IDENTITY of DEBORAH.  The new, spiritual oneness and fullness of this spiritual man/IDENTITY in the spiritual heart/mind of God Himself would have been destroyed.

DEBORAH’S soul would have been opened up to all the ungodly soul ties of JAN soul ties to people, places, the pastor, to JAN’S old demons from old boyfriends and all the sins of the flesh, the physical sickness and disease familiar to JAN’S earthly family.

DEBORAH was still spiritually young in her NEW SPIRITUAL IDENTITY, and it would have been spiritually subject to all of JAN’S sins and soul ties and everything that came with them.  IF THIS HAD OCCURED TO THE NEW SPIRIUTAL IDENTITY OF DEBORAH, The Most High God would not have been able to fully spiritually accomplish all He desired IN AND THROUGH DEBORAH AND IN AND THROUGH The Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the entire spiritual realm as He had Spiritually PURPOSED and PLANNED to do, and even on into ETERNITY and beyond before she was born into the physical planet called earth and into the darkened world/the spiritual world surrounding and controlling and governing it and managing the resources.

This Satanic attack of Physically revisiting the old home/place where JAN had lived and grew up continued several more times and each time, DEBORAH was victorious and never went to see JAN’S old house in Montgomery and thus bring back willingly to life, JAN AND ALL HER SIN’S AND DARKNESS of JAN’S LIFE.

So Satan tried another way to accomplish what he wanted to happen to this new spiritual Identity/Person NAMED DEBORAH.  I had joined a gym and was in the “spin class ” when one of the members in the class came in  and DEBORAH recognized him.  The Holy Spirit told DEBORAH that he was a man who had lived across the street on Pensacola Beach when JAN lived in her parent’s house and he was on of the main bartenders at a local bar and restaurant she would go and eat at, drink and dance.  He was no part owner of his own bar and JAN’S parents had visited him and talked with him.  When he had lived across the street from JAN on the beach ( of which that house where JAN lived has been destroyed by HURRICANE IVAN IN 2004 ), he would come over and borrow toilet paper and sugar.  Then through out the year,, he wild have big parties at his house for all the employees of the famous bar he worked at and JAN would go and party with them.  JAN’S memories were given to DEBORAH’s SPIRIT by The Holy Sprit, and DEBORAH had spiritual knowledge of them, but they were not DEBORAH’S FOR DEBORAH HAD NEVER LIVED ON THE BEACH, OR KNEW THIS NEIGHBOR!!


So, in the spin class in about the year of 2008, DEBORAH alomost went up and said to him, and introduced herself and said,

Hi, Do You Remember Me?

I lived across the street from you on Pensacola Beach and come to the bar and restaurant you worked at and to your house for the parties?


If DEBORAH had done this, shw would have been asking him if he remembered JAN!!DEBORAH would have been freely bringing JAN BACK ALIVE AGAIN AS HER SPIRITUAL IDENTITY AND DEBORAH WOULD HAVE BEEN REPLACED!!!!  The Old Spiritual Identity would have by DEBORAH’S OWN FREE WILL been BROUGHT TO LIFE AGAIN AND WOULD HAVE BEEN THE IDENTITY OF THE OLD JAN ONCE AGAIN!  Satan would have had His SPIRIUTAL VICTORY He was wanting with DEBORAH.

JAN would have been spiritually RESURRECTED FROM THE DEAD, FROM THE GRAVE and would be ALIVE AND LIVING again as the SPIRITUAL IDENTITY OF THIS DEBORAH.  The New Spiritual Identity would have DIED AND BEEN REPLACED BY THE OLD ONE, JAN. 

This spiritual opportunity was designed and orchestrated by Satan himself in his many attempts to KILL OFF DEBORAH AND BRING THE OLD DEAD JAN IDENTITY BACK FROM THE GRAVE!  This was a Test to see if DEBORAH desired recognition from an old friend of the Past, Of JAN’S LIFE.  But DEBORAH had become much smarter and wiser spiritually than JAN ever was and said nothing but hi.  JAN stayed DEAD and DEBORAH stayed ALIVE and pure, undefiled/unpolluted/no ungodly soul ties were not reattached!!!

Then Satan tried again to bring someone form the past into DEBORAH’S LIFE in hopes of RESURRECTING JAN.  This test occurred at a Wal-mart on one of the food isles.  DEBORAH was shopping and saw a lady she recognized from JAN’S DAYS OF SCUBA DIVING and who and had been a good friend of JAN.  When the lady and DEBORAH came next to each other, the lady said,

Don’t I know you, you look familiar to me?

I asked her what her name was, she said Hazel

She asked me my name, Satan was hoping I would say JAN for that was who this lady knew this Physical Body as, the Old DEAD JAN


I knew from having the spiritual knowledge of JAN’S memories that this was the Scuba Diving Lady that JAN had known 20 years ago as a friend.

DEBORAH said nothing of this to her and said she didn’t know her



Then when none of these attempts were working to Satan’s success, DEBORAH received an advertisement in the mail from an old high School Student who was in JAN’S graduating class.  He had written a book about GROWING UP WHILE IN MONTGOMERY DURING THE CIVIL RIGHTS time.  It was addressed to JAN which was the Name he knew JAN by if he even knew JAN at all.  He had wanted JAN to buy his book.  Strange mail that day. Even through this, Satan was trying to reach out and TOUCH JAN IN THE GRAVE OF DEATH  and to KILL OFF THIS NEW SPIRITUAL PERSON/IDENTITY CALLED DEBORAH.  But, DEBORAH just tore up the advertisement and threw it away in the trash.


Satan kept trying, even though JAN’S husband didn’t know what was happening. but he was told that JAN went by the Name of DEBORAH now and not JAN and the people JAN had ministered to and spiritually ministered to and spiritually adopted were told not to call her JAN anymore for she was dead and buried and to call her DEBORAH the New Spiritual Person/Identity.  This was like have MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES ( DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITIES ) OF THE SPIRITUAL HEART/MIND YET THIS WAS ALWAYS THE SPIRITUAL IDENTITY OF THE SPIRITUAL MAN ON INSIDE OF THE DIRT BODY WAS TO BE!  And It was spiritually fulfilling The Spiritual Words of Spirit and Life in

Mark 2 : 21-22

Authorized King James Version

Verse 21   ( Red Words of Jesus speaking Himself )  No man also sews a piece of NEW CLOTH/A NEW SPIRITUAL IDENTTY/A NEW MAN on an OLD GARMENT/THE OLD MAN/THE OLD IDENTITY OF THE PAST:  or else the NEW PIECE/NEW SPIRITUAL IDENTITY of the SPIRITUALLY RENEWED HEART/MIND OF THE NEW SPIRITUAL CREATURE IN CHRIST – that is filled it up takes away from the old and the rent/torn/separation is made worse


Luke 5 : 36 – 39

Authorized King James Version

Verse 36  and Jesus spoke also a parable unto them:  No man puts a piece of NEW GARMENT/NEW SPIRITUAL IDENTITY/HEART and Mind upon or with an OLD;  if otherwise, then BOTH the NEW/SPIRITUAL IDENTITY makes a Tear and the Piece that was Taken OUT/THE OLD MAN OF THE FLESH out on the NEW/IT/THE NEW SPIRITUAL IDENTITY agrees NOT with the Old/The IDENTITY of The Flesh/The Old Man of The Soul/The Old Life Man

Verse 37   and no man spiritually puts NEW WINE/TRUTHS/KNOWLEDGE/SPIRITUAL REVELATIONS into OLD BOTTLES/THE OLD SPIRIUTAL IDENTITY/THE OLD MAN OF THE FLESH;  or else the NEW WINE.THE TRUTHS/THE KNOWLEDGE/THE SPIRITUAL IDENTITY will burst/destroy the Bottles/The New Spiritual Identity and it’s heart/mind of a spiritual man, and be spilled/wasted/unprofitable/thrown away/of no use, and the Bottles/The Spiritual Identity/Heart and Mind shall perish/belonging and destroyed for lack of the NEW WINE/NEW RUTHS/NEW SPIRITUAL REVELATIONS/THE NEW SPIRITUAL IDENTITY In Christ.

Verse 38   But NEW WINE/NEW TRUTHS/NEW KNOWLEDGE/THE NEW SPIRITUAL REVELATIONS/THE NEW SPIRITUAL IDENTITY MUST BE put into NEW BOTTLES/NEW SPIRITUAL HEARTS/MINDS;  and both are then preserved/both the NEW WINE/THE NEW TRUTHS/NEW KNOWLEDGE/NEW REVELATIONS and THE NEW BOTTLE/THE NEW SPIRITUAL IDENTITY of the spiritual heart of The Forever Person created in and through Agape Love by The Holy Spirit and The Word of God/Christ Jesus.


THAT IS BETTER THAN The New Stuff/New Wine/Truths/Knowledge/Revelations – I like The Darkness/The Old Wine and I am just fine like I am!


2 Corinthians 5 :  16 – 17

Authorized King James Version

Verse 16   Paul writing to the church of people at Corinth,  Wherefore henceforth/from now on we will KNOW NO MAN AFTER THE FLESH/THE OUTSIDE/BY THE SOUL AND IT’S ACTS AND WORDS/BEHAVIORS AND DEEDS; yes, though we have KNOWN CHRIST after the FLESH/IN THE BODY OF DIRT, he was in a physical body and we could see HIM and touch him with our physical hands and hear him with our physical ears, YET NOW since HE HAS GONE Home to The Kingdom Of Heaven to be with His Heavenly Father after His spiritual and physical Resurrection and He had completed His earthly assignment of Sacrificing Himself for ALL HUMANITY as The Lamb of God, and thus paying the full price of the sins of Spirit, Soul and Physical Body of Adam’s rebellion/lawlessness/sin/being an spiritual adulterer to God’s Voice and commandment of

If You Eat of That Tree In the Midst of The Garden, The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil FOR IN THAT DAY THAT YOU EAT, YOU WILL SURELY DIE!!

But, Adam followed The Voice of his helpmate and eating of the fruit of The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil and thus became a Traitor to The Kingdom of Heaven and It’s King, The Word of God and thus becoming a defiled and rebellious spiritual sanctuary/temple/house/home for The Holy Spirit of God/The Very Voice and Governor of The Kingdom of Heaven for The King of Heaven.

Yet now from this day forth,

We Will Not Know/Hear/Be In Direct Spiritual Communication by The Word of God/The Christ/The Anointed Word in your spirit or in your soul or in your physial body!!!

Verse 17  Therefore because of this new spiritual way/this New Spiritual Wine/Of Knowing, Hearing, Touching Christ if any spiritual man be in Christ/spiritually baptized, one in spirit within his spiritual heart/mind and soul instead of and in his spiritual heart/mind of his OLD MAN, THE FLESH OF THE SOUL, and have the Mind and Heart of Christ in the new spiritual person’s heart and mind through the Spiritual Presence of The Holy Spirit, then one’s Forever Person is a NEW SPIRITUAL CREATURE/CREATION, SPIRITUAL IDENTITY/PERSON/BOTTLE THAT NEW WINE, TRUTHS AND LIGHT CAN BE POURED INTO.

Proverbs 22 : 7

Authorized King James Version

Verse 7  For as he/the spiritual person thinks/believes in his spiritual heart/mind , SO IS HE…….

Back to 2 Corinthians 5 : 16 – 17

Verse 17 continued…  Old things/the old Identity/nature/Image and Likeness and the Old Wine and it’s Old Bottle/The Flesh/The Old Person and it’s Old Spiritual Heart and Mind are spiritually passed away;  Behold/Look/Take Heed ALL THINGS/ALL WINE AND THE BOTTLE/ONE’S OLD SPIRITUAL IDENTITY/WAY OF THINKING, BELEIVING, CONCEPTS, IDEAS, THOUGHTS OF knowing The Father, Christ and oneself from the DARKENED AND BROKEN RELATIONSHIP with the old Dead Soul and Spirit with it’s darkened and dead spiritual knowledge/knowing from one’s old dead spiritual truths and light/Wine are passed away and gone and BEHOLD,ALL THINGS ARE BECOME NEW!

Ephesians 4 : 23 – 24

Authorized King James Version

Paul writing to the church of Ephesus

Verse 23  And be spiritually renewed in THE SPIRIT OF YOUR HEART/MIND

Romans 12: 2

Authorized King James Version

Paul writing a letter to the church at Rome

Verse 2  And be not spiritually CONFORMED/MOLDED TO/IN LOVE WITH/SHAPED BY It’s Ideas, concepts, thoughts, principles, ways of doing things, it’s fun, it’s lawlessness, it’s governments, it’s laws, it’s traditions, it’s holidays, it’s celebrations, it’s entertainment, it’s culture, it’s music, it’s way of war, it’s way of serving and worshipping other gods, it’s way of not loving one’s neighbor,

But Instead,

Be you, oh newly created spiritual person with your new spiritual heart/mind/spiritual identity/your new Bottle/and with the New Wine and yet growing and developing and maturing more and more into this new spiritual Identity and Image and Likeness in Christ and be 

continually spiritually TRANSFORMED by this spiritual RENEWING of your spiritual heart/mind 

In and With NEW WINE/NEW SPIRITUAL TRUTHS/KNOWLEDGE/LIGHT in The Kingdom of Heaven, In It’s New yet ancient Spiritual Revelations of your NEW SPIRIUTAL IDENTITY IN CHRIST, so that your newly created and born again spiritual heart/mind/identity/image likeness MAY spiritually PROVE to the DARK AND DYING Spiritual hearts and minds of the nations of the world/all humanity WHAT IS THEAT SPIRUTALLY GOOD AND SPIRIUTALLY ACCEPTABLE AND PERFECT WILL, PURPOSE, DESIRES, INTENTS, GOALS, WILL of This Source of The New Spiritual Creation of the Forever Person.

Back To

Ephesians 4 : 23 – 24


I, DEBORAH was beginning to SPIRITUALLY UNDERSTAND the Words of Spirit and Life so much better and the Spiritual Revelations/The New Wine of New Light, Knowledge, Truth that WERE NEEDED to be this new spiritual IDENTITY, in a new Spiritual BOTTLE, The Name and Nature of DEBORAH!



Now Back To The Story,


It’s Time

Jan, in the beginning of her spiritual ministry to Satanists and all she was called to minister to and reach made many mistakes of the flesh due to her spiritual ignorance and immaturity.  Because of this, the many people that needed to be healed from their wounds and brokenness got some, but to the fullest they could have.  In JAN/THE OLD BOTTLE/THE OLD SPIRITUAL IDENTITY there was much that did not please The Lord, but The Most High God still protected JAN and His spiritual ministry He wanted to do.  But DEBORAH  was now very spiritually stronger and wiser than JAN had ever been.  DEBORAH recognized it was only her willingness to look at herself and repent and confess her sins of ignorance due to the flesh and The Heavenly Father’s Agape Love and Forgiveness which kept Satan and Death at bay.  Thank you Lord for Second Chances.

Well, Satan continued for a while to get DEBORAH to say, accept, acknowledge that she was CRAZY for going to the gym six days a week by a fellow gym member and by a wonderful Christian woman who was coming to the gym to loose weight.  This sweet, hard working Christian woman got on a tread mill next tome and the first thing she said to me was

She was losing her mind today, and Did I know what she meant?

I knew that mental illness, loosing one’s mind and being crazy was in the family of JAN, but NOT OF DEBORAH’S new Life/Identity/Image and Likeness and Satan was trying through these people to get DEBORAH to open the familiar door of mental illness in JAN’S earthly family to the spiritual life of this new person/identity, DEBORAH.

Mental Illness was strong with generations of familiar spirits on JAN’S mother’s side of the family and her only brother had succumbed to their spiritual attacks and vexations and allowed the disease/illnesses of bitterness and unforgiveness to take root and destroy them both.  

So, DEBORAH didn’t say she knew what the lady meant ( which would have agreed with her words of loosing one’s mind, ) but instead said to the lady,

Sweetie, don’t say that you are losing your mind today, just say your are under alot of stress because your day has been busy and you have a lot on your plate to do.  But that The Lord will help you with it, if you will cast/give that stress/cares/worry/lack of peace to Him in prayer.

To the young man that said I was CRAZY FOR COMING TO THE GYM 6 DAYS A WEEK, DEBORAH, openly rebuked him and cast those words down to the ground and to be null and void and the young man said it smiling and grinning and laughing at DEBORAH.

But Satan Lost Again!!!!

DEBORAH changed the name on her checking account, her cell phone voice mail, her email address, tore up all her old pictures of JAN’S life in photo albums, cut up a marriage cross stitch sampler that JAN had made with JAN’S name on it, anything of JAN’S OLD LIFE were being destroyed and tossed out, and buried, forgotten.


And when all these attempts failed, Satan went for the last big one, The Major Attack he believed he could win and be rid of this DEBORAH.  Remember, JAN had made a Vow that she was willing to freely die in a Satanic meeting to just save one Satanist in the meeting in her obedience and love to God and for the Satanist.

Remember that this story is in another Story of this Volume

So once again upon visiting her son in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at his home one night when her son was out at work, and DEBORAH was home alone, DEBORAH heard the Voice of The Lord through His Holy Spirit and He said

It’s Time!!


Satan had petitioned The Judge of The Universe just now for the VOW JAN had made so many years earlier 15 to be exact that she would be willing to give her life in one of his Satanic meetings to save just one of His people, a Satanist.

So, DEBORAH went to my bed and spiritually prepared myself to DIE!

I, DEBORAH knew when James, DEBORAH’S SPIRIUTAL SON came home and eventually looked for me, I would be dead.  I knew the autopsy would show and conclude that I had died of natural causes and Satan would finally be free of me and my spiritual interference.  Remember he had been trying to spiritually stop me since 1998 and it was now 2010 and he had had no spiritual luck, no success with this assignment against me.

So, when I was ready, I went to my bed, prayed and felt peaceful and was ready to die.  Then I said,

Lord, I am ready and off, I, The Spiritual Person, DEBORAH went to a Satanic meeting.  I was spiritually placed inside of another physical body ( I know this sounds too unbelievable, but there is a lot of spiritual travel going on with the Spiritual Persons and Beings Constantly).

Please read the Book of Ezekiel, it will help you to see more spiritually clearly about this event I went through and was having and still do today and about the many of the stories in Volume 2.  

Satan himself was there and he himself was going to do the honor of finally killing me, this thorn in his side, this spiritual Shepherd/Mother/King/Deliverer/Judge from the Kingdom of Heaven.

A great movie to help you to see what his spiritually looked like is 

The Chronicles of Narnia,

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

By C.S. Lewis

When The Great Lion, Aslan, goes willingly to sacrifice himself for the sins of Edward, a son of Adam for being a TRAITOR to Narnia and his family, after The White Witch came into Camp of The Great Lion and demanded her/it’s RIGHTS BY THE LAWS OF NARINA 


and if she/Satan does not get that BLOOD/DEATH, all of Narnia will be destroyed by fire and water.  She tells all there that their



Then in the scene where Aslan, The Great Lion is bound and dragged up to the stone altar and the hordes/the gathering of demons of The White Witch are there and they are her servants, strongmen, warriors, who had come to watch and celebrate this death of a spiritual enemy of their desired LUST TO RULE ALL OF NARNIA and it’s lands and people, and the resources and the hearts and minds of all those in Narnia.  This shows you something of what this Satanic spiritual meeting I/DEBORAH had been spiritually taken to in the spirit looked like.  Then The White Witch in the movie brings down the knife to slay/kill the Great Lion.


Another movie that will help you to see this is


With Arnold Schwarzenegger

This movie is a great visual of what the Satanic meting looked like in the physical.  On New Year’s Eve, in New York City when everyone was distracted at the dropping of the Ball in Time’s Square, Satan and his followers were in an abandoned building’s basement having their Satanic meeting to consummate a sexual act with a girl who had been chosen at birth and with a man who also had been chosen for Satan to inhabit to bring forth a chosen child, that would open the gates of Hell and unleash all the demons out of it upon the earth to Rule and Reign for Satan.

The scene in the movie is with the chanting, the worshipping of Satan is going on and the candles are flickering and this is what it looked liken in the physical, but spiritually like the movie The Lion, The Witch, and The Ward Robe at the stone altar of sacrifice of The Great Lion, Aslan.

So, Satan began gloating over his spiritual victory he was to finally have by the permission of The Judge of The Universe, The Most High God Himself by the legal rights of the Words/Vow freely given many years ago by JAN to God that she would allow herself to be killed in one of his Satanic meetings to prove her love and obedience to Him and to save just one of Satan’s slaves in the meeting.  Remember, JAN had willing said she would die to save JUST ONE and Satan would freely sacrifice one of his many slaves to have me, JAN WHO WAS NOW DEBORAH, killed and off of planet earth.


Remember, Satan DID NOT INITIATE this spiritual command to JAN asking her if she would sacrifice herself and her son to Him as LOVE OFFERINGS and in Obedience to save just one Satanist at a Satanic meeting.  This command was of God as He had done years ago with Abraham regarding Isaac, his son, the Son of The Promise.  So, DEBORAH knew she was going to die while she was inside of another physical body in a Satanic meeting in which God had brought her to spiritually Himself.

Remember, God, The Most High Is a FAIR JUDGE even to Satan.  If there is evidence to prove his case, God will JUDGE FAIRLY.  So, down came the knife in Satan’s hand just as in the movie, The Lion, The Witch and The Ward Robe, but with ONE MAJOR EXECPTION.


As the knife’s tip just touched the physical body of the woman I/DEBORAH was spiritually in on the Satanic altar ( there is a story about this in Volume 2 of this body, called HELP MEEEE!!!!! …. )  the blade began dissolving as Satan pushed it into the physical body.  What was happening????  How could Satan be defeated this time?

Then the Great Majestic Voice of God Himself came and stood on the Altar in full array of His Glory and Power and Authority & Dominion and said for all to hear across the entire Kingdom of Darkness and The Kingdom of Heaven.

You CANNOT kill her, FOR SHE IS NOT JAN who made the Vow to die as a love offering to Me many years ago, THIS IS DEBORAH and she didn’t take the Vow!!!  JAN IS ALREADY DEAD AND BURIED for she at that very time many years ago when she freely offered herself to Me in Love and Obedience to save one of My precious spiritual children in the Kingdom of Darkness, SHE was sacrificed and killed and died when she said YES, to Me as and in Love and Obedience to save one of My precious spiritual children in the Kingdom of Darkness SHE was sacrificed and killed at that very moment and died


on a Cross to Me and For Me and For Just One Satanist –  



What had just Happened???

God knew that when JAN made her vow to Him many many years earlier, Satan would finally seek his legal permission to fulfill her free will offering to Him to save just one of Satanist there in a meeting.  God knew that Satan would petition Him for JAN’S LIFE – so JAN had to die before the petition came and she would have already had to die.  Satan had forgotten that the Word of God said,

As One Thinks, In His Heart, So Is He!

So at the very moment JAN had said yes she would die on a cross in a satanic meeting to show the Agape Love of God to just one and that she would allow her son to die also, 


Way back then, many years ago unknown to JAN, Satan had forgotten the Word and It’s Truth and had forgotten this had and did happen and he was hoping and believing that JAN’S vow and words were still unfulfilled and he was going to ask to for JAN’s WORDS OF HER VOW To GOD, HER FREE WILL SACRIFICE & OFFERING OF OBEDIENCE OF DEATH FOR OTHERS were still alive and enforceable against DEBORAH so he could finally be rid of this spiritual creature who had been bringing great spiritual disturbances and deliverance to his slaves in The Kingdom of Darkness, his Kingdom in the spiritual world covering the world on the earth.

God was way ahead of all of us, even Aslan, The Great Lion of Narnia told Susan and Lucy after HIS RESURRECTION that there was a DEEPER MAGIC that RULED NARNIA than even the White Witch knew nothing about which was written in the Words around the Stone Altar whih she and her demons could NOT READ THEM OR UNDERSTAND THEM. If they could have read the words and understood them, then they would have known 


The One who already was spiritually dead, JAN, also had already given her life for those in Satanism and was now buried into the Likeness of death with Christ Jesus and Arose out of the grave a RESSURECTED NEW CREATURE NEVER BEEN CREATED BEFORE/ALIVE/EXISTING, a spiritually NEW FOREVER PERSON – BORN OF AGAPE LOVE AND LIGHT, A NON-GENDER SPIRIUTAL BEING, AN OFFSPIRING/A SON OF GOD HIMSELF, A KING, A JUDGE, A LORD ETERNAL, 

in the spiritual LIKENESS AND IMAGE OF IT’S CREATOR, The Heavenly Father, The Most High God Himself

The Old Man/The Old Bottle/The Old Spiritual Identity

The Flesh/JAN was now FOREVER BURIED and DEAD!!




Was NOW a truly RESURRECTED spiritual person/a new spiritual BOTTLE/IDENTITY a new Spiritual Person who was being filled with NEW WINE/NEW TRUTHS/KNOWLEDGE/LIGHT to overflowing and ever flowing from out of THE REALM OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.


Had finally come into the new and eternal spiritual Identity/Bottle that it’s Creator Desired


Had spiritually arisen/come into existence out of the spiritual death of JAN


Pure, Undefiled, Unpolluted, No Ungodly Soul Ties


NOT JAN, was NOW ALIVE and in total spiritual control



Still had the knowledge of JAN’S memories and life, but they 


So, they had NO POWER/LEGAL RIGHTS over her and they COULD NOT BE USED to bring JAN Back to life from the grave.

DEBORAH Still had one more of it’s spiritual Identity to come into it’s spiritual FULLNESS/ALIVE/INTO IT’S REALITY in her spiritual heart/mind and soul, DEBORAH had already been spiritually renewed the spiritual Identity of being a New Man/Offspring/Being in Christ Jesus/A New Bottle/A New Identity that was being spiritually filled with New and Never Ending Wine/Truths/Knowledge/Revelations/Wisdom/Counsel/Life Itself/Power/Authority/Dominion





An Spiritual Ambassador of Agape Love From The Heavenly Father’s Own Heart

An Spiritual Ambassador of the Government of The Kingdom of Heaven

A Judge of The Kingdom of Heaven/A Spiritual Prophet For The Lord

A Spiritual Mother/Shepherd of The Kingdom of Heaven

A Spiritual Teacher of and from The Kingdom of Heaven

A Spiritual Deliverer of The Kingdom of Heaven

A Spiritual Shepherd and Guardian of the spiritual Garden of Eden on earth


Now DEBORAH had to RENEW To Herself and Fill her new BOTTLE/IDENTITY with NEW WINE continually and Drinking to It’s overflowing in all the Knowledge of being



on earth as SHE IS IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN as she already was in the spiritual heart/mind of her Creator, A New spiritual Creature made in the exact Image and Likeness of It’s Heavenly Father and Mother.


Even Jesus told the Jews that they were gods themselves in

John 10 : 30 -38

Authorized King James Version

Verse 30  Jesus speaking Himself – I and My Father are One

Verse 31   Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him

Verse 32  Jesus answered them, Many good works have I showed you from My Father, for which of those works do you stone me for?

Verse 33  The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work we stone you not;  BUT FOR BLASPHEMY; and because that you, being a man, MAKE YOURSELF GOD!

John 5 : 17 18 

Authorized King James Version

Verse 17   But Jesus answered them, the Jews, My Father works hitherto/now/today even on the Sabbath day, and I work

Verse 18  Therefore the Jews sought the more to kill him, because He not only had broken the Sabbath but said also THAT GOD WAS HIS FATHER, MAKING HIMSELF EQUAL WITH GOD.

Back to John 10: 30 – 38

Verse 34  Jesus answered the, Is It Not Written in your law, I said, YOU ARE GODS?

Psalm 82: 6

Authorized King James Version

Verse 6  God speaking to David,


Back To John 10: 3 – 38

******  Verse 35    If He/The Lord God called them ( your ancestors ) GODS, unto who the WORD OF GOD came, and the scripture cannot be broken;

Verse 36  say you of Him, who The Father has sanctified as a GOD/set apart/made Holy as He Is Holy spiritually, and sent into the world, You BLASPHEMEST/DISHONOR/DISRESPECT The Word of God who said this to your forefathers and are calling Him a Liar because I said, I AM THE SON OF GOD?

Verse 37  If I do not the WORKS of My Father, Believe Me Not

Verse 38   But if I do, though you believe NOT ME, Believe The WORKS:  so that you may spiriutally KNOW AND BELIEVE,

That The Father Is In Me, and I In Him

We ARE EQUAL/ONE in Spirit/Heart/Mind

In Divine Nature/Image and Likeness

Complete Oneness of Spirit!!

So, DEBORAH has began the spiritually hardest journey of IDENTITY TRANSITION into renewing her spiritual heart/mind with The New spiritual Wine/Truths/Knowledge/Revelations that she is a GOD HERSELF!!

A Spiritual Creature EQUAL In Nature, Image and Likeness of Her Heavenly Father as Jesus Christ Is

A Spiritual Son who also has been spiritually given the Words of Spirit & Life

A spiritual creature/creation who also does the spiritual WORK of The Heavenly Father Herself, For He Is in Her, and She Is In Him

Complete Oneness In and Of Spirit!!!


DEBORAH began asking The Heavenly Father,



What Does A God Do???

How Does A God of The Kingdom Of Heaven Think Like??

What WORKS Do I Do, that Proves I am a God As You Are??

Is It That You are In Me, and I in You That Makes Me a God/A Divinity/A Deity Too??

What Does It Mean To Be A Lord on the Earth Now?

What Does All This Mean When The New Earth and The New Jerusalem Come Down Out Of Heaven?


As always, The Spirit of Truth took DEBORAH to Strong’s Concordance and to Webster’s Dictionary to help her learn and understand what she needed to spiritually understand.


The Word GODS in Psalm 82 : 6 and John 10: 3 – 38

Is defined as according to Strong’s Concordance

1. Magistrates

2. Angels

3.  Exceeding

4.  Very Great

5.  Judges, Mighty

6.  A Deity


In The Greek, gods means


2. The Supreme Divinity

3. Magistrate

4. Godly


In Webster’s Dictionary, The word GODS is defined as


2. Political Superior, Master

3. An official trusted with administration of Laws

4. ( a ) Principal official exercising governmental powers over a major political unity/like a nation

( b ) a local official exercising administrative and often JUDICIAL functions of JUSTICE/JUDGMENT

( c ) An office of a Master/Teacher

( d )  A Teaching Authority

The Spiritual Lessons were just beginning and there was much for THIS NEW SPIRIUTAL IDENTITY/IMAGE/LIKENESS Called DEBORAH To Learn.

DEBORAH was being filled daily with The New Wine of Life and Light

And I and sure I/DEBORAH will have many many more questions to ask of her Heavenly Father and that I would need deep spiritual answers/revelations/lots and lots of His New Wine/Truths/Knowledge/Revelations and person spiritual classroom experiences and lots and lots of reading, mediating on the Word and The Spirit of Truth will be right there with DEBORAH ALL THE WAY IN ORDER to fully renew DEBORAH’S spiritual heart/mind to bring a God made in the Fullness of the Likeness and Image of The Heavenly Father, The Most High God Himself.


DEBORAH still had more questions about life in Eternity like

Would I travel to new lands/planets/worlds for The Kingdom of Heaven?

Would I be a King and Ruler and Shepherd over lambs?

Would I be in charge of cities and judging the nations even then??


DEBORAH did know that The Heavenly Father desired for her/me to gain/DRINK FREELY AND DAILY OF HIS NEW WINE OF HIS spiritual information/knowledge/truth/revelations spiritually so she could completely spiritually renew her spiritual heart/mind to become spiritually all her Heavenly Father spiritually desired her to become, to develop spiritually mature into.  


DEBORAH did know that THIS NEW SPIRIUTAL IDENTITY would go into ETERNITY with her and for whatever lay ahead.  Even thought DEBORAH would be getting a new spiritual NAME/NATURE/IMAGE/LIKENESS and many new things that were awaiting her IF SHE WOULD BE AN SPIRITUAL OVERCOMER of EVEN MORE SPIRITUAL THINGS as Christ Jesus spiritually revealed to John in a Vision in the Book of Revelation.


If I/DEBORAH needed to or had to overcome more some things in her spiritual life that are displeasing, to The Lord, He would

  1.  Give DEBORAH to eat of the TREE OF LIFE, which is in the midst of Paradise, The Garden of Eden of God
  2.  DEBORAH  would be given a CROWN OF LIFE if she held strong even unto death in the faith of God and His Words and then second death, The Lake of Fire would not effect her.
  3.  DEBORAH would be given to eat of the Hidden Manna/Bread of Life and she will be given a White Stone, and on the Stone an NEW NAME/NATURE/SPIRITUAL IDENTITY written, which no man knows saying he that receives it.
  4.  IF DEBORAH keeps/does His spiritual works of Righteousness and Holiness unto the end, to her will be given Power/Authority/Rulership/Kingship/Lordship/Management/Dominion/Judgement/Teaching over the nations and people.

And DEBORAH  shall rule/instruct them/teach them/help them grow and develop/judge them/them with a ROD OF IRON WORDS OF GOD even as Jesus Christ received of His Father which shall break the people like a vessel of a potter into shivers.

5.  And DEBORAH will be SPIRITUALLY given the Morning Star, whatever that is and It will be really Glorious, I am sure.

6.  DEBORAH will be spiritually clothed in white raiment/clothes of pure light/fire/power/as burning amber, and she will not have her NAME/HERSELF blotted out of the Book of Life from the Books that are in Heaven and DEBORAH will be confessed/spoken about with great joy and Agape Love and Honor before Jesus’s Father and before His Angels.

7.  DEBORAH will be made a pillar/one who is strong/a foundation in the spiritual temple of her God and shall go no more out/forsaking her God for other gods and He will write upon DEBORAH the Name of her God, and the NAME OF THE CITY of Her God, which is the New Jerusalem/The City of Peace, The Bride of The Lamb, which will come down out of Heaven from God and I/Jesus will write upon DEBORAH’S my/Jesus’s New NAME.

8.  DEBORAH will be granted to sit with Jesus in His Throne, even as He overcame His tests on earth and has set down with His Father in His Throne.

DEBORAH has come along way on the spiritual journey to becoming all that Her Heavenly Father created her spiritually to become in spiritual Nature and Identity/His Exact Image and After His Likeness, but there is still so much of His Road of Truth to Travel and so much NEW WINE TO DRINK and many things yet to learn.  DEBORAH is seeking all this spiritual knowledge/truth/revelations with all her might with all her strength she has, daily and nightly.  Trying to understand the spiritual fullness of this SPIRITUAL IDENTITY

As DEBORAH Was Developing more into a GOD IDENTITY, a GOD HERSELF, DEBORAH continued to FAST OFF of all bondages, Yokes of Heavy Weights, Oppressive Things and continues to Put on the mind/heart of Christ and was well on her way of being a TRULY GLORIFIED AND POWERFUL GOD, A resurrected spiritual being of The Kingdom of Heaven Full of Glorious Light/Truth and Revelations and Overflowing in Agape Love For God and For The World For all Eternity and Beyond all Time Itself.

The Heavenly Father Himself is BUILDING His New CITY OF PEACE, The NEW JERUSALEM within DEBORAH’S spiritual heart/mind and soul so He/His Presence/His Words/His Peace/His Glory can finally rest and settle there for all of Eternity and the VIOLENCE AND WAR BETWEEN the Flesh and The Spirit Will Finally be over and the Land of DEBORAH’S spiritual heart/mind and soul is as Glorious as the picture of the NEW JERUSALEM coming down out of Heaven as in the Book of Revelations reveals/shows us in the vision of what it will look like.

Revelations 21 : 9 – 27 and 22  : 1-6

The Authorized King James Version

Verse 9  And there came unto me/John one of the seven Angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying,

Come here, I will SHOW/REVEAL you,


Verse 10  and he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed/revealed to me THAT GREAT CITY, THE HOLY JERUSALEM, descending out of Heaven from God

Verse 11  Having The Glory of God: and Her Light was like unto a stone most precious, Even like a Jasper stone, Clear as Crystal

Revelation 22 : 5

Authorized King James Version

Verse 5   And there shall be NO NIGHT/DARKNESS/IGNORANCE there/IN THE NEW SPIRIUTAL PERSON’S NEW SPIRIUTAL IDENTITY OF BEING A GOD IN their spiritual heart/mind.  And they/the spiritual person’s heart/mind and soul shall need no CANDLE/ANY OTHER WORDS OF LIGHT SHINNING IN THEM/Other Truths, neither Light of the Sun or Any Other Source of Light:  for the Lord God’s Glory gives them light;  and they/These New Lights/Wine shall reign for ever and ever

Psalm 36 : 8 – 10

Authorized King James Version

Verse 8  They/the spiritual man’s heart/mind and soul shall be spiritually abundantly satisfied with the fatness/the overflowing of Your House/Kingdom of Heaven and It’s Glory/Truth/light;  and You O’Lord shall make them spiritually drink of the River/Source of Your Pleasures

Verse 9 For with you/O’ Lord are the Fountain/The Unending Source of Life/Glory/Truth:  In Your Light/Truths/Knowledge/Wisdom/Agape Love we shall see Light/Truths/Knowledge/Wisdom/Agape Love

Verse 10  O continue Your Loving Kindness unto them/us that know You;  and Your Righteousness to the upright in heart/mind & soul.


Now Back To Revelations 21 : 9 – 27

Verse 12   And that had a wall great and high, and had 12 gates, and at the gates 13 Angels, and Names written thereon, which are the Names of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel.

Ezekiel 38 : 31 – 35

Authorized King James Version

Verse 31   And the gates of the city shall be after the Names/Nature of the tribes of Israel:  three gates northward; one gate of Reuben, one gate of Judah, one gat of Levi,

Verse 32  And at the east side four thousand and five hundred;  and three gates;  and one gate of Joseph, one gate of Benjamin and one gate of Dan.

Verse 33  And at the south side, four thousand and five hundred measures;  and threee gates;  one gate of Simeon, one gate of Issachar, one gate of Zebulun

Verse 34  All the west side four thousand and five hundred, with their three gates, one gate of Gad, one gate of Asher, one gate of Naphtali

Verse 35  It was round about eighteen thousands measures;  and the Name of the City from that day shall be, THE LORD IS THERE!

Jeremiah 3 :  17

Authorized King James Version

Verse 17  At that time, they shall call JERUSALEM/THE CITY OF PEACE, THE THRONE OF THE LORD;  and all the nations/people shall be gathered unto it, to the 

Name/Nature/Identity/Image/Likeness/The City of Peace in the spiritual heart/mind of every spiritual child, to Jerusalem/to the city of Peace within themselves;  neither shall they Walk/Love/Think/Image any more after the IMAGINATIONS/STUBBORNESS if their Evil spiritual hearts/minds.  The FLESH will have been finally and Forever CRUCIFIED and the Long War of Violence ended and th Word of Go will Rule supreme over the Land of The Spiritual City called JERUSALEM, The City of Peace, The Heart/Mind and Soul.

Zechariah 2 : 10 – 13

Authorized King James Version

Verse 10  Sing and rejoice, ,O’ daughter of Zion:  for lo, I/The Lord comes, and I will spiritually dwell/live in the midst/center of you/in your spiritual heart/mind, saith The Lord,

Verse 11  And many nations[people shall be joined to the Lord in that day ( as He and His Son and Holy Spirit are/One in Spirit ), and they shall be My People:  and I will dwell/live in the midst/center of you and you shall know that The Lord of Hosts/The Army of Heaven has sent Me/Zechariah unto you

Verse 12  And The Lord shall spiritually Inherit Judah/Praise His Portion in the Holy Land, and shall choose JERUSALEM/HIS CITY OF PEACE again

Verse 13  Be silent, O all Flesh, before The Lord, for He is spiritually RAISED UP out of His Holy Habitation

Back to Revelation 21 : 9 – 27

Verse 13  On the east three gates;  on the north three gates; on the south three gates; and on the west threee gates

Verse 14   And the wall of the City had 12 foundations and in them the Names of the 12 apostles of the Lamb

Verse 15   And he/the Angel that talked with me/John had a golden reed to measure the city, and the gates thereof, and the wall thereof

Verse 16  and the city lies four square, and the length is a large as the breadth;  and He/the Angel measured the city with the reed, 12, 000 furlongs.  The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal

Verse 17  And he/The Angel measured the wall thereof, and hundred and forty and four cubit, according to the measure of a man, that is of the Angel

Verse 18  And the building of the Wall of it was of Jasper;  and the City was pure gold, like unto clear glass

Verse 19  And the foundations of the Wall of The City were garnished with all manner of precious stones.  The first foundation was Jasper, the second, Sapphire;  The third, a Chalcedony; the fourth, and Emerald;

Verse 20  The fifth, Sardonyx; the sixth, Sardius; The seventh, Chrysolyte; The eighth, Beryl; The ninth, a Topaz; the tenth, a Chrysoprasus;  the eleventh, a Jacinth; the twelfth, an Amethyst

Verse 21  and the 12 gates were 13 Pearls;  every gate was of one Pearl:  and the street of the City was pure Gold, as it were transparent glass

Verse 22  and I/John saw NO TEMPLE therein; for the Lord God Almighty and The Lamb are the Temple of it

Verse 23   And the City had no need of the sun/similar to the Holy of Holies in the earthly temple, neither the moon, to shine in it;  FOR THE GLORY OF GOD did lighten it/as it did in the Holy of Holies in the earthly temple which was just a shadow of this spiritual Dwelling Place of The Glory of God and The Lamb, and The Lamb/The Word of God Itself is the Light thereof

Verse 24  and the nations/people of them which are saved shall walk/live/dwell in the Light/The Glory of It/The Glory of The Lord and The Lamb;  and the kings/the born again children of The Kingdom of Heaven on this new earth/the Glorified spiritual bodies do/shall bring their glory and honor of this spiritual Identity/Position/Place of The Heavenly Father’s family into it

Verse 25  and the gates ofit shall not be shut at all by day; for there shall be NO NIGHT THERE

Zechariah 14 : 9

Authorized King James Version

Verse 9  and The Lord shall be King over all the earth;  in that day shall there be One Lord, and His Name One

Back To Revelation 21 : 9 – 27

Verse 27  and there shall on no wise enter into it/The New Jerusalem/The New Bottle/The New spiritual Identity of a spiritual man’s heart/mind anything that defiles, neither whatsoever works abomination, or makes a lie; ) no thoughts ideas imaginations, unloving in Agape Love, pride and rebellion, etc. but they/those things/Truths/Knowledge/Wisdom which are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life/Eternal Knowledge of God The Heavenly Father shall come into the NEW JERUSALEM, THE CITY OF PEACE.


Revelation 22 : 1 –  6

Authorized King James Version

Verse 1  and he/The Angel showed me/John a Pure River of The Water of Life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the Throne of God and of The Lamb

Verse 2  In the midst of the street/path if it/The Throne of God and of The Lamb and on either side of this River of Life, was there a TREE/A VESSEL/A PITCHER OF LIFE, in the midst of the Paradise of God ( His pleasure and delight ) which bore 12 manner of Fruits, and yielded HER FRUIT every month;  and the Leaves of Tree were for the healing of the nations/people

There is so much for the New Spiritual Identity to eat of, drink in, become fully healed from the old spiritual Identity

Water of Life From The River Of Life

12 Manner of Fruits of The Tree of Life

Leaves of The Tree Of Life to bring healing/wholeness/oneness of the new spiritual Identity

Verse 3   and there shall be NO MORE CURSE/within the spiritual heart/iand soul/the life of a spiritual being/man/person:  but the Throne of God and of The Lamb shall be in it/the New Jerusalem/The City of Peace/The New Spiritual Heart/Mind of The New Bottle of The New Spiritual Identity of a born again spiritual child of The Most High God:  and His/The Lamb’s servants shall serve Him for the Lord is there!

Verse 4  and they/His servants shall see His face/His Fullness of Himself/His Fullness of His Glory/His Righteousness and His Pleasure and Delight, and His Nam/Nature/Identity/Character/Image/Likeness/Essence shall be in their foreheads/in the very center and in the forefront of their spiritual hearts/minds for all to see and behold.

Verse 5  and there shall be NO NIGHT THERE/NO IGNORANCE/DARKNESS/TURNING/NO STUMBLING;  and they/the new spiritual hearts/minds of the new spiritual Identity will need NO CANDLE ( any other source of Light ), neither light of the sun/nor any other sources of Truths/Knowledge/Wisdom/Counsel; for The Lord God gives them Light/The source of all Life/Knowledge/Truths/Wisdom/Counsel; and they/The New Born Again spiritual Identity of the saved spiritual person shall REIGN/RULE/BE A KING/A LORD/A MASTER/A GOD in and of The Kingdom of Heaven for ever and ever.

Psalm 36 : 9

Authorized King James Version

Verse 9  For with You/Lord are the FOUNTAIN OF LIFE; In Your LIGHT/TRUTH/AGAPE LOVE shall we see LIGHT/TRUTH/AGAPE LOVE


Back To Revelations 22 : 1 – 6

Verse 6  and he/The Angel said unto me John/,  These sayings are FAITHFUL and TRUE;  and The Lord God of the holy prophets sent his Angel to show unto His servants the things which must shortly be done.


Such wonderful things that are spiritually to come/and are coming even now to those who seek, study, and desire for He is spiritually building each and every one of His spiritual children’s spiritual hearts/minds into His New Jerusalem/His New City of Peace/The New Spiritual Identity/The New Bottle Filled with His New Wine of Life/Light/Truth.  Then He/The Most High God can shine out into all the spiritual realm His great and glorious Beauty, His Agape Love, His Kingdom, His Justice, His Peace, His Mercy, His Salvation/Righteousness, His Judgments, His Counsel, His Might, His Ways of Holiness and He will have His Name/Nature and Presence for all to behold.

His New City of Peace, The New Jerusalem!


Yes, DEBORAH still has much to spiritually learn and to be taught, to discover to have spiritually revealed to her from the Words of Spirit and Life, to believe is possible, to spiritually perceive/understand and new spiritual lambs of the spiritual realm to travel to, spiritual people to meet, other creations/creatures of The Lord’s Creation to see and behold more words to write and speak, but Most of all always giving all Glory and Praise and Thanksgiving to Her Heavenly Father who had a wonderful, and powerful plan for this spiritual creation of His.  DEBORAH is an eternal spirit and is filling up with deep deep spiritual revelations/New Wine from the depths of The God, The Most High Himself through The Spirit of Truth for The Heavenly Father does not want any of His spiritual children to be spiritually IGNORANT of all He has for them.

Oh, Satan is still trying to be rid of DEBORAH ANY WAY HE CAN, for he never gives up, not even now, so DEBORAH stays alert, on guard always spiritually discerning and yet always trusting God to help her be safe, victorious for His Name’s Sake and for His Glory Alone. 

And if Satan can not get THE OLD MAN, JAN back up and alive again, Satan will try to DEFILE AND TAKE THIS NEW SPIRITUAL IDENTITY, DEBORAH out and to kill the physical body and cause great vexation to it and thus cause as much as attacks as possible. Maybe these attacks will work and he will be rid of this VERY POWERFUL SPIRIUTAL BEING, A SON/OFFSPRING OF GOD HIMSELF/A GOD HERSELF. 

This spiritual disciple/DEBORAH of The Word of God continues spiritually traveling on the Road of Truth following after the Giver and Source of all Life and Truth, The Father/Source of all Truth, The Source of The River of The Water’s of Life, The Tree of Life and It’s 12 Fruits and the Leaves that are for the Healing of the Nations that brings a complete wholeness/oneness to every spiritual hert/miind and soul of all mankind, The Heavenly Father Himself.  

This spiritual disciple still studies is still seeking still asking many many questions, still desiring to spiritually know so much that has yet to be spiritually revealed.  So, DEBORAH will keep WALKING and NOT STOP and NEVER DOUBT, Never Turn Back out of Fear Never stop desiring more of The Lord, Always being a Drug Addict for His Sweet Glorious Presence, and always Believing that there is Nothing impossible for Him to do for all mankind for him to uphold His Victory of the Cross and His Sacrifice of His Son because of their Agape Love for each other and for all mankind.























































































































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