Tuesday, January 28, 2020

How Do I Help Them?



Very early in my “spiritual training & growth” from the Most High God, I would cry at every praise & worship song, oh not for me – BUT FOR THEM

The Least Of King Jesus’s Spiritual Brethren

Those of Matthew 25 :  31 – 45

You see, I could sing songs Of Praise & Worship to my Heavenly Father, I could worship Him in Spirit & Truth


So, I would cry and cry To Him TO HELP THEM to set THEM spiritually FREE

I was crying for Jesus’ spiritual brethren who were

Spiritually Abused, Tortured

Spiritually Live In The Fear Of Death

Addicted To Drugs, Sex, Gambling, Crime, Lawlessness, Money, Power, Fame

Those in Gangs

Those In Vampirism

Those In The Gothic Community

Those In Heavy Metal Music

Those Living In Great Darkness/Ignorance Of Agape Love 

Those Living In Spiritual Trances, Deep Sleeps

Those Who Are Mind Controlled Slaves, Living In A Matrix of Control

Those Who Are Slaves To Satan Through Multi-Generational Satanism, The Occult, Witchcraft, Voodoo New Age and Other Cults of Religions

Slaves To Meetings, Rituals, Oaths in Blood

Those Who Are Sex Trafficked, Sexually Abused In Childhood By Incest and Used In the Pornography Industry

I would cry and cry and cry to God The Most High to HELP THEM.  I saw them everywhere!  I would see them spiritually in bondage to the fear of death in their deep spiritual sleeps and I would see them in the spirit as the would search and silently cry out for someone to HELP THEM.

My spiritual heart would break under the HEAVY BURDEN for these precious little ones trapped in the Bondage of Darkness/Ignorance to Agape Love and It’s Source.  These spiritually least of Christ Jesus’s spiritual brethren!

Because of a loving Heavenly Father who wanted to spiritually reach them, touch them with His Agape Love as He had done to me He said to me,

I have no one who will go for me, so therefore, I am sending you to their dark spiritual world

And each and every time, I would cry out to Him for them, and all He would say to me was

Get Closer To Me!


And I said,

How is getting closer to YOU going to help them?

And He said,

Get Closer To Me!


I got CLOSER to the Heavenly Father

I studied Him More

I studied His Word More

I studied His Ways, His Acts, His Deeds

I studied His Heart and It’s Deep Eternal Desires

I studied His Kingdom, His Government, His Laws, His Justice

I studied His Battle Tactics and Strategies and Victories

I studied His Power and It’s Authority & Dominion

I studied His Servants, His Hosts Of Angels Of The Kingdom Of Heaven Realm

I studied His Son, The Christ/The Anointed Word of God, God’s Own Thoughts and Ideas

I studied His Purposes for all of Creation, For The Earth, For all of Humanity

I studied His Agape Love and All Of It’s Fruits

I studied His Many Ways of HEALING in the spirit, soul and physical body

I studied His Ways of Dealing With Demons, Satan, Hell and The Grave ( physical death )

I studied His viewpoint on sickness, diseases, tormenting, vexation illnesses

I studied His Glory, His Full Weight Of Himself, His Presence, 

I studied His Laws of His Kingdom, His Consequences, His Justice, His Court of The Universe, How to Come Into The Courtroom of the Universe and battle against the spiritual adversary of God and His Rulership on earth and in the hearts of humanity.

I studied His Blessings and Curses

I studied His Judgments & Justice

I studied His Spiritual Nature, His Essence, His Very Heart

I Got Spiritually Closer To God, The Most High

Through reading and studying His Written Word Over and Over and Over!!

I Prayed More

I Repented/Turned From My Old Ideas and Concepts More

I spiritually and emotionally loosed myself from more things, people, places, desires – I FASTED OFF OF THE WORLD AND IT’S WAY OF LIVING!

I humbled myself more in the face of God and His Throne

I fought and had to overcome Temptations of Flesh and Soul

I was Tried By Fire More and More Than Others

I was Tested More and More Than Others

I Praised More By Myself

I worshipped by laying prostrate on the floor in churches and at home

I was on my knees more and more

I read more and more books, watched more Videos on The Word of God, On History

 I spiritually listened more to God’s Voice and He was Beginning To Speak to me more and more from out of His Written Word

I spent more one on one time with Him and His Written Word.

He would ask me to stay home from church and from working for Him, to JUST have a DATE NIGHT WITH HIM alone at home, To Just Be WITH HIM ALONE!

I became aware Of Him and His moods spiritually at all times and would then take the time to minister to Him if He needed one of His Children to Just Spend Time With Him as His Heart was breaking due to His own children and for those still lost to Him in the Darkness of a Matrix of Ignorance.

Some days He was grieved because of His own children really didn’t want to spend time with Him, they were too busy or they just wanted to work for Him, but to JUST BE WITH HIM, they didn’t.

Some days He was sad over many things and needed to be comforted Himself

Some days He was joyful and filled and overflowing with joy and wanted to share it with someone!

I spiritually learned what He really wants is for His spiritual children to JUST want to be with Him

Not To Be Anointed

Or To Be Blessed

Or Want Just His Power

Or To Just Be Satisfied With Being A Servant of His

I spiritually learned The Most High God is like a very, very rich man and He doesn’t know if you really love Him and want to be with Him because He has Blessings and Gifts to give you or if He took all the gifts of blessings and ministry opportunities away

Would You Still Want and Love Him?

I spiritually learned much about His spiritual Powers and Abilities

I leaned how to ask Him to do what seemed Impossible to reach and help the

Spiritually Least of Christ Jesus, The King Of Heaven’s Spiritual Brethren

I learned to know the Heart and Soul of God The Most High and Through this spiritual Journey

I Became Spiritually Closer To Him AS He Directed Me To Do!

Just AS He was With





King David

All The Prophets

And The Closest of All



He would even take counsel with me by asking me what I thought would be a good battle strategy on many occasions to defeat Satan on earth and in the spiritual realm and thus Glorify Himself as He is in Heaven

Even Today, we take spiritual counsel together to set precious spiritual captives free of Satan and darkness/ignorance.

But mostly, I have learned to ask of Him THE IMPOSSIBLE and to TRUST him 100% to Provide it!!

I spend more and more time with Him in the spirit and in His Throne Room in Heaven. I did not know the answer to my question of HOW DO I HELP THEM  would come by getting spiritually closer and closer to God, The Most High, My Heavenly Father, The Creator of All Life.  So, now I stay very, very close To God The Most High and He still spiritually answeres the prayers/petitions He leads me to pray to Him and precious spiriutal children are set spiriutally free and step out of the spiriutal darkness/ignorance of the Kingdom of Darkness and into the Kingdom of Light/Truth, The Kingdom of Agape Love!

Take That Satan!!!












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