Tuesday, January 28, 2020

How Did You Do That?

In my spiritual quest for Truth, I have always and still do today, ask God The Most High questions and more questions about how did He do something or what does His Word “really mean, or is that what He, Satan rally looks lime, or how do I help them.”  God, The Heavenly Father always answers me in ways that would astound most believers.  This story is one of what a Truth Seeker looks like.

In my spiritual discipleship on my spiritual journey/road of becoming all the Most High desired me to become, I had to learn that “spiritually knowing” the spiritual Truth by having the “Spirit Of Truth”  The Holy Spirit spiritually reveal them to me was more valuable than earthly riches and gold.

Through this discipleship, I have come to know THE VOICE OF THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH every time He speaks, but it did take me a while to really come to know His Voice, but I Learned.  Even today, I am seeking knocking and searching for His spiritual Truths according to The Most High God.  Everywhere I go, everything I watch, everything I see, I am spiritually searching seeking and listening for His Voice and His Answers.

One of my first questions to the Most High God was

How did you change the physical body of Jesus in the tomb, to a GLORIFIED BODY?

A Body NOT FILLED with earthly blood and bones, but with YOUR GLORY?

That may seem like a silly question to be asking The Most High God, but asked I did.  And yes, He answered me!  Soon after I had asked Him ( about 2 – 3 weeks later ) this question, His answer came through a “science show” on the Television which was about how when you put ” carbon based items such as clothes, food, diamonds into a furnace of very high heat and in a vacuum, the items would return to their original form – carbon – even the diamond was changed back into it’s original form of plants and animals that had been fossilized.  

I thought the show was great and I was fascinated by this wonderful scientific knowledge/truth/information about very high heat and a vacuum.  Well, right after the science showed the experiment to work, I heard 

The Voice of The Spirit Of Truth say


I said,

Did What?

I had forgotten my question to Him several weeks ago.

He Said,

How I Changed The Physical Body of Jesus Into His Glorified Body in The Tomb!

High Heat and a Vacuum!

Like a lighting bolt has!

The Spirit of Truth immediately brought to my spiritual mind, The Word of God telling us about the story of Jesus and The Tomb.  My spiritual heart immediately understood HOW THE MOST HIGH ”  spiritually changed” the physical earthly body of Jesus into the “spiritually GLORIFIED body Of Christ”

High heat and a Vacuum

Similar To The Make Up of A Lighting Bolt!

Of course, He didn’t tell me the entire exact way He did it for that was His Knowledge alone, but I had enough of the spiritual Truth/Knowledge to spiritually understand the SPIRTUAL PROCESS and I had an answer to my question. I learned on my journey of discipleship, Truth of any subject matter is important to myself and The Most High God is always willing through His Holy Spirit of Truth to answer the questions I have and to bring Truth/Light into dark areas of ignorance I have.  

Light was beginning to push back the darkness/ignorance and the darkness/ignorance was giving way in my spiritual heart to know Spiritual Truth Of Light and Life.

Pastor Deborah




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