Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Heart To Heart




Inspired By The Heavenly Father Himself



The Long Cold Winter Is Over

The Word of My Spirit Is Blowing


The Spiritual Golden Rain Comes From The Spiritual Ever Flowing River Life


The Spiritual Warmth of The Son Covers The Spiritual Land of A Spiritual Heart With Hope


And A Dry And Desolate Land of A Heart Has Become An Spiritual Garden of Eden of My Agape Love


The Spiritual Soil Is Rich In Mercy and Compassion



Spiritual Nutrients of Love and Forgiveness Fill The Spiritual Wilderness



Spiritual Seeds of Faith, Love, Joy And Righteousness Are Spiritually Planted


Living Spiritual Seeds Spiritually Planted Deep In The Spiritual Soil of A Spiritual Heart/Mind and Forever Person




Spiritual Living Drop of Golden Spiritual Rain Spiritually Falling To Bring Spiritual Life



Warm and Radiant Spiritual Rays of Glory of a Holy Spiritual Presence Fills The Spiritual Heart of The Soul and The Forever Person



The Spiritual Garden of The Spiritual Heart So Spiritually Full of Spiritual Riches and Glory



The Spiritual Garden of The Spiritual Heart Spiritually Ready To Spiritually Bloom In All It’s Spiritual Glory

The Spiritual Gardener Spiritually Ready To Spiritually Weed and Prune The Spiritual Weeds Out



The Spiritual Heart of The Forever Person, A Spiritual Place of Spiritual Beauty Unseen



The Spiritual Heart, a Spiritual Place of Glory Spiritually Unrevealed



The Spiritual Heart a Spiritual Place Spiritually Touched By Spiritual Hands of Agape Love


The Spiritual Heart a Spiritual Place of Spiritual Faith



From His Spiritual Heart To Your Spiritual Heart



Spiritual Showers And Rays of Spiritual Agape Love Abound



The Spiritual Colors of Spiritual Riches and Spiritual Glory Spiritually Ready To Spiritually Burst Forth

Spiritual Life To Bring Spiritual Life



Agape Love Spiritually Pouring Itself Out Spiritually Upon a Spiritual Heart In The Spiritual Garden of Eden



The Precious Spiritual Place of The Spiritual Pleasure & Delight of The Agape Love of The Heavenly Father


The Spiritual Garden Where A Spiritual Heart Spiritually Touches Another Spiritual Heart With Agape Love


Love To You My Spiritual Child



Enjoy My Spiritual Garden of Eden, My Green Woods of Life, My Green Pastures and Living Waters


Allow My Spiritual Blanket of My Spiritual Presence, My Glory To Spiritually Cover You With It’s Peace


My Spiritual Place Where Troubles Vanish, Spiritual Hearts Are Mended


A Spiritual Place For You To Rest

A Spiritual Place Where I Will Spiritually Meet You



A Holy Spiritual Garden Where You Will Meet The Spiritual Prince of Peace


A Spiritual Garden Where You Are In The Spiritual Pleasure & Delight of The Heavenly Father

A Spiritual Garden Where Joy Is Overflowing

Come And Spiritually Step Into My Spiritual Garden of Eden


Love To You

Your Heavenly Father

Agape Love Himself








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