Monday, January 27, 2020

From Slavery To Freedom



Inspired By Isaac Williams

A Satanic High Priest of The Black Forest Clan of Germany

Written After His Heart Found and Believed In Agape Love

Isaac Is Now With The Father of Agape Love

and Learning More About This Love That Found Him In The Fires of Darkness of The Kingdom of Satan and Serving as a King of His Clan and sitting in the third seat on the International Council of The Illumination

A Man Who Was Many and Fractured Into Sides of Darkness and Light

A Man who was breed and born into a family and life of Multi-Generational Satanism

Born To A Powerful Dark Occult Family

Born To Be A Dark Lord, A Dark King of His Clan

Born to Breed a Chosen Child that would breed a Powerful Leader To Rule The Entire World


 He Found Agape Love



Pastor Deborah

Became His Spiritual Mother and Introduced Him to

The Kingdom of Heaven and It’s King



Took Him To The Throne Room of Glory and Majesty


1999 – 2000




You Will All Spiritually Live

The Long Spiritual Wait Is Over

A Spiritual Agape Love and It’s Light Can Spiritually Touch Us

A Spiritual Agape Love & It’s Light Will Spiritually Heal Us

This Spiritual Agape Love and It’s Light Is Spiritually Real

We Will All Spiritually Come To Know That

This Agape Love and It’s Light Is Here, Now

Everyone, Step Out of Our Darkness and Into The Light of This Agape Love

Well Will All Learn That This Love Can Heal Us and Can Touch Us

We Can Be Free and Loved

By The Father of This Agape Love Himself



Everyone, Step Out of Our Darkness and Into The Light of Agape Love

And Live.

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