Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Agape Love Ministry, Love Is Here – The Gift



There Is No Spiriutal Distance TOO GREAT For Agape Love

To Spiritually Travel For You, To Find You, To Reach You



Matthew 18 : 14

Authorized King James Version

Verse 14     Even So IT IS NOT The Spiritual Will/Desire/Purpose Of Your Heavenly Father Which Is In Heaven,

That Even One Of These Spiritual Little Ones SHOULD Spiritually Perish/Be Eternally Separated From Him!

Matthew 19 : 14 

Authorized King James Version

Verse 14    Suffer/Allow/Let/Do Not Hinder Little Spiritual Children, And Spiritually Forbid Them NOT To Spiritually Come To Me,  Their Heavenly Father Through My Son, Christ Jesus.







Psalm 27 : 10

Authorized King James Version

Verse 10   When My Earthly Father And Mother Spiritually FORSAKE Me, 

Then The Lord Will Spiritually TAKE Me Up

John 12 :  44 – 46

Authorized King James Version

Verse 44    He Who Spiritually Believes IN Me, Christ Jesus, The Son Of The Living God, 

Believes NOT IN ME, BUT IN HIM Who Sent Me

Verse 45   And He Who Sees Me/The Son/The Word SEES HIM WHO SENT ME

Verse 46   I Have Spiritually Come As A Spiritual LIGHT Into The Dark Spiritual World,

So That WHOEVER Spiritually BELIEVES In Me, Christ Jesus

May Not Spiritually Remain In Spiritual Darkness/Ignorance


The Kingdom Of Heaven

Is At Hand, Near Unto You, Even Now!






1 Corinthians 13 :  4 – 13

Authorized King James Version


Agape Love

Spiritually Suffers Long

Agape Love

Is Spiritually Kind


Agape Love

Spiritually Envies Not


Agape Love

Spiritually Vaunts/Lifts Itself Up Not


Agape Love

Is Not Spiritually Puffed Up In Pride Of Self


Agape Love

Does Not Spiritually Behave/Act/Think Unseemly


Agape Love

Spiritually Seeks Not Her Own Way


Agape Love

Is Not Easily Spiritually Provoked


Agape Love

Thinks No Evil


Agape Love

Spiritually Rejoices Not In Spiritual Truth


Agape Love

Spiritually Bears/Endures/Carries//Puts On Himself On Behalf Of Others All Things


Agape Love

Spiritually Believes All Spiritual Things Are Possible


Agape Love

Spiritually Hopes All Spiritual Things Possible


Agape Love

Spiritually Endures All Spiritual Thinks Done


Agape Love Spiritually NEVER FAILS!


Agape Love

Where A Peace Of The Heavenly Father Flows Freely Like A Gentle River, Ever Flowing

Where His Joy Is Freely Given And Is Eternal, Unspeakable

Where Nothing Is Spiritually IMPOSSIBLE With And Through The Heavenly Father’s Gift

Where There Are Riches And Glory Beyond Comprehension, Treasures Over Flowing

Where One’s True Spiritual Identity/Image Is

Where One’s True Homeland/Country/Land/Territory/Nation Is, The Kingdom Of Heaven

Where One’s Spiritual Father/Source/Provider/Creator/Lord And Mother/Carrier Of Life. Bond Of Family, The Tie Of The Intimacy Between Members Of The Family Are

Where Agape Love Is The Royal Law Of The Kingdom Of Heaven Flies Over All, High Above All.


Agape Love

Spiritually Sent To Spiritually Reach Deep Into The Hidden Kingdom Of Darkness

Spiritually Sent To Reach Precious Little Ones Who Are Spiritually Hidden In Deep Places Of Ignorance

Spiritually Sent To Reach Precious Little Ones Whose Hearts Are Fearful, Broken & Fractured Into Many Pieces

Spiritually Moving In The Power Of The Holy Spirit To Set Spiritual Captives/Slaves Spiritually Free

Spiritually Never Retreating Or Surrendering 

The Free Gift, The Greatest Gift Of The Heart Of The Heavenly Father


Agape Love

Was Sent Through Space And Time

It Stepped Out Of Eternity And Into Time

 It Left His Own Land To Find It’s Lost Ones

It Came To Give, It Came To Find, It Came To Restore

Agape Love

Was Expressly Reflected From Out Of It’s Throne Of Grace To All,

The Realm Of The Spirit And The Realm Of The Earthly

Sent In And Through Words And Their Demonstrations Of Their Rulership/Kingship

Spiritually Took All Upon Itself, It Spiritually Bore All For Others, Paid The Price For Freedom

Was Nailed To A Cross, Took All With And In Him, Built A Bridge To An Unknown Land

Opened The Gates Of Spiritual Hell, Death And The Grave, Lost Ones Set Free

Healed A Great Divide Between The Father Of Agape Love And It’s Children Lost In Darkness


Agape Love Said,

Father Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do!

Agape Love Said

Father, I’ll Pay The Price They Owe,  I’ll Go In Their Place For Them, Take Me Instead, 

Put Them In Me, As I Am In You

In The Eyes And Laws Of The Kingdom, What Happens To Me, Be It So Unto Them

Agape Love Said

It Is Finished!!

Agape Love

Made A Spiritual Show Openly Of The Spiritual Defeat Of Satan, His Demons And Their Kingdom Of Darkness

Sits On It’s Heavenly Throne Of Grace For All To See, To Believe In, To Honor 

Spiritually Desires That NOT EVEN ONE Of It’s Lost Little Spiritual Ones Be Spiritually Lost To It, No Not Even One!

Made Dry Spiritual Lands Of The Spiritual Wilderness On The Earth In The Hearts Of Humanity, It Made Spiritual Rivers Of Living Water, Freely Flowing To All, Unending Living Water For Thirsty Hearts


Agape Love

Before The Beginning Of Time, It Was Destined To Be Sent, To Travel Into Great Darkness

Destined To Finish It’s Long Race For It Law Must Be Obey


The Law Of Life Had To Be Obey, Followed And Be Raised Up As Righteous For All Eternity



The Very Heart Of The Heavenly Father Himself

The Heart Of God The Most High

The Heart Of The Creator Of All Life

The Heart Of Life Itself!


Agape Love

The Only Love A Spiritual Heart Will Ever Desire, Want, Need And Seek To Find

The Only Spiritually Father & Mother A Spiritual Heart Needs

The Heart That Has Everything Another Heart Needs And Desires


Everything Needed For A Healthy Spiritual Life 

Paid The Highest Price For It’s Freedom Of Slavery And Captivity

Took The Punishment And Judgment Of Long Ancient Rebellion Of Independence, Of Disobedience

Willing Allowed The Full Weight Of The Wrath Of The Law To Be Placed On It

Willing Endured It’s Separation From Itself, To Be Sent To Hell So Others Did Not Have To Suffer Consequences Of The Ancient Law Of Life


Agape Love

Did All

For All Of Humanity, For All Of Time, For All The Ages 

Gave Itself So All Could Hug Again, Dance Together, Sing And Rejoice Together

Endured The Pain, The Shame, The Beatings, The Nails, The Strips On His Back, A Crown Of Thorns So Itself and All Of It’s Lost Little Ones Could Become One In Spirit Again, One Family, One House, One Kingdom


Agape Love

For All To Spiritually Rejoice, Dance & Be Happy In Your Hearts

All Is Spiritually Healed, Mended, Restored Between Us

It Is A New Day, A Glorious New Morning Has Dawned, The Light Of Day Has Risen Over The Heart Of All

Old Has Passed Away, All Things Are New

So Open Up The Greatest Gift Ever Given,

The Greatest Gift Of The Heart Of The Heavenly Father

Open The Gift, Look Inside,

Put On The Signet Ring Of The Kingdom Of Heaven

Place The Crown Of The Kingdom Of Heaven On Your Spiritual Head, Your Spiritual Heart

Put On The White Robe Of Righteousness, The Robe Of Light, Of The Victory Of Believing The Cross

Put The Scepter In Your Hand, Hold The Rod & Staff And Hold The Orb

Now, Step Out On To The Red Carpet And Let All Meet You

A Legal Royal Child Of The King Of The Kingdom of Heaven!

Now, Take Your Spiritual Place In The Family Business,

And Go And Rule & Reign On Earth As King From And Of The Kingdom Of Heaven As You Rule In Heaven, As It Is In Heaven, Rule On Earth As The Spiritual Ambassador Under The Complete Obedience Of The ROYAL LAW OF AGAPE LOVE, THE ROYAL LAW OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, THE KINGDOM OF THE HEART OF LIFE, THE HEAVENLY FATHER HIMSELF!
















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