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A Heart’s Desire


John 4 : 23 – 24

Authorized King James Version

Verse 23  But the hour comes, and now is;  when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth;

For The Father seeks such to worship Him.

Verse 24  God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and Truth

John 5 : 24

Authorized King James Version

Verse 24   “Truly, truly I say unto you, He that spiritually hears My spiritual Words of Spirit & Life, and spiritually believes on Him ( The Heavenly Father ) that spiritually sent me ( The Son/The Christ/His Image/His Likeness ) has everlasting spiritual life ( The Holy Spirit ), and shall not come spiritually into spiritual condemnation;

The 2nd Spiritual Death

The Spiritual Lake of Fire

But is spiritually passed from spiritual death/separation from God/The Heavenly Father unto spiritual life unto The Heavenly Father.


The Holy Spirit continued to bring me Spiritually into the spiritual fullness of The Treasures and Riches of 


In Total Intimacy With The Heavenly Father as Christ Jesus was and still is.

I was asked by The Heavenly Father one night in church during a praise and worship service

What The Desire Of My Heart Was?

I did not hesitate, I immediately said,

To Be A Spiritual Mother of His Agape Love To All Those In The Occult, Heavy Metal Music, Satanism, Witchcraft and Vampirism, to turn their hearts to The Heavenly Father.

And The Holy Spirit said,


What would you answer to this question be?

Would You even Know That This Voice and It’s Question was of The Heavenly Father?

Would Your Heart’s Desire Be The Same As The Heavenly Father’s

Then to spiritually prepare me for this spiritual PURPOSE of The Heavenly Father’s and the great spiritual ministry that laid ahead for me, and of course totally unknown to me,

I had to SPIRITUALLY HEAR the Voice of The Most High God through His Holy Spirit

Above All Things, Above All Others, Above All That Was Going On Around Me!

I had been able to clearly hear and speak to the Holy Spirit right during a praise and worship service, but little did I know what training would lay ahead and why I had to be trained.

I would be trained to Hear The Voice of God through all the crying, shouting, screaming, pains of death, demons roaring and a human spirit paralyzed by fear.  And how was this Spiritual Training done?


It began on night in a REVIVAL SERVICE and while I was laying physically on the floor under what is called the GLORY BLANKET of God’s Presence.  I could hear the music and the voices of the people singing, and I wanted to get up and dance, and sing and praise and worship the Lord,


The Holy Spirit said to me,


He said,

You Must Be Able To HEAR My VOICE above all 

The Music

The Voices of The People

The Dancing

And Even Above My Own Voice of My Heart!

I remember laying on the floor and desiring so very much to get up and to praise and worship The Lord and Yet I spiritually KNEW I had to 

Listen and Obey The Holy Spirit Above All!

So, I laid there and I was in 2 worlds/realms at the same time

One of the natural/flesh and another of the realm of the spirit

My spirit was calm and still, full of peace while all around me was

Dancing, Singing, Music

I had to be able to spiritually HEAR the

Spiritual Voice of The Lord, The Holy Spirit at all times, above all the sounds of my Natural or Spiritual Ears were hearing.

I had to be able to put EARTHLY SOUNDS in the background/make them very quiet

I had to be able to Hear The Holy Spirit So Clearly and To be Able To talk to the spirits in the realm of the spirit. My spiritual hearing was being trained for purposes ahead I knew nothing about.

I had to be able to Hear The Holy Spirit’s Voice Above all Sounds, Above all Voices

Even My Own Voice!


At the time of this Spiritual Training I had no Idea what this Spiritual Training was for, but I soon found out.

I had to be able to SPIRITUALLY HEAR the Voice of The Lord and Obey,



My training at the time was for powerful spiritual experiences in the spirit realm that I would learn about later.

I would learn in the future that this night’s training was the beginning of many spiritual adventures to come, being apart of two realms.

I would in the future, not to far from this night Be taken in the Spirit by the Holy Spirit to Satanic Meetings and Spiritual Stand in early and spiritual fires on a Satanic altar in a Satanic meeting while the person was screaming in great pain as they were being burned alive. Not only this was in my spiritual future, but talking on the phone to others, or in person, or just in the spirit where ever I am or am sent.

I had to be so spiritually INTIMATE/ONE spiritually with The Heavenly Father so I could HEAR spiritually His VOICE through the Holy Spirit, even in my sleep!!!

I had to SPIRIUTALLY KNOW the VOICE of The Lord without DOUBT and without HESITATION because God’s spiritual Victory would count on my SPIRITUALLY HEARING His Voice and OBEYING IT IMMEDIATELY!

As I laid on the floor of this church, during prayer time, and so much desiring to get up and sing, dance and worship the Lord in the natural world, I was also in the REALM OF THE SPIRIT.  I could hear the Lord’s Voice louder than the music, the songs, the talking of the people, the noise of those walking around me.  I could Hear so clearly that the Lord was telling me to stay still and be calm in my spiritual heart and soul and full of His Peace. 

I now had calmed my spirit, my soul and gave up my heart’s desires to get up and laid there in such peace and calmness.  I now could clearly hear the Whispers of The Lord in my Spirit Very Clearly and the people, the music, the singing, the noise of what was going on around me in the natural had become just faint background noise and activity. My spirit was 100% in the spirit and intimate with The Holy Spirit.  

The Holy Spirit said to me at this time

Do Not Get Up, You MUST be able TO HEAR MY VOICE ABOVE ALL the sounds around you both spiritually and physically.


You MUST be still and calm in your spirit and mind and soul, even while much is going on around you.

So, I did and I listened and Obeyed His Voice.

Training, Training and More Training

God The Most High was spiritually preparing me for the spiritual ministry I knew nothing about or had read about or heard about from any Preacher or Teacher of The Word Of God.

But Spiritual Training It Was!

God The Most High’s training and spiritual preparation was complete that very night on the floor in a church services during Praise and Worship.

He knew I was ready and would soon be sent!

I could spiritually HEAR The Voice of the Lord in all situations while in the natural/physical realm and while in the realm of the spirit at the same time.

I now possessed a VERY PEACEFUL CALM SPRIIT AND SOUL at all times.

I had spiritually learned that God, The Heavenly Father wanted to talk to me, and needed me to spiritually HEAR His Voice ABOVE all things 24/7.

I would learn spiritually very soon from this very night of training in a church services Just What all the spiritual training was for, to spiritually bring the LEAST of King Jesus Christ’s spiritual brethren/the spiritual children of The Kingdom of Darkness/The Spiritual Matrix of Control/The Land of Ignorance to their Heavenly Father who loves them so very much and desires of NOT TO LOSE EVEN ONE OF THEM and to Spiritually Adopt them to become His Spiritual Children and Mine.

To this very day everyone is Spiritually Adopted by me as my spiritual child and then the Heavenly Father’s For I am Agape Love’s Ambassador on earth to all the children of The Night, The Spiritual Children of The Kingdom of Darkness.

Sometimes, I have only seconds before death would claim the earthly life of a precious child of the great spiritual darkness and Satan would win a spiritual victory.

But The Most High God ALWAYS Gives Me Time To Spiritually Adopt Them so they will Know and Have Agape Love, The Mother of The Family of God Back in their spiritual hearts, a Bond Returned to them Back to Their Mother again. Then, To Spiritually Adopt Them Back into the Life of The Father. The Family Complete Again, Restored unto Both.

Spiritual Restoration, Re-Connecting, A Family Restored. I was a Powerful Minister of Spiritual Reconciliation for A Father and Mother to A Child.

Then thus bringing the spiritual child back to the Kingdom and Home again.

I have been and still am taken in the spirit by The Holy Spirit of The Lord Most High God many times to Satanic meetings and have spiritually stood in the both the earthly and spiritual flames of fire burning on an altar to Satan as a precious human spirit in a physical body was being sacrificed for Satan’s pleasure and purposes.

Yet, This Does Happen Even Today At This Reading.

Yet, each time, Satan was SPIRIUTALLY DEFEATED by the Power of Agape Love as I was able to Spiritually Adopt these precious human spirits into the Spiritual Family of God, The Most High who were being burned alive.

I knew to stay calm in my spirit so I could do His spiritual Ministry during great times of Fear, of Flames of Fire and With Death Ready To Take it’s Victim.

And what happened?

The Heavenly Father spiritually received His desired spiritual Inheritance, His Reconciled Spiritual Children!

Many times I have been spiritually taken by The Holy Spirit of The Lord to places all over the world 24/7.

If you don’t believe this is possible, read the Book of Ezekiel!

I have been taken many many times to rooms in a cave, or castle where precious human spirits in physical bodies of dirt were waiting to be sacrificed at the satanic meeting. When I would arrived spiritually, I could see and hear all and the precious spiritual person could see and hear me.

The spiritual ministry I was to do was so powerful and so Like God To Get Glory For Himself.

When ever I showed up, I would always be in oneness with the Holy Spirit and my spiritual training was complete and I was able to minister the way The Lord Most High God Desired For Me To.

I would speak to who ever I am sent and speak what ever The Holy Spirit desired for me to speak.

Most times, I am told to say to the precious spiritual person

That Death was near and he was going to die a very painful and fearful death. 


That someone they didn’t know loved them and wanted them as His spiritual child and they are always shocked that a Christian COULD MOVE IN THE SPIRIT AS THEY DO and could be so spiritually interactive with them.

I am always able to spiritually talk to them

Spirit To Spirit

I am always able to tell them what great love This Heavenly Father, God Almighty has for them and that 

He did not want them to suffer great pain and torture at their death!

The Lord as I would be speaking to them, would always say to me

I’ll Take Them Now!!

I knew what that meant.

The Most High God would take his/her spirit NOW to Heaven before they would suffer at the hands of Satan and his demons through human servants.  God The Most High would spiritually free this precious spiritual child from a horrible painful death.

This human was going to be sacrificed in just a few minutes.  On one occasion, a precious human spirit himself had gotten SAVED/BORN AGAIN and had saved MANY CHOSEN Satanic children of Satan to the belief in Christ Jesus, so he was to be sacrificed as a TRAITOR that night in just a few minutes.

He was accepting of his fate.

He knew his death was going to be great torture and pain, but he was accepting of that.

But I said,

That The Lord God desired to deny Satan this pleasure of his death.

So, therefore The Lord Most High God

Would Take Him Now!!

If he wanted to go now and avoid all the torture and pain and to deny Satan his pleasure.  He and I did not have much time because that they were coming for him and they were just a few minutes away.  He said he knew they were coming for him.  I said again

That The Lord Most High God Would Take Him Now!

I said,

Just leave your physical body as you do all the time and an Angel of The Lord will meet him and take him to The Throne Room of God The Most High and he will JUST NOT EVER return to his earthly body.

So, he said,

Yes, he would go NOW!

I prayed and asked God to deny Satan and to take him


I spiritually helped him into the arms of a waiting Angel and said,

See You Later!

And off Spiritually he and the Angel went

Please Read The Book Of Ezekiel Again and Again.

Then I spiritually watched in a hidden mist as Satan’s servants came to get him and all they found was a LIFELESS physical body for he – the real person – the human spirit was gone!

How would they explain this to Satan?  Satan was furious that night.

But God The Most High Had The Last Word!

Satan was humiliated, denied his SACRIFICE and a precious spiritual child was set free into the waiting arms of The Heavenly Father.

I have been and still even today spiritually PRIVILEGED, HONORED many times to have been part of this MIGHTY spiritual ministry of The Holy Spirit and The Kingdom of Heaven as It’ is Being Spiritually Manifested on the earth.

Other times, God The Most High would spiritually take me to a satanic meeting and have me spiritually stand in THE VERY FLAMES OF FIRE burning on a satanic altar as a human being is being burned alive.  As the FLAMES burned around me, but they could not and did not touch me.  Please read the story in the Old Testament of the 3 boys in the Fires of A Furnace and The Flames and smoke did not touch them ). And as the human was screaming in great pain, I would show up and The Most High God would stop TIME AND THE FLAMES FOR me ( Remember The Day Joshua Spoke to The Sun To Stand Still So Victory For The Lord Could be done ?)

Time HAD TO STAND STILL, FLAMES HAD TO BE STOPPED, DEATH HAD TO BE HELD AT BAY so I could have time to lead the ones being sacrificed to the Lord Jesus and His Heavenly Father and spiritually adopt them into the Family of God and to be my spiritual child as well.  I would always Hear THE VOICE of the Holy Spirit say

I’ll Take Them Now!!!

I would tell them that The Lord would

Take Them Now

If they wanted to go, so they would NOT FEEL the flames and the pain and to deny Satan his sacrifice and

They Always Answer, YES!

I tell them to go out of their earthly body if they can as they always do, if they can’t I will help them.  Usually Satan’s demons WOULD NOT ALLOW a human spirit to leave their earthly body during a sacrifice because they want the spirit to be tortured and be burned in the flames of fire as the physical body is.  The reason this can happen is that the spirit and soul and physical body are still all one and experience the same pain, abuse, torture, fear and death.

Hell is also evidence of spiritual flames and torture of a spirit!

Many times, I would send in the Host of Heaven, Mighty Angels to help them out of their earthly bodies.

And these precious new children of God The Most High and Mine and the Heavenly Angel would leave to go to The Throne Room of The Great I Am, The Heavenly Father Himself.




Satan always loses, and God Always Wins!

Then I always prepare for Satan’s retaliation and attacks.

God’s spiritual training was complete!

I Could Hear God’s Voice in All Situations!

These spiritual victories are spiritually normal for me, even today. 

Sometimes I Hear The Voice of The Lord say to me

I’ll Take Him Now!

And I don’t know who He is talking about so, I 

Stop right where I am and I pray to God, Then I am spiritually Taken immediately to the person.

For example, on a New Year’s Eve night around midnight, I was coming up my stairs in my house and the Voice of The Lord said.

I’ll Take Him Now!

I stopped I said

Yes, Lord and was spiritually taken to young man to help him.  He didn’t know what to do and death was coming.

I was spiritually able to spiritually adopt him and introduce him to Christ Jesus and then help him leave his earthly body and escorted him into the waiting arms of one of The Lord’s Angels who are always sent to help me.

I waved goodbye and off he spiritually went.

The Next day, I learned who he was.

In the local newspaper there was a story of a one car accident of a young man who died at the scene of the accident.

I learned that he was the one who I was spiritually taken to in the spirit and helped him to the waiting arms of Jesus, a born again child as he was dying.

The Goodness of God, The Most High, The Heavenly Father is so loving, powerful and great.

See, I was taught by The Holy Spirit my Spiritual Teacher, That God The Most High DOES NOT WANT his spiritual creation, the spiritual person TO DIE ALONE AND AFRAID!

Physical death is just the final separation of the spirit man from his earthly body/house/tent/covering/mortal body.

Yet, so many are afraid and alone of this physical death and they need to be shown the way and they need to walk this path with an Angel of The Kingdom of Heaven.

When physical death is upon a spiritual person, to separate finally and forever from the mortal body and the silver cord is severed and the spirit is free and is heading towards eternity, The Heavenly Father desires for no one to go to Hell and to travel this unknown road alone and with help.

Many, if not all, are very afraid and are alone and unsure of the way that now lays before them. Even in this final separation of spirit from it’s earthly house, God The Most High Desires that his precious spiritual children know that they are not alone and that He is always watching out for them for their journey to an unknown place.

To be apart of this spiritual journey is very humbling!

You see, I knew I had to be spiritually one/intimate with God The Most High and believe in His great power of 

Agape Love and It’s Power!

I had to believe in God The Most High and His UNLIMITED Power and that He would spiritually demonstrate It to Spiritually Reach the SPIRIUTALLY LEAST of King Jesus Christ and His Heavenly Father’s spiritual brethren.

I had to believe without



 Or Wavering

That There Was NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE for Him TO DO for the spiritually LEAST of Christ’s spiritual Brethren.

I had to be in a very intimate spiritual partnership with The Heavenly Father and I had to believe that there were


Everything in me had to believe THAT NOTHING WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE for God The Most High to do!

I Had to read the Old Testament over and over and over again!


I Had To Learn About Him!!!













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