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From Trauma To Triumph, By Stephanie Bolinger, A Suicide Survivor





From Trauma To Triumph

By Stephanie Bolginer





The Stories and Life Of Stephanie May Be Very Troubling/Triggering For You, So Go Slow and Stop As Needed 

As you read, remember you Will Not Be Alone THIS TIME. If Feelings and Memories Arise That Are Frightening or Fearful to you, His Truth and Light Will Come In Gently, And Will Shine On The Areas of Darkness That Still Control You and Have Authority and Dominion Over you, Even Without your Knowledge, Awareness or Perception.

 His Knowledge Brings Light and His Light Brings His Life and His Life Brings Deliverance and Deliverance Brings His Freedom and His Freedom Brings His Restoration and His Restoration Brings His Healing and His Healing Brings Wholeness. You Are Not Walking This Road Alone, For He and I Are With you Every Step of The Way.

If you feel triggered or having flashbacks, please contact a mental health therapist or counselor

Free 24/7 support is available through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

by calling 1-800-273-8255

Or texting HOME to 741741


Agape Love, Love Is Here’s Global Ministry Is Honored and Pleased To Provide Stephanie and From Trauma To Triumph a Place of her own to help her to Step Out Into the Vastness of The World of Humanity.  This Section is Just For Stephanie and Is Freely Provided to her from a Heart of Love.  Stephanie is continuing her Journey of Healing and Restoration from a Suicide Attempt that has caused her to be completely Blind. Stephanie Is A Suicide Survivor and now a Community Advocate and Peer Counselor. 

When she is ready and she and has the team members to help her, she is free to step out on her own. Until then,  Agape Love, Love Is Here will freely provide for her a Global home for Her and From Trauma To Triumph to be able to Speak on Social Media Platforms, to provide a home for her Podcast Show, A Little Bit of Steph and her Video Blogs, A place to house her writings  and articles that teach and bring words of Hope, Love and Healing, to Offer Words of Encouragement and to provide Resources for others who need help.

  Agape Love, Love Is Here’s does not have any legal rights of ownership to any of Stephanie’s Words, Pictures, Videos, Blogs, Podcasts which will be housed on Agape Love’s Site. 


So Welcome

Stephanie, and From Trauma To Triumph

To Agape Love, Love Is Here’s Global Outreach Ministry and We Are Honored To Be Your Home and Family.  One Heart of Love Helping Another .


Love Pastor Deborah



From Trauma To Triumph Is Now A Global Ministry Of Helping People


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