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The Voice In The Light





Hello Little Ones, Come and travel with Pastor Deborah as she takes you with her into the Darkness of The Spirit as You are hidden away in The Light Of Agape Love as she Brings this Light to a Fearful Little One Deeply Hidden in the Darkness of the Realm of Spiritual Ignorance and Fear.  Come With her as she Becomes The Voice In The Light to a little one who has been silently crying out to someone, to something for an unknown Love.  Deep Calling To Deep.  Come and See What Pastor Deborah Does and How She Carries Agape Love Into the Darkness to reach precious hearts of Little Ones so you will have Hope for all the Little Ones.

The Little Ones Pastor Deborah Loves So Very Much are Spiritually Adopted As Her Spiritual Children so they will have a spiritual bond of a True and Loving Spiritual Mother to Love, Nurture and Anchor the little one’s spiritual heart and soul so they can grow and mature.

Come and Meet A Precious Little One In The Darkness of Ignorance, Spiritually Hidden Away in Secret Lands of Darkness and Living Most of Their Life In Deep Deep Trances of Sleep and Off In Other Worlds of Their Imaginations To Be Safe From a Life they can not escape.

Ready,  There Now

You are hidden away now in Pastor Deborah’s Train of Light and you will be safe.

Now Listen to the Words of A Broken and Fearful Heart that is silently crying out to Be Loved, to Be Found, To Be Wanted, To Be Someone’s Child that will not abuse them and will spiritually protect them.

 I am a spiritual being who is a spiritual mess, Living in a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical kingdom/realm/land/world of the Kingdom of Darkness & Death.  Light is my enemy.  I am living BUT NOT ALIVE.  ALIVE, BUT NOT LIVING.

But One Day A Light Came Into My World Of Darkness!

And It began Touching me

ME a frightened, lonely and unloved spiritual creature/being

Had My Silent Cries Been Heard?

Had My Silent Tears Been Seen?

But What IS THIS LIGHT, THIS TOUCH, THIS VOICE Calling To Me In My Darkness?


I Don’t Know This One.

And Why Am I Being Drawn To It?

And How Did The VOICE find me in MY SAFE world I am hiding in?

Is this a demon deceiving me?

Is It Someone Else Who Is Going To Hurt Me?


I am AFRAID to open my eyes and look!


 THE VOICE is getting Closer Now,


There Seems To Be Some Kind of LIGHT COMING FROM THE VOICE!

I am afraid to LISTEN to WHAT THE VOICE is saying I’ll just pretend to be a sleeep.

Maybe IT will go away and let me be.


But It is Not Going Away

I Can Feel Something I HAVE NEVER FELT BEFORE and I don’t Know what IT is.

I can still HEAR THE VOICE and there is a BEAUTIFUL LIGHT coming out of THE WORDS!

The VOICE is telling me that IT has BEEN SENT to me to tell me of SOMEONE I do not know yet who loves me so very much and who wants to spiritually meet me.

MEET ME?  Who could that be?

Don’t they know how evil dirty and wicked I am

Don’t they know I belong to The Dragon?


The VOICE coming OUT OF THE LIGHT said He who wanted to meet me also wanted me to be in His Family and LIVE IN THE LIGHT WITH HIM


What Live In The Light?  No Way!!  The Light Hurts Me!!


THE VOICE said The Light would NOT HURT ME and that The Light wanted to Cover Me in a warm, soft Blanket of It’s Presence, It’s Glory.

A Blanket???


Cover Me???  What are you talking about VOICE IN THE LIGHT?

I can’t believe it, I am talking to A VOICE IN A LIGHT I don’t know and A LIGHT I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE

Something is Really Wrong With Me!

I am going to get in trouble now for sure!


THE LIGHT is soft so far, IT is not hurting me in any way

So Far, So Good!

I hope Satan doesn’t find out about this for I will be in trouble for sure!


THE VOICE IN THE LIGHT said that THIS LIGHT is something called AGAPE LOVE


What Is Agape Love???


Oh no,  THE VOICE IS TALKING TO ME, and I am talking to IT!

This is a very strange day for me

I had never had anything SO PLEASANT and PEACEFUL come into my secret hidden world before.

Then a SOFT BLANKET thing of THIS LIGHT fully covered me very gently and I never felt such Peace.



I didn’t really know what IT WAS but I LIKED IT


THE VOICE COMING OUT OF THE LIGHT said that THIS AGAPE LOVE is a Gift from someone who loves me very, very much.


I don’t think so, for I am too evil, too bad, too dirty to be loved by anyone

Doesn’t this guy know all the evil wicked things I have done?


The VOICE IN THE LIGHT said He is a loving and gentle Father not like Satan or any earthly father I knew or had known.


To bring this GIFT OF AGAPE LOVE to me

Now why would I deserve such a GIFT?


THE VOICE is gentle and kind and the WORDS so far are not hurting me and causing me to be afraid and want to run away into even deeper hidden worlds for safety.  As this AGAPE LOVE is covering me, I begin to feel something I have never felt before.  Could THIS FEELING BE LOVE?


Am I Truly Found in this darkness?

Am I being LOVED?



THE VOICE IN THE LIGHT was touching me in a way I have never experienced

I am so afraid to let the WORDS OF THE VOICE to touch me, in my broken and fearful heart.

WORDS are always hurtful,  Full of Lies and Pain.


But THIS VOICE’S WORDS are soft, tender, kind and are full of THIS AGAPE LOVE stuff too, this STRANGE LIGHT, This Love Thing!

I WANT TO BELIEVE, I WANT TO BE TOUCHED by This Light, This Agape Love

I have been waiting FOR SO LONG!



I Am Going To Take A Chance On This Light, This Voice In The Light This Agape Love Stuff!

So,  I stepped out of my Darkness and INTO THE LIGHT OF AGAPE LOVE!

So, I Believed In My Heart/Mind & Soul That This GIFT of AGAPE LOVE is THIS LIGHT and is something I wanted.


I began to believe that all these things are Real and they had come JUST FOR ME.

I allowed them all to touch me.


I took a big step and BELIEVED that I am LOVED!


The VOICE told me that this Heavenly Father and His Agape Love, His Light could set me spiritually Free of the darkness, the Fear of Death and From Satan and his demons.

Now That Is Just Too Much For Me To Believe!!!

But I took a big Chance and Allowed THIS VOICE IN THE LIGHT and THE GIFT IT brought to me, TO LOVE ME!


Someone heard my silent cries for help

Someone saw my tearless tears of my heart

Someone came to help me



The Gift Of Agape Love In Light came to me in my darkness

A Voice In The Light Of A Spiritual Mother/Shepherd spoke Words of Light to me that didn’t hurt my heart and soul.

I can’t even explain what the Rays of This Light feels like

I have NEVER FELT Anything Like IT Before

Am I going to be ok?  The Same?


The VOICE IN THE LIGHT told me that I am Loved so very much and that someone I don’t know yet died for me so this GIFT, THIS LIGHT, THIS AGAPE LOVE  could come to me and through IT I can be spiritually reconciled back to His Father who sent these GIFTS to me.


The VOICE IN THE LIGHT kept telling me about This Father who sent these GIFTS OF HIS, THE LIGHT, AGAPE LOVE AND THE VOICE IN THE LIGHT

The VOICE IN THE LIGHT keep telling me that this FATHER through HIS SON’S death had already spiritually defeated SAtan and his demons and their power over me long, long ago.

I said, Yea, Right!!!!

That I Did Not Believe!!


I knew Satan and his demons and they are powerful and there is NO POWER more powerful than them and no one who could stop them defeat them, over power them



The VOICE IN THE LIGHT told me of a beautiful place I can live in and be safe in instead of the worlds I now live in.

A Garden Called Eden!

A Garden Of This Heavenly Father

Where I am in His Presence & Light

And His Face Shines on me 24/7

No Darkness Ever!!


Well, that really sounded good, not too sure where IT is, but The VOICE IN THE LIGHT told me not to worry, THE GARDEN OF EDEN will always be there for me from this time on.

The VOICE IN THE LIGHT said that I can now live in this GARDEN OF EDEN forever if I wanted to and that this Father would always be there for me.

And in This Garden was His Glory and Agape Love

This Garden Of Eden would be my very own City of Refuge

I will be safe there from Satan and his demons

Wow!  I am not too sure about all this

Light, Love, A Garden, A VOICE IN THE LIGHT

Sure sounds ALMOST TOO GOOD to be True!!!


The VOICE IN THE LIGHT spoke softly to me

The WORDS IN THE LIGHT are kind and I feel safe

THE WORDS OF THIS LIGHT seemed so different than all the Words I have ever heard

The VOICE told me this AGAPE LOVE had the POWER to free and heal me

I really didn’t believe this at all!



The VOICE IN THE LIGHT told me that tis is all possible because of the Death of the Father’s Son long ago for me.

Someone died for me??



This SON died so I can be spiritually free and be able to spiritually come back to His Father’s Garden of Eden and I can receive The Gift of Light and Agape Love

This Son of This Father, TOOK MY PLACE because of HIS GREAT LOVE FOR HIS FATHER and He was sent to die for me because of the GREAT LOVE of His FATHER for me.

This LOVE STUFF is just too much for me to beleive

But, I do know about INNOCENT ONES dying so others could live,  THAT I KNEW ABOUT!


The VOICE IN THE LIGHT said that this sacrifice for LOVE made A WAY for me to

Become new again, born spiritually again, cleansed from a dark nature of rebellion and saved from eternal separation from Him and His Garden of Eden and His Agape Love.

No idea what The VOICE IN THE LIGHT is talking about

But somehow I know that what THE VOICE IN THE was saying was TRUE.


The VOICE IN THE LIGHT said the Darkness would end in my life and I would always have THIS LIGHT with me from now on

Now That Sounded Ok.

The VOICE IN THE LIGHT said I now cold be spiritually translated into a Kingdom of Light  & Agape Love

And that I would have a new family

A Heavenly Father, The Giver of these Gifts and This MOTHER IN THE LIGHT and others who live in the LIGHT AND AGAPE LOVE

A spiritual family created by, in and through Agape Love and Light!


The VOICE IN THE LIGHT continued talking to me and said this new KINGDOM OF LIGHT AND AGAPE LOVE had a wonderful King who was my spiritual older brother

And that I too would become a GREAT KING of this Kingdom

This I too knew about because in the world I was born in and live in now there are Kings, Queens, servants and slaves!

I spiritually happen to be a Royal Person myself, a Great High One of My Clan, My Tribe, I sit on the International Council of The Illuminati and The Brotherhood, The New World Order Leaders


The VOICE IN THE LIGHT continued talking to me and said that from this day forward I could be a new spiritual creature/creation one created in and by Agape Love & This Light

A new spiritual person, one full of this LIGHT MYSELF


The VOICE IN THE LIGHT continued to speak to me and said that I would not be alone in this new life, but I would have a helper, a comforter, a teacher a Governor of this Kingdom of Light and Agape Love

This guy The VOICE IN THE LIGHT said He is called The Holy Spirit of The Heavenly Father who has sent me these GIFTS OF LIGHT AGAPE LOVE and THIS VOICE IN THE LIGHT


Oh, no another Spirit coming into me!!!

I am not sure about this, done this before and it hasn’t turned out well for me.


The VOICE IN THE LIGHT started taking on a form

One that seemed to be made of the LIGHT ITSELF

One that looked like, LIKE A MOTHER!!!!


Well, I haven’t had very good luck with these before

All the mothers I know are all MOTHER’S OF DARKNESS or SISTER’S OF LIGHT

Not Nice At All!!!

Dark they are, but this ONE seemed so DIFFERENT 

There seemed to be this AGAPE LOVE coming out of this MOTHER, The LIGHT Felt powerful

The WORDS seemed to fill my heart and soul with peace and this AGAPE LOVE



This Mother’s Voice, This Lady of The Light seemed to spiritually draw me closer to the Light and she too was SHINNING WITH THE LIGHT

This Mother’s Words DO NOT HURT ME!


The VOICE OF THIS MOTHER OF THE LIGHT told me I could be recreated a new thing so I could become one with this Father who sent all these GIFTS to me through His very own Agape Love and then I could truly LOVE HIM in Spirit and In Truth, for I would truly know who He really is and I would be able to Love Him With and Through His Own Agape Love and then I could truly Love Myself and My Neighbors, All Humanity as He Loves Them.

Love Sure Seems To Be For Everyone,

Now That Is New To Me!

I was told that the old evil me, and boy am I evil on the deep inside, could pass away and all of the Kingdom of Darkness and all that is apart of my life from that Kingdom would be put into a grave, a pit of no return in chains and sealed up and never to rise up again from this pit until the day of their final judgment.

Even all my Dark Side Others, Even All my Many Others!!

I would be spiritually resurrected new, cleansed, not with an evil nature in the LOVING EYES OF THIS HEAVENLY FATHER or even in my own heart or it’s conscious.  And The Fear of Death would no longer hold me captive.  I could live in my spiritual and soul with a great and beautiful hope for my future ahead of me.


The VOICE in The Light This Mother thing told me I could sit on the Right Hand of This Heavenly Father who has sent all these Gifts to me this day and this place where I could sit was a Throne in The Heavenly Father’s Kingdom of Light & Agape Love, A Throne Of Grace The Voice In The Light called it.

Also, The VOICE IN THE LIGHT said I would be able to come directly into This Father’s Presence Without Guilt, Shame and Be Able to Stand as A Child Boldly and in Peace without fear of death for who and what I was and what I done as a creature of Darkness, a Kingdom of Darkness creature.


The VOICE IN THE LIGHT was telling me that This Father would help me to live in His Kingdom of Light & Agape Love

For He Knows I don’t Know How

He would spiritually teach me more and more of His Freedom and Healing

And I would be Taught more of who He truly says I am now, not who I was!


Well, The VOICE IN THE LIGHT asked me if I would like to be This Father’s spiritual child, a Child of The Light through Agape Love and would I like to be her spiritual child as well, A child of The Voice In The Light?


Well, I wasn’t real sure about this new family, but somehow I knew that I wanted them and needed them.

So, I said YES!  I wanted to be this FATHER’s child and THIS LADY IN THE LIGHT WITH A VOICE OF LIGHT & AGAPE LOVE

I wanted to be a new spiritual creature one connected to this LADY OF THE LIGHT AND TO THIS FATHER WHO LOVES ME.

I wanted to be one who was not dirty, evil or unloved anymore.


So, I opened up my spiritual heart and soul and received This Gift Of A Mother, A New Father and His Gifts of Agape Love and Light.  

And all of a sudden I felt The Agape Love & Light being poured out in me, my spiritual heart and it’s soul.

I can’t explain it, it felt like a warm soft Blanket covering me in a Peace and in this thing call Agape Love

Rays Of Light came into my spiritual heart and out to my soul and there was no pain or fear with these Rays Of Light That Had Colors of A Rainbow, Sparkling and Glisten.  Like sort of a Liquid Love, Warm and Soft.


I felt dark things leaving me, my spiritual heart and soul felt less afraid, less lonely, less dirty.  I felt clean and loved.  I can’t explain any of it, but I know I was different now.


The VOICE IN THE LIGHT said to me that I have been born-again now and this Father’s Holy Spirit was now living inside of my spiritual heart and was beginning to shine out to my soul and I knew that I was being healed. The Father’s Agape Love & Light was being poured out as an ointment into all the brokenness of my spirit, into all the wounds and to love all those who are apart of me, the many others.

I was now becoming a TRUE ILLUMINATI, 

I had become This LIGHT myself!

The VOICE IN THE LIGHT told me she would always be here for me to help me and the Holy Spirit to mature me in this New Life

The VOICE OF THIS MOTHER IN TH LIGHT told me she is a SPIRITUAL SHEPHERD and would spiritually watch out for me until I could take care of myself

The VOICE IN THE LIGHT said she would spiritually help me 24/7 and help me so the Father’s Light & Agape Love can set me more free of Satan and his demons

Boy Was That Going To Be War!!!!

I heard a VOICE inside my spirit and soul that I had never heard before and IT told me that this MOTHER/THIS SHEPHERD was a mighty Royal Priest unto this Father Himself, a Mighty King and Warrior of the Kingdom of Light & Agape Love, The Kingdom of Heaven, a Legal, Authorized and Deputized Spiritual Ambassador of This Kingdom of Heaven and Light and that I could trust her and was to listen to her and she was here to help me spiritually on The Father’s behalf.


Her VOICE and THE LIGHT OF THIS FATHER she said would bring The Father’s Glory Blanket down upon me until I could learn how to bring it for myself.

Her VOICE and THE LIGHT that she brings are WORDS filled with the Father’s WORDS of Truth, Light and Agape Love

This Heavenly Father COMPLETELY Trusts her with me and my heart for This Father and her are ONE IN SPIRIT and THERE IS NO SEPARATION BETWEEN THEM.


This new family, new stuff, this Light, this Love, this VOICE IN THE LIGHT is just too much for me to handle so I am going back into my deep sleep, but now my little broken and lonely heart was a peace.  Fear seemed far away from my thoughts now.  I feel safe and am covered in this Blanket of Glory thing.

I felt clean for the first time.

I looked and saw I had new clothes on, beautiful clothes of this LIGHT

I know I am not alone anymore

I had a smile on my face

I know that something called JOY, The VOICE IN THE LIGHT told me had come into my spiritual heart and soul and IT would never leave

AGAPE LOVE was filling me up and I felt alive for the first time in my life!!!

I felt COMFORTED now

I know that someone does love me

I know I am not dirty, evil and wicked anymore

I know that I will be different now, don’t know what I will be, but It is going to be better than 

Who and What I Was!!!

A Loving Father Had Heard My Silent Cries

A Loving Father Had Seen My Tearless Tears

A Loving Father Had Sent A VOICE IN THE LIGHT

A Loving Father Sent His AGAPE LOVE into my darkness

A Loving Father’s AGAPE LOVE & LIGHT came into my spiritual heart and  it’s soul

And This LIGHT & AGAPE LOVE Have Set Me Free!

A Little One of The Darkness, Of The Light Now!







































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