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Global Good Will Ambassador – My Body Is My Body





The “My Body Is My BodyProgram was born out of the “Kimberley Project”– here is the story of how it all started.

On June 8th 1986 in a section of London, England, the life of Kimberley Carlisle aged 4 ended. She weighed 24 pounds, her body was crushed in many places, there were cigarette burns on her back and a boot heel imprinted on her skull. Her stepfather was charged with the crime and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

At the time Chrissy Sykes who was a popular South African Country Singer was on a stop over in London on her way to the United States of America, where she had been invited to Nashville by the legendary Producer Pete Drake. She kept reading the stories about Kimberley in the newspapers and having a little girl who was also 4 at the time this story touched her heart and made a lasting impression. Chrissy wrote the song “Kimberley” on the flight over to the USA.

In early 1989, whilst  in Texas Chrissy was at a dinner party where knowing she was a singer the hostess asked Chrissy to sing a song. She sat down at the piano and for the first time played the song “Kimberley” for the guests. Unaware that one of the guests at the dinner was the President of the Texas Child Welfare Board who loved the song, Chrissy was asked if it could be used as a method of raising funds and awareness for Child Abuse in Texas.

Chrissy consented and later that year during Child Abuse Prevention Month the  Texas Child Welfare Board sold 14,000 records and tapes of the song and raised $70,000.



Pastor Deborah

Is Honored To Announce That She Has Become An Global Goodwill Ambassador Of My Body Is My Body as of June 2019.

Please Go To The Next Section and Read About Her Role and It’s Responsibilities As A Global Goodwill Ambassador Of My Body Is My Body and all the Variety of Ways she will be Ministering Internationally To Help Bring Awareness To Child Abuse Prevention and Education With The Children.

Pastor Deborah has had many years of ministering to children all around the world and in and from every Nation.  She does not need to speak any Language, but the Language of The Spirit of Agape Love for that is the Language of The Spiritual Heart of Children.

Pastor Deborah Is Available to Assist Others In Helping Children Through Prevention, Education and Love

Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah

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