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Helping People the Lord’s Way, Lesson # 2, The Spiritual Education Series

Hello and Welcome to another Spiritual Educational Lesson of the Series, Helping People The Lord’s Way by Pastor Deborah. Watch and Listen to how Pastor Deborah learned about how to help people the Lord’s Way from her own life and learning about her own ancestors and their effect they had on her family.

Learn how she had to break free of the ancestors vows, oaths and covenants they made generations past in order to help people The Lord’s Way.

Scriptures are from the Authorized King James Version of The Bible
1. Luke 4 : 16 – 22, The Gospels of Christ Jesus
2. Isaiah 61 & 62, The Old Testament

Personal Stories
1. The Storm Story of a High and A Low Pressure

Movies Mentioned
1. The Manchurian Candidate – With Frank Sinatra and Janet Lee
2. The 300 -with Gerald Butler
3. The Black Panther – with Chadwick Bozeman
4. The Last Rite – with Anthony Hopkins
5. The Exorcism of Emily Rose
6. The Exorcist – with Linda Blair

Deliverance Resources
1. Derek Prince
2. Bondage Breakers
3. The Strong Man’s His Name, What Is His Game? – The Robesons

PlayList Mentioned
1. Tele-Ministry

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Isaiah 61 Verse 8 Part 11, I Will Direct Their Work In Truth, A Tele-Ministry Spiritual Teaching

Welcome again to another spiritual teaching video from Isaiah 61, Verse 8. This is part 11 of I, The Lord Will Direct Their Work in Truth. Learn much deeper spiritual truths about The Lord and how and why He needs to direct our spiritual learning and growth personally for His Kingdom purposes on earth and in and through His Truth.

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All Scriptures mentioned are from the Authorized King James Version of The Holy Bible
1. Isaiah 61 Verse 8
2. Proverbs 25 : 2
3. John 6: 25 – 66 Verses 45 – 66
4. Isaiah 54 : 1 – 14
5. Hebrews 4 : 12
6. Matthew 11 : 28 – 30
7. Jeremiah 6 : 16
8. John 3 : 1 – 13
9. 2 Corinthians 3 : 6
10. Matthew 25 : 31 – 45
11. Proverbs 1 : 24 – 32
12. Psalm 107 : 10 -11
13. Job 21 : 7 – 15
14. Job 4 : 8
15. Timothy 1 : 17
16. Hebrews 2 : 15
17. Romans 8 : 15

Time Stamps for Opening Prayer 9: 25
Time Stamps for Re-Connecting Back to God – 01. 54. 00
Time Stamps for Prayer, 02.17.00

Church Revival Mentioned
Brownsville Assembly of God, Pensacola, Florida 1995-2000

Movies mentioned
1. The Miracle Worker
2. The Matrix, 1999

Other Stories Mentioned
1. James, The Soundman Book
2. Watchman Nee, The Spiritual Man
3. You Did Not Get Fed Today, On Web site, In Prayer and Fasting
4. Voice In The Light Video
5. Humpty Dumpty Video
6. Video Blogs, The Little One
7. It’s Time, Pastor Deborah’s Story
8. How Do I Help Them
9. Operation Capture
10. Whirlwind of Destruction
11. You Got The Pattern Right

Other Playlists to Watch
1. The King’s International Spiritual Care University
2. Story Time
3. The King and Kingdom Series
4. Setting The Captives Free
5. Mental Health and The Forever Person
6. Audio Books
7. Story Time

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Reach, Reach – Don’t You Let Go!!

  Let Your Heart Be Encouraged Today For The Hand Of Agape Love And Life Has Reached Over The Cliff For You. It Will Not Let You Go. It Will Walk With You Out Of The Cave Of Death And Into The Light Of Life. Breathe The Air Of Life And Agape Love. Pastor Deborah […]

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Virtual Global Domestic Violence Rally 2020 from Cynthya Hale of FFT Helping Others

amazing Panel speakers Chrissy Sykes Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) Pastor Deborah Schleich Cathlene Miner Michelle Jewsbury Sean Wyman Deirdre von Krauskopf YWCA Utah Veanna Pauu Fowler Patricia Nick Saban Zach Banner Irene van der Zande Bobbi Sudberry Amy Ballon Shawnta Jackson, MPH Barbara Pettis JW G. National Center for Missing & Exploited Children @ #humanrights #humanitarian #humanitymatters #advocacy #stopcyberbullying #stopcyberbullying #volunteering #womensequalityday #givingback #charities #causes #donate #domesticviolenceawarenessmonth #stopchildabuse #stopsexualassault #DVRally2020 #support #help #community

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One Woman’s Journey, Missiongrapher Training Academy, Pastor Deborah’s Story

  Watch A TV Broadcast of Pastor Deborah’s Journey To Helping People The Lord’s Way June 2020 Filmed By Tammy Kuntze at Missionographer Training Academy Director Ian Skelley of WHBR TV Pensacola, Florida 1- ( 850 ) 453- 3453  Central Time

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Governor of Florida’s Invitation To Pastor Deborah To Join Florida’s Faith and Community Based Initiative, April 2020

        Pastor Deborah of Agape Love, Love Is Here, A Global Ministry of Helping People Has Been Invited To Be a Member of Governor Ron DeSantis’s Faith and Community Based Initiative of Florida April 2020     Web Site Is “Florida’s faith and community based groups have a long standing history […]

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Stephanie Bolinger, A Suicide Survivor, From Trauma to Trimuph, The Newest Resource and Partner of A Voice of Hope, Love and Healing

Please Welcome Agape Love, Love Is Here newest Resource and Partner of a Voice of Hope, Healing and Love. Stepanie will have her own Podcast hosting freely right here on Agape Love, Love is Here and her own section to speak out to the world and to write and talk about her life and the aftermath of the suicide attempt and how it has left her blind. Learn about Steph and her journey back from death and to the light of hope and love.

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