Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Leadership Development Series, The Master Class Initiative, Nigeria






Come and join the others from Nigeria and the wonderful students of the Master Class Initiative by Founder

Babatude Adekanmbi

and learn about becoming a leader within oneself and then to others and then to one’s nation.

The Series is a collection of 12 Videos on Leadership Development for oneself, for others and for leading a nation.

The Video will be released each Monday for watching and learning.


Watch the Welcome and Introduction Video to learn more about the classes

All Videos will be on Agape Love’s Youtube Channel of, The Hidden Kingdoms in the Leadership Development Playlist.  If you subscribe to the Channel, you will be notified of each new video that is uploaded.  Also, all Videos of The Leadership Development will be placed on the web site of in several places.  Look in the section titled Ancient Treasures for Leadership Development and in the Ministry Section under Tele-Ministry.  Please feel free to send Pastor Deborah comments and questions either by email to or leave the question in the comment section of the video and Pastor Deborah will respond.


Enjoy, Learn, Develop and Then Lead.

Love Pastor Deborah

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