Sunday, August 09, 2020
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Pastor Deborah

Global Goodwill Ambassador of My Body Is My Body

Global Goodwill Ambassador of GGA

Pastor of Agape Love, Love Is Here


The Teddy Bear

The Gift of Agape Love For The Children 


The Special Gift of Agape Love To The Little One’s Spiritual Heart

The Teddy Bear Is A Special Friend That Is Always There In The Spiritual Heart of A Child

The Teddy Bear, Is Given From A Heart of Agape Love and Is One That Always Hugs and Loves The Little Heart


No Matter What Is Going On Outside the Realm Of The Teddy Bear, The Realm of The World

When The Heart of A Child Is Broken, Sad, Lonely, Hurt, Abandoned, Abused

The Gift of The Teddy Bear Is Opened Up By The Heart of A Child



When Bad Things Happen, When Bad People Hurt A Child,





Is Opened, Brought Out From The Closet

And The Child’s Heart Will Be Snuggled and Hugged By The Teddy, It Is A Vessel of Agape Love

The Heart of A Child Can Be Hugged, And Can Hug The Teddy Bear

The Precious Heart of a Child Now in it’s Hurt and Pain,

Has a Friend It can Talk To, and It Will Listen To the Voice of The Heart

The Teddy Bear

The Gift Of Agape Love For A Heart of A Child

The One Who Will Listen Tenderly and Will Comfort the Hurting Heart of The Little One.

The Teddy Bear

The Gift That is There For The Little Heart Even In The Darkness and When It Feels Alone And Afraid.

When The Little Heart Feels Lonely and Needs To Have A Best Friend To Be With It During The Day or Night,

The Teddy Bear Is There Always 

Always With The Little Heart, No Matter What Is Going On

When The Little Heart Is Sad, Wounded, Broken, Hurt

No Matter What Happens

The Teddy Bear Is Always There

Always Loving The Little Heart when It is Fearful and Scared, And Has No Hope Of Love

When The Little Heart of A Child Is being loved The TEDDY BEAR, 

The Little Heart cold Tell The Teddy all The secrets For He would listen and The little Heart Could cry and Be Hugged

Then The Little Heart could fall asleep with His Teddy Arms Hugging Me All Night Long,

The Spiritual Heart Would Feel At Peace and It could Sleep.

And Then When It Awoke, The Teddy Was Still There To Go About The Day With The Little Heart

Even As The Little Heart Grew, The Teddy Bear, The Gift Of Agape Love To The Little Heart

Was Still There Until Another Would Come Into The Broken and Wounded Heart to Bring It’s Great Healing and Freedom 

But For Now, The Gift Of The  TEDDY BEAR Is There Always For The Little Heart.





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