Sunday, March 07, 2021

The Dreams of The Hidden Heart

July 2019


Little One, Wake Up from your nap and let’s keep walking. Ok, Sir, I was just so sleepy, Yes you were Little One.  Sir, Do I Dream in my Spiritual Heart like Mickey?  Do I dream of being in another world and being powerful and commanding the Stars and Planets like Mickey was doing?  Yes, Little One All humanity does.  But sometimes the Dreams are scary, Sir. Yes, Little One they are. For when the spiritual heart dreams – it enters. it really awakens to the Realm of the Spirit that it lives in all the time.

Sir, Yes Little One – What else did Mickey do in is Dream?  Well, Little One, he imaged himself, saw himself in the Sorcerer’s Robe and wearing the Hat Of Magic. The Hat of Magic was Mickey’s hidden man’s HEART that was DESIRING this for itself.

Well, in his dream, Mickey’s hidden heart’s desires to be a MIGHTY ALL SUPREME Sorcerer that could speak to the Oceans of Water in the deeps below him.  The Water of the Ocean seemed to answer Mickey’s Calls, His Commands to Rise Up and Roar.  Mickey’s hidden heart, the hidden man of the soul felt so SAFE AND POWERFUL.  For in his own hidden heart, Mickey had imaged himself to be High on a Mountain Top, A Great High Mountain as the ALMIGHTY ONE THE GREAT HIGH SUPREME SOCERER.  For this was who Mickey’s hidden heart believed he was, desired to be and therefore, His Imagination made it so, In the DREAMS OF MICKEY, IN THE REALM OF THE SPRIIT!

Little One, In Mickey’s Dream he watches as the Powerful Waves of The Ocean, The Water from The Fountain of Water.  The Water responded to Mickey’s Voice, His Spiritual Thoughts, His Commands to RISE, AWAKE and ROAR. Mickey was practicing his AUTHORITY and POWER of things such as he had seen the natural his MASTER SORCERER had. Through Words of Commanding and The Hat of Magic, The Water AROSE AND ROARED.

You mean, Mickey could Command the oceans and the seas?  Yes, Little One. In Mickey’s Dream, In the Realm of The Spirit, the Unseen Realm of The Spirit all forms of CREATION await a VOICE of AUTHORITY and With DOMINION to SPEAK AND COMMAND. 

What happened to the waves sir?  The Ocean Rose Up High and Roared with it’s Mighty Sounds of Power.  Then the Waves would crash down and Mickey would get splashed with the wet spray of the water.  Sir, Yes.  How could the Water in Mickey’s Dream be real and get him wet?  I don’t understand.  The Water wasn’t real was it?

Wow, Little One you are full of wonderful questions.  In Mickey’s Dream, in the Realm of the Spirit, The Realm of Dreams, The Realm of The Unseen Worlds ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, ALL THINGS ARE REAL.  ALL THINGS CAN BE MUTATED,  Yes, the Realm of Mickey’s Dreams is a Real World A World of the Power of Imaginations and One of Thoughts.

I don’t understand.  That is ok, Little One, with more teaching and time, you will.  But that’s enough of Mickey’s story for today.  Ok, Sir.

Your Heavenly Father.

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